A job description for field product promotion representative

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Xyz Global inc is the national level multi product company with a good reputation .But in the past our organisation have noticed that the performance of the organisation was not up to the mark and was not performing well especially in the field of sales and marketing which is the major division of an organisation .So we have decided to recruit full time company employee to perform the function of field product promotion Representative which was earlier performed by temporary employment agencies and independent contracters. This division is organised in all 21 regions and our Regional director has got wide management authority and they will recruit, hire, supervise these employees and they also provide all the information about the organisation like work life ,working conditions etc ..

Job description

A job description for field product promotion representative.

A job description is the process of collecting information about duties ,responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes of a work environment of a particular job. Our Job description is a written statement because it reduce the unwanted confusions with in the organisation and it effectively informs the employees about the goals, vision duties have in the organisation. On the other hand we ensure that we provide only standared job description which many companies don't provide .A poorly written Job description would end up creating more confusions and dieloma in the workplace which badly effects the objectives of the organisation. Our organisation knows the seriousness of the job description and informations about the company is more simpler and direct so that employees can easily understand the objectives of an organisation .So we believe that job description plays an very important role and taken in to the consideration very seriously.

The objective of a job description is to make the duties and responsibilities of an organisation as direct and focused as possible.

Job descriptions may have the following elements:

The Employees must be given clear image of an organisation how it actually works and also rules and regulations of an organisation.

It enables career moves within the organization

Determining of amount of pay per function

increases the specification of responsibilities and also it indicates the key performance of the employees with in the organisation.

Job description gives the clear picture of an organisation by avoiding confusions

With in the organisations.

Job Description

Job Title : Field Product Promotion Representative 

Division : Sales & Marketing

Field Product Promotion Representative will be responsible for promoting the products & monitoring Product movement


Promotional activities for the product

Preparing & offering sample products to the customers

Visiting supermarkets & inspecting shelf positioning of the company's products

Maintaining good relationship with store managers

Monitoring movement of products from shelf to sale

Preparing weekly reports on stock levels of products & customer response to product promotions


Local travelling required

LOCATION - Bangalore

Recruitment Plan

Organisation has to recruit people with requisite skills, qualifications and experience, if we have to survive and flourish in a highly competitive environment. To be effective we need to tap all available sources of supply, both internal and external. The success or failure of a organisation depend large extent on potential of the people working there in. To achieve the goals of an organisation we need recruit candidates with good experience, skills, decent qualifications etc. while recruiting both the present and future requirements of an organisation has to be kept in mind.

STEP 1: Identifying the Job Opening

In the Sales and Marketing division, the most important is field product promotion which supposed to be carried out in a most efficient manner in all the twenty one regions. Till now, this function was outsourced and the task was performed by the temporary employment agencies and independent contractor was not good. So the temporary employment agencies were not up to the mark and we were not able to achieve the objective of the organisation.

To achieve our GOALS in a most efficient manner the Company actually decided to recruit permanent employees in all 21 regions for the Field of Product Promotion Representative, and so that we will guide them and bring out the best of the employees ad this would increases the efficiency and the performance level of the employees and thereby increasing the product promotion and sales.

STEP 2: Deciding How To Fill The Job Opening

The Company decided to use External recruitment rather than internal recruitment because they lack proper experience in the field of product promotion which was done by temporary employees and contractors.

After referring External sources like Newspaper advertisement, Private employment search firms etc The Company had decided to go with News paper advertisements.

The benefits of the external sources are follows:

Wide choice: The organisation can select candidates from a large pool and actually helps to employee people with good experience, qualifications and skills.

Motivational force: This helps the organisation to motivate employees to bring the best out of the employees.

Long term benefit: A competitive atmosphere gives the employees to give their best and earn rewards.

STEP 3: Notifying The target population

The more positions to be filled, the more widely the firm may choose to advertise, perhaps using a newspaper or radio advertisement. Based on different criterions, the Company has decided to go with newspaper advertisement.

Newspaper Advertisement

As the advertisement has to cover all the 21 regions we decided to post the advertisement on the classified page of the local editions of the newspapers. The advertisement can be published in Hindu as it covers all the regions. Hindu is standard and widely used English Newspapers with a large amount of readers. So our company have planned to advertise the job openings in the classifieds page of HINDU, where the job seekers search attentively to find suitable job openings.

