Air India as the national flagship airline

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National flagship airline Air India transports passengers throughout India and around the world. Affiliate Air India Express operates as a low-fare carrier, mainly between India and destinations in the Middle East, and Air India Cargo provides freight transportation. Air India took its current form in 2007, when the government of India combined the company with another state-controlled carrier, Indian Airlines, which focused on domestic routes. The combined entity, owned by holding company National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL), uses the Air India brand. Plagued by heavy losses since the merger, the Indian government is recommending Air India and Indian Airlines be operated separately by NACIL. Air-India Limited operates passenger and cargo flights from Bombay to destinations in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Japan, and other countries. It holds the distinction of being the world's first all-jet airline. Founded as a small, private, domestic carrier in 1932, Air-India is now government owned. Once regarded as a "little jewel" of an airline, its reputation became somewhat tarnished as service and profits slipped. Significant changes, however, have rejuvenated the airline, put it back in the black, and restored its ranking among the better airlines of the world. Three million passengers a year fly Air-India. Air-India began operating in 1932 as Tata Airlines, named after J. R. D. Tata, its founder. The line carried mail and passengers between the Indian cities of Ahmadabad, Bombay, Bellary, and Madras, and Karachi, Pakistan. Within a few years Tata Airlines' routes included the Indian cities of Trivandrum, Delhi, Colombo (in Sri Lanka), Lahore, and other locations in between. In 1946, at the conclusion of World War II, the airline became a public company and was renamed Air-India Limited. In just two years, with the government having a 49 percent share in the company, the airline was flying further outside of India, with regular flights to Cairo, Geneva, and London. The line's name changed again to reflect its new scope of operations, becoming Air-India International Limited.


Air India is India's national flag carrier and airline of India. Air transport was born in India on February 18, 1911. J.R.D Tata, the father of Civil Aviation in India and founder of Air India in year 1932. Based in the Air India Building in Nariman Point, Mumbai, Air India flies worldwide network of passenger and cargo services. Air India is the 16th largest airline in Asia, serving 24 destinations worldwide.

Figure 1. Shows the destination Air India serving.



Air India was founded by J. R. D. Tata in 1932 as Tata Airlines, a division of Tata Sons Ltd. On 15 October 1932, J. R. D. Tata flew a single-engined. Following the end of World War II, regular commercial service was restored in India and Tata Airlines became a public limited company on 29 July 1946 under the name Air India. In 1948, after the Independence of India, 49% of the airline was acquired by the Government of India, with an option to purchase an additional 2%. In return, the airline was granted status to operate international services from India as the designated flag carrier under the name Air India. The headquarters and main hub is located in Mumbai( Nariman Point). Air India company slogan is "Your Palace in the Sky". Air India company website is

The logo of the new airline is a red coloured flying swan with the `Konark Chakra'in orange, placed inside it. The flying swan had been morphed from Air India's characteristic logo, `The Centaur', whereas the `Konark Chakra'was reminiscent of Indian's logo.

The new logo would feature prominently on the tail of the aircraft. While the aircraft will be ivory in colour, the base will retain the red streak of Air India. Running parallel to each other will be the orange and red speed lines from front door to the rear door, subtly signifying the individual identities merged into one. The brand name `Air India'will run across the tail of the aircraft.

Figure 2. The logo of Air India Company and its description.


Figure 3. This map shows the headquarters and the main hub of Air India.


Figure 4. Founder of Air India. J.R.D Tata



Let us develop with wisdom and prosper in harmony

Create value through challenge and innovation.

Sustain growth and gain for all stake holders


To be India's leading Travel Company.

Be globally competitive.

Benchmark with best and be top of the class in technology and quality.

Delight and exceed customer expectation.

Figure 5. Shows Air India company vision and mission.



Air India has improved in their services. Air India has brought up many new planes to upgrade their airline travel service. Planes like Airbus A310 -300 for cargo services and Airbus B777-200ER for passenger travelling.






