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Professional development plans are now a popular way to create and grow abilities and traits in a person for making career advancement. In this report, a professional development plan is presented with reference to a Subway employee who is working with it for more than six years. Having a vast experience on store operations and management made him a qualified employee for better positions. He is exemplified as a good team player and possess a decent communicative ability and skilled in serving customers. To be in the store manager's position, the employee needs to accomplish some of the identified skillset where he needs improvement. Thus, this professional development plan would assist him greatly with a structured and systematic way of accomplishing coherent tasks. As the employee has a time limitation to accomplish some specific capabilities and currently, he is in a full-time job, this professional development report will consider materials that only require little time and easy access for him to keep everything all square.

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Career goals



Career skill-set



Areas chosen for professional development



Professional development plan

Skill 01 - Leadership

Skill 02 - Critical thinking ability

Skill 03 - Interpersonal skills





1.0 Introduction

Professional development plays a great role in developing an individual's skills and abilities for personal improvement and ensuring development in careers. The specialized expertise and knowledge help any professional executive to shine in their career for being promoted in a better position in existing job field (Kline, 2007). The term professional development entails all sort of expedited learning prospects, which may range from professional degrees, coursework in different stages of education, attending conferences, seminars, informal learning, distance learning techniques and other online learning opportunities (Bisht, 2008). This process of professional development can be best identified as a collaborative and intensive learning system where the scope for evaluations will also be present to understand the level of development. Approaches to such professional development can be coaching, consultation, practice communities, studying lessons, supervision, reflective mentoring and assistance from technology (Burnt, 2005). In this sense, a professional development plan will best be helpful towards attaining the required skills for achieving goals. Professional development plan guide an individual through a systematic and structured process of coherent activities within a stipulated timeline (Thiesse, 2007). Not only that, professional development plan ensures the best use of resources and provides an evaluation of the targeted goals in terms of how effectively these are attained for implementing in job positions.

2.0 Career Goals

The individual who is under consideration of this professional development report is currently working in a Subway store. He possess a vast experience in running the store from opening to closing, managing inventory, ordering and receiving delivery and all the other operational activities. The individual is working in this Subway store for over six years (Jim and Hamsire, 2011). As he gathered a great level of experience and expertise in operating the store and about its management, he is provisioned for training the new employees and supervision responsibilities are under his job criterion. Records explain that he is gifted with a good team playing ability and has outstanding skills in managing typical communications with others (Sharma, 2009). Moreover, this employee is greatly skilled in ensuring excellent customer services. His long-term career goal is to be a manager of the Subway store and thus, he needs to develop a set of professional skills for being in a manager position and perform well.

3.0 Career skill-set

To be in a manager's position is more of responsibility and accountability than fancy luxuries. Being there requires a lot many skills and abilities to operate the Subway store successfully. There are certain characteristics and abilities that a manager should have while possessing the designation (Krogh and Spaeth, 2011). Manager will be the key individual to encourage employees, motivate them, plan strategies, lead and control, maintaining interpersonal communication and many more. The specialized management related skills and traits could be listed as follows:

Before anything else, a manager is a leader of his work-team. Managers are meant to maintain employees and drive them to have their jobs accomplished in a quality manner (Krogh and Spaeth, 2011). All sort of discrepancies in performance criteria or short-term goal achievement will be attained only when the manager can lead and control the team members perfectly for organizational betterment.

A manager has to own a robust communicative expertise and competency to make the whole team efficiently composed to work for organization (Vorhies and Morgan, 2005). The manager will play the role of a relationship manager with great interpersonal ability to manage both employees and customers.

Developing strategies for business and competition are the prime job of a manager. A manager has to be a critical thinker who analyses situations from different ways to generalize. He should have foresightedness and analytical ability for making plans to ensure business success (Sharma, 2009).

Employees need motivation for their work and hard labor. Beside financial compensation, a good level of work environment, friendly management and recognition of good jobs are appreciated by employees and this surely help to boost performance. Thus, a manager also needs to be a flawless motivator.

Above all, a manager should have a positive attitude to employees, work schedules, customer service and business challenges (Jim and Hamsire, 2011). Confidence in management and ability to analyze financial facts are also major criteria of a manager. Magnetizing personality, creative thinking, risk management ability and persistence in job accomplishments are some of the key traits of a manager.

