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My selected organization Pizza hut is located at 609 great south road manukau. Pizza Hut corporately known as Pizza Hut, Inc. is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including salad, pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread.

I was working there for last 6 months. And while working there I saw some problems of the co- workers and the staff members like they are not doing their job well and with keen interest and our manager they take for granted. The main problems of the workers are like, lack of motivation, lack of training of staff, lack of communication, lack of resources etc. But the main problem of the company is lack of resources and motivation of staff members which affects the company a lot.

In doing this research it makes me interested to it because I can give my opinion and suggestion about the problem of the company. And I was given a chance to have interview with the company and some of the staffs to conduct some surveys. By doing this research I can able to do my research in a proper way and which helps me a lot in my assignment and I can enhance my skills and knowledge because I can express myself well and I can contribute some of my techniques to solve the problem of the company.

Regarding with the conclusions and the recommendations I can give my opinions and recommendations that will benefit the company. And my opinions are really relevant to my research and really treasure this research because can give my knowledge and express my thoughts as well clearly and defined.


The setting for this project is really important because doing this we need to pass the course and this is a requirement as well. Part b is very suitable to study because in this section you will see the whole scope of the project and what kind of company pizza hut is. Pizza hut is a company committed to providing innovative high quality pizzas to their customers and serves them with smile and satisfaction. There are total 8 members working in the pizza hut in 1 shift. They offer different variety of pizzas to their customers. Mostly pizza hut is busy on weekends and on public holidays. They also offer some special combo pack on every Thursday. Customer service is excellent but there are some problems with the machines which makes the pizza. So it takes some time to serve pizza to customers.

When I'm working on a project, I don't want just to meet deadlines. Rather, I prefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule. Being organized wasn't my strongest point, but I implemented a time management system that really helped my organization skills.

I like to make sure that my work is perfect, so I tend to perhaps spend a little too much time checking it. However, I've come to a good balance by setting up a system to ensure everything is done correctly the first time. I used to wait until the last minute to set appointments for the coming week, but I realized that scheduling in advance makes much more sense.

Sometimes, I spend more time than necessary on a task, or take on tasks personally that could easily be delegated to someone else. Although I've never missed a deadline, it is still an effort for me to know when to move on to the next task, and to be confident when assigning others works.

The problem opportunity or research question is/are stated clearly and succinctly:

First how to increase the resources of the company

Second how to train the staff of pizza hut.

Third how the staff increase their communication skills and how staff is motivated.

Fourth how they can improve their abilities in doing their job well.

Fifth the supervisors and managers should change their attitude to their staff because the staffs they take for granted them.

The value of the research for the organization is identified and explained using significant management concepts:

This research is really very important because it helps me that how we can identify the problems of the company if we cannot value the research. By using the management concepts planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Like in planning we should plan it carefully doing the research if the data is relevant to the research or not. Organizing is the best way in collecting the data because we should organize the data in a proper way how to do the research according to its sequence. Directing is the process in which the manager instructs guides and oversees the performance of the workers to achieve predetermined goals. Directing is said to be the heart of management process. In Controlling we should know our limitations while doing the research and we should know to control ourselves asking too much questions during the interview. Coordinating while we do the research we should coordinate with the company with whom we need to conduct an interview with the staff, supervisor and managers.

The aim and purpose of the study is presented and explained:-

To motivate the staff regularly if so they can do their job well and work hard in achieving the goal of the company.

They must provide training the new staffs so that they can learn more quickly and it also helps them to enhance their skills and abilities.

The manager and supervisor should know their limitations regarding in treatment with their staff and motivate them.


The research process used to gather primary data is fully explained and justified, using relevant research theory where appropriate:-

The goal of the research process is . . . .

• to produce new knowledge, or to offer a new manner of understanding present knowledge.

• If the research question were about a particular business or scientific phenomenon, one might ask, for instance:

• When did it happen?

• In what way (how) did it happen?

• Why did it happen?

• To whom did it happen?

• What difference did it make, now that it has happened?

