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PVR (Priya Village Road show) Cinemas is the largest cinema chain in India. Priya Village Road Show has begun its joint venture agreement between Village Road Show Limited and Priya Exhibitors Private Limited, its commercial operation has started on June 1997 which launched PVR Anupam at Saket which is the India's first Multiplex. The Chairman and Managing Director of PVR LTD is Mr. Ajay Bijli.PVR brand name synonymous is "State-Of-The-Art Cinema" exhibition in India. PVR Cinemas has introduced multiplex concept in India and it brought a new paradigm shift to cinema viewing experience like:

High Class Seating.

State-of-the-art screens.

Audio-Visual Systems.

PVR have total of about 142 screens in 33 multiplexes over India by April 2010. It also has the strong presence in states of India like Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, Chennai and Indore. Now it is trying to expand to other parts of India especially to Mumbai which want to open it as PVR Juhu.

Now PVR target is on urban consumers in metros which is trying to attract them and it launched its premium brand as PVR Premiere. Now PVR also planning to open 250 screens by 2010 and it invested for this project of about 300 to 400 crores.

PVR also ventured into the film distribution business and it set up the PVR picture which is fully owned by the PVR Ltd. It is a specialist in local distribution of films and acquisition. It is a SBU (Strategic Business Unit) for PVR which is aimed at solidifying its exhibition strength and growth. It also signed for the joint venture between 50-50 and Ram Gopal Verma's Verma Corporation LTD. It also has a new venture which is titled as Factory or PVR which operates under PVR Pictures entity and which also has accepted for exclusive distribution rights in Uttaranchal, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

PVR Cinemas are leading cinemas in India with emphasis on service, design and technology. PVR established a strong brand which is associated with youth-targeted promotions, quality, movies and exhibition.


PVR mission is "A commitment to deliver the best quality cinema viewing every time, everywhere."



The concept "package" of service suggests that what you will offer to market is bundle of intangible, tangible and different services, and there is a core service is to built the facilitator or peripheral or auxiliary. The facilitator is very important service and it is very mandatory if it is left out then the entire service get collapsed. There is another service called as supporting service which do not facilitate the consumption of the core services and it increase the value of it and it even differentiate PVR from the competitors. It mainly focused on developing the procedures to quantify the customer service quality. It can be measured by:







Promotional policy play a vital role in case of services because the customers need trust or to have belief in the services as he is paying for its pre-experiences. Thus it is very important to sell service in best possible ways.

Promotional techniques mainly include promotional tools, promotional activities and corporate identity programs and third party like government and employee unions are capable of influencing the market access.

Promotional tools used by PVR are:




Challenge contest.


Movie vouchers.

The objective of promoting service of PVR is to create a brand image, to create impression of the honesty, competence and sincerity to get genuine buyers, to get confidence in sellers and abilities to deliver service efficiency and to establish the personal relationships with the clients.

Promotional activities by PVR are:

People skills.

Event managements.

Media relations.

Seasonal offers.


Salaries and wages are referred to as periodic payments which are given to employees for their service rendered to the company. The all employees are included into the wage structure that is from normal worker to management employees. All employees are given remuneration and prerequisites but the manager's remuneration and prerequisites are distinct from others and disclosed separately. In some cases management will combine salaries and wages and the employees of PVR having other benefits like bonus, incentives and rewards. PVR gives compensation to its employees is about Rs 50.


PVR motivates its employee in following ways:

Tickets are given to employees like 1+1 in which it is for oneself and for the employee guest, 2 tickets are given for immediate family that is spouse, parents etc. Thus it will encourage movie going among customers as well as people who work in PVR too.

Professional appearance to employees and similar dress code to all employees who work in PVR which shows they are unite.

Performance appraisal is applied in PVR after completion of first 90days of employment.

They are awarded and rewarded for their work by their rankings based on their performance.

PVR providing general and common national holidays for their employees it is not giving normal Sundays and Saturdays to their employees.

Customer grievance is reported to the managers in PVR.

Discipline in PVR is extremely good like restricted to smoke or drinking on the job and avoiding mobile phones.

First aid course is given to all employees in case of any injury or accidents.

To motivate the employees complimentary tickets are given in advance according to their availability.

Employees feel it like PVR family it is shown by personalized badges.

Employees are trained at different levels from time to time and they also taught to deal with safety problems like accidents, armed robbery and bomb threat.

