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The life of Dutch has faced a serious of setbacks in recent years. They was defeating at the times of the global financial crisis which it left three of the major companies. This company includes ING Group, AEGON and SNS REAAL. This three of the company are strive from the government in Netherlands.

One of the exception companies is Delta Lloyd which this group Dutch insurer life insurance with the gross income premium. The largest life insurer, ING received a helping by AEGON, a multinational companies involved in life insurance, pensions and asset management in The Hague. SNS REAAL , is a Dutch financial services which are provide an offering insurance and banking services also put their effort in contribute €750m plus an capital addition from the Stichting Beheer , the shareholder of SNS REAAL. Eureko, one of the life insurer also been forced to add up the capital with its other two shareholders whereby, Rabobank and Achmea Association.

Even though this financial crisis were occur, but still the financial crisis was not hit the Dutch Insurers. More serious against the long term structural where the government giving way of permissions to banks to have a bank savings products which this bank saving products also have the same tax advantages for the consumers whereby it also same as the insurance products.

According to the Investor Services confession, the banking and insurance products to a certain degree are slightly different, although insurance products will offer an additional protection compare to the bank but the bank will charge at the lower costs which give more attraction to the customer to consume. Therefore every of the customers prefer to have on the bank products. This kind of different directly effect on the competition between the banks and insurance companies. There are slightly can see that the majority of the customer feel that they do not need any protection features ,therefore they will choose for the banking products while the insurance company will giving an attraction to the other customer that wish to have the protection features with them.

There are some strategies encountering by the Dutch life insurers. It were includes closes all life books and shift a focus more onto the long term life policies. End up the life insurance and exit from the market. Combine the entire life insurance provider within in a company group and under only in one brand with licence.

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Case 2:

ANPAC (American National Property and casualty Companies) faced a challenges that the company needed to communicate with others and do some transactions for their customers no matter where their locations. The company wish to have a good system for all internal and external employees to efficiently serve their customers demands around the world. Unfortunately, the high traffic volumes will cause the system slowdown and obstruct with the insurance adjusters.

The companies finally do a solution by the Compuware Gomez. The companies refer the Compuware Gomez into the network traffic. Compuware Gomez is to measure the business transactions for the IT infrastructure under all type of the applications. Compuware Gomez provides the functions to company for contact people by many different ways such as e-mail, paging or SNMP alerts. Therefore, the group of the companies can actively manage the business critical applications.

This Compuware Gomez has successfully providing insight to the infrastructure usage and gives a good performance to the companies. Compuware Gomez also provides the ANPAC with an analytics that it can help the companies technician can quickly detect the company problem and directly overcome it.

Besides that, Compuware Gomez has also brings an improvement on the troubleshooting process to become more efficient. Mike Green, the company's network engineers said the Compuware Gomez made the employees becomes more proactive in much helped them to solve the problems that they were no idea on the problems occurs against the system or in any application.

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Case 1:

There will be issues challenges by the insurance companies in the Norway. The prospects of new rules by the European Commission or the court judgment carried out a charging on different rates for men and women in respectively. There have been an attractive for the insurance industry on the past few years, whereby dragged into the financial crisis. The financial crisis will give an impact to the insurance company whereby it will be discourage to the insurers to get an offering on the long-term products, which this products can give them a security and protect them from the economic downturn.

There would be a challenges that have been facing in the insurance sector has been Solvency II, the European Commission's projected rules on capital for the insurance companies in the Norway. This Solvency II rules will expect to start on 1 January 2014 which it is represents a change in how each of the insurance company is regulated. Also, it including to determining how much the capital they need to hold to ensure fulfils of protection against to the consumer.

Olav Jones, the head of the insurance risk and strategic risk at Ageas strongly says the European Court of Justice ruled that the insurance companies cannot charge a different rate on men and women because this kind of stuff will brings problems for the industry. The company must treat and charge everyone in the same rate and not discriminate on gender. When such of the company do a treat to all gender and charge at the same rate, if would be a possibilities to get more demand on purchasing the insurance products which the other company can learn from this method.

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Case 1:

Insurance in Portuguese is the well-recognized in the European Union but then this country was facing challenges on the new legislation made by also the responds from market. Legislation it can be brings an effect to the insurance market whereby the new legislation that requests to be sold is affecting on the insurance products and the any type of cover by insurance

According to the Paula Rios, The Executive Director of Insurance Broker MDS, state the legislation problems which is defined as the major impact to the insurance market. Therefore, they have to think a lot of solution to face and solve this issue in the insurance industry. While the will be also an opportunity on this issues but the percentage will be very tiny.

One of the legislation is on the Workman's Compensation Act which is starting on 2010. This new legislation has forced the insurance company to make some adjustment on their price and followed by their products. The insurance company have to pay more thought to the claims costs .Also, the volume scale of the claims is required more larger than they did before and it would be the prospective for them to explosive the claims costs. The insurers will therefore keep monitoring on claims from insured and ensuring the employees would not stay longer on the work.

The economic situation brought an effect to the insurance market. The Insurance companies were extremely having difficulties due to the economic situation whereas the rate of the unemployment is almost 10 % in the countries. Due to these difficulties, much of the people in the country are not willing to buy the non-compulsory products except for the health insurance. This also led much of the fraud in a certain areas of the country. For example, in the business on motor, the rate of fraud possibilities more high whereby much of the people are more concern on the repairs work.

Besides that, the challenges face by the insurance companies is the climate change. The environmental risks also the major impact to the insurance companies in Portugal. Droughts will lead the heat to the phenomenon until the forest fires happened. For example, in August 2010 in Portugal, forest fires destroy some of the parts in the country. More than 44500 acres of the land had been burn-up. Flood also one of the common issues, the flood issue was kill more people died and much of the people also were injured due to the result of flood by the torrential rain. The environmental risks also come from the earthquakes. All of this environmental will slightly funded by insurance on premiums.

The insurance company can be still surviving because of the changes that had been made on the judicial system. Judicial system will bring benefits to the insurance market. The judicial system will make more people to be aware on buying the insurance to cover on their need in now or to the future. Anything will be happen but the only we do not know when will be the date. Hence, people must be aware and knowing the important to have insurance for covers them.

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