• What predictions can one make for its future?

Research Sources

• Primary Research - collection of data not previously existent.

1. Interviews

2. Surveys

3. Speeches or performances

• Secondary Research - summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research

1. Books

2. Journals and magazines

3. Electronic database - library

4. Internet - primarily .org, .edu, .gov

During the research process used face to face interview to gather some information for the company that I have chosen. And I produce some questionnaires to them that they need to fill up. I put some questions like what they want in their job? What are the common problems that they encountered? What are the consequences of the problem on the business? These are the common questions that I asked to the manager in my questionnaire during interview that's why my research is well and I do appropriate in gathering data.

If the primary process involves interviews, then information about the size of the sample population and its adequacy is included:-

I had done face to face to face interview with the manager of the pizza hut about his company. The manager of the pizza hut told me about the main issues and problems of the company he said that he is working in the company from last 5 years and faces many problems but they overcome with those problems soon. There are total 48 staff members in the company with 4 managers and 3 supervisors.

Any statistical techniques that have been used are appropriate for the task:-

If interview are conducted after the surveys dates and times are provided in the appendix:-

I done my research with the pizza hut and give my interview questionnaire to them on Tuesday, 20 September 2012 and take appointment to conduct interview with the manager.

And on Friday, 23 September I had my interview with the manager ranjit Singh at 12:00. The interview was about 1 hour and I asked him every question that I want to know about the company.

The literature review should provide an indication of the state of knowledge of the theory of management in relation to your topic and how the topic is placed in that context as a whole:-

Theory X is the most appropriate theory for this management because management assumes employees are inherently lazy and will avoid work if they can and that they inherently dislike work. As a result of this, management believes that workers need to be closely supervised and comprehensive systems of controls developed. A hierarchical structure is needed with narrow span of control at each and every level. According to this theory, employees will show little ambition without an enticing incentive program and will avoid responsibility whenever they can. According to Michael J. Papa, if the organizational goals are to be met, theory X managers rely heavily on threat and coercion to gain their employees' compliance. Beliefs of this theory lead to mistrust, highly restrictive supervision, and a punitive atmosphere. The Theory X manager tends to believe that everything must end in blaming someone. He or she thinks all prospective employees are only out for themselves. Usually these managers feel the sole purpose of the employee's interest in the job is money. They will blame the person first in most situations, without questioning whether it may be the system, policy, or lack of training that deserves the blame. A Theory X manager believes that his or her employees do not really want to work, that they would rather avoid responsibility and that it is the manager's job to structure the work and energize the employee. One major flaw of this management style is it is much more likely to cause diseconomies of scale in large businesses.

Copies of research instruments used included in an appendix:-

I already attached my questionnaire there because I do face to face interview with the manager during my research.

Strengths and limitations of the study are clearly and honestly presented:-


Understand what you need to know. 

Have a plan. A good interview is flexible and spontaneous.

Choose the right questions.

All the information must be valid and truth in the research and well presented.

Research should be done properly according to the order and all the information was collected in the company must be confidential.

Limitations of Interview:-

During the interview you should know your limitations while doing the research because some of your questions are not appropriate in the study.

Useful before developing a questionnaire

Useful to validate information obtained from other methods

Seldom used as the only method to gather needs analysis information

When we asked question to the one we interviewed make sure our questions are not too personal and should be relevant to the study.

Appropriate management theory is used to explain the methodology and itys relevance:-

Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory

(Two Factor Theory)

To better understand employee attitudes and motivation, Frederick Herzberg performed studies to determine which factors in an employee's work environment caused satisfaction or dissatisfaction. He published his findings in the 1959 book The Motivation to Work.

The studies included interviews in which employees where asked what pleased and displeased them about their work. Herzberg found that the factors causing job satisfaction (and presumably motivation) were different from those causing job dissatisfaction. He developed the motivation-hygiene theory to explain these results. He called the satisfiers motivators and the dissatisfiers hygiene factors, using the term "hygiene" in the sense that they are considered maintenance factors that are necessary to avoid dissatisfaction but that by themselves do not provide satisfaction.

