Analysing the Corus Steel Manufacturing Company

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Corus is one of the largest steel manufacturing companies in the European continent. The company is said to be formed in the year 1999 by merging the Koninklijke Hoogovens and the British steel. Corus is supplying its product around the world including packaging, electrical and mechanical engineering, construction, automotive, and gas and oil. The company has a global network of service centers and offices and employing about thirty seven thousand people around the world. In the year 2007 Corus has become a part of the Tata steel, which is one of the 6th largest steel producers of the world. The main aim of the company is to create value by developing different products and best service for the customers.

The company mainly focuses on continuous performance and innovation in order to get best performance out of the business. Corus is the second largest steel producer in the Europe. It has an annual turnover of about twelve billion pounds. The company is said to be operating it major manufacturing sites in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. It also has its sales office and service center in more than forty countries around the world.

In today's world there is no construction without steel. So steel making is the competitive business. Corus launches a program called restoring success, which helps the company to take a step ahead of the competitors in case of efficient production. This program is mainly focused how to eliminate the waste products and to increase the production in the efficient way. As metal is the superior element when compared to other metals, recycling of the metal can be done without losing any quality. Because of its commitment to the sustainable development Corus stands out as a responsible business when compared to its competitors.

Recycling as the part of the sustainable development has thus become very important for the company. As it has became a major concern for the Corus. This shows the respect of the company for the environment and also shows the thought of the future. Corus is working hard to make the people to be aware of what are things can and should be recycled. The company is keen in developing a closed loop for the steel. The steel collected from the consumers is transferred to the recycling plants, and then the recycled steel is used in the production process and given back to the customers.


Leadership and leadership styles of the company

Leadership is a process in which a person makes the others to achieve an objective and helps the management by directing the organization in a unified and logical manner. In an organization the leadership mainly depends upon the satisfaction of the employees by gaining their confidence and trust. A leader has to concentrate in three critical areas to get the employees trust and confidence. First, he has to make the employees to understand the overall business strategy of the company. He has to help the employees to know how much they are contributing in achieving the objectives of the business. He also has to share the information with employees about how they are doing and how the business is doing.

So the leader has to be trustable to communicate the vision of where the company needs to go. The organization culture plays a main part in determining the role of the leader in the company. It is also argued that the value, beliefs and assumption are of critical importance in determining the overall style of leadership that they adopt in the organization.

Corus is the big steel manufacturing company and part of Tata group. In Corus leadership at every level has led to its success. This has placed the company in the best position to tackle present day challenges. The company is lead from the top by the senior executives who believe in and respond to the principle that change and business success couldn't happen without the commitment and involvement of the whole workforce. In the past few years the company has re-discovered leadership skills at every level. This is done by mainly changing the standards, approach, value and performance of the employees of the company.

The transformational leadership is mainly adapted in this company. As the transformational leadership starts with the development of vision, a view of future that will excite and convert potential followers. This vision is developed from a senior team or emerges from the broad series of discussion. The leaders establish unity of purpose and directions in this organization. The leaders of this company demonstrate high standards of personal behavior through involvement and contribution and recognizing that management do determine the health and safety culture by what they do and by what they choose to ignore. They are creating an internal environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving the organization's goals.

The leaders of the company not only focus on the present issues of the company, but also concern about the issues that what the company's future will look like. It also means of being the best employer in the area, where the company operates. The company also concentrated in developing the leadership skills through transparency, directness and integrity. The communication level between the company and the union are well maintained to give a clear picture of what company wants from their employees. The leader also communicate to the people working at different level and giving a clear idea of what things they need to work in order to achieve the goals of the company.


Organization cultural philosophy implication on the workforce:

Organization culture is the way that we see things and we do around here. The culture of an organization gives you a better idea of how the organization organizes itself, its procedures, rule and beliefs make up the culture of the company. Thus organizational culture is the collective unique personality of the organization. It is said to be the personality of the organization. It comprises of values, norms, assumptions and signs of organizational members and their behaviors.

Recognizing diversity and promoting equal opportunity practice should be firmly embedded within a company culture for it to thrive. In order to make sure that any of the diversity approach is fully integrated into the company culture, other existing practices and policies may need to be reviewed. However, there will be people from different culture in the organization who contribute different beliefs and values to the organization. This is a reason why companies are looking to diversify their workforce in order to bring different approaches and make them more representative of the people that company serves.

