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Human resources would be best used to describe the people who make up the workforce of an organization, although it is also applied in other ways. Human resources is also a function within an organization responsible for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of employees and prospective employees (i.e. the human resources). Human resources is most commonly referred to as HR.

Human resource management is a recent introduction to the business system, starting in the 1960s â€" post industrial revolution when human rights started to become stronger. The need for the function arose when seeking an efficient way of keeping employees relative to the firm motivated and hiring in accordance to individuals would be best for the firms. From this emerged a massive management activity, coordinating activities on an individual level down to the satisfaction of each employee, was also referred to as personnel management. Human resources eventually became the name for this entire function. Initially a very unpolished practice, but eventually was adopted by almost all businesses, starting from the larger multinational firms, down to international and national operations. Human resources today is a key part of each and every firm.

The employment process is one of the largest sectors of human resource management, and also considerably the trickiest one. It occurs in two forms, recruitment and selection. As per modern day practice the preferred method would be recruitment as it offers a considerably larger potential employee base. The recruitment process has evolved over time starting from recommendations to advertisements to e recruiting. E recruiting is it is referred to is electronic recruiting, as we have come into the 21st century communication methodology has changed a lot. Today the cheapest and most efficient way to hit job seekers would be through the internet.

E recruiting is a practice that is based on having an open page/s on the internet where job seekers can come and check available jobs, see their job descriptions, see what the employer is looking for out of an employee and submit their CVs if they feel the job is something they can do and desire. Doing creates a massive talent pool that flows into the firm. Some refer to this as a positive, some as a negative. Creating such a massive talent pool does allow for better selection as per requirement but also requires a lot of time and work from an HR division to see through all the data that they receive.

Setting up e recruiting can vary from organizational needs to the tools at their disposal. IT firms for example have all the expertise required to setup an efficient e recruitment page on the internet and avail access to job seekers everywhere. Whereas for example a firm that deals with the extraction of raw materials will have to outsource a web development firm to setup this page and maintain it on the internet. Setup costs however are comparatively a lot lower as compared to giving ads in a newspaper. Setup is also only required once, after which all your recruitment needs can be tendered to by the website that you have setup.

E recruitment certainly has a lot of advantages. Starting with low setup cost and availing a better selection process and moving onto the savings it accommodates. Traditional practice is to hire an intermediary or a firm specializing in recruitment, and having them look at your demands and recommend staffing based on their database of job seekers. This was the most commonly used form of recruiting until e recruiting came along and is still preferred by a lot of firms as e recruitment is still relatively new. The introduction of an intermediary not only costs a lot more, but limits a firm to a smaller talent pool.

E recruitment also provides a large information base for job seekers. It provides information on job trends, jobs offered by competitors, salary trends, promotions, etc. Apart from this e recruitment provides a lot of information on the job itself and the employing firm. This data is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week, allowing people from different time zones access upon their convenience.

Downsides on the other hand do exist with e-recruitment and the ability to overlook them is subjective to the firm that is considering employing this technique. Starting with the previously mentioned large talent pool that it creates, automated systems do exist to filter the CVs that come in for potential employees but due to the sheer size of numbers a lot of potential candidates are legit and it would require filtration by a human resource representative of the firm which is a time consuming process. Aside from which having so many potential candidates makes the selection process harder.

Some skill sets cannot be described over the internet and require face to face meetings, recommendations, etc. Such as the job of a CEO at a large conglomerate, there is no way of describing the required skill set on a website. Jobs such as those possessed by the upper management and executive employees are usually acquired by either internal recruitment or by recommendations and meetings which require face time.

Depending on the size of a company, security becomes a risk. As firms get larger, their competitors more competitive. In today's world where corporate espionage is a crime with the worst outcomes, having a setup on the internet takes the law into a grey area. There is no formed internet governance which would mean if a firm has its data taken over the internet, the legal pursuit of would be a lot harder as compared to normal circumstances. In turn this affects the cost of setup and maintenance and causes a security risk of what might not be the critical data, but data that the firm would not like its competitors to have.

Since the global recession, most companies have begun to adapt this technique of recruitment, and so far it is proving to be more good than bad. Also since more people are taking to this form of recruitment, it is evolving to be more secure and setting up a new industry. Today there are e recruitment houses on the internet where a smaller firm can submit requirements and have it posted on the website of the recruitment house cutting costs considerably and allowing more exposure.

In conclusion e recruitment is a great new way for firms to cut costs, allow for more candidates to sign up, allow access 24/7, reduce hiring time, and overall improves the efficiency of the recruitment process. It is a valuable part to an HR program but I believe it is not reliable enough to be the entire recruitment base for a firm. It can be responsible for new hires for more specific jobs such as skilled labor, etc. but it cannot provide the correct candidates for jobs of a more incomplete job description such as positions in upper management. Also certain parts of the world where the internet is not available might be a firms perfect employment base, for example if a company specializing in installing scaffolding is looking for a massive number of laborers, e recruitment will get them nowhere with their search. The primary industry may not find e recruitment to be a large part of their recruitment process but as you progress to the secondary and service industries the more e recruitment can become a part of their human resources division. The secondary industry being able adapt to this technique a lot better than the primary, for example most car manufacturers have already adapted this technique as it is visible on their websites. The service industry being the one where it can play the largest role as most of the industry has been integrated into the internet already, so much that there are jobs available over the internet where employees are to work in their own homes and work from there. E-recruitment still as a long way to go in terms of development but it is definitely soon to be a part of every HR division in every firm.

Company Review

Emirates Airlines:

Dubai based Emirates is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world with a turnover of approximately US$ 12 billion and has over 40000 employees. Flying to over a 100 destinations in across 6 continents, Emirates in today's world is considered as a trend setter in the airline industry.