The following table presents the top six factors causing dissatisfaction and the top six factors causing satisfaction, listed in the order of higher to lower importance.

Factors Affecting Job Attitudes

Leading to Dissatisfaction

   Leading to Satisfaction   

Company policy


Relationship w/Boss

Work conditions


Relationship w/Peers



Work itself




Herzberg reasoned that because the factors causing satisfaction are different from those causing dissatisfaction, the two feelings cannot simply be treated as opposites of one another. The opposite of satisfaction is not dissatisfaction, but rather, nosatisfaction. Similarly, the opposite of dissatisfaction is no dissatisfaction.

While at first glance this distinction between the two opposites may sound like a play on words, Herzberg argued that there are two distinct human needs portrayed. First, there are physiological needs that can be fulfilled by money, for example, to purchase food and shelter. Second, there is the psychological need to achieve and grow, and this need is fulfilled by activities that cause one to grow.

From the above table of results, one observes that the factors that determine whether there is dissatisfaction or no dissatisfaction are not part of the work itself, but rather, are external factors. Herzberg often referred to these hygiene factors as "KITA" factors, where KITA is an acronym for Kick In The A..., the process of providing incentives or a threat of punishment to cause someone to do something. Herzberg argues that these provide only short-run success because the motivator factors that determine whether there is satisfaction or no satisfaction are intrinsic to the job itself, and do not result from carrot and stick incentives.

Implications for Management

If the motivation-hygiene theory holds, management not only must provide hygiene factors to avoid employee dissatisfaction, but also must provide factors intrinsic to the work itself in order for employees to be satisfied with their jobs.

Herzberg argued that job enrichment is required for intrinsic motivation, and that it is a continuous management process. According to Herzberg:

The job should have sufficient challenge to utilize the full ability of the employee.

Employees who demonstrate increasing levels of ability should be given increasing levels of responsibility.

If a job cannot be designed to use an employee's full abilities, then the firm should consider automating the task or replacing the employee with one who has a lower level of skill. If a person cannot be fully utilized, then there will be a motivation problem.

Critics of Herzberg's theory argue that the two-factor result is observed because it is natural for people to take credit for satisfaction and to blame dissatisfaction on external factors. Furthermore, job satisfaction does not necessarily imply a high level of motivation or productivity.

Results and discussions:-

Primary research results fully and clearly summarized:-

The summary is clearly summarized because during that time my interview was successful and the person whom I interviewed is very co-operative and kind person and gives the answers of my all questions clearly and properly.

Efficient spending for information, primary data collection focuses on issues specific to the researcher, improving the chances that the research funds are spent efficiently and on the right place and avoid wastage

Primary research consists of the collection of original primary data. It is the best way if you want to get the most accurate and up to date information but it can be very expensive, time consuming and sometimes people give inaccurate feedback also. It can be accomplished through various methods, including questionnaires and telephone interviews in market research, or experiments and direct observations in the physical sciences, amongst others.

Great control not only does primary research enable the marketer to focus on specific subjects and it also enables the researcher to have a higher control over how the information is collected. Taking this into account, the researcher can decide on such requirements as size of project, timeframe primary research.

Analysis of data the result of the primary research process are analysed and discussed in relation to aim and purpose of the investigation:-

The aim and purpose of this investigation is to solve the problem of pizza hut. Here are some possible solutions that I can give for the right motivation and resources for them are OBJECTIVENESS, EFFECTIVENESS, RESOURCES, INTEGRATION, AND COORDINATION. In objectiveness of motivation the staffs must know their abilities so they can enhance their skills and knowledge and must set their goals to achieve their desire and to become efficient and effective as well. Effectiveness motivation is an important concept for managers to understand. Motivation affects direction, intensity and duration that's why we need to become effective while doing the job and effectiveness is the way for success to accomplish the goals of the company. Resources refer to the people who are working in the company and raw material or machinery that they are using make sure that it is of high quality. Integration the project integration management knowledge area includes processes that are required to ensure all the project's components are coordinated. This knowledge area includes the project plan development processes, project plan execution processes, and integrated change control processes. Coordination lastly this is really important in pizza hut this is the best way to solve their problems and staff should be motivate their manager and vice versa.