No. of Seats




2 X 2 X 2

2 X 4 X 2

No. of Zones



Seat Pitch (inches)



Seat Width Between armrest (inches)



Seat Recline (inches)



Upright Position (degree)



Seat Total Recline (degree)




Current Fleet Size (Owned/Dry Leased/Wet Leased)


Maximum Take-off Weight

153 tons

Wing Span

144 ft

Overall Length 

153.1 ft

Overall Height

51.8 ft

Cabin Width

17 ft

Wing Area

2,350 sq ft

Average Cruise Speed

0.8 mach

Maximum Operating Altitude

41,100 ft

Maximum Fuel Capacity

48.3 tons

Maximum Thrust

53.500 lbs

No of Engines




Range With Full Payload

NON-USA Routes

Passengers + Baggage

19.7 tons


6.9 tons

Capacity Payload

26.6 tons

Figure 6. Air India Cargo Plane.








No. of Seats








No. of Zones




Seat Pitch (inches)





Current Fleet Size (Owned/Dry Leased/Wet Leased)


Maximum Take-off Weight


Wing Span

212.6 ft

Overall Length

209.00 ft

Overall Height

61.8 ft

Cabin Width

19.1 ft

Wing Area

4605 sq ft

Average Cruise Speed

0.84 mach

Maximum Operating Altitude

43,100 ft

Maximum Fuel Capacity


Maximum Thrust

90,000 lbs

No of Engines



PW 4090

Figure 7. Picture above shows the plane for carrying passengers.



Cathay Pasific

Singapore Airlines

Jet Airways

Figure 8. Figure shows the competitors for Air India Airlines.



Air India Corporation is an institution that is granted a charter recognizing it as a separate legal entity having its own privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members. Corporations exist as a product of corporate law, and their rules balance the interests of its stakeholders: the management who operate the corporation; creditors who loan it goods, services or money; shareholders who invest their capital; the employees who contribute their labour; and the clients they serve. In modern times, corporations have become an increasingly dominant part of economic life. Important feature of Air India Corporation is limited liability. If a corporation fails, shareholders normally only stand to lose their investment, and employees will lose their jobs, but neither will be further liable for debts that remain owing to the corporation's creditors. Despite not being natural persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like actual people. Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state, and they may be responsible for human rights violations. Just as they are "born" into existence through its members obtaining a certificate of incorporation, they can "die" when they lose money into insolvency.


Shri Arvind Jadhav

Chairman and Managing Director, NACIL.

Shri E. K. Bharat Bhushan

Joint Secretary &Financial Advisor, Ministry of Civil Aviation

Shri Prashant Narain Sukul

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation

Shri Amod Sharma

SBU Head-Related Business

Shri Anup K. Srivastava

Director - Personnel

Shri K. M. Unni

SBU Head-MRO(Airframe)

Smt. Anita Khurana

SBU Head-Cargo

Shri Vipin K. Sharma

SBU Head (Engg &Comp) &Alliance Air

Shri S. Chandrasekhar

Director - Finance

Shri Anand Mahindra

Vice Chairman &MD, Mahindra &Mahindra Ltd.

Shri F. H. Major

Air Chief Marshal (Retd.)

Dr. Amit Mitra

Secretary General, FICCI

Shri Harsh Vardhan Neotia

Chairman, Ambuja Realty Development Ltd.

Figure 9. Table above shows the Directors of Air India Company.





Mr. Anup Srivastava

Director - Personnel

Mr. Amod Sharma

Director - Related Business

Ms. Anita Khurana

SBU Head - Cargo

Mr. V. K. Sharma

SBU Head (Engg &Comp) &Alliance Air

Mr. K. M. Unni

SBU Head - MRO (Airframe)

Mr. S. Chandrasekhar

Director - Finance

Executive Directors



Mr. R. Dayal

ED - Internal Audit

Mr. G. D. Brara

ED - Corporate Strategy

Mr. Vijay Paul

ED - Northern Region

Mr. V. Srikrishnan

ED - Headquarters

Mr. S. K. Kundra

ED - Finance - I

Capt. A. K. Sharma

ED-Ground Handling (GH SBU) &ED-Customer Services

Mr. S. Venkat

ED - Finance - II

Mrs. Vineeta Bhandari

ED - Integration and ED - Industrial Relations

Mr. Sunil Kishen

ED - Southern Region

Mr. H. S. Grover

ED - Legal &Company Secretary for Subsidiary companies AIESL, AIATSL, AASL.

