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Hoodia Gordonii is the miracle product for slimming in the world today, almost all the producers of slimming products uses Hoodia as a main ingredient in their products. Many of the companies in the world claim that they are providing purest form of Hoodia Gordonii in their products. The question arises that have these products contain pure Hoodia Gordonii. It is a hard question to answer. And also it is hard to find a pure Hoodia Gordonii product. It is used as an appetite suppressant. By the use of Hoodia Supreme one can leave its bad habits of excessive eating and snacks. It works directly on hypothalamus which is a part of human which controls hunger. If the sugar level of body lowers down, hypothalamus sends a message to brain that body wants some food and it is hungry, one eats, its sugar level increases and hypothalamus stops sending the message of hunger. But the product must contain pure Hoodia, the Hoodia Supreme.

Criterion to find Hoodia Supreme

To find the Hoodia Supreme which seems to be a difficult task, there is some criterion to judge Hoodia supreme for its purity. The first thing is see which part of Hoodia Gordonii is used in the product. The part used in products is the heart of Hoodia Gordonii not the spines and skin. The extraction and production of Hoodia products is a difficult task and requires strict quality control procedures, and if the producer has QC certificate then there are more chances of using Hoodia Supreme. There should not be other active ingredients in Hoodia products because these active ingredients will not show the required results in comparison with pure Hoodia, the Hoodia supreme. You must look at the producer that it a legitimate one or not. The product should be backed by a laboratory assessment. If the product satisfies the entire above criterion then it is Hoodia Supreme.

What is Hoodia Balance?

Many manufacturers of weight loss supplements and related products claim that their products contain the purest form of Hoodia Gordonii but a few of them are producing authentic Hoodia products. Hoodia Balance is one of the weight loss supplement manufacturer. Hoodia Balance is an authentic, certified and a reputable company. Hoodia Balance purchases their raw material from certified and reputable wholesalers and then the raw material is tested for quality again by its own quality team. Hoodia Balance also keeps an eye on their manufacturing processes to ensure that their products are manufactured by efficient and standardized processes. It ensures that every pill contains the standardized amount of Hoodia Gordonii which produces effective results. Hoodia Balance is a certified company and it is very conscious in quality of its products and processes. It has its own team which tests the raw material and finished products for quality before production and delivery.

Certificates showing the legitimate position

Hoodia Balance is a legitimate company and it produces all of its products under certifications. The one certificate Hoodia Balance possesses is Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Hoodia Gordonii is specie which is in danger of extinction and that�s why this certificate is necessary for the importation and exportation of such species. The other certificate is Protected Plant Permit. These two legitimating certificates prove that Hoodia Balance is a certified company for exportation, importation and it can transship Hoodia Gordonii plants for production. Without these certificates it is impossible for companies to import and export Hoodia Gordonii plants. These certificates show that Hoodia Balance is using the purest Hoodia Gordonii ingredients in its products which it imports from South Africa. Besides these two certificates Hoodia Balance has a permit issued by the US department of agriculture and this permit is necessary for US companies for production.

Products of Hoodia Balance

In market many producers of Hoodia Gordonii claims that they use pure Hoodia Gordonii in their products. But there are some other active ingredients in the products which make the product less effective. To find pure product is a difficult task but not impossible. Besides that the capsule containing right amount of Hoodia Gordonii is also difficult to find. Capsule containing high amount of Hoodia Gordonii is more effective. Hoodia Balance is one of the slimming products manufacturers. Hoodia Balance has introduced many products of Hoodia with contains different amounts of Hoodia Gordonii. The different products of Hoodia Balance are Hoodia 1000, Hoodia 750, Hoodia 90, Hoodia 60 minutes, Hoodia 24, Hoodia 57, Hoodia Appetite and Hoodia Chews. These all products have different types of characteristics which are used at different types of fatness and by different types of people, but all of the products contain Hoodia Gordonii as a main ingredient.