The research data are analysed and interpreted, not merely described:-

The research data is interpreted and analyse as how to solve the problem that they encountered as one company. Because many staffs are lazy to do their job well due to the outdated machinery and other resources. And the company should provide proper training to their new staff so that their skills and abilities should be increased and they can do their best in achieving the goals of the company. The managers and the supervisors must treat their staff in a good way try to motivate them whenever needed.

A list of possible solutions and their consequences is provided:-

First regular meeting for the staff, managers and for supervisor's at least once in a month so they can communicate well to the owner of the company. And maybe its better the company put some suggestion box so that staff can easily give the opinion and write about their complaints what's happening in the company. The goal of staff meeting is not just communication, decision making or problem solving. The meeting process should send members away with a sense of energy and commitment. Secondly the head of the company must give word of wisdom to their staffs especially to the managers of the company so they will encourage them to do their job well. The company must give some benefits like promotion, awards, salary increase and other incentives.

Appropriate management theory is used to help explain the meaning of the findings of their results and their relevance:-

I used scientific management theory because this relates on my research which is notable with large and industrialised organisation. This theory which has careful specification and measurement of all organisational tasks and the workers must be punished and rewarded. This approach appeared to work well for organisations with assembly lines and other mechanistic, reutilised activities. The development of a spirit of hearty cooperation between workers and management to ensure that the work would be carried out in accordance with scientifically devised procedure. The scientic selection, training and development of workers instead of allowing them to choose their own tasks and train themselves as best as they could. The division of work between the workers and the management in almost equal shares, each group taking over the work for which it is best fitted instead of the former condition in which responsibility largely rested with the workers. Self-evident in this philosophy are organisations arranged in a hierarchy systems of abstract rules and impersonal relationship between staff.

The management of pizza hut must use this theory to solve their problems and this theory will also help them a lot in enhancing the capacity of the workers to do their job well. Here are some of the points that could help the company by using the scientific management theory:-

Clear delineation of authority.


Separation of planning from operations.

Incentive schemes for workers.

Management by exception.

Task specialisation.

Develop a science for each element of the job replaces old rule of thumb methods.

Scientifically select employees and then train them to do the job as per step (1)

Supervise employees to make sure they followed prescribed instructions and methods

Continue to plan the work and make best use of workers.

There is evidence of original research:-

As I had put some diagrams to explain my research well and I had put some sequence here to explain that scientific management theory is really relevant to my research to solve the problem of the company as well. And In future if the company is facing any type of problem they can easily solve that problem by using scientific theory of management.


A coherent statement of conclusions is provided:-

First the conclusion I can coherent is the company must have regular meeting every month so the staff can give their opinion and suggestion which is benefit for the organisation. They came to know about the complaints of the workers and try to solve them as soon as possible. Proper motivation is the key for successful running of the business conclusion depends upon the motivation of people in their perception. Second the self-esteem of the workers must have a high level so that they can motivate themselves in a proper way and they are happy while doing their task. The managers and supervisors must know how to balance their time and they must learn how to motivate their staff in a good way so the staffs will not take for granted them.

I had put this graph to prove that the company must follow this procedure in order for them to solve the problems and motivate the staff members with all physiological, safety, love, esteem, self-actualisation needs and wants. If the staffs members are highly motivated then they can do their work with full efforts and try to fulfil the goal of the company as soon as possible.

Conclusions must follow logically from the results and discussion:-

Therefore I concluded for this in every company has a culture with different native tongue and if new hires fit into this culture, they will adapt to what's required and learn to do the job. If they don't fit into that culture, they will never learn and will be a continual problem to the company. So they must be familiarise with the company rules and regulations ain capable them to cope with the company and work rules are important. As in society, rules are important to protect the safety, comfort and security if individuals from each other.

