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The assignment is focused on the environmental factors of Impressive Burgers which are also key factors of the organization and all current strategies which are used in Impressive Burgers which has emerged as market leader in the fast food industry in last 10 years. The assignment is also focused on behaviour of consumers and quality of products. Because consumer is the focal point for all business activities and quality in particular play a vital role in developing a strong relationship between consumers and firms.

Burger, Chips & Soft Drink
Cheeseburger, Chips & Soft Drink
Chicken Burger, Chips & Soft Drink
Vegetarian Burger, Chips & Soft Drink

Customers were offered a choice of size of each meal:

Regular, Medium or Large. The size of the chips and drinks portions varied but the burger size remained the same.

Due to the criticism in western countries on the healthiness of the foods, Impressive Burgers modified their products by bringing some healthy and nice stuff like salad, wrap and fruits etc. In marketing point of view, Impressive Burgers has got good marketing strategy in their policies and systems. They are offering good customers services which every customer like. They normally have good, qualified and well trained staffs which gives them an extra edge on other organizations. Their burgers are always taken as examples by the people. They only believe in quality of the products.

With the increase in the quantity of restaurants, Impressive Burgers is now becoming unbeatable food Organization in the country which is a big challenge for all the food companies operating in UK. McDonald, KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell and Subway are the major competitors of Impressive Burgers which have had some impact on Impressive Burger's profit. A lot of new companies are introducing in the market to compete the Impressive Burgers but this is because of the commitment of the Impressive Burgers with the people, those companies do not survive. A lot of temptations are always given by the new businesses to the customers by offering cheap products but customers don't compromise on the quality of the product. For Impressive Burgers, quality is everything.

The main aim of this study is judgment of the food providing sectors highlights a number of bright factors, which have contributed, to the development of the world's major fast food centers. This study includes a well-developed financial infrastructure, a Conducive rigid environment and sound supervisory process, market planning, a modern and effective planning capability, environmental scanning and those strategies which are currently used.

This assignment highlights all the factors which should be necessary and important for the success of an organization.

One of the most important aims of the assignment is to compare Impressive Burgers with other fast food associations in all fields.

There are many environmental factors impacting upon Impressive Burgers. PESTEL analysis is one of those analyses or framework which could categorize major environmental influences on organizations.

PESTEL is a combination of six words.

* Political

* Economical

* Social

* Technological

* Environmental

* Legal

The analysis examines the impact of each of these factors (and their interplay with each other) on the business. The results can then be used to take advantage of opportunities and to make contingency plans for threats when preparing business and strategic plans.

2.1.1 Political factors:

Political factor is an important factor of any business strategy environment. There are some of the political factors are government stability, Environmental protection laws, foreign trade regulation, Employment laws, social welfare policies and Monopolies legislation.

They all have a great role in the organization. Impressive Burgers has been performing very good under all political circumstances. They have a good reputation throughout the country that's why all the government policies don't affect on Impressive Burgers. They pay taxes to the government, so, no one has any such complaint about this. The main quality of Impressive Burgers is that they easily adjust in any political factors. Sometimes, government decisions can be a major factor of downfall of the company. Most of the businesses cannot survive and they go out of the business field. Political de-stability also affects the businesses. Many organizations are ruined in those areas where there is always a political problem. Impressive Burgers have made a very effective strategy to handle these issues; they open their branches in those places where they can predict that there would be no problem there.

Their management make those policies which help the organization in all fields. They take care of the Employment laws of those areas where they work. So, political factors don't affect the Impressive Burgers by providing them good services and facilities.

2.1.2 Economical factors:

Economical factors play main part in the organization. Economic conditions affect how easy or how difficult it is to be successful and profitable at any time because they affect both capital availability and cost, and demand. Economic factors consist of money supply, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, GNP trends, Energy availability and cost, business cycle and disposable income.

