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Detroit Airplane Rides gives an unforgettable experience; they can make your dreams into reality. Whether you want to have a flying lessons or simply just pleasure, you can take by their certified pilot in the sky.

Detroit Airplane Rides offers flying lesson packages that include:

* Discovery Flights

* 5 Hour Power Package

* Recreational License Package

* Private License Package

You could also get certified for the above mentioned packages by enrolling to them. You will be expertly guided by the certified pilots who will help you out with the flying lessons and with the safety parameters.

Once you acquire the license as a recreational pilot, you could enjoy your air rides within the stipulated radius.

How Does It Like To Ride In A Hot Air Balloon in Detroit, MI?

Riding in a hot air balloon in Detroit Balloon Rides is truly exciting. The ride lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. The ride depends on the direction and speed of the wind.

Experience the amazing adventure with someone special, for sure; hot air balloon ride will fulfill your dream to see the beauty of nature rise above in an unusual way.

If you are planning for a ride in hot air balloon, you should allot 3 to 4 hours of your time because this includes preparation up to the actual ride.

Price ranges of hot air balloon flight in Detroit, MI depend on the number of people riding in it.

There are arranged flights for two that is suitable for lovers. Private hot air balloon flight is also available. Enjoy tranquility of the best sightseeing in Detroit City, Michigan.

Embrace the feeling of unforgettable lifetime adventure that is designed for two. Cost is range from $229 - $458 for the flight of two.

There are arranged flights for four that is suited for the whole family and a group of friends. This is a different team building experience that is made for four. Cost for the flight of four is $1075.00.

Please visit the link below for your options in hot air balloon flight in Detroit, MI.

If you are planning for a vacation, schedule your balloon ride in Wicker Basket Balloon Center.

Enjoy an adventure for a lifetime with the full service facility provided by the balloon center.

Here are the full services offered by Wicker Basket Balloon Center in Detroit City, MI.

* Scenic Hot Air Balloon flights

* Gift Certificates

* Group Rates

* Corporate Advertising

* Gas Balloon Rides

* FireFly Hot Air Balloon Sales

* Pilot Flight Instruction

* FAA Certified Repair Station - NX5R083N

Wicker Basket Balloon Center offers group rides for only $200.00 per person. There is also a private ride that is good for two for only $250.00 each.

Reservation should be made prior to the day of your choice to plan your ride.

Please click on the link for more details on the Wicker Basket Balloon Center rides.


For only $535.00, you can enjoy the Detroit helicopter flight tour for two in the heartland of Michigan.

The helicopter flight gives you an excellent bird's-eye-view on the ride which flies you for 45 minutes over the Detroit city

Some of the enchanting places which you get to see from a magnificent view in the helicopters are the Lake Saint Clair, Ford Field, The Detroit River and many such places.

If you are visiting the city of Detroit, you wouldn't want to miss the beautiful helicopter tours. Your enjoyment will know no bounds when you see the earth from such heights.

There is also a Detroit Helicopter Flight Lesson if you are interested in.

Please check out the link below for more information.


Yes, one can customize the default package of sightseeing offered by Magnum Helicopters, LLC in Detroit City tour.

Magnum helicopters are one of the leading organizations which have been offering their services with helicopter flight training and recreational activities to their customers since many years.

You can request the place you would like to go. Cost per hour of tour is $595.00. Every seat is near the window. Please be reminded that you will not be allowed with a group of about 3 people to fly on a trip.

Ride is available everyday, during summer, winter, fall, and winter, in daylight or at night in all seasons. Bring your loved ones to this unforgettable experience and adventure from the sky.

Visit the link below for more details about the services offered by Magnum Helicopters, LLC in Detroit, MI.


It is always a good feeling when you get to save the money which you spend on your travel without really having to compromise on the quality of the services which you get.

If you're planning on flying from Detroit, you will come across a lot of agencies and websites which will offer you with the attractive prices due to the heavy competition.

You as a customer, stand to benefit with this situation.

Cheap tickets are available in one way or round trip.

Keep in mind that tickets are not cheap, as you want. As per Cheap-Flights website, the airfare from Detroit is cheapest during Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mondays are popular mostly with the business travels.

Additionally, weekends and holidays are the dates for people wanting the longest trips. In short, you should avoid getting the tickets on these dates because prices of tickets are on the higher side.

The tickets are normally sold out during the last week of the year, which is during the New Year and the Christmas season.

Travel agencies of Detroit are very adequately equipped to take care of the itineraries for your entire trip. They will just about cater to all your possible needs.

Charitys Travel is one of the leading travel agencies of Detroit and they normally offer attractive deals to their customers. Some of the services catered by Charitys Travel agency are hotels, vehicle rentals, cruises and vacation deals.

They also provide destination guides for the particular tour, including local attractions and some activities.

Click on the link below for the free price quote of your desired tour. Just fill in the necessary information in the form then quote will send you to your specified email.

Travel agency will contact to meet your needs and quote the specific rates to suit your budget.