4.0 Areas chosen for professional development

Being a Subway manager is the key career goal of the individual in concern here. The background assessment of this person has enlighten with so many excellent and unique characteristics of the employee, which are crucial for being in a management position (Thiesse, 2007). However, the employee thinks that he should have a better command over some of the specialized traits for having a better capability to be in the position of a manager. The previous section covers a bunch of managerial skills and capabilities needed for a manager to perform better. However, among all the traits, a Subway manager must have three significant traits with perfection (Burnt, 2005). These traits are namely leadership, critical thinking ability and interpersonal skills as identified by the employee from his practical experience of over six years and analysis of different situations in training and supervision in a real-life Subway store. This is why; the selected skill areas of professional development in being a manager of Subway store should consider these three most needed skills of leadership, interpersonal skill and critical thinking ability (Bisht, 2008). Onwards, this professional development plan will solely focus on these three significant areas to outline resources, timeframe and coherent activities needed to achieve the desired long-term goal of the employee.

5.0 Professional development plan

A Professional development plan guide an individual through a systematic and structured process of coherent activities within a stipulated timeline. Not only that, professional development plan ensures the best use of resources and provides an evaluation of the targeted goals in terms of how effectively these are attained for implementing in job positions (Kline, 2007). This development plan will consider the three skills one after another, maintaining a perfect sequence based on necessity and time.

Skill 01 - Leadership

Leadership can be identified as a social influential process whereby individuals assist, direct and aid others to achieve any common goals. In business organization, leaders control, supervise and motivate employees for attaining organizational success.

Objective for improvement

1.1 To build enthusiasm for challenging job demands (Enthusiasm)

1.2 To improve confidence level for leadership roles (Confidence)

1.3 To learn motivational techniques for supervising employees (Motivation)

Actions planned

Specific actions

1.1 Enthusiasm

1.1.1 Being passionate (13 March, 2013 - 14 March, 2013)


Book: "Finding Supremacy, Passion and Delight: Being at Job" - Prudance Kole, Mary Brand and Bob Hansberger

Article: 7 Queries To Find Your Factual Passion, online source

Planned measures: Studying the book mention here will best serve for developing sense of enthusiasm and the online article will be serving ways how to improve such enthusiasm at work and make jobs enjoyable.

1.1.2 Being positive (15 march, 2013-18 march)


Book: "The Benefits of Being Positive" - Hachete Book Group

Seminar: "Your Individual Best" - Aliancetac

Planned measures: Developing positive attitude is a personal trait and the mentioned book in paperback format will help to gain important insights on benefits of being positive. A seminar will be attended by the employee that is arranged by famous Aliancetac company on developing positive attitude and many more.

1.1.3 Being proactive (19 march, 2013)


Webinar workshop: "Manage self proactively to Control others efficiently." - Liveclick Webinar Workshop

Planned measures: The employee will attend the mentioned workshop online. The workshop is actually an online-based seminar (called webinar), considering a time of 2 hours and critics mark it as effective in developing proactive behavior at workplace.

1.2 Confidence

1.2.1 Reducing nervousness in public speaking (20 march, 2013)


Article: "Surpass your anxiety of public speaking the confirmed way" - Olivia Michel

Planned measures: The employee will study a well-written article written by Olivia Michel who is in teaching career. This article summarizes the causes of anxiety and end up with techniques to overcome the fear in public speaking.

1.2.2 Relaxation techniques (21 march - 25 march)


Sessions: "Meditation Session" - Shela Muray

Planned measures: Meditation helps people to find ways to relax body and mind to concentrate better on work. This session's duration is couple of days and attending it will make the concerned employee much composed in work.

1.2.3 Handling anxiety and fear ( 26 march - 29 march)


Crash course: "Anxiety of Change" - Remarkable Performance Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK

Article: "Emotional Inertia, maturity and flexibility" - Online sources

Planned measures: The concerned employee will attend a short course on fear and anxiety with the Remarkable Performance Ltd. in UK for developing techniques to reduce anxiety and fear to challenging jobs. A well-referenced article, mentioned above, will serve in-depth understanding of emotional backdrops and overcoming these barriers.

