A Strategic Plan for an Indian Restaurant

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Indian peeper is a fully licensed fine Indian restaurant located on 48 queens rd panmure 1072 Auckland.

Pepper The Indian team are responsible for ensuring that all customers receive a quality dining experience and the food is prepared and cooked to the highest standards.

Whether it is the famous butter chicken, unique Khyber Pass Tikka dishes are made ​​from fresh ingredients sourced on the day of the suppliers. Lamb, chicken, beef or vegetables, all prepared on a daily basis and cooked after receiving orders from customers. Kitchen ensures that they are consistent in taste, quality and quantity. The whole process is followed all over again the next day.

Indian peeper trading hours are 5pm to 11 pm from Monday to Friday and from 5 pm to 1 am on weekend.



1 provides healthy food to customer: Indian peeper serves the high quality food to customers. Not only delicious food, but also the customer service is as good as the food. The Indian peeper is also provides training and other technological programs to their employees to develop more skills about food and meals and provide customer satisfaction. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two or a meal for 10, the Maître D ensures that each customer receives and served with the best professional service.

2Continue changes in restaurant

We always make changes in our restaurant to improve our customer service. In 2012 the restaurant sale was 3000 per week because restaurant was new in market. Then we advertise our restaurant by print media and social media in people and increased the size of kitchen and restaurant. In 2013 we sales increase our sales and it reaches to 5000 per week then we hired more staff for work. Now we are giving promotions on products and 2014 there is sale about 7000 dollar per week

3extra services to customers- health and safety is very important for customers and staff. In 2011, there was some broken chairs was in restaurant so our owner changed all furniture. The floor was not good and slippery in kitchen. 1n 2012, our chef fell down because floor was slippery .then our owner had to make new floor. We are giving paid training to all new staff about health and safety.



SWOT analysis


New business

Special offer/menu-public holiday

(e.g. Christmas day, valentine’s day , wedding anniversary)

cheaper than competitor


Niche target market

Higher price

No reputation

No capital(seeking investor)

More difficult to promote



Developing multiple fast food restaurant

Listed companies

To enter foreign markets


More competition

(e.g. raviz,masala etc)

Similar concept or service

Rising operating costs

Price war

STRENGHS: Your business Exterior is Clean and tidy.

Your prices are cheaper than your competitors.

Your service style is new to the area.

You offer a product and other business Offers.

You have a branded image

WEAKNESS: Your restaurant is new and not established.

You have limited funds available.

You offer a product which is already available on the market.

Customers have to travel further to get to your restaurant

OPPORTUNITIES: A new office complex is Opening nearby.

A new housing development is being built nearby.

A main competitor has closed down.

The building next door has come available so Titans may be an option

THREATS: A high street brand is moving into the area.

Your operating costs are set to Increase soon.

Your business lease is up for Renewal and a rent Increase will happen.

A main competitor has lowered bosses prices and started a price war with you

Three strategies

Marketing stratigies:- Our strategy is simple, we intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment that appeals to a wide and varied group of successful people. We will focus on maintaining quality and establishing a strong identity in our community. Our main focus in marketing will be to increase customer awareness in the surrounding communities. We will direct all of our tactics and programs toward the goal of explaining who we are and what we do. We will keep our standards high and execute the concept so that word-of-mouth will be our main marketing force.

this strategy is design to attract more customer to Indian peeper. This strategy is done through postures. Now a day we are providing a voucher of 25 dollar on online website of Indian peeper for two people who will allow discount to you up to 40% when you order or visit our restaurant. We are also promoting our restaurant on social media like face book, twitter by making adds on it. We also accept suggestion from customer through questionnaire, survey. That will help full to make changes in future according to customer wish.

Implement frequency marketing. Regular customers are the most desirable patrons because they already like your product. They like it so much that they keep coming, and they also tend to spend more than other customers. we can provide a discount cards to regular customers. The more regular customers you have, the better you will be able to predict your sales. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Since they are likely to tell their friends about your restaurant, frequent customers are your best resource for marketing

Host events. Hosting an event at your restaurant is a great way to maintain or attract the interest of existing and potential clientele. A restaurant can be a venue for all kinds of occasions, including live concerts or shows, stand-up comedy, movie screenings, tastings, holiday parties, fundraisers, tournaments and contests such as bake-offs or eating contests, and special promotional events such as “Wine and Cheese Night.” However, you must market your event in order for it to be successful.


Strategic Options






  • Need a lot of investment like last month they invest $5000
  • Need more staff for online or telephone takes out booking.
  • Oppurchunity
  • to attract more customer by voucher.
  • It also increases the sale in 2014.
  • Lack of internal focus

Host events

  • Need extra entertainment tools.
  • Customer attraction
  • Increase goodwill in market

If hot food fell down on customer can burn his skin.

Implement frequency marketing

Need more staff for more care of customer

  • Can build new

Customer by old or regular customers

If staff will not give better service to existing customer then we cannot make new customer.

  • Marketing strategy is a perfect strategic option for the Indian peeper, but it will cost them like they have to hire more people to work, they have to invest some money as well. But they will get benefits from this as well in future like there will be more opportunities for more sales and will get recognition in all area as well.
  • The Indian peeper need to provide hot and fresh food to customers, it will cost them many expanse like they will hire extra cook on weekend when it is really busy. They have to put their products on promotion which will attract customers and increase their market share.
  • To clean restaurant, the Indian peeper need to hire special cleaner .they have to pay more money, it will attract more customers and businessmen to invest their money which will increase their revenue as well.

