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The key to success in plan or in any process depends upon the steps taken by individuals by his activities and his performance. There are so many ways to achieve the goals in objectives. It includes leadership quality, personal management, and time management and also includes absorbing stress which is also called stress management.

If any desired result of any plan is to be achieved so it's required a proper structure and should has a timeline. Hence timeline and a proper structure are very necessary parts to achieve any goal.

Personal Development:

Personal development is the way that is deal by many traditions and it is explained in different culture in many ways. Since time immemorial use in different forms like in new era age. To make the peaceful mind and relax to improve the self control by prayer , music, outing, eating, art singing etc which were supposed to be calm the mind and create towards a creative mentality level and healthy living, which al last leads to achieve in goals in the current scenario.

In this regard many theories made by many people. Mr. Douglas McGregor at MIT Sloan school of Management conducted his theories about personal development. The theories are Theory X and Theory Y. these theories describes the management perceives the workforce activities and their motivation.

Theory X:

In this theory it is supposed to be that the workers are not so much willing to work, they are not so ambition, not good respondent, does not recognize their responsibility so much and they just only react to the monetary benefits or just as their safety is in risk. These kinds of workers need a proper guideline and they need suggestions to complete their task. A proper guideline and effective supervision is necessary to achieve the goal with their help. Hence the proper supervision if this kind of personalities to be clear and guidance has to be given to ensure that the work ha been done.

Theory Y:

As related to this theory it is believed that the workers are very hard worker and they are already motivated and keen to work more hard. They do not need any guideline to complete their tasks. They are supposed to work at their own. They are already encouraged and not subject t excessive supervision.

From the above theories it is to be assumed that Theory X is bad and Theory Y is good. But Mr. Douglas McGregor tells that these above theories are too extreme and most of the population of workers lies middle between these theories.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs:

Maslow's Theory depends upon five basics types of needs in human;

Basic Needs

Safety Needs

Belonging Needs

Ego Status Needs

Ego Fulfillment Needs

Basic Needs:

Food, clothing and shelter are include in the basic needs are normally met with monetary benefits. These needs are risk only under extreme conditions like job less condition and other circumstances as well. These needs are also categorized under physiological needs. These are important and need to be taken care by the management to ensure that work force is intact.

Safety Needs:

Safety need is the second important need of safety consideration which involves individual responsibilities, respect of every person and defined job description. Under this need the employees feels more job security to their profession. Management usually provides these kinds of benefits by offering bonuses, employee's benefits and also by offering clear description of jobs and responsibilities.

Affiliation Needs:

Affiliation needs is more above than the safety needs. More communication and to socialize on job environment can provide these needs. This is also called social needs. Management generally deal with this by encourage team work and by organizing social group among different social people.

Esteem Needs:

This need is determined by Maslow's hierarchy of needs and addresses issues of work who works for honor and esteem. This need is also recognize as recognition need. Promotions, rewards, honor and grades given to high achievers by management and supervisor.

Self Actualizations Need:

This need is also describes by Maslow theory states the employee would have achieved and met all other needs that if any employee looking for better future challenges and want to prove themselves a better employee in the sphere of work. The management would need to giving them individual responsibilities and department. This needs also by providing proper training to grow further skills to work. Motivation is also the best part of this need.

Concluded above it can be describe that the human characteristic lies between Theory X and Y and

With regards to personal audit skills it can be illustrated best in a table format. The table below lists the ways and means of assessing the personal skills:



Action Plan for Development



Written ability to express ideas and views in clear written communication.

Verbal: ability to create positive and effective communication networks and peer groups.

Formal: address a group gathering in effective and precise manner.

Non-verbal: this includes positive body language and effective listening skills development.

Information Technology

System Management: ability to save relevant information in an orderly manner for ease of use.

Database: ability to retrieve information using different query techniques to interpret the relevant information for the benefit of the organization.

Spread sheet: handle different sets of data and processing the same use of spreadsheets.

Spread sheet: handle different sets of data and processing the same use of spreadsheets.

Communication: ability to use the available mailing options for speedy and cost effective transfer of data and information.

Team Work

Cooperation: the ability to effectively work in a multi party.

Negotiation: to handle effective solution for the benefit of the organization.

Sensitivity: understanding the team member limitation and adopting measures accordingly to achieve the organization goals.

Leadership: ability to encourage other team members and provide support.

Analytical skills

Calculation: ability to handle accounting ratio and understanding the balance sheet as well as profit and loss account statements.

Application: ability to apply the understanding of numbers for the growth of organization.

Interpretation: understand the meaning and relation of accounting ratios and interpret the different jargons of accounting.

Problem solving

Planning: ability to timeline the activities and achieve them as per the deadline.

Research: ability to carry out root cause analyze in all challenging situations to provide challenging and long term solutions.

Self management

Manage the time, continuous learning stress management.