In case of Corus, the company has been able to consider the cultural aspect by giving importance to the international market and the perspective of globalization. Because of this the company not only gives importance to its international stakeholders but also to the markets in Netherlands and in United Kingdom. The company also gives importance to the opinion of its employees irrespective of their nationality. Since the company is operating globally, the reorganization done by Corus management results in a positive relationship between the local managers and international managers.

The company's performance culture will show the way in which the peoples in the organization work together to achieve its business goals. The Corus always set striving targets for value added growth and aim to delight the customers by maximizing the value together and try hard to set the benchmark for world class performance. The company also focuses on its safety and social responsibilities.

It is aiming to provide a safe workplace by identifying and assessing of all the process related hazards on the operating sites. It also has an integrated safety management system that includes pertinent standards for process safety. The company also drives a uniform management system for a continuous improvement in the performance of the business through teamwork. In the process of continuous improvement the members of the organization are challenged to change their behavior and upgrade their work. This is done by cutting out the pointless activities. The company also concentrated on doing the process and making the products in an efficient way. It also maintain openness and transparency in the groups, at all the level of the organization.


Evaluation of organizational structure

A good organizational structure allows its business to grow beyond its boundaries. The structure of the organization mainly depends on the way of culture and objectives of the organization. The organizations operations and manners are determined by the way the organization is structured. The organizational structure clearly defines the different function and work allocated to the different employees and departments. An effective organizational structure will facilitate the working relationship between various sections of the organization. The organizational structure has to be in away to maximize the success and the efficiency of the organization.

The Corus is a part of the Tata group. The organizational structure followed in Corus is of matrix type. The management of the Corus consists of the executive committee and the board. Mr. Kimberly Adams is the managing director and chief executive officer is responsible for health, strategy, finance, communication and entertainment. The managing director is head of the executive committee which is responsible for the day to day management of the organization.

The directors of the group chief financial officer, group communication and group strategy of the Tata steel group are made to participate in the Corus executive committee to ensure strong group alignment. The company's strategic development of and the business management is carried out by the members of the board. The company remains as a distinct business unit with the responsibilities of its divisions and the functions of the business unit are clear. It has a group policy document which clearly address about companies corporate matters, risk areas and the process. The company also has some group standards to set out what is expected from the each units of the business.

Fig: Organizational Structure

The research development and technology department of the company has a separate management lines for resource and research programs. The resource projects are carried out by the resource section of the research development and technology department of the company. This division is divided into thirteen departments, each with a knowledge group leader. Each knowledge group has a specific field of expertise. The changes regarding the individual research projects are rested in the hands of the project leaders. They are also responsible for picking up the right person for the right work.

Each and every business unit of the company is assigned with research development and technology programme manager. The main responsibility of the program manger is to oversee the research programme and ensure the smooth running of the relationship between the business unit and the research department. These managers are also responsible for the development of the technological programme in each unit of the business and there by contributing to the development of the technology strategy.

The company is also said to be managing its performance of corporate responsibility against clear and objective criteria. It also set the targets for the increased performance and the monitor, review and report against these targets and other key performance indicators. The improvements on these indicators are informed by the company group policies, commercial environmental and social objectives, risk assessment and identification, emerging best practice and external/internal consultation.

The company develops knowledge and expertise in order to be well prepared to face the challenges in the future. The people working in different research areas will meet together to focus on a particular project. The other department supporting the project work of the company also provides a knowledge and background information about project.


Motivation and its impact on individuals

Motivation is the process of making the people to do their work in an efficient manner. The main job of the manager of the organization is to motivate the employees to get the work done. In order to motivate people we have to understand the human nature. Human nature can be very simple, yet complex too. An understanding and appreciation of this is a perquisite to effective employee motivation in the workplace and therefore effective management and leadership. The job performance depends upon the ability of the workforce and the motivation they get to do their work. The motivation is an essential thing for any business to succeed and survives.

The Corus infrastructure is recognized as having investor in people status. The employees are motivated in order to achieve large amount of earning, profits and productivity. The improvement in the company's productivity mainly depends upon the skills and level to which the employee is motivated. The motivation process will bring out the hard working capability of each employee within the organization.

This investor in people status of the Corus Company makes the employees to become customer oriented, this in turn helps the company's responsibility to efficiently meet the need of its customer. The company also motivates their employees on the basis of their achievement, higher involvement to their job and individual development. This results in enthusiasm of the employee, ready to accept the changes in the organization and lead to know the goals of the organization beyond the limits of the job.