Mrs. Anita Mitroo

ED - Coordination/Training

Mr. R. Harihar

ED - Western Region

Mr. S. C. Mathur

ED - Security

Capt. Ashok Raj

ED - Operations &Training (I)

Mr. S.N. Bhattacharjee

ED - Eastern Region

Mr. T. K. Palit

ED - Fleet Planning &International Relations &Chief Coordinator - Alliance Management

Mr. Anil Kumar Sondhi

ED-Procurement &ED-Information Technology

Mr. Yatinder Kumar

ED - Office of CMD

Mr. Ravi Kumar Gupta

ED (Product &Services) Engine Components - MRO-SBU

Mr. R. R. Rao

ED (Engineering I) - PAX SBU

Mr. F. D. Warden

ED - Middle East &Africa &ED - Asia Pacific

Ms. H. Rana

ED (Sales &Marketing) Cargo Business

Ms. Chitra Sarkar

ED - Americas &ED - Europe

Ms. Rohita Jaidka

ED - Marketing (India Region)

Mr. M.N. Rajagopal

ED - (Engineering II) - PAX SBU

Mr. S. Rotkar

ED - (Sales &Mktg.) MRO SBU

Mr. F.J. Vaz

ED - Commercial

Capt. Rakesh Anand

ED (Operations)

Capt. A. S. Soman

ED - Flight Safety

Dr. (Mrs.) L. P. Nakhwa

Offg. ED - Medical Services &Offg. ED - Personnel

Figure 10. Table above shows the Management of Air India.


HRM Process, Recruitment and Selection.

Air India recruit and select employees in their customer service department. This company does job postings, newspaper advertisements, and planning the overall selection process in newspapers, in company website and in job portals. The way they select employees, such as was a strong or mediocre performer, high technical and behavioural skills. Employees must friendly and brave talk with co-workers or other managers.

Selection Process

Once you have identified the technical skills and job attributes you are seeking in a new employee, you should consider the most effective way to identify and assess these in candidates. Go over the position description, point by point, and ask yourself, "How best can I learn about the applicant's ability to perform this function?"

The job interview will be a primary source of information about applicants. However, it may not be the best source for some information. A job reference may be the most effective way to learn about dependability, follow through, and ability to get along with coworkers written application materials may provide insight into educational background and general written communication skills.

Air India's selection method.



Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL) wishes to

engage Indian nationals, at KOZHIKODE, who meet with the

requirements specified herein, for ground duties at Airport, on a fixedterm

contract, for a period of three years, for the following positions as

indicated below and to maintain a waitlist of all categories, for the



Sr.Ramp Service Agents - 22

Ramp Service Agents - 47

Customer Agents - 133

*These figures are indicative and reservation in posts will be as

per Presidential Directives on reservation for SC/ST /OBC and

the existing cadre strength.

Interested candidates are required to WALK-IN in person, to the

venue, on the date and time for the respective category as given below,

along with the Application Form duly filled in and requisite Fee and

documents as indicated at Sr.No. 5.1 in HOW TO APPLY :




a) Three years Diploma in Mechanical/ Electrical/ Production/

Electronics/ Automobile Engineering recognized by the State

Government or ITI with NCTVT (total 3 years) in Motor

Vehicle/Auto Electrical/Air Conditioning/Diesel Mechanic,

Welder-cum-bench-fitter, after passing SSC/equivalent

examination with Hindi/English/Local Language, as one of the


b) Must possess valid Heavy Motor Vehicle Driving Licence at the

time of appearing for Personal Interview.

c) Experience: Four years experience in Maintenance and

Operation of Ramp Equipment and Ramp Handling procedures.

d) All inclusive Monthly emoluments: Rs. 12000/-p.m.,

e) Selection Procedure :

WALK-IN DATE : 08th & 09th October, 2009 (Thursday &

Friday) only.

Walk In Registration Time 09.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Applicants walking in, will have to appear for a Personal

Interview, on the same day / following day(s).

Note : The Application Form of the candidate, after submission of the

requisite Fee, wherever applicable, would be scrutinized and

prima-facie eligible candidates will be allotted a slot either on

the same day / following day (s) for Personal Interview i.e. Only

if found ELIGIBLE on preliminary scrutiny, the candidates will

be allowed to appear for Personal Interview


a) Qualification

Three years Diploma in Mechanical / Electrical /Production

/ Electronics /Automobile Engineering recognized by the

State Government or ITI with NCTVT (total 3 years) in Motor

Vehicle / Auto Electrical / Air Conditioning / Diesel

Mechanic, Welder-cum-bench-fitter, after passing SSC /

equivalent examination with Hindi / English / Local

Language, as one of the subjects.

