Consumers and technology

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Consumers and Technology

Consumers is someone who buys and uses products and services. Consumers also known as customers, clients, regulars, patrons and trade. Consumers have their own demand. Consumer demand led to higher imports of manufactured good. Good services must be giving to the consumer. Seller must give good services to the consumers. Bestseller need to know what is good for consumers. In this case, seller have to make an easy way to make sure the consumers do not have any problem to buy and use product and services. Currently, technology is common to everybody. Every people know how to use a technology. Design of gadgets is increase in consumers tastes. Consumer tastes also increase in a multiplication and choice in media channels and content.

Technology providers are looking for innovative ways to understand consumers. Technology providers need to know their needs, preferences, tastes and desires and how these will shape the future patterns of demand. The next new gadget bring, consumers will want it to be easy-to-use, to be able to personalise it and for it to enrich their lives. They also need to communicate with each other and be entertained and informed.

Consumer behavior online is to help vendors understand how a consumer makes a purchasing decision. This is a model of consumer behavior online. It is content independent (or uncontrollable) variables, intervening or moderating variables and dependent variables. There are some roles that people play in the decision-making process. This process content five element, the five element is initiator, influencer, decider, buyer and user.

The consumer decision-making process is a generic purchasing-decision model. Generic purchasing-decision model include two element. First element is product brokering and second element is merchant brokering. Product brokering is deciding what product to buy. Merchant brokering is deciding from whom (from what merchant) to buy a product.

Public Technology and Private Technology

According to book of the appropriate technology: problems and promises edited by Nicolas Jequier, technology movement is not only to develop new technology, but also to build up an innovation system. This can be tackled from two complementary angles which is production and consumption. Production is represented by the inventors who develop a new technology, manufacture a new product or provide a new types of service. Consumption is represented by the people who will buying or using these new product or services. These two aspects are closely inter-linked and any attempt to build an effective innovation systemmust consider them simultaneously.

There are three types of technology. First is private technology, second is community technology and third is public technology. Private technology is which often takes the form of consumer goods and especially durable consumer goods (the tin roof, the radio, etc.) and whose introduction depends almost exclusively on the decision of the individual and his family. Community technology is which include not only basic infrastructures like water supplies, education, transport networks or drainage systems, but also most of the production technologies of the individual farmer. Infrastructures are by nature a community technology, but so are most of the production technologies since they touch upon the communities collective goods (land, water, economic relations, social structures, etc.). public economy represented by the large industrial firms which produce consumer goods and the national institutions which supply certain basic services.

Wireless Technology

According to InfoWorld in 12 Mac 2001 page 53 no 11 v 23, consumers might turn away from wireless technology because of the difficulty carriers have faced in delivering services that equal their initial claims. The mixture of different network types, regulations, and consumer expectations have wireless service providers in a quandary trying to find a consistent way to deliver content. Smaller vendors may be nimble enough to keep up with the changing environment and keep innovation ticking along.

IGIZMO Technology

iGIZMO is an online consumer technology magazine and website, published by Dennis Publishing. This technology covers gadgets, mobile phones, home entertainment, personal entertainment and gaming products, as well as general technology trends. Its tagline is 'Turned on to Technology', and is often abbreviated to 'iG' in editorial copy and end stops.

PRIVASEEK'S Technology

Based on InfoWorld in 1 May 2000 v. 22 no. 18 page. 24, Consumers are becoming more savvy about protecting their personal information online. It's in the best interest of your business to show them that you share their concern. PrivaSeek's technology gives consumers control over their online profiles. Empowering your business with this technology allow you to speak to your customers in an efficient, permission, one on one approach. With several packages available, incorporating PrivaSeek's technology into your website is virtually effortless. You will know your customers better and your customer will have greater confidence in you.


Engadget is a multilingual technology weblog and podcast about consumer electronics. Engadget currently has nine separate websites, all operating simultaneously with each having its own staff, which cover technology news in different parts of the world in their respective languages. Engadget won a 2007 Weblog Award for tech sites.[1]


GfK Technology working with many of the leading technology, media and mobile companies to help them understand how to reach out to the increasingly connected to the consumer. Some of the areas that we have recently been working on include profiling the social networker, understanding household decision-making in the digital home, putting the customer at the centre of the innovation process, identifying opportunities for mobile VoIP, and combating mobile churn rates in emerging markets.


As conclusion, consumers and technology is related to each others. Technology help consumers to catch their demand. Technology also help consumers buys and uses products or services correctly. There are many technology that consumers can use. With the good technology, consumers can be more easy to buys and uses products or services.