The motivation of the people lead to constantly examine their work, this will result in the reduction of cost and waste to the organization. The investing in people status of the company constantly improves the quality programmes results. This makes the company to be recognized publically and also gives the competitive edge to the company. Corus organizes scheme called right to read, in which the volunteers from the company are send to help the primary children to develop their reading skills. This scheme not only helping the primary children but also makes the volunteers to act as a valuable role model to the primary school children.

The company also ensures that the employees working in the organization are trained to get professional skills and qualified for the job and thereby can contribute to the improved safety and health performance. The company also sponsors a scheme in which bringing the business, communities and the employees together to make a positive difference to the society which we live and work.


Evaluation of change management environment

The change management process has to be carried out in every organization to thrive in the business environment. The change management process in the sequence of activities or procedure followed by a change management team to make changes to a project or to an organization. The change has to be made in accordance to the development in technology and nature of the environment that the company operates. It also main focuses on the type of change that the company can undergo and its effects on both the employee and the employer. If there is a change there will be resistance and barriers, so change management process must have plans to overcome them.

The change management process is carried out in three stages. In the first stage the reason for the change is identified and change management strategy is developed. In the next stage the plans are made to how to make the change and it is implemented. In the last stage we have get data analysis and feedback to manage the gap in the change. The change process is said to successful, if the requirements of the above three stages are fulfilled. Change is important for the progress of the company and it is part of the organization.

Corus has to carry out change process periodically to survive the increasing competitiveness in the steel sector. The Corus company is also implementing programs of changes to compete with the new technologies, new markets and with new competitors. The company has a change management tram which is head up by Andy Dunbar. He says that the real award is the positive change that we have seen is everything we do. The change team has always focused on changing the habit, standards, values, performance and attitude of the workforce.

The change team is not only concentrated in creating a sophisticated management model, but also to improve by dynamic demonstration and to create a perfect conditions to make the change process irresistible. Recently Corus has been acquired by the Tata steel, which is a part of the Tata group. Because of this people from different culture will take part in the decision making process of the company. So change has to take place in order to merge the employees of the different cultural backgrounds to make them customer focused.

The Corus Company is carrying out the continuous improvement program mainly to compete with its European competitors. The continuous improvement will definitely trigger change in the organization. The company is making changes to improve its product and process and taking care to maintain improved level of performance and at the same time looking for additional ways for the improvement.

The company always wants to build small changes into work practices. As part of the change process the employees of the company are trained to handle the changes. Corus is a large company with its best practices is shared right across the global Corus Company and then these practices are standardized. Through the change process the organization is being keen to develop their employee's skills and enabling step by step improvement.


Nature of team and its impact

Team work comprises of individual working together to accomplish the task that can't be done alone but more than that it is satisfying, enjoyable and exciting. The nature of the team mainly depends upon the way it works to carry out their objectives. The success of the team mainly depends upon the good leadership. An effective team has to have an appropriate leader, clear objective, confrontation, trust and support, co-operation and individual development.

In Corus team work is the main thing for the process of continuous improvement. The required changes in the company are carried out by training the senior managers to raise awareness and build a team of continuous improvement coaches. These continuous improvement coaches pass on the messages to all other employees of the Corus about the value of the empowerment and team work. As the employees of the Corus operates in a team work structure and give more responsibility for individual team members in decision making process. The leadership teams of the company get in-depth feedback from the employees about hampering business problem and figuring a better way to solve them.

The continuous improvement programmes are mainly concentrated on both development and training. The employees of the company are encouraged to involve in the continuous improvement programme. This continuous improvement program makes the employee to grow in different ways by taking more responsibility and being involved with teamwork and building of the team. The company is carrying out a communication programme in order to make sure that every employee knows that what their team has contributed to the business. This helps the employees to have stronger team spirit. This programme also helps to share the best working methods in the organization.

The business strategy and team objectives are printed in card and given to all the employees. The company has aboard in which the teams communicative objectives, monitoring of the team performance and the main achievements of the team are updated continuously on daily basis by the members of the team. This activity helps the employees to improve their team spirit and a good cross team competition. The company also improves the team performance by setting them clear target and making it visible on daily basis. By doing this the team knows about their achievements and how this has an impact on the performance of the business.


Company's approach to people management

The people management process will have a major impact on the change management process. The main job of the managers in the organization is to manage people which are the most difficult job for the manager. You must encourage, guide, lead and inspire them. Sometimes you have to fire, hire, take disciplinary actions and evaluate the employees.