Must possess valid Heavy Motor Vehicle Driving licence at

the time of appearing for Trade Test.

b) All inclusive Monthly emoluments of Rs. 8000/-

c) Selection Procedure:

WALK-IN DATE : 07th & 08th October, 2009 ( Wednesday

& Thursday) only

Walk-In Registration Time : 9.30 am to 2.30 pm only

(i) Applicants walking in, will have to appear for Trade Test

including Driving on the same day / following day(s).

Those who qualify in the Trade Test will have to appear for

Personal Interview (s) on the same day / following day(s).

Only those candidate having valid Heavy Motor Vehicle

Driving licence will be allowed to appear for Trade Test.

(ii) Note : The Application Form of the candidate, after

submission of the requisite Fee, wherever applicable, would

be scrutinized and prima-facie eligible candidates will be

allotted a slot either on the same day / following day (s) for

Trade Test i.e. Only if found ELIGIBLE on preliminary

scrutiny, the candidates will be allowed to appear for Trade

Test / Personal Interview.


a) Qualification:

i)Graduate in any discipline (minimum three years

duration)from a recognized University with ability to speak

English fluently and conversant with basic computer


ii)Height :Not below 158 cms. for male and 152.5 cms. for


b) Preferable :

i) Diploma in IATA-UFTA/IATA-FIATAA/IATA-DGR issued by

IATA Montreal

ii)Diploma / Certificate in Computer Application

iii)Ability to communicate in foreign languages like French,

German, Spanish, etc.

iv)One year experience in fares, reservation, ticketing,

passenger / cargo handling area with any airline or IATA

travel agency or ground handling agency.

c) All inclusive Monthly emoluments of Rs. 8000/-

d) Selection Procedure :

WALK-IN DATE : 05th,06th & 07th October, 2009 (Monday,

Tuesday & Wednesday) only

Walk-In Registration Time : 9.30 am to 2.30 pm only

(i) Applicants walking in, will have to appear for a Group

Discussion, on the same day / following day(s). Those

who qualify in the Group Discussion will have to appear for

Personal Interview (s) on the same day / following day(s).

(ii) Note : The Application Form of the candidate, after

submission of the requisite Fee, wherever applicable, would

be scrutinized and prima-facie eligible candidates will be

allotted a slot either on the same day / following day (s) for

Group Discussion i.e. Only if found ELIGIBLE on preliminary

scrutiny, the candidates will be allowed to appear for Group

Discussion / Personal Interview.

3 Language Proficiency : (Common for all above positions)

Should be fluent in Hindi, English & local language.

4 UPPER AGE LIMIT: (As on 1st October, 2009)

(a) For the post of Sr. Ramp Service Agent-

General 30 years OBC 33 Years, SC/ST 35 Years.

(b) For the post of Customer Agent/Ramp Service Agent

General 25 years OBC 28 Years, SC/ST 30 Years.

(b) Relaxation in Age for Ex-Servicemen as per Government

guidelines, for all the above positions.

5. How to apply :

5.1 Applicants meeting with the eligibility criteria mentioned in this

advertisement, as on 1ST October, 2009, are required to WALKIN

to the venue given below, on the date and time prescribed for

the respective category as indicated above, along with the

Application Form in the specified format, duly filled in Hindi or

English, and requisite documents as indicated in para 5.3

below, along with Application Fee of Rs.300/- (Rupees Three

Hundred Only) by means of an A/c Payee Demand Draft in favour of "Air India Air Transport Services Ltd.", payable at

Mumbai, which is not refundable. No fees to be paid by Exservicemen

/ applicants belonging to SC/ST communities.

Please mention your Full Name on the reverse of the Demand





TEL- 0483 2717200

FAX- 0495 2721221 (CCJ REGD OFFICE)

(Venue telephone numbers are given only for route


5.2 A recent ( not more than 3 months old ) coloured passport size

photograph of the full face ( front view ) should be pasted neatly

in the space provided in the application form.

5.3 Self-attested copies of the supportive documents in respect of

Item Nos. 2, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14, of the Application Form

must be submitted along with the application. Original

Certificates should not be submitted along with the

application, but should be brought along for verification. The

Company is not responsible for returning any original copy/ies of

Certificates / Testimonials submitted with the application.

