Example Answers to Tasks on Improving Human Resource Management at air nation

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For Human resource management one great author gives a great speech ‘create firms which are more intelligent and flexible than their competitors’. Another great writer said that strategic human resource management is largely about integration and adaptation. It is concern is to ensure that :1) human resource (HR) management is fully integrated with the strategy and strategic needs of firm; 2) HR polices cohere both across policy areas and across hierarchies: 3)HR practice are the adjusted, accepted, and used by line manager and employee as part of their everyday work.

Task 1:

Air Nation is a famous organization sector in flying in the United Kingdom. Before 1986s, it was a public limited company but suddenly it was a privatized by British Conservative government. The first CEO was Bradely Smith. After joining as a CEO Bradely Smith gives some happiness news to its shareholder that some charming advantage is coming for this company but surprisingly in April, 1988 his tone changed because of pre tax loss $93 million. As a result company changed the strategy they appointed a new CEO, Clive Warner, who announced a gross change in the company’s business strategy firstly business operation and HRM practice in the company.

Newly appointed CEO made instruction to its employee first high quality customer service and secondly, re â€"engineering the company management system to improve the company. Empowerment and employee development this word mainly similarity with HRM so new appointed CEO, Clive Warren told a TV interview that they need to developed there as well. People is the main assets for any company so a manger look after how employ live and develop not only how they produced and work. That was told by new CEO, in a TV interview. This way, Air National approached by human resource management. The efficiency and performance of employee is depend on excellent human relationship at work. Also a director need to know the significance of good managerial practice and how to prepare the prime use ofpeople at work with best human relation at work to improve the company performance so that new appointed CEO give advice manager to improve employee condition.

AN’s Boss of Human Resources, Elizabith Hopman emphasize they need for new system to handaling AN because of getting better performance from the employee. New approach divided by a lot of team leader to get better performance. Although some middle manger supported that system they told they feel uncomfortable to control their subordinate because some power took by team leader because team leader control the some people. This way they share power


Here, I try to discuss about selection, performance management, reward, development and performance according to Fomburn model. To improve AN, human resource management model can help from various ways for example Fomburn model. Fomburn et. al, 1984, develop following model


Michael J. Boella, 2000, use some technique for selection procedure to get right person for the office.

Choose the most suitable person from a lot of applicants.

Choose the right job from a lot of applicants.

In Fomburn model selection is very important because AN needs very active person to do best work for AN. In future AN want to make profit form the company so that they need to select right person for them. Employ selection is very tough according to Schmid and Hunter, 1977.

Performance management:

Mullins (2007) stated that Performance management keeps some power of the management of Human resources. A difficult work may supply the main key judgment for example those involving to share of duties responsibility, empowerment and level of command, promotion , training, development needs career progress.

Performance management is a one kind system where improving organization performance bu developing the performance of a person or group. Performance management is very essential for any company because it is provide the goal settings and feedback of the employee according to Walters, 1995, but both are relevant to the research of employee. Maybe one of the most best concept of performance management because this concept a lot of manager carry out. A formal, most of the time annual , re-evaluate is still an important part of performance management. In Performance management provides some information for the company which is what have to do or not like


Communicate with people

Watch and evaluate

Behave as business process

Keep it crystal clear

Clarify link to rewards

Make the method compulsory

Plan and Prepare with cautious

Not to do:

Remain shifting the system

Make too difficult


Reward is one of the best way to get better performance from the employee. HRM goals to increase the motivation and job commitment through the showing process that guarantee that people men are rewarded for what they do and achieve and competency they reach. (Armstrong, M, 2006)


Development is another important work for HR. HR provides some information how to develop organization. Show the strategies, structure and process. A systematic analysis can provide right information.

Performance: If any company provides the system to measure the performance in the time to time the employee are be cautious for their job. Once review the performance and rating them for the company. This way company may know the way that is doing properly work at work place and than if they need any training or guidance may introduce.

