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In this assignment, I am going to describe the problem which is a regular machine breakdowns at our work place at Life Health Food Ltd. I have done a primary and secondary research on this problem.

The researcher ie. Me (Dilpreet Singh) have personally visited the workplace and done the survey by putting up interviews and asking some general questions to staff members the researcher were able to discuss some relevant points and asked the feedback from a group of people working in the organization.

From my own research I was able to find that the main problem is with the regular machine breakdowns which affects the employees, weekly production, food quality and the companies image getting faint from the market due to these happenings. After research I came to know about these from our co workers, I asked them few question about this most of them said these regular machine breakdown is also letting us to lack of motivate. They also have given me the recommendation to overcome with this problem. I have already submitted the proposal to my production manager to look on to that and he had also given that to upper management to have look on that and after studying that the upper management is very happy we are working on it to reduce these happenings in company so we are going to give them possible way to reduce these breakdowns in our recommendations.

2. Introduction

2.1. Background Information

In this proposal I am going to discuss about the major problem of LHF Ltd. Life Healthy Foods (LHF), a division of New Zealand food producer and marketer Sanitarium, located at Avondale, Auckland. It is the one of the finest and reputed Company of New Zealand. LHF is a food manufacturer that brings together a group of New Zealand's best loved food brands - Lisa's, Naked Organics, Bean Supreme, Olive Grove, Kato, Vegie Delights, Food by Chefs and Sahara. In LHF there is three main departments Production, Warehouse and Packing. So LHF got around 90 machines in all these areas for food production. I work in production department. In the LHF we are facing a problem that is regular break downs with machines. From last couple of months our production is very busy and LHF also got export orders from Australia. It is good for company but because of the breakdowns we cannot complete export production on time and it is becoming trouble for staff and company because staff have to do over time, if it's happen once in a week, its all right but we are having a problem everyday. Usually staff used to have 8 hours shift but some time workers start work 6:00 am and they finish 9:00 pm because of machine break downs and some time staff members have to work on Sunday because reschedule of the production plan. Due to food quality LHF are loosing their goodwill in market and which will also lead to affect the wastage of electricity and money wastage due to overtime to achieve the weekly goals.

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Here I am considering my main objective which is to have production on time without any breakdown in running production.

2.2.2. My second objective is to provide proper training to all process workers and proper safety guidelines with the help of specific interval training session for them. So they can give standard and quality food in market with the responsibilities of hygienic and healthy food.

2.2.3. If we got any breakdown in week days, it will send the production on the overtime on Sundays and which will give affect the company to bear the extra expenses and allowances. It will also consume the extra electricity and water which leads the company to pay extra bills.

2.3. Issue/Problem

2.3.1. When we got any breakdown in night shift, there is no engineer in LHF to fix problem so production will stop at that time and we have to call the engineer at that time from there home places which will take another hour to come and fix the problem.

2.3.2. If there is any breakdown in company for any machine it will lead to reduce the food quality and taste. It affects the company reputation in the market.

2.3.3. Due to two technicians, they are unable to servicing the machines on regular basis with recommended lubricants the reason behind this is to make the less expenses for company. They also feel lack of time to do work on machines.

2.4. Limitations

2.4.1. We all asked the technician about these regular machine breakdowns in running production which makes the huge disturbance in schedules and we also find to ask them, what are you doing to reduce these breakdowns but they said, we cant tell you anything, we already hand over the reports to the management regarding this.

2.4.2. We tried to contact general manger and management regarding this problem but after listening our proposal, he said sorry "I am unable to share anything with you guys right now" due to lack of time. We thought due to confidential matter he said no to us. We just want to confirm with management.

2.5. Assumptions

2.5.1. After that I assumed that due to lack of training on machines on the first orientation on job make these breakdowns happens again and again. If they knows little bit about the machines they will fix them by own to reduce the wastage of time.

2.5.2. I also assumed to reduce the breakdown there are some special lubricants and greases which management is not providing to technicians to have less expenses on machines.

3. Discussion/ Findings

3.1. Lack of Competent Engineer

3.1.1. According to the 80% interviewers, machine breakdowns are coming due to delay of preventive maintenance and they are unable to give proper attention on corrective maintenance due to lack of time.

3.1.2. After analyzing the average of last 8 years, we came to know that engineers are unable to deal more than one breakdowns at a time because of too much work load. Sometimes situation occurs when few machine breakdowns came together.

