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The role of the HR department must parallel the needs of his or her changing organization. Successful organizations are becoming more adaptable, resilient, quick to change direction, and customer needs.(Jp kotler)

Human resource department as responsibility of all the functions that deal with the needs and activities of the organization people including the areas of responsibilities

Human resource department mainly act in recruiting process for the company , they recruit members who are eligible to work in the company after that they will training to the staff whom they recruit they give full information about the company outlet, policies and procedure, organization structure, techniques, and tools involved to do the work and introducing to other couliques.

Human resource department tells to the staff, how to reach targets in a company and how to attract the customers when they come to the company, they explain in details about increasing of sales in a company.

Human resource department take part in giving rewards to the staffs who they have reached targets and certificating, award function(e.g.:-sales executive of the year) .

To maximize skills of the employees in organization.

Human resource departments helps the staff members in improving skills developments and performance culture are talent management's organizations that will the success the company and to increase the employee's activities and overall productivities, all the skills employees are essential to any company outperforming the competition.

Human resource department encourage employees to share knowledge and remain the organization with best practice. Such workers may have distinctive needs in terms of motivation, targeting reaching. The culture of an organisation that how learning can be developed to enhance organisational performance

In Hyundai company human resource departments helps the staff in improving their skills by giving techniques of sales in a company, by that staff can improve their sales in a company and they can reach target , among other things, working out which knowledge is critical and how it will be shared, how technology could be used, how people will be trained, how they will be rewarded for collaborative working.

Aliening corporate strategy and human resource strategy

Corporate strategy is to determine the objectives, purposes and policies to achieve goals and defines the ranges of business the company is to pursue. the types of organization is to intending to be, the nature of economic and non economic contributions the organization is intending to make the shareholders, communities to the customers. In this company corporate strategy helps in determining of the objectives and to achieve goals in a company and increases range of business in a market and develops the needs of market to fulfills customers.

Human resource strategy is to help identity while recruiting, developing and retaining our organization and recommended approaches challenges for target and how our organization stacks-up against top performers in recruitment, on boarding, employee performance management and learning, company will receive a customized report that will help to identify actionable best practice and provide recommendations for improvement of talent management strategies and results. In these company HR strategy will helps the staff in approaching goals in a company. Analysing human resources strengths and weaknesses (SWOT)

Assessing external and internal developments.

Sketching the type of organisation the company needs to be.

Assessing gaps between the ideal and the current organisation.

Defining human resources change to fulfil the gap.

Adequate resources to carry out the strategy

People recruitments strategies

The process of a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs and processing of hiring best-qualified candidate for internal or external of job vacancies in a company

There are two sources of recruitment

1) Internal source

2) External source

Internal source is a source were all the staff members and department members changes transfers from one branch to another branch and gets promotions , demotions and upgrading giving carrier opportunities and retaining old staffs making low cost.

External source is a source were the company gives advertisement for vacancies in channels and newspapers , by that company can get new ideas from job applicants

Importance of recruitment

Attracting the job seekers by giving policies, schemes

Company is looking for talent persons

Determine the present or future organization with is personal planning and analysis activities

Recruitments is the link with connects the relationship between employers and employees in a company

Saving the company by taking new candidates.

Increases successful sales rate.

Once the job candidate were recruited and selected to leave organization only after short period of time.

Increase organization and individual effectiveness of various recruiting techniques and sources for all types of job applicants

Company will Identify and preparing potential job applicants who are appropriate candidates. Who are essential to that job

Retention strategies

Recruiting and retaining people is a crucial component of business success. Getting it right has never easy , it is easy to staff to became de-motivated and in secured to succeed in a tough market company should hold on to top performance. The power of retain and recalling in past experience.(Thomas).

Hyundai Company will select and retaining great staff to success in business talented people who continue to develop skills and increase their organization and for customers and more important resource.

In this company all the staff and department members will understand time is money to an organization and work hard with this power of employers, retention experts get to know in organizational culture. By doing these company can get down the real causes of employee turnover in our organization and develop retention program that is right from the team.

In these company clients will see sizable return on investments to increase profits, sales and reduces unwanted employees turnovers dead is tracks and get back doing what they can do best for the company and leading the company organization.

In Hyundai company they revise the past one year and check what the mistake have done in a year and what the changes have to be done in internal to do better for the future and gets improvements year after year. They look out the mistakes what they have done throughout the year.