Corus is quite old and well established business in the steel manufacturing sector. So it has to be modernized and to get away from the culture of it's always been done this way and shift to how can we do things better? So Corus found investor in people a very useful tool in managing the resistance of the change process in the organization. Corus has other people management process but the investor in people is effectively practiced in the organization. The company also has management training programme to tell that how many decision making process slows down the overall process and how to make decisions at the line management level.

The investor in people is about involving and including the staffs of the organization. The investor in people is a logical and extremely useful tool to improve and grow the business and to ensure that the company is following the best of practices. It also gives a clear picture of how the organization is doing things by addressing the people management and linking the people to all other strategies of the business.

The company also uses the useful online resources as an online interaction and uses the diagnostic tools mainly to identify the weakness and strength. It also makes the people management effective by developing the communication throughout the entire organization. The mangers of the company will collect the feedback from the staff and it discussed in the meeting held between the directors and all the employees. To make effective people management in Corus, it has set up a communication committee, suggestion box is made available and the newsletters are issued in the organization to communicate important news and issues that are taking place.


Individuals impact on organizational change process

Organizational behavior is the study and the application of knowledge about how people, individuals and groups in the organizations act. It also tells about the individual and groups impact on the change process of the organization. The individuals like leaders and manger can make big difference in the change process. The transformational leadership theory is the best suit for Corus organization.

The company believes that growth of the organization mainly depends upon the expertise and contribution of the workforce. The company also keen in winning the hearts of their employee's in order to get full benefits from their involvement and passion. Te open dialogue highly encouraged between the employees from all levels and functions within the organization. The company is providing good working conditions to the workers and also gets suggestions from them to make it better to contribute to the search of innovation and continuous improvement.

The company is mainly focused to create a diversify workforce. It recognizes the value and the skill of each employee and provides equal opportunity to all its workers regardless of age, sex, race, colour, religion, and nationality. It also maximizes the beneficial outputs from its diverse workforce. The company also respects the local and good practices that are carried out in different regions and countries. The company also concentrated in maintaining the work-life balance in order to get benefit both for the organization and its employees.

The company also strongly believes that each and every employee should be treated with respect and dignity at work. It also takes serious action, when it deals with the complaint of harassments. With company goals and guiding principles in mind Corus is developing the leadership skills and working practice that aim to engage and involve all of the employees. In order to successfully achieve the business goals the company retains the best and passionate people.


Change process and its benefits

The change process mainly takes place in the organization in order to improve the status of the business. In case of the Corus continuous improvement programme is carried out to improve the performance of the organization. The main function of the continuous improvement programme is to allocate time to employees to participate in group work. It also trains coaches and setting up guides for tools and technique. Due to this continuous improvement program often change occurs in the organization. Corus has gained lots of benefits from the continuous improvement program. Following are the benefits of continuous improvement programme.

It helps in increasing the quality of the product.

It also helps the organization to minimize the waste product through the process of lean production.

It clearly specifies the way to do the work to the employees there by reducing the time of repeated working.

It also helps the company to meet the customer order on time by increasing the response time.

It helps in creating new products and service to attract and retain the customers.

It also helps in increasing the competitiveness by reducing the driving costs.

It aims in increasing the operational demands to meet the expectations and to out-performed competitors.


Future recommendation & conclusions

The company has to find a new way in order to reduce the energy used in operations like recycling and manufacturing.

The long term orders can be handled well by using an efficient supply chain management.

It has to develop new key strategies to minimize and manage the emission of waste products.

It also has focus on reducing the risk in the region of work to minimize the number of accidents happening.

The steels have to be recycled in order to reduce the cost.

With help of the value chain analysis, it has to figure out the areas to add the values or to reduce the cost.

It also has to create new products in order to increase the business opportunities of the organization.

It has to enhance its performance by increasing the demand to meet customer's expectations.

It has to set up frameworks in order to develop targets in the area of social and community impacts of its business activity.


Corus always want to build small changes into workforce. This helps the company to improve in a step by step process. Today Corus is the learning organization with progress in the growth of continuous improvement coaches and the creation of virtual Corus academy. The company shares its best practices along its global Corus Company. So, the best practices developed in the United Kingdom can be applied in Canada, Belgium etc and vice versa. The company also focused on providing the best customer value in a cost effective way. The company operates its business in putting customer's needs in its heart by creating continuous improvement culture.