Hoodia capsules for slimming

Hoodia Gordonii is a miracle plant of today. Hoodia Gordonii is used in all of the slimming products and popular for weight loss. Hoodia Gordonii is a plant which grows in dry areas of Namibia and South Africa deserts. The Bushmen in the ancient ages used Hoodia Gordonii when they travel because Hoodia has a property of suppressing the hunger. Today it is used as an ingredient in slimming products and it is a main ingredient. Hoodia Capsules are slimming capsules and they contain purest and certified Hoodia Gordonii manufactured by Hoodia Balance. Hoodia Gordonii is a herb and it has no side effects and it contains no other active ingredients. The only active ingredient is Hoodia because with other active ingredients it doesn�t works well. Hoodia Capsules reduces appetite and it removes the habits of food craving and the bad habits of food and snacks. Hoodia Capsules is the fast way of reducing weight.

What is Hoodia Gordonii?

The miracle herb Hoodia Gordonii grows in the deserts of South African nations. The more the people talk about Hoodia, the more the suspense and speculation arises about the fast and effective Hoodia weight lose. Hoodia claims that it is appetite suppressant and help losing weight. It reduces the bad eating habits and eating disorders for e.g. perpetual eating and habit of regular snaking. Hoodia is the one which works for them with no side effects except for a small group of people (for e.g. diabetics). There is no need to control the diet and heavy exercises to lose the weight. Only take the Hoodia because it works directly on thalamus which controls hunger. When sugar level of body reduces, thalamus sends a signal of hunger and when one eats and sugar level increases, thalamus stops sending signals and hunger finishes. Hoodia tricks thalamus and it can no longer identify decreased sugar level. It is increasingly becoming popular and the first choice for weight loses between hundreds of other treatments.

Is Hoodia a stimulant?

Today maximum people suffer from fatness and overweight. Fatness and overweight is all due to excessive eating and other bad habits of eating for e.g. taking regular snacks. There a plenty of weight reducing drugs in the market but majority of them have a lot of side effects and are very dangerous to human body. Majority of slimming products except Hoodia are stimulants, stimulants are dangerous as they affect blood pressure and heart beat very quickly if they are used excessively. The stimulant slimming pills are used by the people in recreational sense and it is a part of youth drug culture. Hoodia is pure herb and can be used as a part of one�s normal diet as it don�t contain any of the side effects associated with stimulants. Hoodia must be used with medical advice, it has no side effects but one must take advice of his doctor before taking the drug as a precaution.

Side effects of Hoodia

There are many products at market for slimming and acts as fat burners. The manufacturers of these products claim that their products have no side effects but there is no such product which is pure Herbal product. Some products which has Hoodia Gordonii in it, has also some side effects because it has other active ingredients and if Hoodia is taken with other active ingredients then Hoodia cannot work. Hoodia is a herb of South African nations. It is a cactus like plant. Hoodia Gordonii has no side effects. Hoodia Balance is a company which produces slimming products and it uses pure and original products in its products. Products are tested and they are produced by efficient and standardized process. All the products are checked for quality before sale. Hoodia has no side effects but the products containing Hoodia must contain pure Hoodia and don�t contain other active ingredients in it.

What is Hoodia cactus?

Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus plant which relates to the family of Apocynaceae. Hoodia grows in the climate which is long dry usually in the areas of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and the deserts of South Africa. Hoodia Cactus can survive in long dry seasons because it absorbs water in rainy seasons and water vapors from its surroundings. Its roots are fibrous and shallow and they are spread over a wide range and this help absorb even a single drop of water. Due to this ability Hoodia Cactus can survive in long dry seasons. If all of its stored water is consumed Hoodia Cactus will die. Hoodia Cactus has no leaves and it is spiny like other cactus, the spines protect Hoodia Cactus from its predators like herbivorous livings and other animals. Hoodia Cactus is very easy to grow as it don�t want any struggle as its requirements are not too large.