On entering the website , an applicant is greeted by the words 'Discover your future' trying to emphasis on the fact that you have numerous possibilities of pursuing a career at Emirates. The head of the website has clearly labeled links which say "ABOUT THE EMIRATES GROUP" , "VIEW JOB VACANCIES" and "EXPLORE OUR CAREERS", wasting no time of the applicant and directly showing what career opportunities the applicant may have at Emirates. To make things further simpler for the applicant, the website also has an in-built search engine saying ' Find a job vacancy', with search criteria's such as 'location' and 'department' making the search easier for its proposed future employees. If the applicant still has a problem or any doubt on how they must go about applying for a job, on the top right of the page a link saying ' Need Application Help?'. This link opens up a page that shows all the frequently asked question and also provides you with direct answers to solve your problems.

To cut things short, this site is like an open book of Emirates Airlines. Very informative yet to the point.

Lead by innovation, Emirates for one believes strongly believe in cultural diversity. The employees diversifying over 160 nationalities itself speaks volumes of the values presented by the company. Emirates as a company believes that the diversity of nationalities and cultures, enriches their workforce by bringing new ideas and more innovation which in turn leads to a successful business. Their home page for careers always has a picture of a member of the cabin crew from a different origin, emphasizing their global diversity.

On the bottom of the page is a link saying 'Why Join Us?' which draws an applicant towards working for Emirates. it mentions in the link how successful the company has been in retaining its employees

and hence offering job security to its employees, which in times of recession is a major boost to any employee. Under the link of "ABOUT THE EMIRATES GROUP" , the site also mentions that Emirates is a good choice not only because it offers job security to its employees but also have a lot of other 'Employee Benefits' . This policy allows the employees to enjoy cash element benefits as well as non cash benefits such Annual leave, profit sharing schemes, transport allowances, accommodation, health benefits, leave tickets and many more depending on the employees respective sections that they fall under. This only emphasizes that Emirates as a company is always trying to look after their employees in whatever way possible. This would lead to very high level of motivation and as a result employees would look to give it their best in order to achieve maximum benefits.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL):

India's first true multinational company. Founded just about 50 years ago and annual revenues in excess of US$ 44 billion, the Reliance group is currently India's largest private sector enterprise.

Even thought the name Reliance Industries Limited is more than enough for any applicant to apply for a job in this company, on entering the website, there seems to be less of an effort put into the making of the site than there deserves to be. On the left of the page are three tabs, with the first on saying "Life at Reliance" , giving you an insight about the what your experience would be if you were to apply and get selected by RIL. 'Growth through Challenge' , although catchy wouldn't seem to attract too many applicants as it would tend to scare the applicant more than motivate them to work at first glance. The second one 'Employer of Choice' , gives the applicant more of an insight of what exactly the company expects from them. Although regarding talent and potential as one of the key features, they are quick to point out the qualifications you must possess to be an RIL employee. The third tab 'Apply Online' , is a very simple tab that allows the applicant to view the opportunities it has as a career at RIL and how they must go about applying for the job.

RIL has a fairly multicultural employee base. Their values include a person's talent and qualification above the applicants nationality or cultural background, till their employee is able to deliver the goods. Their work culture and ethics are very strong as they would go for an applicant who is a top-notch professional. The average age at the company also shows how strictly work oriented they are as a company. With an average of 41 years, this company is looking strictly for an employee who has the experience to get the job done and is capable of matching up to their unbelievable growth rate and future plans. Always looking to set a bench mark in whatever new project they take up, their core 9 values are Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Purposefulness, Trust, Responsibility, Citizenship and Caring. RIL also strongly believes that taking care of the environment is very essential in prosperity of the company as well as the community. RIL's social initiatives have also been an integral part of the company, as their Founder Chairman was committed to empowering people.

We realize that RIL is a firm that has their future plans set. They are not a company who is going to sit back and relax, and hence on clicking the tab 'Our Commitments' , there has been great significance been given to the word 'growth'. They specifically mention that the employee would have the freedom to learn and explore to its maximum potential all in the interest of the company. This motivates the employees to go one step ahead in discovering and inspiring themselves in achieving success.

Deloitte LLP:

Based in the United States, Deloitte LLP is largest private professional services organization in the world with approximately 170000 employees working in more than 150 countries. With a revenue of approximately US$ 27 billion, they work mostly with auditing, financial advisory, tax and consulting.

Deloitte careers has a very simple layout and is very easy to navigate and locate all the information that is required for an applicant. The site has four main links which are given right in the middle of the page. With a heading saying 'How far will you take it?' the four links say "Campus/Student Opportunities" . " Experienced Hire Opportunities" , " Executive Opportunities" and "See Your Future at Deloitte".

Deloitte is a company that focuses a lot on its community service. They believe in bringing a change to the society with their commitment to skill-based volunteering and not only buy giving out money. Being financial consultants they help the society by offering advice to non-profit organizations strategically, operationally and financially in order to reach a larger number of people who may need help. At times they also provide the funds to these non profit organizations and also provide grants through Deloitte Problem Solving Fund. Deloitte also has a major role in spreading awareness and supporting the communities. Deloitte also takes complete responsibility for the ethical behavior and makes sure that all its employees follow the same very strictly.

For the applicants it is a great opportunity as Deloitte is a firm that strongly believes in training and development of its employees. This is a great opportunity for the employees not only because they will now get to learn new skills but it also means that they will be highly motivated and willing to work as they have acquired new skills and will also feel more secure at their work place because a company would only give training to their long term employees. Acquiring new skills would also mean that these employees are now capable of doing much more work, which could result in higher salaries.