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This article deals with a capability audit and the effect of the advent of Information and Communication technology has affected the same. When one talks about financial audit, it means tracking of the entire cash flow of any organization along with keeping a full view and assessing the different behaviors of leadership. Similarly, A Capability Audit helps an organization to assess its capabilities and performance through the current elements in work. Capability audit helps in deciding how well an organization functions and whether it is able to deliver on the basis of its capabilities or not. In the latter scenario, Capability Audit also helps in providing the room for improvement in the organization. Moreover, with the advent of Information and Communication technology, assessment of the capabilities of any organization has become much easier along with drafting the capability audit. This article deals with the same effect and the organization chosen for this article is Road and Transport Authority or RTA of Dubai.

Information and Communication Technology today has become an invariable part or aspect of every company and the advent of the same in the Road and Transport Authority or RTA of Dubai have paved a major way towards making the transportation of Dubai very technical. It is said that the development of any country is also measure by its transportation facilities and hence, Road and Transport Authority or RTA of Dubai has been chosen for this article so as to understand how the advent of Information and Technology affects the organization and its capabilities as well as performance.

Need for Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is basically the same as Information Technology except the fact that this terms also emphasizes on the communication part of the technology and the need of the same. This term has integrated the manner of telecommunication in a major way and therefore, it is mostly used to describe anything which is a part of any sort of audio or visual as well as telephone network or even computer network through just one single link of communication. Information technology is a part of every sector of an organization today along with the aspect of communication technology with it as it is seen that there is a need of both in every organization today. With different sectors of an organization working simultaneously, it is needed that there is a flow of communication among them along with the use of technology which is used to make their work easier. Through the years, it is seen that the idea of Information and Communication Technology is not well suited with every member of the organization on all the grounds. While the business associative tend to taken Information Technology with apprehension, the technical heads of an organization tend to assume that the business associative lack vision and innovation. Therefore, it is seen that the advent of Information and Communication technology has without a doubt created a chasm of both opportunity and advantage in every organization but it has come at the cost of uncertainty and risk. Apart from this, it is undeniable that the advent of Information and Communication technology has brought about a rapid change in every aspect of a business from architecture to its work along with the workforce. There has come a need to turn everything into technical work today and with all the innovation and new technology coming up every day, it is only normal to adopt such technology.

Apart from the technological aspects of information technology, it is equally important to understand the development of the entire community through Information and Communication Technology. Along with the same factors, comes the use of Information and Communication Technology in the market of today. It is the twenty first century and there has been a major expansion in all the markets today. While it brings about development in a nation, it increases the competition in the market as well and it has done just that. This is where Information and Communication Technology comes in. When related to the market system, this factor is known as the Market Information System and it is this system which gathers and analyzes all the information regarding the price and the quality along with quantity aspect of the market as a whole. Hence, it is seen that Information and Communication Technology has become quite an integral part of every organization across the world today and The Road and Transportation Authority of Dubai is not different in any aspect.

As mentioned above, it is extremely important for any organization to keep a check on its capability and performance as the market today has become very competitive and if a company or an organization wishes to stay at the top of the market, the information technology part of that respective company or organization has to be maintained at a top notch form too as it is through this system that a company can measure its capability and performance. The same is invariably true for the government organizations or even more so as the government organizations aim at improving the welfare of the entire country and not at earning profits. Hence, it is very important for a government organization to maintain its performance and gauge its capability every now an then so as to make sure that the room for improvement has been met with. The same can be said for Road and Transport Authority of Dubai as they are a government organization as well.

Road and Transport Authority and Its Capability Factors

Just like any other country, The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai is also set up to regulate the transportation system within Dubai. It has many aims in which, the main one is to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads of Dubai. This organization had first started in 1998 under the name of Dubai Transport but to have all the metro and other facilities under one name, this organization was named as Road and Transport Authority in 2006. It is also the duty of Road and Transport Authority to provide all the requirements regarding transport as well as roads along with traffic, as mentioned above in not only Dubai but between Dubai and other Emirates countries. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai is an integral part of the entire country as a whole which makes it all the more important that it maintains its performance and improve the same along with providing up to the mark facilities with its capability.

Road and Transport Authority is also required to plan and execute all sorts of traffic projects in Dubai along with making the legislation and strategic plans for the same. Due to the major expansion of this organization, The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai has been divided in to six major agencies. They are:

  • Marine
  • Public Transport
  • Traffic and Roads
  • Rail
  • Dubai Taxi
  • Licensing Agency

As every name suggests, the agencies are divided in such a manner that all the aspects of every transport system and the need of the same is met.

When it comes to the capability of The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai, it is seen that they are improving at a very fast rate. The division of the authority into six divisions help in the functioning of the same in a very efficient manner as each division is only concerned about improvising their division which in turns develops the entire transport system of Dubai. Over the years, it has been seen that The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai has taken up many projects so as to have a smooth traffic and transport system in the city. Many of these projects are enabled by the use of Information Technology. The importance and the role of the same in the projects have been discussed in the next section of this article.

Role of Information and Communication Technology in RTI

As mentioned above, The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai has taken up many projects which are enabled by Information and Communication Technology which also plays a key role in improving the overall performance of the projects as well. Therefore, the government which governs these factors is known as e-government today. One such project taken up by The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai or the e-government is mobile parking facility offered to the public of Dubai. This facility needs the motorists of Dubai to send an SMS to a pre-defined number or Etisalat, as it is called in Dubai and a parking space will be allotted to him or her instantly and at any time of the day. Just like many other counties, the e-government of Dubai aims at achieving a government which is though virtual in nature but aims at providing the customers with a high quality service regarding all the aspects especially regarding the transportation facility. It was in May 2009, that The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai launched its first parking facility through mobile payment. Apart from providing the motorist with a parking spot almost instantly, this service also provides the motorists with an SMS Alert before the expiration of their parking and it also allows the motorist to extend his or her period of parking through the same number. Hence, there is no need for the people of Dubai to go to the parking display centers for a parking spot or extending the same.

Along with these, the advent of Information and Communication Technology has also had a positive effect on the Marine transport and the metro railway system of Dubai. The facilities like e-ticket and e-license system has made the life easier for the common public along with improving the overall performance of the transport system of Dubai. Public Transport too has a system in which the public becomes aware of the bus number and its position at any instant of the time through mobile applications. This ensures that the public does not miss their destined bus along with maintain smooth traffic system.


It must be noted that this was possible only with the help of Information and Communication Technology within The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai. Such steps have not only improved the parking system but have also played a key role in improving the traffic system of the country. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that there has been an adaption of technologies all over the world, with Dubai as no exception and Information and Technology is playing a major role in changing the traditional models of the government to the current concept of e-government which not only improves the capability of an organization but develops the entire system as a whole.