Hoodia capsules containing 1000 mg of Hoodia

It is a hard task to find a best and most effective slimming and dietary product. The capsules or the pills containing higher amount of Hoodia Gordonii are highly effective. Some manufacturers of Hoodia products claim that their product contains 1000 mg of Hoodia Gordonii but actually it doesn�t contain that amount. Hoodia Balance manufactures capsules of Hoodia 1000 milligram with pure Hoodia. Hoodia Extra 1000 claims that its product contains 1000 mg of Hoodia Gordonii but in reality it contains only 500 mg of Hoodia Gordonii. Another product of Hoodia Gordonii, Hoodia Gordonii 1000 STR claims to have 1000 mg of Hoodia Gordonii but the sellers contain no certification for that product and it seems to be unreliable to purchase that drugs which are illegally produced. Hoodia Balance is a manufacturer which produces Hoodia 1000 capsules under license and is reliable to use all the products of Hoodia Balance.

Effectiveness of Hoodia 750 capsules

Hoodia Gordonii is an appetite suppressant and now people use Hoodia as a slimming product. Hoodia Gordonii products developed over times and now there are many manufacturers of Hoodia products introduced new products with different amounts and dosage. The latest product on the market is the pills containing 1000 mg of Hoodia Gordonii and claims that it is the most effective amount of Hoodia and it works best as compared to any other amount. And it is the fastest of all the Hoodia products. But in reality either it is a fake product or it doesn�t contain such a high amount of Hoodia. Hoodia 750 gm is low dose than 1000 mg capsules but they are more effective than Hoodia 1000 mg products because the products containing 1000 mg of Hoodia Gordonii is new in the market and there are no reliable public reviews on this product. Hoodia 750 is also backed by a free trail.

Get daily 2400 mg of Hoodia

The overweight people are very keen to weight lose and everyone is seeking the fastest, efficient and reliable medicine for their problem. Hoodia Gordonii is the fastest with no side effects drug of today and it is now very popular due to its miracles. Manufacturers of Hoodia claims that their products contain 100% pure, authentic and reliable Hoodia Gordonii but these claims are either fake or partly true. Hoodia Balance is the manufacturer of Hoodia Gordonii products which produces authentic and uses pure Hoodia Gordonii. This is because it is a certified company and it has a license to produce Hoodia products. Hoodia 90 and Hoodia superior are the products which claim that they contain 2400 mg of Hoodia in a daily dose. This all is false and Hoodia 90 was first introduced which was failed and then Hoodia superior was then introduced by the fake manufacturers and then Hoodia superior was taken as a complement of Hoodia 90.

A show on Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia 60 Minutes is a remarkable show in the history of dietary supplements. In this show Hoodia Gordonii was introduced all over the world as a weight losing specie and Hoodia 60 Minutes show was aired on 21st November 2004. This show was a milestone towards the protection of this endangered species and to introduce its miracle effects on human body. Hoodia 60 Minutes showed the effects of Hoodia Gordonii and it quoted that Hoodia Gordonii is a suppressant and it removes food craving. The show also described about the function of Hoodia. Hoodia Gordonii contains an ingredient known as P57 and it has and ability of suppression. When sugar level of body reduces, hypothalamus sends a signal of hunger. When one eats food and its sugar level rises and reaches at normal then hypothalamus stops sending hunger signal. P57 tricks hypothalamus and hypothalamus no longer judges the reduction of blood sugar level.

Certificates to produce Hoodia products

The remarkable show on Hoodia Gordonii, Hoodia 60 Minutes was basically aired to introduced Hoodia Gordonii and to describe its functions and to aware people about its extinction and the socio economic side of the plant. In Hoodia 60 Minutes the correspondent Lesley Stahl went to Kalahari Desert where there were plenty of Hoodia Gordonii cacti. Stahl ate a bit of Hoodia Gordonii and he said that he is not hungry despite not eating anything else. The show also identified the socio economic side of Hoodia Gordonii. One issue is regarding to the patent rights of san people. The show also showed the maltreatment of the rights of san people although it was then resolved by giving a percentage share of every volume of Hoodia Gordonii export from South Africa. It also showed that phytopharm is the company which holds the patent rights for the development of Hoodia Gordonii as a dietary supplement.