Harvard Model of HRM

The Harvard model was developed by Beer et al (1984) of Harvard University, that's why called as Harvard model. If AN use this model in future hopefully it is bring about brightness for this organization. According to the Harvard model of HRM all employees are organizational wealth. Though, they are showed as being basically dissimilar from other wealth as they cannot be managed in the equal mode. The pressure here is on people as human resources. The Harvard model emphasizes that human resources are not like any other resources as the former can be motivated or de-motivated, they can cooperate with supervision or refuse to accept it. They can think, create, imagine, plan, learn, feel emotion and perform a huge number of tasks.

The model said that HRM emphasizes on workers who are serious to achieving sustainable aggressive benefit, so HR practices need to be included with business tactic and that the specialists help organizational controllers to face both effectiveness and fairness objectives (Bratton and Gold 1999). Walton (1985) extended the idea of sympathy by emphasizing the significance of promise and support as follows: those policies of equally will elicit commitment which in circle will give up equally better financial presentation and bigger person growth. This happens when the employee and the organization has same aim, same persuade, same admiration, same rewards and same responsibility. The Harvard model outlines four human source system outcomes to be achieved such as:

Human resource flows (which encompasses recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, appraisal/assessment, promotion, termination) etc.

Reward strategy like pay strategy makes people motivated

Worker pressure like delegated levels of authority, dependability and power.

Work systems e.g. definition/design of work and arrangement of people.


Out of the above policy choices, outcomes can be expected namely promise, similarity, capability and price efficiency. The above policy choices and outcomes form part of the Harvard model developed by Beer et al, (1994). This model or map provides a method of assessing the appropriateness or effectiveness of the HR policies and practices that obtain in AN organisations. Beer et al, (1994) argued that HR policies should be subjective by all stakeholders if not the project would be unsuccessful to get together the wants of these stakeholders.

Figure 2: Harvard model of HRM

Source: Modified from Armstrong (2000)

Task 3:

In human resources practice there verity of strength and weakness in the AN.


Strengths is the joint with the group of people, environment etc.

People are friendly, helpful CEO

CEO, Manager are motivated and training the employee.

Job security, training and development

Communication skill

Working in a team

Problem solving skill


Poor of management skill

Lack of advance training

Stress management skill

Leadership skill

Recession can hamper the organization

Job security:

A profession is a n executive element which consists of a group of defined task or performance to be agreed out or duty to be perform. If people think that his or her job is secure than they can do their work without tension. Than company get benefited.

Training and development:

One of the main areas in HRM is training and development. Training is very important for the success of an organization. Skills never come without training. Training is very important for any company it is increase the skill of employee so that company production increase surprisingly. Training can take place on behalf of workshops for the manager who always worried about company better performance. If training come in AN than worker performance level develop by the following ways

Training enhances the confidence, motivation and commitment of staff.

Feel the personal satisfaction, opportunities for career progression.

It is ensure the quality and skills of staff.

Employee relation:

According to Micael Armstrong, 2009, employee employer relation depend on managing and maintaining the employment relationship. In the AN they keep a good relation with the employee and employer .


Reward is one of the best ways to get better performance from the AN employee. HRM goals to increase the motivation and job commitment through the showing process that guarantee that people men are rewarded for what they do and achieve and competency they reach. (Armstrong, M, 2006). If AN provide rewards for his employee than the employee can work provides whole mind to their works than performance can improve dramatically. By this way AN condition ultimately improve.

Task 4:

For every kind of strategy must have two strategy like strategic objective and compulsory plan of action. Air National can use stockholder interest according to Harvard Model this which is can change the business because in stockholder interest there are a lot of groups. Air Nation Board task designer and self manage teams. Also they need look after to employee empowerment and self accountability. They need to cooperative with each other and keep commitment furthermore built up trust by this way employee can work properly. Moreover, they can bring cooperate value recognizing the contribution of Air National employer.