The training is given in various sectors like telebooking, customer service skills, ticket sales, credit card sales, computer ticketing and cash handling sales etc.

PVR teaches its employees to be patient, enthusiastic, cheerful and courteous to its co-workers, helpful, polite and courteous to all patrons.

Well kept rooms are given to their employees.

Nature of all employees in PVR is very cheerful, informed, very friendly, soothing and reliable.


PVR always think that human resource is the integral part of its mission as "PVR want to become one of the Vietnam's leading service companies." PVR training plan is based upon identifying the specific criteria set for each position in the company. It's main objective is that training to their employees should provide PVR with Professional staff and skilled workers. According to the PVR training policy all the staff members are financially supported by company to take the professional training programs.


First aid course is given to all employees in case of any injury or accidents.

Employees are trained at different levels from time to time and they also taught to deal with safety problems like accidents, armed robbery and bomb threat.

Health checks up camps are organized in the PVR itself to its employees and to customers also.

Strict safety measures are taken by PVR at every corner we can see fire extinguisher has been placed.

Employees are well trained to take care of their customers if anything happens to the customers.

Blood donation stalls are organized in PVR.



There should be Effective Recruitments and Time Bound at Regional Level.

There should be responsibility for the end-to-end Human Resource Operations and they should ensure that there is complete adherence of HR process.

They should be responsible for implementing the statutory compliances.

Planning, managing attrition, implementing consequence management and new structure roll out.

There should be 100% norms and timeline along with implementation of HR policies and procedures.

They should be very responsible for operation activities like monthly reports, Leave Management System, attrition analysis, separation, HRMIS and transfer in and out cases.

Standardized & processes & sustainable systems

Process perspective-build & implement scalable.

Overview of timely salary inputs and also ensures that salary related issues like pending reimbursements or flexible components are closed in time.

As a part of annual appraisal process there should be implementation of I incremental proposals, end to end appraisal system for the respective regions.

They should be responsible for payroll management system and HR operation process system.

There should be patience to handle the customers.

They should be responsible for implementing statutory compliances.


There should be people management skills and there should be high level interpersonal skills.

There should be good knowledge of the statutory compliances.

There should be influencing skills, counseling and collaboration.

There should be good communication skills.

There should be excellent presentation skills.

The candidate should be proficient in MS Excel and numerically inclined.

The candidate should have good problem solving skills.

They should be high on integrity.

They should be well organized, able to work independently, detailed and meticulous to meet the deadlines.


The employee should have communication skill in three regional languages.

For Manager Compliance the work experience should be 6 to 9 years, educational qualification should be Post Graduate - MBA in HR/Industrial Relations, Industry type is media or entertainment or dotcom, his or her role is HR manager, functional area is HR or Administration or IR.

For ESP (Enterprise Security Platform) should have 0 to 1 year experience, education qualification should be 10 to 10+2, age should be 18 to 23 years, industry type is media or entertainment or dotcom, there should be good communication skills.

At all levels it checks the communication skills of employee.

Normal staff that who collect money and give bill to its customers should have work experience of about 0 to 1 year and he or she should have computer skills and perfect in using MS Excel, there should be good communication skills and should be customer friendly.

Staffing procedure in PVR is from higher level to lower level that is from Manager, HR manager, Administrator, ESP, Normal staff, Janitors and security guards.

There will be three levels of interview to employees that is checking the communication skills, customer relationship and employee relations, sincerity in the work.


Compensation for employees in PVR is given about Rs 50.

According to the performance of employee incentives are provided to the employee.

Prerequisites like 1+1 offer on tickets are given to the employees according to their availability.

For the events conducted in PVR and festivals bonus is given to employees.

Fringe benefits like coffee, tea facilities are given to their employees.

Targets are kept to the employees in PVR if the employees reach the target before or on given period then that employee will get extra benefits and ranked in high category.

Promotions are given to the employee according to their performance.

If any employee works for extra hours they are paid.


There are two ways to training methodologies they are cognitive training and behavioral training. First of all the trainer will give clear demonstration on company profile after this the trainer will know the strengths and weakness of the trainee and used different training methodologies to train them like:

PVR mainly follows on- the-job training.

They will provide work sample teaching.

Computer based training is given to their employees.

Job enrichment and job rotations are the part of training methodologies.