Art of Leadership and management

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In order to discuss the difference between leadership and management it is very necessary to Identify both the terms individually.


Leadership is name of an art in which you motivate the people to one common goal and keep them Bonded.


The word management has vast meaning depending on different categories and profession. We can Define it as: “Organization and coordination of the activities under some certain rules is called Management.”

Difference Between Leadership And Management

These words actually describes two different concepts. We will discuss the difference below as in Most cases they are considered same

  • Leadership is just one asset of many assets of management. All productive managers' use

Below given administrative tools to get maximum output for the organization.





Leadership is important component of direction function. A manager cannot just be a leader.

He needs to have formal authorities to be effective.

(Denial f.predpal “General from management in engineering”)

  • Managers work under set patterns and limitations of the company .but leaders make their

Own way to give organization more profits.

  • In small organizations it's not the manager who performs as a leader. It can be a sub-

Ordinate who performs as a leader. Usually this situation creates the conflict between the Manager and the leader as manager feel the share of authorities with leader.

Denial F.Predpal “general from management in engineering”.

  • Usually Group is more loyal towards the leader as compare to the manger because of below

Three facts which a leader contains.

Leader takes the blame when things go wrong from his group or from his subordinates.

Leader celebrates the achievements of the group even small once.

Leader gives the credits when it is due.

  • The leader is followed but the manager is ruled.

A manager style of managing has been a continuous cause of concern to his organization, to his sub-ordinates and mainly to himself.

It is recognized that the managerial style of the manager plays the vital contribution in the performens of the organization.

A model managerial style will be the practise of below points.

  • Manager Needs To Be A Leader.

This is almost impossible that a manager can get success without having any leadership skils.In order to make sure that he utilises his subordinates effectively he needs motivate them emotionally and keeping the environment of competition along with all other managerial skills.

  • Manager Needs To Be A Good Delegator.

If manager will pass the duties and responsibilities to his subordinates efficiently and will use them effectively .He will produce best results for the organisation. and will keep himself away from stress for long.

  • Managers Needs To Use Power And Authority Efficiently.

Being a manager its very necessary that you should be good administrator within your limits.

Manager should use his authorities and powers efficiently to make sure all duties will be performed within time and smoothly.

Evaluation Of Model Managerial Role In My Job.

As i am working as a sales manager in a telecommunication company so i tries to perform my duties as below.

As a sales manager you need to set the Goal for your team first according to their abilities.

You keep talking to your subordinates about the targets so that they stay motivated.

As you get bigger target from higher management from higher management, So you need to delegate the target into your team give them that they can do.

Being a manager makes sure your job is not to do sales, your job is to make people sale .And if you can achieve your targets means you are on track.

Appreciate your team for even their small achievements. And encourage them on failures.

Managerial effectiveness is to achieve the targets by make best use of relevant resources.

For example if you target a destination and leave the house without full understanding of the road,

You will reach the destination at the end but will definitely take few wrong turns which will cost you Extra fuel, extra energy and extra time .And if you plan the rout well before the start of journey, you Will reach the destination by consuming less fuel, time and energy.

Above example shows that the manager who efficiently use the available resources to achieve the Target is efficient manager and can prove more effectiveness in his management. Before discussing the difference we need to identify all three terms individually.


Authority is a person group belief that claims to be over others thoughts actions for control.


Power is a measure of an entity's ability to control the environment around itself, including the Behavior of other entities. We can further simplify it with below definition usually. define power as The ability to impose one's will on others, even if those others resist in some way.


We can define legitimacy as” the lawfulness by virtue of being authorized or in accordance with law”.

Difference Between Authority, Power And Legitimacy

We can differentiate between power, authority and legitimacy in simple words as below:

Power is the ability to achieve the desired outcome, legitimacy is right to exercise power and Authority is both power and legitimacy that is respected by people without seeking an explanation.

Above explanation also shows that legitimacy and authority are strongly backed by the power. Like if There is no power present behind the authority in organization then it will be very hard to use the Authority.

The same exercise comes in legitimacy case as in absence of power or lacking of power makes hard To run the system smoothly as per defined.

Mostly Government supported organization above all terms is much effective. Plus all good Multinational organization also performs smoothly under above three concepts. But when it comes To most small enterprises the balance goes wrong. The Goes on one side and because other two Concepts legitimacy and authority are backed by power so there balance also went out.

This is why most companies with one man show could not grow well in the market because above Three concepts go to one person so it hurts the performance of the team.

So for the management it is very necessary to get successful if they want to perform under company s rules and regulations, they should have power and authority in hand to make sure the duties will be performed at every level by the employees. In this way third term of legitimacy will automatically stay smooth.

Mentoring is a long term relationship that meets a development need, helps develop full potential, and Benefits all partners, mentor, mentee and the organisation". –by Suzanne Faure

Significance Of Mentoring To Leadership

Building a high-performing team is a key part of being an effective leader. And this includes helping individuals Within your team learn, grow, and become more effective in their jobs; which is why mentoring is such an Important leadership skill. Mentoring can be rewarding for you, both personally and professionally.

Through it, not only can you build a stronger and more successful team, but you can also improve your leadership and communication skills, learn new perspectives and ways of thinking, and gain a strong sense of personal satisfaction.

Significance Of Mentoring To Management

We can define empowerment as a “form of participative management where employees share management responsibilities, including decision making. Self-directed work teams are an outgrowth of empowerment where employee groups establish and implement their own work goals.

(From business dictionary)


A key aspect of leadership is delegation. Unless you delegate tasks to your subordinates, your team will become inefficient and demoralised."I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow."

Woodrow Wilson

The poor delegation creates tension in the organization. for example you sit late every day.

You want to do all jobs yourself because you think other cant do better. These all are example of poor delegation.

Relation Between Empowerment And Delegation:-

Good delegation delivers empowerment to the people. ... Among other things, it requires a strong personal

Bond between leader and followers, meaningful delegation, the foundation for such a working relationship Is mutual trust..

For example as per mentioned above small enterprises bosses usually not good delegator they never deliver e Empowerment. They believe they can do better then others and in this way they spoil their valuable employees and they increase burden for themselves. other wise if they delegate the powers to their subordinates ,then they can also contribute in organizations progress and the outcome could have been in times better then only one Person running the organization.

The Relevance Of Empowerment And Delegation To Leadership And Management

Effective delegation involves the delegation of work to reporting staff members in such a way that Their skills are enhanced. Effective delegation allows an employee to increase their ability to make Decisions and contribute to organization success. Effective delegation is not just giving employees more work to do, although sometimes there is more work to do.

Employee involvement is creating an environment in which people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. Team building occurs when the manager knows when to tell, sell, consult, join, or delegate to staff. For employee involvement and empowerment, both team Building and delegation rule.