Application of OB Learnings – A Critique of DP - DHL EXPRESS

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An organization is a collection of people working together in a division to achieve a common purpose. A variety of methods are used in organizational studies. They include quantitative methods and other historical methods. In social sciences, researchers from several disciplines study organizations. The true definition of an organization is one that is organized, in all areas of fundamental business with best practices.

The focus of organizational studies shifted to analysis of how human factors and psychology affected organization and the actualization of the goals of individuals within organization. In any organization, The whole agenda boils down to only 2 things namely, (1) Growth & (2) Survival. Due to rapid technological developments there are drastic changes that take place in the society. Normally some changes can be absorbed by the organizations but not the rapid changes. The existence of the same-day expedited delivery service is vital to the economy and just-in-time nature of the businesses all over the world. We have become a nation dependent on last minute delivery and supply. There are very few industry segments that can wait until tomorrow for vital parts and supplies.

In 1969 Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins set out to bring the moon a little closer. In the same year, 3 budding entrepreneurs set out to make the world a little smaller.


DHL was founded in 1969 by 3 friends Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn in San Francisco. Now more than 40 yrs in the market, DHL is the world market leader of International Express and Logistics Industry.

With a passport, a car and a "CAN-DO" spirit, 3 friends took their first small steps by personally shipping the documents and papers from San Francisco to Honolulu via airplane. DHL has continued to expand at a phenomenal rate with their. In coming time the market developed and the needs to the customer became more complex, so DHL had adapted to change according to the customer's needs and demand, Locally in San Francisco and globally.

DHL`s International network links 230 countries and territories worldwide today.


In 1998 Duestche Post, which is a well known postal company in Germany began to acquire shares of DHL, finally reaching the majority holder in 2001. DHL was completely acquired by Duestche Post in December 2001 and now called DP-DHL which is publicly owned.

Duestche Post effectively absorbed DHL into its Express division. They had also used the brand name to other Dusetche Post division, business units and subsidiaries.

DP-DHL now offers variety of services to caters logistics and supply chain needs to its customers. DP-DHL has been divisionalised into 4 areas of expertise and specialization with their headquarters located in Bonn, Germany:-

DHL EXPRESS headed by COE Ken Allan.

DHL SUPPLY CHAIN headed by COE Bruce Edwards.

DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING headed by COE Hernan Ude .

DHL GLOBAL MAIL headed by COE Thomas Kipp.









The structure shown above is the hierachy where all corporate decisions and intitatives are taken by the Board of Directors headed by the Chairman Mr Frank Appel. These decisions are then communicated to the Global team who inturns disseminates to the Regional Teams. These decisions and plans are then converted into Strategies and are cascaded down to the group informing about the Financial year and budgets to the Country senior management team, supervisors and ultimately Staff.

HR management team and Middle management team are responsible for arranging trainings and campaigns to educate the supervisors and staff about the group`s year strategy.

DHL UAE Organisational Structure.

DHL UAE Senior Management Team:-


From the time DHL was started as a company its main focus was on the leadership style and approach. Company COE`s have always passed down the statement saying we are a company with "Open Door Policy". This helps employees to raise their concerns or issues directly to the Senior managements and HR department without any fear of being suppressed due to peer pressure. With an "Open Door Policy" emoployees are given a chance to give their ideas and solutions which helps business to grow.


DHL values each and every employees and their opinion. The "Employee Opinion Survey" is conducted on yearly basis. Throught this survey management ensures that the company has the leaders who can make new Strategy 2015 a success, respond to Employee Opinion Surevey concerns, and inspire the teams. Offering guidance and to help implement and achieve this, they form the basis for the managers assessments.

The feeedback from the employees also helps Management to look into the areas of concerns and understand the areas where things need to be improved. This also assist Management to understand any concerns where immediate attention is required and the areas where changes can be made gradually.

To able to monitor that appropriate actions have been taken in the concern areas, Senior Management have to send the report to the DPWN headquaters.


Foundation for performance measurement in the Company, helps management to evaluate and develop leaders and high potential people according to their abilities, performance and goals. We can talk to our supervisor in a discussion once a year about our career interest. This helps us in tailoring the development plan to our very own needs. After the plan have been set, training programme in specified subject are given aims in achieving one goal "Employees professional advancement at DP - DHL.

Launched on 1 July 2010, motiv8 Online Self Services. Until recently, the motiv8 process was a manual one involving paper pabased forms with lots of admin work for HR and managers.

This initiative helps in access performance data online at any time and giving managers a secure and consolidated view of the performance of each of their direct reports. This inturns faciliate in preparation of Individual Development Plans and the Panel review calibration process.

Keeping in mind management has developed 5 leadership competencies that measure and reward performance:-

Making Customer more Successful.

Shaping Directions.

Driving high performance.

Develoing self.

Developing others.

"I Suggest" Campaign:-

To Motivate people to even get involved more in regard to assisting the management to handle their businessand internal issues better, The company came out with a programme called "I Suggest" where every employee can give their ideas and raise the concern which the management will look into in resolving or improving the services of the organization.


As being in the service industry, DHL is Customer & Employee oriented company. This proves that DHL has both Clan and Market Culture which represented by vlaues that emphasize an internal focus and flexibility as well as external focus, Stability and control.

Our organization emphasizes in providing the best quality and services to our customers. Moreover the Unique culture from different part of the world

From the time DHL was formed 1969 it had the culture of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and "EQUALITY" where employees are free to express their grivience, share their ideas and speak for them sevles.

Over the years it has been noticed that we have got mix of cultural changes that has taken place in the organization. Keeping in mind the mission and the organization`s goal, following 7 core values have been our bible:-

7 core values:-

To deliver excellent quality.

To make our customers successful.

To foster openness.

To act according to clear priorities.

To act in an entrepreneurial way.

To act with integrity internally and externally.

To accept social responsibilities.

Each of the core value set up by intial management focuses on External and Internal Customers.

First 2 values emphasizes on providing the excellent quality to our customers and to be a part of their success in the business. Moreover, the core values also encourage Internal customers to foster to openess which means to be open minded. It also encourages us to acvt according to clear priorities which means taking ownership and responsibility.

Last 3 core values were added by DPWN when it had taken over DHL, and made people more responsiveness towards customers internally as well as externally. Employees are expected to act in an enterpreneurial manner. 6th value encourage employees to work and adhere to moral and ethical principles and most imp honesty both internally and externally. Last but not the least to accept social resposibilities.