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ABC India Pvt Ltd is a large, nation-wide, multi product company with a reputed brand name which operates in twenty one different regions across the country. Sales and Marketing division is one of the most important departments in the organization. The Sales and Marketing division is organized into twenty one regions with a Regional Director for each region.

One of the main functions of the Sales and Marketing division is to promote the sales of the company's products and to establish rapport with the local supermarkets and stores. The department also had to collect the consumer feedback on products and product promotions.

The Field product promotion was being done by temporary employees till now and the Company has decided to hire full time employees for the post of Field Product Promotion Representative. Guidelines and materials which Regional Directors can use for the same need to be developed and send to all the Regional Directors.

Job Description

Job description should be a clearly written, descriptive statement which explains the duties, responsibilities, required qualifications and skills, organizational hierarchy etc. in a detailed manner. Job descriptions can also include information about working conditions, tools, equipment used, knowledge and skills needed, and relationships with other peoples and departments.

Job Description Format


Sales &Marketing

ABC India Pvt Ltd

Job Description

POSITION: Field Product Promotion INCUMBENT:


DIVISION: Sales &Marketing ORGANIZATION: ABC India Pvt Ltd


Approval Signatures:

Incumbent Director


The Field Product Promotion Representative will be responsible for the promotional activities of the company's product and monitoring customer response to the promotions.


The Field Product Promotion Representative will be reporting directly to the Regional Director of Sales &Marketing.


The Field Product Promotion Representative will be responsible for the promotional activities of the company's product and monitoring customer response to the promotions


Visiting the supermarkets in the region on a regular basis.

Setting up and maintaining special promotional displays.

Prepare and offer sample of products to the customers.

Inspecting the shelf positioning of the company products.

Monitoring the movement of products from shelf to sale.

Maintaining good relationship with the store managers

Preparing weekly reports on stock levels of products and customer response to product promotions.


This position requires significant amount of local travelling and communication with the super market employees and store managers .The should be willing to work in the evenings or weekends, if necessary

Recruitment Plan

The recruitment plan is a clearly written structured document on why and how to recruit and hire candidates for a particular job.

1. Analysis of Requirement

In the Sales and Marketing division, an important function which needs to be carried out efficiently in all the twenty one regions is field product promotion. Till now, this function was outsourced/sub-contracted and was performed by the temporary employment agencies or independent contractor. The resulting performance of these independent contractors and temporary employment agencies was not up to the mark and we were not able to achieve the anticipated growth rate.

In order to achieve our objectives in a better and more efficient manner and to boost the growth rate, the Company has decided to hire permanent employees in all 21 regions for the job of Field Product Promotion Representative, expecting the increase in performance and thereby boosting the product promotion leading to increase in sales and thereby achieving the target growth rate.

2. Number of recruitment

The Company has decided to hire 5 employees in each of the 21 regions for the post of Field Product Promotion Representative. The Organisation has planned to hire a total of 105 employees to perform the function of Field Product Promotion Representative for the respective 21 regions.

3. Design of recruitment materials

Testing tools for the position of Field Product Promotion Representative should be checked for each region.

If not, company should have a plan to develop a proper testing tool before the actual recruitment starts.

Job description of the above positions should be made available and the Regional Directors should have proper understanding of the job description.

( , July 26, 2010)

4. Sources of recruitment

The Company had to think about all the possible sources of recruitment before deciding on which source of recruitment can be used.

In this situation, we cannot use Internal sources for recruitment like promotions & transfers, internal job postings and employee referrals due to the fact that Internal employees have a lack of proper experience in the field of product promotion since the field product promotion task was previously done by contractors and temporary employees.

After considering the external sources of recruitment like Newspaper advertisement, Private employment search firms, Employment exchanges, Gate hiring and contractors, Unsolicited applicants/walk-ins, Internet recruiting and analysing and studying the pros & cons of each recruitment source, the organisation has decided to go for Newspaper.

We have decided to go for newspaper advertisement to recruit employees for the job. The advertisements should be placed in a local newspaper/local edition of newspaper because we need to target people belonging to the same region where the Company operates. Usually the people looking for sales, marketing and promotion department will be unemployed middle class people or persons looking for a change in the organisation from which they are currently working. These people will be going through the advertisements in local newspaper pertaining news to the particular region

Newspaper Advertisement

The advertisement needs to cover all the 21 regions where the company is operating. So we have to post the job opening advertisement in all the twenty one editions of the newspaper. Since it is a region concentrated activity, it is best to post the advertisement on the Classifieds page of the local editions of the Newspaper. The advertisement can be published in Indian Express as its subscription covers broader regions of the country. It also has a readers base from different classes of people in the society.