Conclusion must link back to aims and purposes of the research activity:-

The conclusion for this company must have an objective and goal that they need to achieve in one year. And they must put some program to train their new staff's incentives and bonuses must be added unto them. Managers and supervisors in this company must be learned how they can motivate the staffs and to solve the problems I can suggest that they must be following this technique to solve the problems of the company.

This problem cycle that I put it will help the company to solve their problem and to have a clear purpose in their target objective. So they can ACT, PLAN, CHECK, and DO this the best key to have peace between the workers and the managers of pizza hut.

Conclusions are based on evidence:-

The motivation in pizza hut can affect the flow of the business and suggests that an external intervention via monetary incentives or punishment may undermine and under different identifiable of motivation effects is widely accepted among economists. Many of them however, have been critical about its empirical relevance. This shows that pizza hut must have a good and effective communication with the staffs and managers must recognise the problem in a proper way

Conclusions must be prioritised:-

To become successful doing this conclusion you must have set of priority to do the conclusions and it must be relevant to the studies. When we need these conclusions it is like you can give your opinions and thoughts. It's important to suggest the possible solutions to the company which will benefit to the company in every good opinion.

Rationale for final recommendation provided:-

First I would like to recommend that the company must have strategic planning before they hire new workers so they can briefly manage their staff. Secondly company must set clearly rules and regulations so the workers came to know their limitations when it comes to treat their managers and supervisors. And the company must value the workers like giving them additional bonuses for their hard work and rewards.

Recommendations must be relevant and address problems/issues:-

The company must have performance appraisal inviting your employees for one on one meeting with you so they can able to speak with you personally, something which they may not have a chance to do in their day to day work. Doing performance appraisals on a regular basis can have a significant impact on an employee's motivation because it provides them with social recognition and demonstrate that the company is interested in developing employee's performance.

Providing regular training and professional development seminars and opportunities is another way to increase motivation among employees. This demonstrates to the employee that the company is taking an active interest in making them better at what they are doing and also benefit the company because its employees will have a good and high level of skills. Training and development can also provide employees with additional professional skills that they may not have low self- esteem.

Pizza hut must put some extra benefit to their staffs and so that they must do their job well and fast. It will help the company to achieve its goal successfully and easily.

Recommendations practical, timely and feasible:-

Firstly the staffs must have counselling after every 3 months at least the company must know if their employees has a problem in his/her workplace or there is something bothering them. Secondly the company must examine supervisory behaviour to know that they are well equipped to do their jobs and being fairly compensated; it can be prudent to examine the way that supervisors and managers deal with the employees. If they are treating them callously, taking them for granted, or not showing an active interest in employee's professional life, then employees will feel less incentive to work hard. Supervisory behaviour can be examined by instituting performance appraisals of the supervisors themselves, as well as observing the way that supervisors act and treat their employees on day to day basis.

Recommendations must be prioritised:-

The recommendation must have prioritised in a proper way so that we should suggest to the company must be relevant and reliable. The recommendation must be readable and easy to interpret with the company. So they can analyse properly the recommendations that we suggest.

Appropriate management theory is used to help explain the conclusions recommendation and their relevance:-

The management that I used here in conclusion and recommendations are behavioural management theory is often called the human relations movement because it addresses the human dimension of work. Behavioural theorist believe that a better understanding of human behaviour at work, such as motivation, conflict, exceptions, group dynamics and improved productivity. Because in this theory they can able to improve their skills with the right motivation and human behaviour is purposeful and is motivated by the need for satisfaction. Behaviour management is all of the actions and conscious in actions to enhance the probability people, productive and socially acceptable. This theory can help to solve the problems of pizza hut and to motivate the staffs as well, because the behaviour of the staff is not appropriate and the managers must know their own task as a manager to do their job well.

I put some sequence here a model for management because I want to prove that choosing behavioural theory is relevant to my research in conclusion and recommendation. Behavioural theory of management dedicates with the right performance combined with proper motivation in one company. Pizza hut needs to train the staffs according in proper manner of the company.


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