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Q1.1: Explain the purpose of Goldenstate Manufacturers and comment on how it might differ from other types of organization. Goldenstate Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd is a large textile-manufacturing-company in the business for over 30 years which located in Australia. The company is one of the top five manufacturing organizations in Australia and employs over 1700 employees. I will divide purposes of Goldenstate Manufacturers into three areas: 1economic purpose, 2 social purpose, 3 personal purpose.

1 economic purpose

As a company, the first economic purpose is making profit. Goldenstate Manufacturers is big company which is opened for 30 years and it has more than 1700 employees. Goldenstate Manufacturers must make a great of profit in textile-manufacturing, so the company could afford the employees' salary, the power, the raw material and so on. Secondly, Goldenstate Manufacturers pays the taxes to Australia. This is one of the significant economic purpose for this company and the country. The company pays taxes to country means it gives contribution to government and Australia. It also means giving profit to the public.

2 social purpose

Firstly, Goldenstate Manufacturers gives jobs to the pubic. The company is one of the top five manufacturing organizations in Australia and employs over 1700 employees. It must provide at less 1700 work positions to the public. Secondly, the company is a large textile-manufacturing-company in the business for over 30 years, so it provides a lot of textile products and services to the public.

3 personal purpose

As above, Goldenstate Manufacturers gives at less 1700jobs to people, it meets the Maslow Hierarchy of needs. For example, people get job form the company, it meets the need of safety (employment) and employees use their salary to buy food, it meets the need of physiological. Moreover, people buy the textile products for their lives. So the company gives the services and products to meet the personal propose.

Q1.3 Explain how effective you feel the organization is and list the main skills and competencies needed for it to be competitive.

In my opinion, there are some problems in operations department. As given in the case study. The operations department is much disorganized and Carl, the General Manager Operations, is firm and strict and finds is hard communicating at all levels. The workers' turn-over in the knitting and finishing sections is high. Dyeing and cutting sections are overstaffed. The production is usually held up in stitching section as stitching staff are either out accessories or waiting for fabric through the dyeing and finishing sections. Despites of the fact that the QC staff clearly identifies faults during the production process due to production pressures goods are sent for final shipment without rectifying the faults. All the things are wrong lead to company's production has dropped 20% over the past18 months and customer complaints have increased.

To solve these problems, I think they need more skills about these:

1 Effective controlling and management

Dyeing and cutting sections are overstaffed, it means Carl do not pay attention on how to make an effective controlling and management. And no waiting during each manufacture√ā¬†process.

2Effective communication

The General Manager Operations is firm and strict and finds is hard communicating at all levels. Carl might make some communication barriers or staffs did communicate well with Carl and colleagues.


The understanding helps in planning the program and in getting thing done. Carl should make clear introduction to staffs and get some feedback from staffs. It makes sure no misunderstanding in communization.

4 Evaluations

Setting up evaluations at every process, it will make sure no faults in goods. It would reduce the customer complaints and increase the sales.


For Carl, he needs some training about how to be a good leader and gain some effective leadership styles and how to motive his department. For staffs, they need how to make work more effective.


Carl should plan every process well, execute the plan and evaluate the plan.

Q2.1Explain the leadership styles of Adam, the knitting manager, and James, the Dyeing Manager, and comment on how appropriate you feel these are in current situation.

Adam, the knitting manager believes in the philosophy of "My way or No way"

I think his leadership is autocratic. This authoritarian is used when leader tell their staffs what he/she wants done, and how he/she wants the works to be done, with out getting any information form others. In current situation, the workers' turn-over in the knitting sections is high. Its sign that there is something wrong with Adam's autocratic leadership. First, He should change his leadership, he needs more communication with staffs, and during the communication he could get some information and advises from colleagues. Second, He should know and use the resources of the group, when leaders use the group knowledge and skills of group participants to get a job done, leaders would get more experience and improve skills. Third, he should to motivate his staffs, and meet the need of staffs. I think the turn-over would go down by Adam changes his leadership and make effective process in knitting sections.

James, the Dyeing Manager, does not take much notice if workers do not do their job. James likes to be liked by his staff and refrains from taking any actions which might upset them and/or turn them against him. The problem in Dyeing sections is overstaffed. James's leadership style is free reign. The delegative leadership means leaders allow the employees to make the decisions. However, the leader takes responsible for decisions that are made.

In current situation, James's leadership led to slow down the product process and overstaffed. Firstly, he should make the standard of evaluations, makes no faults in his process. Secondly, plan and organize the tasks and goals with staffs. He should be involved in the section. Thirdly, he could fire some staffs that are less effective. Finally, he should motivate his team, make the product process more effective.

Q2.2 Use any motivational theory, or theories, to advise Adam, the Knitting Manager, how he might motivate his staff so they will remain with company. Make sure you explain what he must do and how he might do it.

Firstly, I think to remain his staffs in the company his should meet the motivation theories (Maslow hierarchy of needs).

800px-maslows_hierarchy_of_needssvg.pngAs showed in the graph, James should make sure all his staffs meet all the needs.

1Staffs need money to buy food, pay the bills. James should give staffs a appropriate contract to meet the need of physiological level.

2 Providing a safety work environment to staffs, make sure staffs get enough resources to work.

3James could make a good ship with his colleagues or friendships.

4James should give staffs confidence by motivation, give the work to staffs and done themselves. He should show respect to his staffs and give their room to grow and do the tasks by their own way.

5James should be a leader who get some creativity idea and share with staffs, he can not prejudice on any staffs that have different culture.

Moreover, he could use some leadership skills, such as, understanding group needs and characteristics, planning and getting giving information. He could improve his communization skills, and make communization more effective, no barriers and mistakes in communization.

Q2.3Mark the CEO has told Ron, the Finishing Manager, that he should delegate more. Explain to Ron the steps he must take to delegate effectively making sure you clearly explain what he has to do at each step and how he might be able to do it.

In this situation, Ron should use some Control Management. Control in management means setting standards measuring actual performance and taking corrective action. For example, 1 he should find the right person to do the jobs, the person can finish the jobs or not. 2Ron gives him/her a training class and tell the person what to do and how could it to be done. 3Ron should give the person some responsibility and accountability. 4Ron take the major responsibility and accountability by himself. In a short, the delegate step are:1analyze your task 2 identify the suitable person to do the task3 overload one employee 4 tell the person how to do the task and get the feedback 5monitor the process and give your feedback 6 training if needed 7review and compliment