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According to the results operations management of both companies need to recognize the crucial role and importance of people management in the success of company. Management of both companies need to bring some changes in recruitment process.

They should advertise the jobs in other community newspapers because airport newspapers are mostly approachable to the people only working within the airport. This tends to create a trend of people moving from one company to another and reduces healthy competition. People with fresh ideas and talent remain behind due to lack of information. If the jobs are advertised externally then the firms would have a larger pool of talent to select the candidates and this would ultimately lead to increase in the quality of work.

Time scale is very important factor in the recruitment process. From the primary research it is gathered that time scale is a negative aspect within the recruitment process of both companies. Management of both companies should consider this issue as a priority and need to take some bold steps to reduce the time period between the person applying for job and the person starting the work. In AIS time period is between 4 to 5 months and in I-Sec time period is between 1 to 2 months. I-Sec Limited has hired an external company for reference check that's why their total recruitment process duration reduced. AIS Limited may also need to follow this approach to reduce their duration of recruitment.

The management of AIS Limited needs to review their policy of interview. They should arrange the second interview with operational manager and duty manager as the selected candidate is expected to work closely with operational manager and duty manager.


Operations management of both companies are providing different courses to their employees to improve their skills but they still need to do more work in this area.

Both companies are providing Level 1 Training to each staff member. Level 1 training is very basic training to enter in aviation security. It is basic necessity from DFT (Department of transport) to pass this exam with 85% marks. Management need to arrange the exam in a more strict fashion so only capable candidates are selected , secondly they should arrange refreshers course after every year for revision purposes and updated standards/laws so the employees are aware of the latest development within the industry,

Management needs to understand the role of both types of training (on-job & off-job) in the success of the company. Management should provide the staff on-job training for each post as they would be expected to undertake this role on their own. It is suggested that initially one experienced staff or supervisor should work with them at least for a whole a day on one post. In this way new staff will gain the required confidence and perform the duty according to the requirements. Secondly management should send their staff on different seminars and lectures arranged by different organizations on the topic of aviation industry and security requirements or any topic related to aviation industry or security. It will improve their skills and capabilities which will be ultimately prove successful for the company.


Motivation is internal processes which direct behaviour (Naylor, 2002). Management should understand the importance of motivation if they aim to direct employee's efforts towards recognizing the objectives and success of the company.

Both companies need to develop a framework for motivation of the employees. It was noticed that key staff members were leaving AIS Limited because of lack of motivation. In I-Sec Limited, similar situation was observed however motivation was marginally better

Company management need to introduce the culture of promotions, bonus and annual increments.

They need to develop the environment of appreciation and recognition.

Management should try to empower the employees which motivate the employees to achieve the company goals.

Management should introduce rewards on individual performances and distribution of rewards should be fair.


Management of both companies must provide strong leadership if they are to succeed in long term. The lack of leadership is felt at a time when companies are in the process of adopting new procedures but are taking time to implement because managers have no direct communication channel with employees.

Manager should be the combination of leader and administrator if companies are to succeed and achieve higher ranking within the industry. Unfortunately both companies have lot of managers but no leader. Leader should be a role model for followers so they can learn belief and admire. Leader can motivate the staff towards company objectives which and in some way this influences the performance of the organization. Biggest obstruction against the innovation in company is creating the interest and belief of people toward this change. Only good leadership can encourage the employees and satisfy them about their concerns.

Job Design:

"Job design is about how we structure individual's jobs and the workplace or environment in which they work and their interface with the technology they use" (Slack et al 2004). Management of both companies needs to consider and pay attention towards the relationship between employee and job during the process of design the job. They should consider these factors during this process.

Job Rotation:

Management of both companies needs to encourage and understand the concept and approach of job rotation. Moving the staff from one post to another is beneficial for both employee and the management. Job rotation of employees will increase skill flexibility which is useful for company in case of shortage of staff, management can overcome this problem because staff will be capable to work on other post when needed due to absence of the other staff and this in turn increases the worth of employee

Job enlargement & enrichment:

Management should try to enlarge and enrich the job performed by a person. If one agent remains whole day at on one post then he/she is likely to be bored and inactive at that the position which will automatically affect the performance. Both companies management need to adopt the policy of job rotation and enrichment. Secondly management needs to give its staff the required authority and allow them to take decisions if any problem is faced. Taking this approach will help increase employees confidence and performance will improve which indirectly will improve the performance of the company.

