The Use Of Cattle For Dairy Biology Essay

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Quality and quantity of milk depend on Cattle Dairy Ho Stein varieties. Ocean Free is a dairy cattle breeding by the Department has chosen to be the main species in the breeding of dairy cattle breeding, this Originated in the Netherlands. Located in Europe. For cattle breeding in Europe, usually known as free Asian varieties. (Friesian), which is consistent with a free City Island. (Friesland), located north of the Netherlands Rs. T, but in North America. By country U.S. and Canadian dairy cattle breeding is known that Stein varieties Holdings Inc. (Holstein), which is expected to run as a state.

Holstein, located in Germany. But for the country. All other countries, including Thailand has imported semen. And cattle from countries in Europe, USA and Canada is a known breeding species that are included Holdings Inc. Stein

Feed Mother Dairy individual needs nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, energy, etc. The purpose is to (1) body (2) Growth (3) milk (4) to the growth of children in Pregnant cows to eat the food provided to various purposes, respectively, per cow, which makes weight. Different and feeding of unequal Demand for food is different than in the same cows. Still needs nutrients in different stages further. This will depend

1. The length of lactation. Mother Dairy in the near-term delivery or after birth the new mother cows between The highest lactate (2 months of lactation), mid-lactation. In late lactation and the milk will stop the demand for nutrients in each period of feeding different. This is because the amount of milk. Production of cows in each period are different.

2. The condition of the body. Dairy milk can be full. Health of the cows will be ready is not fat or too thin. We also need to get more nutrients. This is because cattle will need to use nutrients. In the body. And grow before they will be used to create milk.

2. Specs of quality and quantity of the milk

Popular varieties in Thailand, Dairy Holdings Limited Stein. Most are white, black with white or black is more or less time. It is often called. Simply black and white dairy cattle breed (Black & White Holstein) dairy cattle breeding, but actually meant Holdings Limited. Red to white. Another group, often called the Red & White Holstein black and white manner, but a dominant gene (Dominant Gene). The characteristic red, white recessive gene (Recessive Gene), which when mixed with semen black red and white cows.


Fat content - That the amount of milk production that affect the quality of breast milk if Rnra losing fat composition is very Quality will be lowered. Nutrients in milk have low The consumer did not receive adequate nutrition

Lit/Day Holstein Friesian Cattle have size Large male weight 800 to 1000 kg female weight

500 to 800 kg average milk production from 6000 to 7000. Kg-term feeding habits are quite tame.

Milk is not easy to kick or hold back milk


The First. Of energy.

   Corn is an important energy source in the meal. Pigs and chicken are especially popular because outside. Is a source of energy in the corn kernels and has yellow carotene. This makes the color of the chicken And darker yolk. As popular with consumers.


High energy. Energy utilization in pigs and animal year is 3168 KB and 3370 calories / kg

About 8-9 percent less protein and amino acid lysine. à¸- Rivne and growth effects of low-Mate ä Ice Company.   Low levels of calcium, phosphorus, high With vitamin B 1 (Tai Ami) and a high acetate Night but the Night acetate in the form of animals used. White corn kernels with yellow and nutrient value similar to corn, different grains. The amount of yellow carotene or vitamin A higher

  Corn with high moisture content will be moldy easily. And contamination of various toxins, especially important is aflatoxin, which farmers should be very careful in animal adoption.

Broken rice

Broken is a by-product of rice milling. This will be of about 15% broken rice broken rice was organized as a raw material. Energy is very important. Exists throughout all regions of Thailand

Property High energy. Energy use in pig and poultry was 3,596 KB and 3,500 calories / kg

Approximately 8% protein. Low fat and fiber. Is no longer stored by rancid


Cassava roots are planted widely popular addition to domestic animals and have enough left for export to overseas sell a lot. Cassava is used animal. Typically in the form of cassava, which can By bringing fresh cassava root, cut into small pieces. Sunny and dry about 3-5 days to dry the cassava export. Sold to foreign countries, often in the form of pellets.


Approximately 75-80 percent are dry. Energy similar to corn

About 2 percent less protein. Restrictions on use Cassava can not live animals. Because toxic acid hydrogel drug sites need to Nick through the process to reduce toxic substances before Made by a fermented cassava or it. Need good quality protein supplement in cassava diet high Line because it has low protein levels. The higher food prices mixed with One reason is that farmers rarely used cassava Except in the very low cost.Or is it fermented cassava. Still toxic residue.

 The second ,Protein.

Cotton beans

Byproduct of soybean oil extraction plant has two types of soybean meal from waste oil and compression process. Derived from soybean oil by chemical processes. Property Good quality protein from fish meal vice. Protein approximately 42-48 percent depending on the oil extraction process. Fat is about 1-4percent Calcium levels. And low phosphorus.

Palm oil waste.

A by-product from palm oil mill. Palm oil waste found in Thailand is divided into two types of waste and waste palm kernels palm Fruit pulp is a by-product of the implementation of the palm oil palm kernel waste byproduct from Palm kernel implementation. Separating out the portion of the outer shell and the oil.


Fruit pulp is relatively low in protein, about 7 percent, but the high fiber, about 30 percent  

Palm kernel meal. That contain palm kernel cake in the coconut and the mingling. About 10-12 percent protein and about 20-25 percent tie.

Next .Mineral resources.

Shell powder used as a source of calcium, but that alone. Calcium levels around 38-40 percent Kra suck the ground calcium phosphate Used as the source of the elements calcium and phosphorus By the calcium and phosphorus, about 24 percent by about 12-18 percent of raw materials is generally more expensive than those for minerals like calcium only. Therefore, one should use to determine the source of the phosphorus in the need to meet the pigs and poultry before and select The shells or ground limestone dust as a source of the mineral calcium supplement for animals.



- By-product of rice. There are a lot of rice after harvest. Coarse food source for cattle - buffaloes during the dry season.

- The value of the food, fiber and low protein digestibility for all nutrients (TDN) about 2.76%, 36.17% and 45% of dry matter, respectively.

- Low rate of digestibility. Blurring in the stomach longer. Animals can get different nutrients that animals ate less, if only long straw will cause weight loss.


we have commented A pan factors affecting the yield of the cows is important. Food at the body perfact. If the animal I has a good fertility. Good body structure will help to produce more milk. Morever, When animals are fed a useful animal can be used by in to production, it will further inarease the milk yield in a good amount provide each party received earning from employment dairy

Milk production is not to be a lot depending on the amount of food that has been alone. But the quality of food is important. More than the prediction of the feeding of cattle. This will have relationships with the major species is the weight of two factors. Cows and milk the cows in the production.