1.3 Motivation

1.3.1 Motivational techniques (30 march - 31 march)


Courses: "MorSense motivation training" - MorSense Ltd

Planned measures: Motivational techniques are the key to success in supervising employees in the organization. The concerned employee will complete a course on techniques for employee motivation arranged the MorSense Ltd. for a better understanding of techniques for individual employee motivation.

1.3.2 Organizational behavior (1 April)


Seminar: "Organization behavior and influences" Professor Rick Larick, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business

Planned measures: The employee will attend a very important seminar on organization behavior and its impacts by Professor Rick Larick that will be held only for 1.30 hours. This seminar will help him comprehend organization behavior and its impacts critically.

1.3.3 Employee supervision (2 April - 3 April)


Book: "Supervising and Dealing People" - Affinity Communication

Planned measures: Managing employees properly is a crucial factor for employee motivation. The employee will go through a book by Affinity Communication specialized in supervising people. It will help him understand people and manage them effectively.

Skill 02 - Critical thinking ability

In any business organization, the manager has a crucial role to play in different aspects of organizing and planning. From such a point, the critical thinking ability is necessary for ensuring effective strategy development and response to change.

Objective for improvement

2.1 To have robust and up-to-date planning capability (Planning)

2.2 Being skilled in policy development. (Strategy formulation)

2.3 Attaining competence to solve business complications (Problem solving)

Actions planned

Specific actions

2.1 Planning

2.1.1 Case study (4 April- 6 April)


Book: "100 business case studies" - The Times 100

Training: "Business Case Solving" - Business Case Analysis, Solution-Matrix Limited

Planned measures: In developing critical thinking ability, the employee will attend a 2-day duration training with solution-matrix limited. The book mentioned here will provide a vast array of real life case studies, which will serve better for understanding critical business scenarios.

2.1.2 Industry knowledge development (7 April - 8 April)


Online News: Food & Drink section -

Fast-food industry -

Planned measures: For developing knowledge about UK fast food industry, the above-mentioned online news sources are helpful. Concerned employee will keep in touch of these sites all the developmental period to get latest industry knowledge.

2.1.3 Learning forecasting techniques (9 April - 11 April)


Book: "Practical Commercial Forecasting" - Michel K. Evans

Course Materials: "Practical Business Forecasting Techniques: A First Course" - Hertfordshire Business School

Planned measures: Forecasting techniques help a manager to make robust planning based on future visions. The book mentioned will provide ways to envision future business environment and the employee will also get help from the course materials from Hertfordshire Business School.

2.2 Business strategy formulation

2.2.1 Learning SWOT analysis (12 April - 14 April)


Books: "Principles of Marketing" - Philip J. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Websites: "Strategy Tool for SWOT" -

Planned measures: The concerned employee will study thoroughly the most popular book in marketing to get an in-depth knowledge about SWOT analysis. He will also visit a website '' to learn about different strategies for SWOT analysis.

2.2.2 Financial statement analysis (15 April)


Short courses: "Financial Statement Analysis" - City Learning Limited

Planned measures: Indeed, business strategy formulation requires an overall idea over financial statement analysis. As a result, the employee will complete a short course offered by City Learning Limited in time.

2.2.3 Learning survey techniques (16 April)


Book: "How to Conduct Survey: Step-by-Step Guide." - Arlenne Fink Article: "15 techniques for survey research" - Gail Kaplan

Planned measures: Learning survey techniques helps to formulate business strategies effectively. Therefore, the employee will gather knowledge from reading a book by Arlenne Fink and learn different important tips and techniques for survey research from reading an article by Gail Kaplan.

2.3 Problem solving

2.3.1 Analytical Knowledge (17 April - 18 April)


Training: "Improve your analytical skill: Making information work" - Global Knowledge

Planned measures: Analytical knowledge is necessary for solving critical problems. The concerned employee will complete a training course by Global Knowledge based on developing his analytical skills for solving problems.

2.3.2 Subway's previous history (19 April)


Records: Subway's record books and event logs

Planned measures: A good source of diverse Subway and fast food operation related facts and events are Subway's previous event logs. The employee will gather vast knowledge from events of other international brunches.