Organization culture:

Organizational culture is the system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develop within an organization and guide the behavior of its members (Hunt.J.G & Osborn.R.N). Management of both companies needs to establish a friendly culture in the organizations. Management of both companies should create an open and flexible culture so sharing necessary information is easy. Communal culture would be better for both companies. This type of culture is a combination of both performance and friendship. People have good relations with each others, like and help each other but maintain their focus on their task and goal. This type of culture is suitable for success of company.

Improve Team Effectiveness:

Companies need to move forward by leaving away the concept of person-specific and by adopting the concept of team leadership. This concept should reflect in their planning, coordination, vision and utilization of resources by the leader. Additionally in their internal control system and in the procedure of work flow which deal in crises and provides high level of teamwork, output and communication.

Companies need to understand and motivate the processes of team development. Secondly to ensure their structure, goals, vision and approach towards exceptional changes in combined objective and goal achievement. Companies need to accomplish best practice to describe organizational task and objectives.

Operations Management of both companies need to recognize

Strengths and weaknesses of individual team members.

The needs of individual and provide this opportunity to the organization.

The need of coaching in order to solve problems within the team and to increase their level of motivation, flexibility and develop new combinations of teams.

Establish an infrastructure for Performance monitoring and continuous improvement.

Decision making:

Decision making processes are heart of management activity in business world that's why management needs to recognize its importance in the success of the company. In both companies the decisions are taken at upper level. Management need to take some steps for the success of company.

Management should establish a decision making process.

Manage a decision making team which include the members of all the departments.

Before final decision, management should consider all the suggestions.

Before implement the decision, management should take in confidence all the employees.

Management needs to follow the different methods for decision making.

1): Break-even analysis

2): Preference matrix

3): Decision theory

4): Decision tree

Management can take help from break-even analysis method to specify the alteration required in demand or volume earlier than second option become more enhanced for the company or organization instead of first one. Preference matrix helps the management in decision making process to deal with different options instead to access on a single measure of merit. Decision theory helps the management when the conclusions are indecisive to select the best choice. Decision tree method helps the management when there are relations between todays and tomorrow's decisions and incidents means today's decision can be effected by any incident happen tomorrow in other words decisions are made in sequence.

Employee involvement:

Employee involvement in decision making process can play a crucial role in success of company. This can happen by transferring knowledge, information and power down towards lower level. It is the responsibility of management to design such infrastructure in which employee involvement and commitment to the organization can be developed. Companies should recognize the importance of this factor in the success and improvement in overall business. Suggestion schemes and quality circles are the two ways of achieving this aim.

Suggestion schemes:

Suggestion scheme will be fruitful approach to involve the employees in decision making process. Management need to introduce and establish suggestion schemes. The main aim of these schemes should to encourage employees to come up with their suggestions and ideas. Management need to consider these ideas and suggestions during their decision making process and planning for future carefully and also on a good and profitable suggestion should be rewarded.

Quality circles:

Management need to introduce groups around 8 or 10 people from different contracts and provide them opportunity to meet weekly for on hour where they can discuss and solve different problems which they are facing on daily basis rather than making suggestions and wait for others to consider . It is the responsibility of the management to provide training to these groups about new skills like problem investigation, how to work and behave in groups, how to solve problem and implement new ideas and how to develop innovation and creativity. Need to provide them powers to implement their solutions.

Empowered supervisors:

Supervisor is the leader of the team and should be able to anticipate and react positively towards problems and guide the staff in terms of approach and dedication to the job. For those purposes supervisor should be empowered and have authority to take decisions. Operations management of both companies need to empowered their supervisors in terms of decision making.

Planning and control:

Planning selects the direction and points the organization along the route; control ensures that the direction is maintained (Naylor, 2002). Operations Management of both companies needs to recognize the critical role of planning and control in the success of the company. Both companies need to do much work in this area.

Both companies have different airlines contract on Heathrow airport related to security and customer services. Companies have to provide the security to the aircraft during the stay on Heathrow airport. Mostly airlines flights come with in gap of 30 Minutes or 1 hour and flights stay 2 to 3 hours on the ground. So both companies needed lot of staff at the same time to manage this situation. Most of the airlines always complain about mismanagement and short of staff. Management needed a lot of planning and control to over come this situation.

Management required taking bold steps and developing a system for planning which provide the framework for control.

Management should understand the concept of reconciliation of supply and demand in terms of timing, quality and volume.