Impressive Burgers has been a successful organization under all circumstances of economical factors. Economy normally effects the organizations but this is because of the strategy of the Impressive Burgers, they are going high and up. They have helped the society of the specific areas where they work by giving them job and employing them in their organization. Workers not only come here, they are also trained by the trainers of the Impressive Burgers.

2.1.3 Social factors:

This is also one important topic of PESTEL analysis. Social environment is actually based on the taste, life style changes, education and culture of the typical place. It is obvious that people of different countries have different taste, culture, and choices. Impressive Burgers has taken care of people of all the countries and they make their products according to the need and culture of the particular areas.

Main examples are Muslim communities. Muslims don't eat pork or ham. In UK, in a lot of majority of Muslim areas, Impressive Burgers have opened Halal shops and restaurant in order to fulfil the needs of the Muslim people.

2.1.4 Technological condition:

Technology is very important aspect of the organization. In the success of the organization, a good technology system plays a major part.

Impressive Burgers being a well known organization is aware of its importance. They have launched a well equipped and modern technological system to compete with the competitors. They have a good machinery system to make their products. They know their challenges very well. They have good and organized system of taking the products to the doors of the customers. For this purpose, they have very nice and speedy system of motor cycles and cars. They don't want to lose their customers at any cost. Technology wise, Impressive Burgers have no competition in the country, when new innovation come in the market, Impressive Burgers try to be on the first buyer of that new innovated machinery to facilitate the customers in the right and best way. It is always hard to use the new innovation but the management has those people in their staff who educate the rest of the worker to get the know how of that technology.

2.1.5 Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors normally consist of environmental legislation, energy consumption, environmental protection law etc.

Impressive Burgers are doing their best to organize these things in their organizations. They work in those places and areas where they find the facilities of these important things.

2.1.6 Legal Factors:

These factors depend on those processes which have the characteristics i.e. Health and safety, Employment law, competitive legislation and labour legislation etc. Impressive Burgers are taking part well to handle all of these challenges very well and effective to keep alive in the competition. There are some very popular restaurants around them i.e. KFC etc. but they are doing very well.

2.2 Porters five force Model

Michael Porter's theory is known as ‘five forces model'. This is an important model to know about the environmental factors impacting upon any company.

2.2.1 Threat of New Entry:

It is easier for the company to come in the market but very difficult to compete with the big companies like Impressive Burgers.

Like other big companies Impressive Burgers have also been suffering with this problem, but this is just because of the clean and wise strategies of the Impressive Burgers, they are still a market leader. There are many other food companies who have almost similar taste and products. KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell and Subway are the major competitors of Impressive Burgers which have had some impact on Impressive Burger's profit. A lot of new companies are introducing in the market to compete the Impressive Burgers but this is because of the commitment of the Impressive Burgers with the people, those companies do not survive. A lot of temptations are always given by the new businesses to the customers by offering cheap products but customers don't compromise on the quality of the product. For Impressive Burgers, quality is everything

2.2.2 Power of Suppliers:

Sometimes organizations have to face a big difficulty to get a reliable supplier. This problem is seen in those companies where there is no substitution. Those companies who don't have their own supplier are always blackmailed by the supplier. Impressive Burgers don't have such a problem. They have their own materials. Suppliers feel happy to deal with the Impressive Burgers as they know that Impressive Burgers have various choices.

2.2.3 Power of Buyers:

This is how much pressure customers can place on the business. This always happens in those businesses that have a small number of buyers or in those places where there are few customers of that product. Impressive Burgers don't have these problems. They have developed such a business strategy which helps them in this department. First, they do not have limited customers. Every one feels proud to be a customer of Impressive Burgers. They have opened their restaurant in those places where there is a big population seen.

2.2.4 Availability of substitute:

Sometimes, it is seen that substitute of the product is found in the market. For example, if some one eats mutton and beef suddenly prices get higher, so, he finds a chicken as a substitute of the product. This is one of the areas where Impressive Burgers are facing tough time by cheap restaurants like chicken cottage or DIXY etc. but still plenty of people don't compromise on quality. They know that Impressive Burgers means ‘a place of quality food products'. Media and education have made people wise and intelligent. They don't compromise on health weather they have to pay a lot for this.