Training, learning and development strategies.

Company will help staff to develop and closer to more effective work relationship gives training to the staff like fitting of special items like central locks and music systems etc. management wanted to improve staff by giving trainings and helps staff to get a better understanding of other roles and pressure, although the different people work in the company and there were little understanding with colleagues. Company will give better trainings to the staff members, all the company staff will keep group discussions and listen to the team members how could change real business benefits. HR department want to develop more sense of team get really people to understand each other and work together better.

In these company we did not get time like other companies we will meet staff in working environments, company will helps staffs in many ways by interacting with them and tells them how to develop activities and learn how to collaborates and keeps some healthy competitions while developing team awareness. Some of the fun activities will helps the people to think themselves while doing the work.

Company will teach team them to think and talk about the work in the place, these really allows people to communicate their issues and get others to understand to emphasize with them. It helps everyone to work on team, to create their own solutions this is kind of changes when people learns.

Company can get people thinking and changing how they work better for reaching goals and targets, it was really attract to see everybody with exception after taking training.

Performance and reward managements strategies

Rewards are more intangible day to day activities of recognition and motivation that are given to individuals to encourage them and to acknowledge their contribution

Reward management is a process of developing and implementing the strategy , policies and systems which helps the organization to achieve its objectives by obtaining and keeping the people it needs and by increasing their motivation and commitments.

Company helps to develop and reward strategy to the staff who works hard, reward structure that enables the staff will attract to reach targets in a Retention company and retain and helpful to the people, company will helps in full range of rewards issues from statically to tactical and to motivate on business objectives.

Purpose of employee reward:-

Recruitment:- attracting the best people in to company, who have good communication skills.

Retention:- retaining people to secure to succeed in a tough market company should hold on to top performance.

Motivation:- company will help people to increase their motivation and commitments and helps in get image in the company.

Control:- company will support organizational change , reducing power of trades unions and increasing the powers to the staffs and maintaining all the internals relatives like wages, policies etc.

There are two types of financial rewards in a company:-

Extrinsic financial rewards

a) Wages

b) Bonuses

c) profit-sharing

d) Vacations

e) Sick leave

Intrinsic non-financial rewards

a) Office furnishings

b) Lunch hours

c) Parking spaces

d) Work assignments, locations

e) Business cards

f) Secretary

Integrated plan of an organization

Hyundai Company makes integrated plans were explains what's going on now and outlooks of future and use the techniques to integrate manufacture models in a company and look after what the customer needs in future, development of a product concept that exists in the marketing organization, includes different variants of product designs. Integrated of the activities requires that accurate information to the sales and extend the production delivery and after sales activities. Company will look after the manufacture new models of cars to attract customer in different amounts . the company challenge was to create single access point and creates HR system in a user- friendly system, which is responsible for managing and modifying all the employees details and establish the ability to create custom reports for the analysis .

company will changes the integrated plans according to market situations of company mission to objectives of goals and targets in a market and try to reach top level in a market by identifying, anticipating and satisfying the customer needs, identify source of plans in a company in a competitive advantage and gains commitments to a strategy and get information from the staff members how to integrate plans in a company to invest and build the business to top levels.

All the staff members are giving plans to the company how to invent plans , provides a guiding philosophy , provides inputs to strategic planners and design strategies for reaching objectives.


Hyundai company will helps in recruiting the people in an organization to maximize the skills and contributions of people in an organization. To develop the company .

Human resource department mainly act in recruiting process for the company , they recruit members who are eligible to work in the company after that they will training to the staff whom they recruit they give full information about the company outlet, policies and procedure, organization structure, techniques, and tools involved to do the work and introducing to other staff members in a company.

This company helps the staff members by giving ideas to improve their activities. In this company human resource department plays a major role in recruitments and gives training, learning and development to the staff and gives full information about the company and helps in how to interact with customers and how to reach the goals in a company. In these different people work in the company and there were little understanding with colleagues. how to move with them in a Company .They will give better trainings to the staff members, all the company staff will keep group discussions and listen to the team members how could change real business company.

In these company they give rewards to the people, who they have reached target in a company or increases sales they encourages the people to be active in a work and keeps award functions and gives certifications .

With the end of this assignment we will be knowing that the alignment between the human resource strategy and business strategy will help the organization operational work easy and efficient.

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