The cost of advertising in The Hindu in classifieds page is about Rs. 3000 for a single edition. For 21 regions, the cost of advertisement will be about Rs 63,000/- (Rupees Sixty Three Thousand only)

Shown below is the advertisement to be published on the Newspapers

Advertisement for Newspaper




Field Product Promotion Executive






Any Graduation



1-2 years in field sales.



22-30 years



Send your application in 10 days to



XYZ Global Inc.

643, XYZ Global Towers,

Electronic City,

Hosur Road, Bangalore



[email protected]

This advertisement should be placed on the classified ads page of the Hindu newspaper. Cost of placing the advertisement would be around Rs. 3000/- per edition of the newspaper.

Budget of Recruitment

The total cost estimated for the recruitment will be around Rs 1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh only) where the cost of placing the advertisement in twenty one newspapers itself will be around Rs. 63000/- and the remaining Rs. 37000/- can be used on the various sundry expenses like office stationery, telephone charges etc.

Anticipated response

We expect to receive around 250 responses from prospective candidates in each of the twenty one regions. Out of the 250 profiles received, Company assumes that at least 150 resumes are of relevant qualification and experience. The company should hire the 3 most suitable and eligible candidate from these candidate pool.

STEP 5: Meeting The Candidates

Based on the resumes received well qualified candidates are called i for the interview ad other selection process .This helps the organization in both selection &recruitment perspective. Selection percepetive gives the firm a chance to assess the candidate's qualifications and abilities. Recruitment perspective serves the candidate with an opportunity to learn more about the company and the job.

Candidates should be given more information regarding the company and job. If at all the company fails to provide required information to the candidates it may adversely affect the recruitment process.

Selection guide

Selection is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organisations .The basic purpose is to choose the individuals who most successfully perform the job.

The methods which we can use for selecting the right candidate are

Advertising the job opening

Receiving the resumes

Screening of resumes

Sending interview call letter

Testing and evaluation

Behavioural based interview

Reference checking

Sending offer letter/ rejection letter

Confirmation of placement

Advertising job openings: First step is to advertise job openings in the newspapers and job portal web site. This advertisement can be posted in the classifieds section of the "The Hindu" Newspaper. This will cost around Rs. 3000/- (rupees Three thousand only)

The job openings can also be posted on career portals like Times job.com, www.naukri.com etc.

Receiving the resumes: We are expecting to receive around 1000 resumes within two weeks of posting the advertisement.

Screening of Resumes: The Resumes needs to be categorized based on qualifications ad relevant experience .We are expecting around 250 resumes which meets the requirement of organization. 50 percentage weightage should be given to experience and 50 percentage weightage should be given for educational qualifications. Any additional qualifications can be considered as an added advantage.

Sending interview call letters: After screening the resumes the interview call letter is send to all the eligible candidates. The interview can be conducted at our branch offices. The regional directors will be responsible for conducting the interview and selecting the most suitable candidates. Usually we conduct the following Tests :-

Intelligence Tests: These test the mental ability of the candidate. The basic objective of intelligence tests is to pick up employees who are quick at learning things. It also measures ability of people to understand instructions ad make judgements.

Aptitude tests: Aptitude tests measures certain skills like clerical, mechanical, mathematical etc. This indicates the ability of a candidate to learn a given job quickly and efficiently. This should be administered in combination with other tests like intelligence and personality tests.

Personality test: This can be used to measure basic aspects of an applicants personality such as motivation, emotional balance, self confidence, inter personal behaviour etc.

Achievement tests: These are designed to measure what the applicant can do on the job currently. This can be used to test the marketing skills of the candidates.

Behavioural based interview: Behavioural based interview can be used to evaluate the candidate's aptness for the job of field product promotion executive. This can be used to identify how he or she will react to a particular business situation.

Reference checking: After the successful completion of the Interview, reference check has to be done .We may obtain two or three reference preferably from previous employers ad co-workers. In case the reference check is from the previous employer ,information i the following areas may be obtained-job title, job description ,period of employment ,pay and allowances, benefits provided, rate of absence ,willingness of a previous employer to employ the candidate again etc

Sending offer letter /rejection letter: After the completion of the interview and reference checks the offer letter is send to all the selected candidates. The offer letter should contain the information about the Job description, compensation, Date of joining ad other relevant information. Offer letter should also ask the candidate to confirm the acceptance of the Job offer with in a particular period

Rejection letter should be send to all the candidates who had attended the interview but not selected. Rejection letter should contain a 'Thank you note' for their interest in our organisation.