The above details would briefly explain the different ways by which personal audit skills can be assessed and all the employees can be checked against this format to ensure that we have a standard format and the data so captured can be used to provide feedback to the individual and the same can be monitored on continuous basis. This would provide an effective opportunity areas of the subordinates with this understanding the manager can effectively plan the future learning of the employee which provides the required motivation to the employee to deliver and excel in his related field.

The above if combined with the personality trail explained above would provide the manager to assess the trails of the individual employer and plan their career patty and growth in the organization for the long term.

All these skills are competing in current market and required upgrading their know according to the business requirement and I will implement it on PRIMARK.

Introduction of Primark


Primark is a great place to go for stylish, trendy clothes without the expensive price tag. Whether it's on the go or for something which can make up to look like a high street find. But for those who are less fortunate to shop at the more expensive stores, it's hard creating a more ''unique'' look with Primark clothes as Primark tend to follow high street trends.

The clothes in Primark are fashionable and again trendy but most people like to avoid shopping daily there and just buy basic items of clothing in case of an emergency. If you can dig deep enough, you can find something of good quality and quantity which is rare.

History of Primark:

From the first Penney's store in Ireland to the latest flagship store in Liverpool, the Primark story has been one of continuing success founded on a unique combination of fast fashion and lean operations.

In June 1969, the first Penney's store opened in Mary Street, Dublin. Within a year, four more stores were added - all in the Greater Dublin area. In 1971, the first large store outside Dublin was opened in Cork and by the end of that year there were 11 more stores in Ireland and one in Northern Ireland.

Move into Great Britain

By 1973, the number of stores had reached 18 in Ireland and Primark began trading in Great Britain with four out-of-town stores.

From 1984 to 1994 a further 13 stores were added in the UK and 12 in Ireland, bringing the total to 66 stores - 32 in the UK and 34 in Ireland.

Primark had a milestone year in 1995 with the development of the UK business following the acquisition of the BHS One-Up discount chain. As a result, 16 stores were added to the UK business, most in the Greater London area, and all of a significant size. The next major development occurred in 1999 with the acquisition of 11 stores from the Co-Op, including Reading.

The Organizational Structure of Primark

"The mission of Primark management and has been to supply quality clothing at the price perceived."

The company's atmosphere is friendly and cooperative for their customer in stores. Every item is in approach for all communities, they can do shopping as own demand to use their minimum resources.

Internal and External:

Objectives and Aims of Primark:

To provide good quality products for the public:

To realize the public that we are a good company and having cheap products.

To achieve the object we made our product by test.

Management Hierarchy:

Primark Financial Information Division:

This division consists of the businesses of Data stream, including Primark Investment Management Services, Disclosure and World scope. This division will focus on developing "enterprise-wide" products and services for major financial institutions on a global basis. It will also have responsibility for all real-time and transactional products, investment accounting, and the reference and consumer markets.

Primark Financial Analytics Division:

This division includes the businesses of I/B/E/S, Baseline and Vested, and will concentrate on developing and marketing a wide variety of analytical products for money managers, fund sponsors and other investors. These products will combine databases, advanced software, analytical techniques and forecasts for all phases of the investment process. Joseph Riccobono has been named president and CEO of the Primark Financial Analytics Division.

Primark Decision Information Division This division has the mission to acquire, develop and operate information content businesses that are primarily focused in areas other than the financial marketplace. However, it will also provide products and services for decision support to financial customers as well. This division contains the businesses of WEFA and the Yankee Group, along with the oversight role for Primark's investment in Primark Decision Economics, the joint venture with economist Dr. Allen Sinai. Patrick G. Richmond has been appointed president and CEO of the Primark Decision.

Information Division:

Developing Action Steps:

It's our personal Judgment that what I am and what I will be. The steps are related to my previous skills and how much I have to use myself for developing an organization and how much I am satisfy with my work and now I want to move the toward the more profitable organization by using my personal and professional skills which is on my career and qualification base.

Move to new promotional project.

To obtaining the knowledge and guidance from someone who is expert in this field.

Attend the seminars conference to get more information about market.

I know my current assignment in my current job.

Join the discussion groups on those topics which you want to learn.

Developing a Long Term Goals:

The long term plan for Primark is spread its branches in all over the Europe, Spain and Scotland for increasing the retailer sale of stores ,and focus on clotting market share.

Primark has some difficulties.

Primark are Britain's high street fashion giant Primark was at the centre of a storm last night over allegations that illegal immigrants paid just over half the minimum wage had been employed to make fashionable knitwear for one of the firm's bestselling ranges.

Primark announced yesterday that it had launched an inquiry after an investigation by the Observer and the BBC revealed that Manchester-based garment firm TNS Knitwear may have breached key employment and immigration laws. Breaches of the legislation could lead to fines of up to £10,000 for each illegal worker and potential prosecution for tax evasion and employment law abuses.

