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ANS 1:-

Factors which have led to the increased demand for food and fuel in recent years are as follows:

  • One major reason is the global economic growth which have resulted in more consumption of commodities and because of these trends this utilization is proving fatal to the economy.
  • The other reason is that the U.S. government is trying to save the economy because of which they have lowered the rate of interests, due to which there is declination in the value of U.S. dollars ,which is proving to be the major factor, supplies are less and the usage is more, it is being said that global demand for commodities would be rising remarkably by 2050,people are driving up more fuel due to declination in the value of dollar and this fuel is actually priced in dollars.
  • One of the other reason is the consumption of ethanol, which is made with the help of corn and the using up is at its extreme level, but there is less corn production as compared to the requirement, so the land which is used for agricultural purposes is know being used for non-agricultural purposes to produce corn so as to meet the demand of alcohol.
  • Usage of fuel is increasing day by day, we are well known with the booming economies of India and china, who are using fuel like water, the more usage of fuel is also because most of the people are feeling the threat of supply disruption, so they are not using it sustainably.
  • The other major factor is the increasing demand of meat such as chicken, pork, turkey, etc and the demand is more than required, according to the research done the consumption of meat is more as compared to the amount of people in taking it, so to meet this demand more grains, cereals are being feed to the animals, so there is more usage of crops to produce more meat.

ANS 2:-

Syngenta is working exceptionally to serve all over the globe. It is doing a remarkable work to be the best. Syngenta will surely be keeping these factors in mind.

  • SOCIAL FACTORS:-The increasing consumption of meat, the changing diets of people, the increasing demand of water for agricultural purposes which have to be reduced and the other important factor is that more amount of corn is required to produce ethanol, so syngenta would definitely be using the land efficiently.
  • ECONOMIC FACTORS:-The factor which shade the economies of the world, inflation is rising day by day, the interests rates are hiking up so syngenta would definitely that this issue into concern.
  • LEGAL FACTORS:-Syngenta will be for sure safe of its competitors, because of which it have got its company patented, they have become the sole suppliers, it also ensures the safety of the wildlife and environment too.
  • POLITICAL FACTORS:-Syngenta would consider these factors too which includes food security, energy security to save it in the best possible way and would also bring into consideration the climate change due to which there is a massive failure of crops.
  • TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS:-Syngenta would definitely be proving like a backbone to the farmers it will a tech booster, it will help in reducing the carbon dioxide emission, it will help in the biodiversity ,it will definitely be helping in increasing the crop output too.

ANS 3:-

A concept which is based on providing security to people for food requirements in future,so they can efficiently meet the food demands.

It covers or to say based on

  • Food availability: what is the actual availability of food.
  • Food access: what are the available resources through which it could be accessed easily.
  • Food use: how it is use.

There are lot of discussions on the crucial topic like security of food.

Some say that the food is not properly distributed, but it is available.

Also said that do current level of production really meets the future food demand.

But security is a major quandary which could be a future concern to survive.

Talking about food security as its relation in respect to local and global communities could be like security of food is ones ability to purchase food and not the availability of food, to them security means that no member of the family face hunger for food or starvation. discussing on the local front, people don't know how to secure and if they know they think that why to secure, they don't know how to use sustainably, globally if we ponder over the situation it is actually the major concern and people are trying to secure it in the best possible way, they are working with developing countries to make everyone aware of the problem and work for it, they are catalyzing with private sector too for its economic growth, finance and trade with necessary investments in public goods as well as policy, regulatory and legal reforms.


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