Indian Express is one of the most popular English language newspapers with a fair amount of subscribers across the different regions in the country. We are planning to advertise in the classifieds pages as it is the page which job seekers will check in detail and with the anticipation to find a job opening. The cost of advertising a classified text advertisement in Indian Express is around Rs. 4500 per edition. For 21 regions, the cost of advertisement would be around Rs 94,500/- (Rupees Ninety four thousand five hundred only)

We expect to receive resumes from about 500 applicants for the position from each region and out of that five most eligible and worthy candidates should be selected for each region.

Good job advertisements should be attracting the targeted population and should be encouraging them to respond promptly to the advertisement.

In accordance with this requirement, the job advertisement has been developed.

Shown below is the add to be published on the Newspapers

Advertisement for Newspaper

Field Product Promotion Representative (1 - 3 yrs)

Job Details: Candidate will be responsible for the promotional activities of the company's product and monitoring customer response to the promotions. Visiting the supermarkets in the region on a regular basis and setting up and maintaining special promotional displays, monitoring movement of products from shelf to sale.

Qualification: Any Graduation

Experience: 1 - 3  yrs in sales and marketing.

Salary: Rs.  1,20,000 to 1,50,000 per annum. + Incentives

Interested Candidates, send in their resumes to [email protected]

5. Recruitment budget

The total budget for the recruitment of Field Product Promotion Representatives is estimated as Rs. 2, 00,000 , out of which Rs 95,000 is spend only on the advertisement expenses. The remaining amount is to meet the miscellaneous expenses involved with recruitment process such as telephone charges, office stationery cost, postal expenses and other general expenses.

6. Notes

All the Regional Directors should adhere to the recruitment plan mentioned. Any deviations from the communicated plan require prior approval.

Selection Guide

Right candidates must be selected for right jobs for the Company to flourish in long run. So at most care should be given while selecting the employees. Since the Field Product Promotion Representative will be the person who interacts with customers and store managers, a bad decision at the selection can affect the reputation of our Organization.

Therefore, the Company is providing all the regional directors with guidelines which ensure the hiring of right candidates for the post of Field Product Promotion Representative. This guide will also ensure that the consistency is maintained across all the twenty one regions.

Competencies required

Since the job of Field Product Promotion Representative requires interaction with customers and other organizations, The Regional Directors should look for the following competencies before hiring. Only those candidates who are found good in these competencies should be hired. These competencies or skills are very essential for a person to successfully carry out the responsibilities of Field Product promotion Representative.

Interpersonal Skills

Written and oral Communication skills

Persuasiveness - The ability to persuade people to try the product

Adaptability - Should be able to adapt to the changing conditions

Flexibility - should be flexible

Good knowledge about market and product

Initiatives - should take initiatives in doing things

Creative thinking - should be able to come out with creative ways to promote the product

Planning and logical thinking - should be capable to planning the work and do logical thinking to enhance product promotion

Target oriented - should be enthusiastic to achieve all the targets

Selection Methods

The Regional Directors should follow the selection method mentioned to make sure the right candidate is selected. Not selecting/rejecting a right candidate is as same as selecting a wrong candidate. Therefore the regional directors and the interviewers should be very careful in the selection process. Here selecting mechanism and procedures according to Job specifications is defined.

The following process can be used to select the right candidate

Short listing of Resumes

The resumes received needs to be screened and categorized according to the eligibility of the candidates. Equal importance can be given to educational qualifications and work experience. The resumes of the candidate who don't have relevant work experience should be rejected.

Invitation for Interview

Based on the screening of resumes, interview call letter has to be send to all the eligible candidates. The Regional Directors should take care that the interview call letter will reach the candidate at least one week prior to the scheduled interview date. Also the candidate should be called on phone and reminded about the interview one day before the interview.

Intelligence and aptitude test

Intelligence test and aptitude test needs to be conducted to shortlist the most eligible candidates from the pool of candidate who had came for the interview. This will also help us in measuring the ability of candidate to learn a new job quickly and efficiently and also throws lights on the candidate's verbal, mathematical and clerical ability.