Confirmation of placements: When a selected candidate accepts the job offer and confirms his willingness to join the organisation, we can consider it as the confirmation of the placement. The arrangements required for the induction programme for the new employees can be organised based on the joining date of the candidates.

Guidelines for selection Interview

Interview is the oral examination of candidates for employment. In this step the interviewer tries to obtain information about the abilities of the candidate .Here interviewer can assess the subjective aspects of the candidates like facial expressions, appearance, nervousness etc

Interviewing mistakes:

Difficulty in establishing the rapport with the candidate.

Not asking right questions and hence not getting relevant responses.

Making decisions about the candidate's suitability in the first few minutes of the interview.

Forgetting much of the interview's content within minutes after its conclusion

May allow the ratings to be influenced by his own likes and dislikes.

May conclude that a poorly dressed candidates is not intelligent, attractive females are good for public dealings etc.

Have been influenced by the behaviour of the candidates how he has answered, his body language etc

Suggested Employment Decision framework

We can follow two methods for the employment decision, which are cumulative method and elimination method. I would suggest you to follow elimination method in the first two rounds, which are Intelligence test and aptitude test.

For the remaining three rounds of selection, which are personality test, achievement test and behavioural based interview, it is better to follow the cumulative method. It is because of the reason that even if the candidate is a little bit week in one section and very strong in the other two areas, recruiting him will be an advantage to the organization.

Reference check:

After the successful completion of the Interview , reference check has to be done .We may obtain two or three reference preferably from previous employers ad co-workers. In case the reference check is from the previous employer ,information in the following areas may be obtained-job title ,job description ,period of employment ,pay and allowances ,benefits provided, rate of absence ,willingness of a previous employer to employ the candidate again etc .

Templates for letters

Interview call letter format

XYZ Global Inc.


Phone Number


Name of the Candidate




Sub: interview Invitation for position of field product promotion executive

Dear Name of Applicant,

Thank you for submitting an application form for the above post. I am delighted to invite you to attend on interviewing you for the position of field product promotion executive

Interview time: Date & time

If you have any questions, please contact our HR department

Sincerely yours,

HR coordinator

XYZ Global Inc.

Offer letter format

Offer Letter

XYZ Global Inc.


Phone Number


Name of the Candidate




Dear Mr./Ms. <Name>,

It is my pleasure to extend the following offer of employment to you on behalf of <Company Name>, further to the interview and discussions you have had with us. You are expected to join duty on <Date> <Month> <Year>.

You are appointed to the position of field product promotion executive and in this capacity, you will report directly to The Regional Director. As field product promotion executive, your starting monthly remuneration will be Rs 12,000/- (Rupees Twelve Thousand Only). You will be on a probation period of six months.

Your working hours start from <Start Time> to <End Time> with one hour break a day and you are scheduled to work through <Day> to <Day>, which is <Total hours> hours a week.

After successful completion of the probation and review thereof, you will be entitled to other allowances and benefits whatsoever as per policies of the organization. Regular performance reviews will be done to assess your suitability. You shall receive your payments on or before the <Date> of every month.

Offer stands canceled in case of any deviations in information or if you fail to report to me on or before pre-decided date. I will have to assume that you have not accepted this job offer if i do not hear from you before <dd/mm/yyyy>

You will need to submit all your original qualification documents, relieving documents and salary slip (if any) of last three months with a copy of each, on the date of joining.

I look forward to an enduring relationship with yourself.

Yours sincerely,

HR Cordinator

XYZ Global Inc.

Candidate rejection letter format

XYZ Global Inc.


Phone Number


Name of the Candidate




Dear [Applicant]:

Thank you for your interest into the position of field product promotion executive in our organization. We certainly appreciate your interest in working for our business.

After reviewing your profile, we have determined that your qualifications do not suit our needs at this time.

We will keep your application on file for future reference.

Again, thank you for your interest in XYZ Global Inc.


HR coordinator

XYZ Global Inc.


We strongly believe that information provided about our organisation is very clear and we are expecting the candidate with necessary skills and good experience which meets the requirement of an organisation and providing right job for right candidate ,as we require field product promotion we require a certain skills which was given above .So we are expecting a right candidate as soon as possible and we ensure that work conditions of an organisation would definitely suits the candidate .And the employees also get the maximum satisfaction with the job and most importantly all the suitable candidates are well paid based on their experience and performance with in the organisation .