5.4 Attested photocopy of the Caste Certificate should also be

submitted in case of SC/ST candidates.

5.5 Candidates belonging to OBC category must submit a duly

attested photocopy of current financial year certificate in the

format as prescribed by Government of India and issued by the

Competent Authority. The certificate, inter-alia, must specifically

state that the candidate does not belong to socially advanced

sections excluded from the benefits of reservation for OBC in civil

posts and services, under the Government of India. The

Certificate should also contain the 'Creamy Layer' Exclusion

clause. The Certificate produced by the candidates of OBC

community should be as per the Central List of OBCs published

by the Government of India and not as per State list

5.6 Applicants working in Government / Semi-Government / Public

Sector Undertakings or autonomous bodies, must walk-in with

the completed Application Form routed through proper channel

or along with "No Objection Certificate" from their present


6. General Conditions :

6.1 The short listed candidates will be considered for engagement on

a fixed-term Contract basis, subject to their Medical fitness,

prescribed for the position.

6.2 Candidates will have to bear the cost of the Pre-Employment

Medical Examination(s), which could be between Rs.500/- and

Rs.1000/. Any additional tests, if required, the additional cost

thereof will also have to be borne by the candidate.

6.3 Period of Contract : Fixed Term Contract for a period of three

years. This Contract could also be terminated earlier at the

discretion of the Management during the tenure of contract,

and/or in the event of unsatisfactory performance. The job is

transferable to any station in India.

6.4 Emoluments : The job carries an all-inclusive package as

indicated above plus Annual Retention Bonus as applicable, is also payable.

6.5 Relaxation of height requirement up to 2.54 cms ( 1" ) will be

considered for Gorkhas, Garhwalis and those hailing from North-

East States & hilly areas. This relaxation will be granted to

candidates who produce a Certificate of Domicile of these areas.

6.6 Consideration of SC/ST/OBC candidates will be as per

Government Directives on reservation of posts.

6.7 SC/ST candidates called for Trade Test/Group Discussion/

Personal Interview (s), residing beyond 80 kms. from the Test

Center, and not employed in any Government / Semi-

Government / Public Sector Undertaking or Autonomous Bodies,

will be re-imbursed second class to & fro rail / bus fare by the

shortest route as per rules, on production of evidence to that


6.8 Applications which are unsigned / incomplete / mutilated /

received after the prescribed Walk-In date & Time / not in person

will be rejected. Applications sent by email / post will not be


6.9 The applicant / candidates must ensure that they fulfil all the

eligibility criteria, as on 1st October , 2009, and that the

particulars furnished by them in the Application are correct in all

respects. At any stage of the Selection Process, if the particulars

provided by the candidates in the Application or testimonials

supplied are found incorrect / false, or not meeting with the

eligibility requirements prescribed for the post, the candidature is

liable to be rejected and, if appointed, services terminated,

without giving any notice or reasons therefor.

6.10 Any canvassing by or on behalf of the candidate or bringing

political or other outside influence, with regard to their

engagement / selection shall be considered a


6.11 Blank Application format is given below.

ADVT : Oct 2009

For Office Use Only

Remarks : i)Advt./Emp.Exch ROLL NO : _____________________


Authorised signatory



Air India Air Transport Services Limited

First Floor, Transport Workshop Bldg

Air India GSD Complex,

Sahar, Andheri-East

Mumbai-400 099.





1. Full Name : ( In BLOCK letters )


First Middle Surname

1a Father's Name : _______________________________________________

2. Date of Birth : (DD / MM / YYYY) ___________________________

3. Place and State of Birth : ______________________________________

4. Mailing Address : _____________________________________________


_________________________ Pin Code _________

a) Telephone No. : Resi(with STD Code): __________________

b) Mobile : ___________________c)Email( if any) :__________________

5. Gender : Male / Female

6. Marital Status : Mark 'X' in appropriate box.

Unmarried Married Divorcee Widow (er) Separated

7. Nationality : _________________8.Religion :________________

9. Height : (Barefeet in cms.) ____________(For Customer Agents only)

(Attach Registered Medical Practitioner's Certificate)



SC ST OBC General

(Indicate Category to which you belong by marking 'X' in

the appropriate box.)