I would like to choice first strategic option which is domestic expansion.

  1. Organisation purpose =

The Indian peeper needs to be pioneer in sustenance, and feast. The Indian peeper can satisfy their motivation while doing domesticated extension. Since while opening their new stores in all over ranges in newzealand they could be pioneer in franchising and can create their business at worldwide level too. For the social connection, the Indian peeper lessens their item cost to pull in new clients.

  1. Organisation direction =

Authoritative course is defined into an announcement which consolidates the recommendations and hobbies of stakeholders and exemplifies a dream for what's to come. The Indian peeper hierarchical course alluded to the human relations as the investigation of conduct of the individuals and their connections in the association with the reason for helping and goals with an outline of association.

  1. Organisational values =

The Indian peeper has portrayed numerous centre qualities for their business, some of them are clarified beneath:

-customer administration = the Indian peeper concentrate on their clients, both inside and outside. All that they do rotates around guaranteeing that all their clients have positive and profitable contact with them.

-positive relationship = the Indian push a positive and fulfilling work environment and speak to The Indian peeper decidedly at all times.

-Teamwork = the Indian peeper empower and backing one another to accomplish their best at all times in a safe, fun and nature.


http://www.indian peepers.co.nz

Part B

I might want to deliver a vital arrangement for the usage of residential development for Indian peeper restaurant

Our vital arrangement is to make our restaurant to be pioneer for its items and administration. For item our key is to change our menu as per clients taste after every three to four months, Dishes which clients request last or not ought to erase for the menu in light of the fact that it befuddle t he clients to select dishes for their request. Menu ought to be decent. We additionally want to get ready input structures to get clients criticism from the clients about our nourishment and administration. In input structures clients address the inquiry in yes & no & it will take just 2minute of clients on the grounds that we ought to know clients come there for supper and fun.

Administration additionally wants to seek the alcohol permit. In the event that we get alcohol permit, it pull in clients. We want to give free glass of wine to youth clients for advancement of alcohol. Clients get to realize that we offer alcohol likewise.

The restaurant knows it can offer its nourishment to numerous clients with great quality. time by time and consistently there are unique combos. they offer exceptional consistently extraordinary and weekend offer too every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, they offer any primary sustenance with rice for $10 .Face book and Twitter ought to be a significant part of restaurant's web showcasing fight. Our key arrangement is restaurant utilizes their face book or twitter page to put their new advancement or arrangement on that and additionally they ask for clients to give survey about their restaurant. Indian peeper sale is increasing each year

Year 2012 2013 2014

Sale $3000p/w $5000 p/w $7000p/w

Indian peeper plan is to increase sale $ 10000 p/w in 2015 with the help and support of team members and management.


Available to be purchased alcohol we have to contract individual who has done alcohol course and get an authentication in it or send director to do alcohol course .It take one week to do it. It cost $250 .Need more space for alcohol jug to show. For this we need to use $2000.we need diverse wine glasses.

To enhance site, we have to contract web fashioner to upgrade it and they need to pay expenses like $500 for every year to get a web space in one week.

For reaction structures we have to prints them and it sets back the ol' finances $50 for 200 duplicates and it take one and only day.

Critical outcomes:

It will attracts 350 to 400 new clients and this arrangement could be expand the amount of clients something like 1500 to 2000 around .Some of them are new clients about 350 to 400 and remaining are the rehashed perpetual clients inside next three months up to December. The clients who need to purchase the wine they can purchase it from the same spot they won't have to go to other shop to purchase it. The client fulfilment likewise will be build from 80% to 90%.

On the off chance that the client will draw in to their offices then they will advise to their different companions so the restaurant can expand the amount of clients and benefit. It can likewise build the deal rate from $7000 p/w to $10000p/w. Restaurant can get the Name and Fame in the city.

For the criticism structures which clients fill help to us to enhance our sustenance and administrations? Extraordinary arrangement on weekend like rice, naan, any curry with beverage $13 will pull in more clients in light of the fact that on weekend each one need to go out with family and play around with sensible value .NOW our deal is $7000p/w .If we execute this vital arrangement it will characterized build by $10000p/w.

Timescales and milestones:

For alcohol permit we will apply now and it take three to four months. In the event that we get it; then supervisor chose who is going to handle it. That specific individual will send for preparing .It stand out week .Manager choose to send manager for preparing one months from now and it take just two days. It cost will $250. For extraordinary arrangement on weekend' administration and chief have meeting on Thursday which curry we put on exceptional which draw in more clients 'it take 15minute for choose. We put extraordinary arrangement on weekend from 7:30 to 10:30.for sentiment structures which clients fill supervisor will read them and on every Monday administrator will organize meeting with each one group director and tell others what clients like and what they dislike gathering take 30 moment on every week.

Contingency planning

On the off chance that we ought not get alcohol permit then our possibility arranging is to apply again following three months. We inquire as to why they lament our alcohol permit and attempt to enhance them with the goal that we get it in light of the fact that it is extremely critical for down home development.

On the off chance that somebody compose awful remark on food book and twitter it will make our restaurant picture wrong among clients.

. 2. After every month we have meeting with director and administrator. In not long from now reaching I examine my key arrange about down home extension of restaurant by get alcohol permit and web outline each one like it and administrator like my arrangement and think to execute it soon as could reasonably be expected.

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