3.1.3. According to the 75% interviewers indicates the night shift production affecting due to the absence of engineer and it affects the production and it also leads to the waste of time and money.

3.1.4. According to 60% interviewers, LHF don't have a competent mechanical engineer and also not any electrical engineer on site. When electrical breakdowns occur, they have to call engineer from outside the company and he took 2-3 hours to come and fix the problem.

3.2. Effect on employees

3.2.1. 90% of respondents have their own bad experiences because of machine breakdowns. They told me, they have to work extra hours, sometime they start 6 am and they have to stay until late to finish the day production and also cleaning and they finished the work around 9 pm because of the regular breakdowns.

3.2.2. According to 80% of respondents indicates they are not getting proper rest because of long hours and improper rest leads to big injuries to their healths.

3.2.3. According to the 90% of respondents, because of the regular breakdowns LHF weekly production plan disturb and to meet with that target, they have to reschedule the production in weekends and staff members have to work on weekends that's why they cannot get rest and spend time with their families after hectic week days.

3.2.4. According to 70% interviewers, Some of the experienced staff members left the work because of the regular breakdowns , improper rest and they got frustrate because of this and few more staff members thinking to left the job and the rest of the staff members feeling lack of motivation.

3.3. Affecting food Quality and Quantity

3.3.1. According to 70% of respondents, they told me that sometime machine breaks down affect the food quality. They use big cookers to cook the soup and these cookers attached with the steam pipe to cook the food. What happen when cooking is finish they turn off the steam but steam still stay in the pipes and when we got breakdowns on soup packing machine, then they have to stop the machine to fix it, when engineers take more than 1 hour to fix it, the soup is over cooked and its change the color of the soup. Actually they put cream in the soups that enhance the color or look of the soup but when it's overcooked its color slightly change to brownish.

3.3.2. According to the 80% of respondents, when they cooked Risottos, actually they have to cook Risottos only 75% and left 25% cooked during the packing of Risottos. We have to pack Risotto in between 15 minutes after cooking. But when machine breakdowns occur and it takes near about 1 hour and then we have to dump the whole batch of Risotto because of over cooked.

3.3.3. According to the 80% of interviewers, they told me, they use hunter filling machine to fill the hummus tubs, and machine got two fillers to fill the two tubs at a time, but when breakdown occur because of the fillers, one side machine fills under weight and the other side over weight, its affect the quality and quantity of the product.

3.3.4. According to the 85% of respondents, when breakdown occurs, they have to stop the production until fixed the problem, during that time, food is all naked and it affected with unwanted foreign particles.

3.4. No proper Training of Machines

3.4.1. According to the 90% of respondents, they are not getting proper training to operate the machines and that leads to unwanted breakdowns.

3.4.2. 80% of respondents told me, because of lack of training, staff members did not get how to fix the minor issues, and actually they don't know principles of machine.

3.4.3. 70% of respondents said, some machines is very dangerous to work, worker should be careful to work on that machine and get fully trained but lack of training, some time workers get serious injuries.

3.5. Wastage of time and money

3.5.1. According to the 90% of respondents, when breakdown occurs all work stops until fix the problem, they have to stop the production, workers don't have to work, and its waste the time and money.

3.5.2. According to the 80% of interviewers, when big breakdown occur, they have to reschedule the production on weekends and it's again waste of time and money

3.5.3. 60% of respondents told, when electrical breakdowns occur and our engineers are unable to fix the problem they have to call engineers from outside the company and it takes 2-3 hour to fix the problem.

3.5.4. 70% of respondents told me that during night shift breakdowns occur they have to stop the production and ring to engineers to fix the problem, during night shift they don't have any engineer to handle the breakdowns, and when they call to engineers, he comes from his home, it again takes time to reach at site and fix the problem.

3.5.5. According to the 60% of respondents, when big breakdown occur and engineers takes more than a 4-5 hours to fix, then they have to dump the whole production.

3.6. Effect on LHF

3.6.1. According to the 90% of respondents, LHF lost their export and as well domestic orders because of the breakdowns they are unable to deliver the order on time.

3.6.2. According to the 70% of respondents, image of company got affected because of the bad quality and quantity of food. Consumers get distracted and go for the other companies' product.