If SC/ST - attach copy of the Caste Certificate.

If OBC, furnish current Certificate including the "Non-

Creamy layer clause". OBC community should be as per the

Central List of OBCs published by the Government of India

b) Whether Ex-Serviceman : Yes / No

If 'Yes', furnish details of service, position held, date of

release, details of experience after release (attach copies of

relevant documents)

c)Whether from Police Services : Yes / No

(Furnish details)

d) Whether working in any Govt : Yes / No

Semi-Govt. / Public Sector

Undertaking or autonomous body

If "Yes", enclose "No Objection Certificate"

11. Educational Qualifications : (Matriculation / SSC onwards)



(Specify Degree /

Diploma / Course)

Name of the

University /



Month &

Year of




of marks

(Class /


10th (SSC)

12th (HSC or Pre-


1st Year ___________

2nd Year_________

3rd Year _________

Any other (specify )


12. Fluency in languages : Mark 'X' in appropriate column.

Languages Read Speak Write Remarks*

a) English

b) Hindi

c) Local (Specify)

d) Mother Tongue (Specify)

e) Others (Specify)

* Indicate whether any Certificate / Language Course done and the duration of the

course, along with a copy of such Certificate.

13. Details of Heavy Motor Vehicle License : ( For Sr.Ramp Service Agents &

Ramp Service Agents only )

Licence No : ________________ Valid Up to : _______________

14. Work Experience (if any) :

Period of Service

Organisation Post Held

From To

Nature of Job

16. Particulars of Demand Draft ( in favour of Air India Air

Transport Services Ltd. payable at MUMBAI ) :

18. Relatives working in Air India Charters Ltd / Air India Air Transport

Services Ltd / Hotel Corporation of India Ltd / NACIL

Name Designation Company Relationship

19. Declaration : I hereby certify that the foregoing information is correct

to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have not suppressed any material

fact or factual information in the above statement. I am aware that in case

I have given wrong information or suppressed any material fact or

factual information, or I do not fulfill the eligibility criteria according

to the advertisement, then my candidature will be rejected / services

terminated without giving any notice or reasons therefor.

Place : _____________________ _______________________

Date : ______________________ (Signature of applicant

List of following Documents (copy) to be attached with the Application :

(Please also bring all ORIGINALS for verification only)

i) Application Fee, wherever applicable

ii) School Leaving Certificate or SSC Passing Certificate

iii) Matriculation Mark-sheet

iv) 12th Std / Pre-Degree Mark-sheet and Passing Certificate

v) 1st Year Graduation Mark-sheet

vi) 2nd Year Graduation Mark-sheet

vii) 3rd Year Graduation Mark-sheet

viii) Degree Certificate or Provisional Degree Certificate

ix) Any other Certificate (IATA / Language, etc.)


Doctors' Certificate (in original) for Height

- for Customer Agents

xi) HMV Driving Licence - for Sr.Ramp Service

Agents/Ramp Service Agents

xii) Caste Certificate in case of SC / ST /OBC candidates

xiii) Discharge Certificate in case of Ex-Servicemen

xiv) Experience Certificate (s) wherever applicable

xv) Domicile Certificate, wherever applicable

Figure 11. Above information is the basic selection method of Air India Company.


HRM Process, Training and Development.

Air India trains and develop their employees self skills through their own CENTRAL TRAINING ESTABLISHMENT (CTE) is the premier training

organisation of NACIL which was set up in Oct, 1958 at Hyderabad. The duration of the training may vary anywhere between 22 to 36 weeks for the

entire batch as per the performance displayed by the individual and as per the training

seniority. Any further extension to the training period due to unavoidable circumstances / performance levels of the candidate should not be construed as the responsibility of


Selection Process

After scrutinising the application forms by the Personnel department, candidates will be

selected by the board consisting of GM(Ops.Trg) , Dy.GM(OPT) & DY.GM(OTT) which

will be approximately one month.


From my decision above I came to conclusion that Air India Airlines has been one of the successful organizations in the world. From the past up to now their productivity and services has been increasing rapidly. Hence making them to gain a reputation throughout the world in business field.

Their success has mainly been determined by both internal and external environmental factors. This environmental factor has both negative and positive impact to the organization. The management of Air India Airline have managed to overcome negative effects hence making the company successful.