Personal Interview

This is the area where the Regional director can measure the soft skills of the candidate. The Regional Directors should ensure that the interpersonal skills, Personality traits, Communication skills (oral and written), flexibility, ability to think creatively and logically are measured in the personal interview. Also the attitude of the candidates needs to be checked in the personal interview.

Sending offer letter/ rejection letter

The offer letter needs to be send to the candidates who have been selected for the job. The candidate should be asked to confirm the acceptance of the offer within no more than 10 days from receiving the offer letter.

Also, a thank you note should be send to all the candidates who had attended the interview, but was not selected.

Guidelines for good interviewing

Interview can be either the personal interview or the core and departmental interview. The following are the guidelines to be followed for good interviewing.

Introduce yourself and brief about the company to the candidates

Encourage the candidate to talk more so that you can assess the communication skills of the candidate

Ask only one question at a time

Ask questions which help in identifying the personality traits of the candidate

Ask questions to measure the candidate's commitment to the job

Ask right questions to get relevant answers

Ask question to check his persuading skills

Attempt to remain as neutral as possible without showing strong emotional reactions

Ask questions to identify the behavioural aspect

Don't lose control of the interview

Reference checking

After the successful completion of the personal interview, reference check needs to be performed for all the eligible candidates, by the regional director. This will help the organization in understanding more about the actual character and capabilities of the candidate. The Regional directors should obtain at least two references from each candidate, one should be from the previous employer and the other can be from educational institution, previous employer, reputed persons who knows the candidate well etc.

Employment Decision framework

The selection process should use a combination of both cumulative method and elimination method. The scores of the candidates in the intelligence test and aptitude test can be considered in a cumulative manner and then elimination can be done on the basis of the total score of both the intelligence test and aptitude test together. Only the candidates who had scored more than a fixed cut-off score in these tests needs to be considered for the personal interview.

Templates for different letters

Interview Call letter Template

ABC India Pvt Ltd


Phone Number


Name of the Candidate


City - State

Sub: Interview Call Letter for position of Field Product Promotion Representative

Dear Candidate,

Congratulations! Your resume has been short listed for the interview. Currently we are having an urgent opening for the post of Field Product Promotion Representative in Our Company

Time and location of the interview: Date & Time, at ABC India Pvt Ltd, Region

Please bring the following documents for the interview

Two Passport size photos

Previous experience certificates

Attested copies of all Educational qualifications

Any other document which may relevant, if any.

If you have any questions, please contact the HR department.

Sincerely yours,

HR Co-ordinator.

ABC India Pvt Ltd

Offer Letter Template

ABC India Pvt Ltd


Phone Number


Name of the Candidate


City - State

Dear Candidate,

Sub: Job offer - Field Product Promotion Representative.

ABC India Pvt limited is pleased to offer you the job as a Field Product Promotion Representative, based o your performance in the test and interview. We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets.

By accepting this offer, you will be eligible to receive the following benefits as per the company policy.

Salary: Annual gross starting salary of Rs. XXXXX, paid in monthly instalments by your choice of check or direct deposit

Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual gross salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit

Sick leave

Compensatory off for working on holidays

Vacation and personal days

To accept this job offer:

Please sign and return a copy of this offer letter no later than 10 days from receiving the same. If the company does not hear from you within 10 days, we assume that you are not willing to accept the offer.

We at ABC India Pvt Ltd hope that you'll accept this job offer and look forward to welcoming you aboard. Your immediate supervisor will be The Regional Director, Sales & Marketing. Feel free to call us if you have questions or concerns.



Hiring Co-ordinator, Human Resources

ABC India Pvt Ltd

Candidate Rejection Letter Template

ABC India Pvt Ltd


Phone Number


Name of the Candidate


City - State

Dear Candidate,

Re: Application for the vacancy of Field Product Promotion Representative.

Thank you for your application for the position of Field Product Promotion Representative. I regret to inform you that we will not be taking your application any further on this occasion, because your profile is not matching the requirements of the company at this time.

At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in ABC India Pvt Ltd and to wish you good luck for all your future endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

HR coordinator,

ABC India Pvt Ltd


The Regional directors can adhere to the recruitment plan and selection process explained here. Also they can use all the templates and format in this document for the Interview call letter, offer letter and candidate rejection letter.