Some other facts of the show

Six years of Hoodia 60 Minutes has elapsed and in these six years the market of dietary supplement and medicines had changed significantly and the science has entered into new ages of research and development. After Hoodia 60 Minutes world faces huge developments and scams related to Hoodia Gordonii products. The Hoodia 60 Minutes also gave the utmost urgency on the declaration of COP13 to include Hoodia Gordonii in the list of endangered species. The convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna (CITES) was also introduced to the public. CITES is a body which issues the certificate for the trade in endangered species and without these certificate it is illegal to trade in such species. The Hoodia 60 Minute show was a milestone in the history of dietary supplements and products and it helped the people to be aware of Hoodia Gordonii plant, its functions and effectiveness.

Hoodia 24

Hoodia 24 is the product made up from Hoodia Gordonii plant which grows in South African nations and it was used as an appetite suppressant by san people. Its main function is to reduce hunger and san people used it to control hunger when they go on long distances. Vita Logic Hoodia 24 claims that the effect of this product lasts for 24 hours. The product is also known as Hoodia 24. It is not only the appetite suppressant; it has additional benefits of being abundant in antioxidant and fiber which help consumer indigestion. The suggested doze of Hoodia 24 is one tablet every eight hours. Other ingredients included in Hoodia 24 are gelatin, magnesium and citric acid. These all ingredients are mixed with Hoodia Gordonii to make the mixture more effective and bearable to use. Hoodia 24 discourages the full reliance on tablets and suggests proper diet and exercise.

The active substance in Hoodia 57

There are many more products containing Hoodia Gordonii as a main product. Hoodia Gordonii is used as an appetite suppressant and this plant grows in the nations of South Africa. There is an active ingredient P57 in Hoodia Gordonii which directly effects on hypothalamus. When sugar level of body goes down, hypothalamus sends a signal of hunger and after eating something sugar level increases and it stops sending hunger signals. Hoodia 57 reduces the craving of food and makes you feel that you are already full. When you don�t eat the food then your fats burn and give the energy for work, that�s why it is a fat burner. It takes some time to reduce the weight and it is suggested not to rely solely on Hoodia 57 but you are advised to take balanced diet and proper exercises which is the most healthiest and effective way to lose weight.

What is Hoodia appetite?

Hoodia Gordonii is known as a suppressant and is used to remove craving of food. There is an active ingredient called P57 in Hoodia Gordonii which suppresses food craving and it is known as Hoodia Appetite suppressant. There is a lot of research performed to know about the validation of Hoodia Appetite suppressant on human. Several experiments are conducted on rats and pigs but scientists have not concluded any valid conclusion on its applicability to human being. The research claimed that 50 mg of pure extract of Hoodia Appetite suppressant reduces gastric acid output by 40% to 60%. Some products of Hoodia Gordonii also claims that it is effective in lowering blood pressure, curing heart diseases, diarrhea and ulcer asides from its standardized use as an appetite suppressant. Hoodia Appetite suppressant must be backed by certificate from the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna (CITES).

Dieting is a fun as chewing a bubble gum

The world is constantly moving and developing. Innovation is necessary in every part of life. In the business if there is no new and innovative products are introduced, business will left out in the market and it will lose its business. One innovation in dietary supplement is Hoodia Chews. Hoodia Chews is also known as Hoodia Bites. It is produced by innovative health products. It is flavored like lemon and it works like other Hoodia suppressants. The Innovative Health Products believe that dieting must not be considered as a very hard sacrifice. It believes that dieting shall be as a fun as chewing a bubble gum. Hoodia Chews contain Hoodia Gordonii mixed with Palm Kernel Oil, Soy Protein, Citric Acid and natural flavors. Each chew of Hoodia Chews contains 250 mg of Hoodia Gordonii and it is enough for a single chewable product. Hoodia Chews are relatively expensive as compared to other Hoodia products but they make the difference.