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Statement1:Entrepreneurs are born.not made.For this statement, so many pepole arguement about that statment. They agruement about the entrepreneurs are born.not made,some people will agree that statement. but on my own opinion,i dont agree about that statement. those people Believe and trust entrepreneurs are born.not made.beacause there have less people have great talent or IQ when they are born. Then it will help them more easy to study or catch something new .and have great innovation thinking .beacuse that kind a people have better talent the other people. But. The point is if the people only depend on their talent and dont study or work hard. you still believe they will be success in the future? I afraid not. So many cases prove actually. So,based on this discuss, maybe still have people dont agree that statement .because there still have one more situation happen people without any education or skill knowledge is cant be successful.even if , nowsaday specially in some country will sometime happen. The family is quite rich then the family satisfy all the children what they want just without ask. Just satisfy they want and what they need. Actually something is useless. The family just give the company to their children. Some pepole say those part of entrepreneurs are born.not made. It is make sense.but after all that company will falling , beacause the main manager without any skill or social experience. That kind a situation also need to be consider or discussion in that statement. What i try to say is Entrepreneurs are born.not made that statement is wrong. Not correct. by the way.use the people say ''there is no free lunch in the world'' nobody can become an entrepreneurs when they born. Become a success entrepreneurs is not that easy. There have few situation happen about the statement. Entrepreneurs are born.not made. Even if that person got excellent talent ,an rich family .but if without the work or study it cant be success.also some many famous peson definition the successful. As Ludwig van Beethoven.(1770-1827) say:'' being success need 1% talent. and 99% work hard '' that is true. In that short sentence.we know one thing. Even if you have great talent without working hard or studying. Just depend on your talent and dont work hard is won't be successful. Nowadays ,we face the competition is more and more huge. And, more and more want to be success is quite hard to achieve. Based on the statement, entrepreneurs are born.not made. They dont know anything when the people born. Besides, is no way to become a entrepreneurs. Become a entrepreneurs is need many factors, based on their education .family environment and innovation thinking. And the most factors are catching the opportunties and have unusual vision.base on those factors is part of process to become an entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurship is a tough proposition as a good number of the new businesses fail to take off. But different types of entrepreneurship activities can provide the more opportunites to the number of people.most of entrepreneurial projects look for hugu captial in order to some financial their start business capital requirement. Beside, some government agencies or bank loan. Entrepreneurship is often associated with uncertainty,particulary when it involves creating or innovation something new market . And that something new project is no existing in market. That is quite hard to creating and starting the new market. Even if there is a market, it may not so easy to tranlate into a huge business opportunity for the entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship involves being resourceful and finding ways to obtain the resources required to achieve the set objectives. Capital is one of the resource we need. Without the captital is negative. Must make sure capital enough. Baisc on my research . some people just satisfy thier work position now. It didnt want to start their own business. That mean .starting new business is not that easy. It need enough capital and experience .for the statement. We got so many example can prove ''entrepreneurs are born.not made'' that statement is not correct. Nowadays, have so many success entrepreneurs in the world.and there have exllcent experience story.those people are model in this social. Because they are success entrepreneurs.we can learn about how to become success in there are worth us to study and learn. Those success entrepreneurs some is got talent and work hard.and some is normal just like us .but those people is very hardworking. So, talking about the success. One more factor is can not miss. And that factor is hardworking. No doubt. In top10 forbes wealth list. 1995 to 2007 Forbes global billionaire charts, Bill Gates 13 consecutive years ranked the world's richest man. On June 27, 2008 formally out of Microsoft, and $58 billion personal property donated to the bill and Melinda gates foundation. In March 2012, Forbes global richest businesspeople released, Bill Gates was second; On September 19, Forbes list of the richest people in 2012 the United States released, Bill Gates, the richest man in 19th consecutive title.

And he is the most riches and successful man in the world .he name is Bill Gates. Microsoft chairman of the board. With Paul Allen create Microsoft company, once was appointed Microsoft CEO and chief software architect, hold the company more than 8% of the common stock, the company is the largest individual shareholders. I read his story before, he have great talent with computer.and he like computer and microsoft when he is young. Didnt like other same age children. Other child may not like computer and microsoft in that age. And that time .the computer still have a few only and not quite pouplar.but Bill Gates know that newtork and computer will become most important communicate channel in the future.he catch the opppotunity and start his own company. Microsoft chairman of the board. And nowadays this company is the most largest microsoft in the world. Let Bill Gates become the top1 forbes wealth list around 17years long. In this case, as we know.Bill Gates was study in harvard, but the interesting thing is .Bill Gates just leave that time.he still didnt graduate.but he choice leave school. Starting his own business.and his success.we know.Bill Gates got talent. And smart. But in his story his always mention to hardworking. If without hardworking only have talent can not be suceess. in that case .can prove this statement. No matter how smart or how talent you are. If want to be success can not without hardworking.and i will show one more examples support my opinion. And that person is Warren Buffett Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett, on August 30, 1930 -), the famous investors, was born in the United States in Omaha, Nebraska city. In the 2008 Forbes list wealth more than Bill Gates as the world's richest man. In the 11th the charity, buffett's lunch auction a record $2.63 million. In July 2010, warren buffett once again to five charity donation stock, in the current market value calculation is equivalent to $1.93 billion. This is Mr Buffett began in 2006 donated assets 99% since the third high amount of donation. Warren buffett grew up most investment consciousness, he favours the stock and digital far more than any of the family. He full belly is the idea of money, and five years old when he put stall in a doorway sell chewing gum. After a bigger he led to the stadium to pick up big style used golf, and then switch stripping, the business is prosperous. In high school, in addition to use after school to do newsboy outside, he also and partners partnership will billiard ball game lease to barber's boss, make take a little extra cash. And his amazing story happen in 1941, just 11 into one full year of life, and he GuHai jump a body, and purchase the first share of his life. Gates wrote: "his joke a belly, his diet - a lot of Hamburg and coke - wonderful. In short, I am a buffett fan." Gates is really a buffett fan, he remember buffett's investment theory: at the lowest prices to buy stock, then the patience to wait. Don't expect to do big business, if the price is low, even if the medium can also be a profitable business. So ,this two famous person is our model, they not just a success person but also a good entrepreneurs. We can learn a lot of thing from them.learn how to catch the chance,and their innovation thinking. Those things are worth us to think and study. In this two cases, we know one principle ,and that one is . become entrepreneurs can not without hardworking. And is also can support my opinion .and that statement ' entrepeneurs are born.not made'' is not correct. No matter how smart you are.still need hardworking.then you can become a success doubt.

Base on this statement'' entrepreneurs are born, not made'' my opinion is not agree about it. As my definition, we know one principle and that is become entrepreneurs need to be hardworking. And that mean need to be made by future. Not just born then become entrepreneurs,that is not gonna to happen. As i say'' there is no free lunch in the world'' everything happen has their reaon. Want to be success? Then need to be hardworking. Otherwise, it will fail. That is life, we face too many competitor. If dont workharding.other person surpass you .and you will fail and lose. It is simple. become entrepreneurs,Hardworking is necessary factors. By the way. Ludwig van Beethoven.(1770-1827) say:'' being success need 1% talent. and 99% work hard ''