2.3.3 Situation analysis techniques (20 April)


Industry Note: "Marketing Exploration Toolkit: Situation Analysis" - Thomas Stenberg, Jill Avery

Planned measures: The employee has to deal with different peculiar situations regularly. In this case, a popular industry note by Thomas Stenberg, Jill Avery will be very helpful for the employee to understand different techniques for situation analysis.

Skill 03 - Interpersonal skills

A business manager has to master in the interpersonal skills as he will meet, greet and deal with lots of stakeholders namely customers, employees, business partners and many more. That is why; the role of interpersonal skills in business management covers a great area of significance in practical Subway outlet as subway delivers food along with customer service.

Objective for improvement

3.1 Have a good command over public speaking techniques (Public speaking)

3.2 Being skilled in preparing written materials for Subway. (Business Writing)

3.3 Learning techniques to encourage people (Influencing people)

Actions planned

Specific actions

3.1 Public speaking

3.1.1 Presentation (21 April)


Webinar: "Online seminar for business and self-employed" -

Planned measures: The concerned employee will be attending a webinar for developing capabilities in business presentation. This online seminar will be a cost effective way to prepare him as a good presenter.

3.1.2 Listening News (22 April)


Television channels: BBC news, Channel 4, Sky news etc

Talk shows: Talk shows by renowned individuals on concurrent events

Planned measures: Speaking is highly effected by listening habits. The employee will develop a good practice of listening to quality English on a daily basis on well-known television channels. The talk shows will also enable him to learn how to converse well with people on different business issues with proper manner and business etiquette.

3.1.3 Meeting conduction (23 April)


Article: "Conducting Efficient Business Meetings" - Kathlin Alen

Planned measures: As the mananger has to operate meetings, the concerned employee will be learning how to conduct efficient meetings by regular practice with employees. Studying the article from Alen will develop good sense of efficient meeting conduction in the employee.

3.2 Business writing

3.2.1 Effective business message (24 April)


Article: "How to Be Ordered in Writing an Effective Business Message" - Louis Bale, Demand Media

Planned measures: The employee will study a well-written article written by Bale on the techniques of effective business message construction. This article summarizes the dos and don'ts in a business message and teach mechanisms of constructing a fine tuned message.

3.2.2 Letter writing (25 April)


Book: "Business Communication" - A.C. "Buddy" Krizan, Patricia Merrier etc.

Planned measures: Very often, the employee will need to communicate through formal business letters. In achieving efficiency about such letters, the book from Krizan about business communication will certainly help. The employee will thoroughly study specialized chapters on this book dealing with letters in different format and language tones.

3.2.3 Report format (26 April)


Book: "Business Communication" - A.C. "Buddy" Krizan, Patricia Merrier etc.

Planned measures: The concerned employee will go through the business report writing chapters on the mentioned book for getting better insights about formal formats for presenting a report. Some sample report format will help this employee to learn much about practical report writing practices.

3.3 Influencing people

3.3.1 Strong personality (27 April)


Seminar: "Personality Development" - Business coaches

Planned measures: A pleasant personality holds power to charm everyone and get things done. For being in a manager's position, the employee needs to develop such personality traits and thus he will attend a seminar on personality development from business coach to know useful characteristics for a strong personality.

3.3.2 Aptitude Development (28 April)


Article: "Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill" - Bil Taylor, Harvard Business Review

Documentary: "Leadership Speeches" - Web leadership classes

Planned measures: In efforts of developing managerial aptitude, the employee will watch some documentaries that will enlighten him about the qualities of great leaders of all times. He will also go through the article by Taylor from Harvard Business Review, which will help to understand the importance of attitude in workplace.

3.3.3 Fair and equitable treatment (29 April)


Book: "Supervising and Dealing People" - Affinity Communications

Planned measures: Employees will treat managers who are fair in their business practice and ensure equitable treatment to every employees. The employee will go through a specialized book on supervising people effectively, which will find him ways to treat everyone in fair ways.

6.0 Conclusion

In the end of this report, it is for sure that if the employee remain persistent enough and keep learning things mentioned as per the development plan within the stipulated timeframe, he will end up with a quality human resource. Thus, the employee will be adequately competent for being in the manager's position in no time and promoted with no confusion.