2.2.5 Competitive Rivalry:

Sometimes rivals work aggressively. They don't care about their own profits and benefits which cause a big problem to their competitors. Those companies only try to work to make their name in the market. Impressive Burgers have also very power rivals like McDonalds, KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell and Subway. They sometimes organise policies to compete Impressive Burgers. A lot of people have got used to the taste of Impressive Burgers. Those people pay Impressive Burgers more but don't do in other places.

3. Considering the effects on the operations, identify ways in which the overall operation could be improved and expanded further.


Impressive Burgers has been focussed and keen by providing good and healthy fast food to their customers. That's why they have been popular in all ages and sex. In the review of SWOT analysis some of the current strategies are given.

3.1.1 SO Strategies:

Focus on plan to win to attract customers:

Impressive Burgers has been very successful in all tool of marketing i.e. People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion.


At Impressive Burgers, we serve the food according to the need of the people. For example, the areas where most of the Indians population are, (Indian people are vegetarian), Impressive burger started vegetarian products to entertain these customers. Similarly, in the regions where Muslim community is in majority, they serve the Halal food. That's why we are very popular among all the communities in UK.


Product wise Impressive Burger's food is the best. Impressive burgers have been respectable in all fields of their products, i.e. taste, quality, and healthfulness. Their products are considered the best in the market.


They have opened most of their restaurant in those populated areas where they understand that they can have good customers for their products and they have also been very successful. This is only because of the management team of the Impressive Burgers that they have been very successful in good and effective decisions.


Impressive Burgers have been very successful on the plan to attract the customers by providing food on good and cheap prices. As it is mentioned earlier, they always take care of the area where they work. They know that if they are working in those areas where people can't afford to buy expensive food, they serve their product in very cheap rates.


The main reason of the success of Impressive Burgers is promotion. Their most of the products are always seen on offers which attract the customers toward them.

So, all these things show that they have always been very successful and focussed to attract the customers. They are serving their customer in low cost prices to attract the attention of more customers toward them.

3.1.2 WO Strategies:

Minimize customer's losses by providing low cost and discount:

In food market, there is a fierce competition among various companies, Impressive Burgers are also facing tough time from its competitors, and most of the companies are giving good offer packages to the customers. Impressive Burgers is very well aware of their competitors, that's why they are providing their products on cheap prizes and good offers and on special discounts. This has made customers loyal to the Impressive Burgers. Customer is always every thing for Impressive Burgers as they believe that nice products and cheap things can win the trust of the customers.

3.3.3 ST Strategies:

More control on franchises dealers to maintain reputation and quality:

Impressive Burgers have been a strong control on all their franchises to maintain the reputation and quality of the products, systems and service. They don't compromise on quality. They have a strong brand name, reputation and image to keep the their customer loyal and happy.

Provide new products and keep innovations.

They often provide new things to facilitate their customers. They don't stop the innovation process in their products. In start, they used to sell hamburger, now they have selling more than 20 products in their restaurants. The competitors of the Impressive Burgers threatened market share of the company both domestically and internationally.

3.3.4 WT Strategies:

Applying 0 gram Trans fat in Impressive Burgers

Most of the customers claim that the product of Impressive Burgers is not very healthy and energetic. They apply 0 gram Trans fat in all food, which is unhealthy. They must do something to make their product more healthy and flexible.

Providing better environment

Impressive Burgers is trying a lot to help the customers to provide good environmental issues and health but still struggling to meet the exact needs of customers.


It is concluded from the above description that Impressive Burgers is the organization who has got good reputation among the people of Great Britain. They have a very huge respect in their competitors. They only believe in quality. They don't upset their customers as they believe in nice and healthy products. Customer's satisfaction is the major goal of Impressive Burgers. If we talk about past some years, it is seen that Impressive Burgers has been the most successful fast food company in the country. At last it is very important to say that Impressive Burgers is the best fast food company in the country.


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