On the other side to reduce the labour cost and makes the products cheap the issue is Campaigners will be demonstrating outside Primark's flagship London branch this morning, accusing the cut-price fashion chain of behaving irresponsibly in response to allegations of child labour in its overseas manufacturing operations.

Last week the company axed three of its south Indian suppliers for subcontracting embroidery work to groups using child labor, after a BBC documentary unearthed the problem. The Panorama film, "Primark on the rack", which will go on air tonight, was the result of many months of undercover investigation into working conditions on the sub-continent

My Responsibilities

According to me I have some of my responsibilities for the organization as an assistant manager:

Training of new staff according to the requirement of increasing sale for retailer chain

Prepare monthly report and manage the staff

Develop the relationship among the group work

Assessment of My Personal Skills:





Complete the giving task




Report writing


Act friendly


Work hard


Good decision making


Set and achieving goals


Problem solving


Learn quickly


Helpful for colleagues and loyal with organization


About the creative


Knowledge about accounting


Management change




Remember facts


Open minded








Effective Managerial Skills:

There are three different areas to be an effective manager:

Commercial insight

People skill

Task execution

Some managers have one or two skill but the best manager should have all the three qualities.

Commercial Insight:

For increasing the profitability it is very efficient skill all the managers try to use the strategic thinking for improving the skills it means to understand all he aspects of organizing and allocating all resources for running organization.

Task execution:

It is very important for manager to execute a task and manage all the operations then organize and monitor the performance of staff for efficient working. it is very important for positive result this includes the resilience to bounce following setbacks to be someone easily defeated.

People skill:

Being a skilled people manager includes having the integrity to foster trust and the emotional intelligence to deal with different people successfully. Effective managers are also good at empowering, coaching, motivating and developing people. They know who can do what and who will work best with other people. They are also good facilitators, able to ask the right questions to draw solutions out of others. They ask stimulating questions in a supportive manner rather than behaving like a police interrogator. Management effectiveness requires clear communication and good listening skills. Management versus leadership

Managers occupy positions of authority. Management is a role with responsibilities. Conversely, leadership is an occasional act, like creativity. It is not a role. Managers show leadership when they promote change but all employees can advocate a change in direction. Having a position of authority is not necessary to show leadership.

Personal Development Plan:

The managers make the development plan for promotion of their business, and they make the plan with the point of their manager's ability, that what he has the effective communication skill.

All professional development plans make by the owner and the experienced professional manager of any company, and for a good manager we have to develop our own personal development plan. And a good personal development plan is our own life. There is a lot opportunities in a life but it depend upon the manager how to do the job for utilize them. For more effective personal development plan should be the involvement of your group members is necessary. In all aspects of life or the organization, it could be change when we put our abilities in this.

How to Achieve the Personal Development Plan:

When we have to prepare the development plan, we must ensure that, are we sing our full abilities and knowledge relates to our plan and need.

For beginning we must in mind the goals of our organization, e.g. we have the right track or direction for success.

The important point is that, we have good group member like good friends.

Implement of personal development plan:

For success in personal development plan we have to love with human nature and their habits, and if we don't want improve our organization, then go back toward the old ways of planning. Now days for success and for more wealth we have the good career in personal development plan. And for more creation, for more result we have some goals and must have the strategic planning to achieve those goals, and i have some opportunities set for Primark success.

Because the Primark has already the goal for maximize the retail sale of stores, I have the strength of interpersonal, i will work wit my staff for the requirement of Primark goals.

Check it out the obstacles in the way of achieving goals and objectives.

I will plan the smaller goals which will be helpful for achieving the Primark's long term goals, and will plan to reach the easiest way to

I have the IT skill, and I could be helpful for making the advertisement.

Due to my communication skill I will create the influence in people for better sale.

With the help of my decision making power I will choose the perfect staff, which will be related to the field and due to my communication skill I will higher on minimum wage rate.

I have already the finance degree; I can handle the fiancé advisory matters.

I will make a good market advertisement and brand conciseness in Primark product.

The major effect for clothing sale is the fashion, and I will set up latest merchandiser unit for fashion needs.

I will try to minimize the cost of product as compare to the rivals of Primark.

The retailer VAT increase due to increase the price of product, and I will effort for keep the prices same of mostly products.

The trend is very vastly going towards the food to everywhere, and I will introduce some new food in the market for maximizing the sale, because Primark sale already increasing de to the sale of sugar.

I will facilitate the customer, how much he/she requires, and will focus on the satisfaction of our customer.

Due to my skill of motivation, I can motivate the staff for more hardworking, and can get the ideas for with brainstorming.

I am also careful about the things.

I have the skill for some extent to understand the mentality of people due to my interpersonal skill.

I can pick the things quickly, that's why I can learn many things from others want and need.