4. Conclusions

4.1. Lack of Competent Engineer

4.1.1. The engineers have too much burden of work, I came to know it's very hard for them to service 120 machines; they can't do preventive and as well corrective maintenance due to lack of time and engineer.

4.1.2. Most of the machines having big motors and electrical parts which usually got short circuit and lead the breakdowns for the long hours which effects the production and they have to reschedule the production in weekends and its waste of time and money.

4.2. Effect on Employees

4.2.1. Regular breakdowns increase the production normal time to long hours. Due to these long hour shift, they are not getting proper rest and its leads to critical injuries with their health.

4.2.2. Due to these hectic week days they have to work in weekend also which leads to depress their feelings for their families.

4.3. Affecting food Quality and Quantity

4.3.1. When machine breakdowns occur they have to stop the production and during that time soup overcooked and because of overcooked the nutrition value of food is reduced which leads to burn the protein, vitamins, energy and so on.

4.3.2. During working on hunter filler machine, while filling the tubs on machine some times it does not fill proper weight and which leads the waste of time when they check the weight randomly, when they got under weight tubs they have to check whole batch to fix it.

4.3.3. In naked organic kitchen while packing the Risottos packing machine usually got breakdowns which will affect the batch to overcook due to steam in the pipes and lead to dump the whole batch and same with the other products when machine breakdown occur for long hour they have to rubbish whole product and it waste of time and money.

4.4. No proper Training of Machines

4.4.1. Some machines need lubrication on their moving joints beginning of the production and as well in between the production but these things are not following by staff due to lack of training and its lead to big breakdown or unwanted breakdown

4.4.2. Employees are not getting proper training to fix the minor issues during production. Some machines is very dangerous to work, worker should be careful to work on that machine and get fully trained but lack of training, some time workers get serious injuries.

4.5. Wastage of time and money

4.5.1. Most of the breakdowns are coming due to lack of engineer; and they can not attend the all machines for servicing and because of this breakdown occurs and it affects the production for long hours and they have to dump the whole batch production and they have to reschedule the production on weekends and its totally waste of time and money of the LHF.

4.6. Effect on LHF

4.6.1. Because of the excessive number of breakdowns while production which affect the production plan and they are unable to deliver their export and domestic orders due to the breakdowns and it affect the bad relation with their old clients and they are loosing their contracts and orders from their clients.

4.6.2. Due to the breakdowns food quality and quantity affects and it put the bad impact on the LHF reputation in the market. Consumers got distracted and they are stepping back and go for other company's product because of this it's leading to the bad relation with their consumers.

5. Recommendations

5.1. Lack of Competent Engineer

5.1.1. LHF should hire a competent engineer on a temporary contract for a night shift who is well qualified and have good understanding of the machine so they can reduce the breakdowns and save the production time and money also.

5.1.2. They should make a service schedule for all the machines so they can do the proper servicing of the machines so they can reduce the breakdowns.

5.1.3. Engineers should check the packing machines after finishing the production to minimize the downtime and increase the production and make a report to proceed for next day production.

5.1.4. Before servicing the machines engineers should read the manual or guidelines of the machines so they can use recommended lubricants and proper equipments of the machines for the servicing.

5.2. Effect on employees

5.2.1. LHF should increase the wages of the machine operators so they can work efficiently with full dedication towards their work and this leads to minimize the downtime and increase the production of LHF.

5.2.2. They have to arrange some refreshment courses in which they can remove their hectic weekday's depression like company day out, games or something else in which they can feel refresh.

5.3. Affecting food Quality

5.3.1. They should give them proper training about food safety to all employees so they can prevent the food from contamination or from unwanted foreign particles.

5.3.2. When minor breakdowns occur, operator should cover the food to prevent from foreign particles and if engineers take more than 20 minutes to fix the fault, they should transfer whole food into buckets and keep them into the freezer to keep it safe to prevent the food to get polluted from bacteria and germs.

5.4. No proper Training of Machines

5.4.1. When they enrolled the new staff they should give them proper orientation training about company and all machines so they can understand the workplace and working of the machines. They should also give them health and safety guidelines to keep workplace safe.

5.4.2. They should give them on job training about new machines and they have to rotate all staff members to all machines from one machine to another machine. So they can get fully trained on all machines and able to understand working nature of all machines and so they can run the production in the absence of main operator.