Management need to take some bold steps to improve the communication skills of their employee by arranging different courses or by sending their staff to different institutions for attending communication skills lectures. Within the recruitment process they should introduce some basic level of education requirement.

Management needs to put an emphasis on the strategy and its implementation. Empowered the in-charges and produce good planners should be the part of strategy.

Operations Management of both companies needs to understand the basic requirements before making a plan

They should be clear about their goal or objectives.

Make a list of actions.

Investigate, prioritize and reduce

Translate the list into a plan

Monitoring and implementation of plan

Analysis of plan on regularly basis

Operations management needs to understand the reason behind a plan. Uncertain conditions become the basis to create a plan. In business environment these uncertain conditions are the part of it. The basic motive behind these plans is to identify the ambiguity and its different solutions.

How to improve management control systems:

Control system is essential for any company or organization to coordinate and control the activities of different departments, sections and divisions. Most control systems are inefficient or fail because they are past-action-oriented.

Setting Performance standards:

Management should set the performance standard with the input from the employees because ultimately their performance is the main goal to achieve and measured. Management should keep in mind that these standards should be achievable and acceptable to individuals because they have to accomplish. The targets can be difficult but should be in range of capabilities of employees. Because high standards de-motivate the staff and efforts towards the goal are not effective. Managers should also consider number of standards which are applicable because too many standards can cause confusion as the employees will not be able to give full attention.

Measure and compare actual with planned results:

After setting the standards the second important factor is to measure and compare actual with. The management should take into account the input from the employee for selection of person. In most cases employees do not think the person who is performing this duty is the best this could be due to variety of reasons such as trust, impartially and the overall knowledge.

Evaluate results, give feedback and coach:

Management needs to establish the results by forecasting and assessing the absentees, accidents and employee turnover which can be used as early warning, so company will be prepare for specific actions in advance but assessing should be compared carefully done against the competency. Management should be ready for deviation which can be in positive or negative. In case of negative deviation management needs to take proper action but in case of positive deviation management should give reward to the employees for that. Management should provide coaching to the employees in the framework of control system.

Take corrective action:

Management needs to take corrective action after receiving warnings in terms of forecasting or predictions even it changes the standards, plans, and goals. Management needs to consider the employees during the process of changing in goals, plans and standards because they are on front line and are most affected. The management needs to understand that planning control system will be successful until the corrective actions are taken.

Work & Quality measurement:

Work measurement means to find out the time required to complete a job or task. Time factor has very important role in the success of any company. It is the responsibility of the management to monitor the time factor required for any specific job or task.

Operations Management needs to

Plan the work for the employee.

Plan and decide the number of workers required to complete the certain job.

Plan which job should be allocated to which employee or decide which employee is suitable for certain job.

Manage a criterion to calculate the performance of the worker.

Plan the incentive in terms of bonus on efficiency of the worker.

Management need to set the standard time for a particular job which will be the time taken by an experienced worker not the time taken by certain individual.

Management should establish work measurement system which helps in planning, controlling, improve performance and supervision, increase productivity and reduce labour cost.

Management should understand the objective of work measurement which is to calculate the work load in an operation in terms of requirement of time, number of workers and efficiency.

Management needs to develop awareness about department for transport (DFT) and British airways authority (BAA) and their functions. Management needs to guide and prepare the staff to face these authorities when they came to check their quality of work.


This method based on direct observation and is conversion process of observed time into the time taken by a qualified worker at standard level maintain by the company. Management needs to select proper trained staff for the supervision of this process and manage different courses on regularly basis to update their training.


Allowance means provide an additional time to the worker to recover from the fatigue during working a complete shift of 8 hours is called as allowance and its amount depend upon the environment in which worker is working and secondly job nature. The operations management needs to provide the allowance to the workers on daily basis on fixed time with fix inter. Management should not use this allowance as a compensation for unhealthy and unsafe environment of working.

Quality measurement:

Management of both companies needs to understand the importance of quality factor and need to take bold steps to improve the quality of services which they are providing to their different clients.

Management needs to promote the quality awareness in the employees as well as throughout the company.

Management needs to introduce quality tools in the organization like run chart, histogram, cause and effect diagram, check sheet…..etc.

Management should recognize that quality of services can affect the performance of organization in terms of productivity and loss of business.

Management needs to develop a method of inspection means compare the quality with standard. Secondly need to define the inspection procedure of the company i.e. how much and how may times, at which level or location……etc.

Management needs to find the causes of poor quality and find out the ways to correct the causes.