The Truth Of Vegans Biology Essay

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It's upto anyone to choose what they eat and how they are going to eat it, for example some people like to have their meat well done while others prefer it medium rare and a few like it just rare but those are the minority, just as people choose to eat meat others simply choose not to eat meat at all or any food containing any slight amount of its products those people are called vegans. Some vegetarians choose to become a veggie or a vegan (which incase also mean being a vegetarian) just because they don't prefer meat or they just don't believe in the slaughtering of animals in order to have a source of food, and some others are forced to due to medical circumstances. Being a vegan has its pros and cons, many people claims that the vegetarian lifestyle is way more healthier than a meat eating one but that's not fully true, a vegetarian lifestyle lacks many essential benefits of meat and the mighty component the known vit. d12. Some other people claim that vegans live longer, and sometimes being a vegan actually may effect their social life as are always left singled out there between the crowd.

Vegetarianism can also be name to be "the practice of not eating meat, poultry or fish and their products, or without the use of dairy products or eggs". A short name that is commercially used by vegetarians are veggies. Inrelation to the international vegetarian union (IVU), the term vegetarian came out by the year 1840 and was officially firstly used in 1847 at the inaugural meeting of the Vegetarian Society in the United Kingdom by Joseph Brotherton and others. Non meat eaters were called as "Pythagoreans" or adherence of "Pythagorean system" after the ancient Greek "vegetarian" Pythagoras before the year 1847.

A lot of different types of veggies are found spread through the whole globe between different cultures and religions. One of these types is HALAL vegetarians which is the most common form of being a vegan mainly in the Middle East region. The halal vegetarians eat and drink animal products which must obey both the titles halal and vegetarian. Halal is the way meat is being made in a specific way in order to Muslims to eat it. There are also lacto vegans and ovolacto vegans which make up the two main types of vegetarians. The ovo-lacto vegetarians like vegans exclude anything that may contain animal meat content, poultry, fish and sea food, animal products like eggs and dairy milk. According to an article named "definitions" on a site of the IVU, some of them may also exclude honey as bees are also involved in the process. However, vegeterians stay away from any animal products like leather, silk, wool, lanolin, gelatin and more. However, ovo-lacto vegans have an advantage in which they can normally eat egg and drink milk in which they also may still be called vegans. The ovo-lacto are found more in common in western countries. Lacto vegetarians quite similar to vegans but they freely drink milk and can have any milk containg products like yoghurt for example and are also still called vegans,

Some other types of vegetarians are also present with lots of variations. Like people who eat less meat as compared to normal people are called semi vegetarians, pseudo vegetarianism is normally applied or said to semi-vegetarians and pescarians. A pescarian is nearly similar to the vegans diet but with the only difference which is that they eat fish instead. Also we\ve got some people who doesn't eat any food related to killing of the plants and these are called fruitarians. This allows them to eat apple and mango but not carrot and potatoes. A consumer who mainly gets vegetables doesn't mean that hes officially a vegeterian. The non-meat eaters doesn't come close to meat products but they replace that missing diet with other stuff but in this definition it means that in their diet fish, poultry or seafood which are incase accepted to be eaten. Moreover, animal fats and oils, skin and bone meals are not considered as meat. In addition people who only eat plants and herbs are also given the title herbivores.

Another reason which may cause a person to become a vegan would be religion. For example, in Judaism, there are certain nutritional guide lines which Jews need to follow. Jews use these guide lines in order to determine what is and is not allowed to be eaten. This diet is termed kosher. The kosher diet may include animal or animal by products such as milk. Although, some sub divisions to to the kosher diet are present such as: Pareve/parve, in this division both meat and milk are not allowed. Eggs and true fish on the other hand are allowed, but shell fish is not. There is also a non- dietary and a non-mean type of the kosher diet. These types allow for small amounts of milk which are not considered dairy, and may also allow milk derivatives. Other types exclude milk, eggs, and cheese completely.

Becoming a vegetarian is a step many takes for a variety of reasons, it's either for the belief that slaughtering animals is dreadful thus we can't eat animals as a way of sympathising with them yet new humane techniques are now brought into existence to be later on discussed. Sympathising with animals is not the only reason pushing people forward in favour of being a vegetarian; some take the step due to dietary problems while others find meat disgusting enough to be a part of their meal. Excluding meat of an individual's life could be for several reasons such as suffering from pain while digesting them or even not feeling the appetite to go for it. The pain throughout the process of its digestion to some people is either caused due to a sensitive stomach or some kind of digesting confusions. This category of people mostly stops eating meat as soon as they find themselves in pain; however, others end to consult a doctor. Patients of sensitive stomachs are likely to suffer from similar pain while eating any heavy meal, not only meat, and in that case a doctor visit is a requirement. Doctors' prescriptions for such cases are usually a one of two choices, limiting food varieties for the patient or simply excluding meat from their diet. A more effective method is however sometimes used by other therapists which are special medications to strengthen the stomach. A third type of patients are ones banned from meat not due to any pain, but for its side effects due to a certain disease the patient suffers from.

Lots of benefits of meat are being lacked in the diet of vegeterians. Mostly the mighty vit.B12. which plays a vital role in cell division and blood formation, not only but also it is important for women that are pregnant and children, state the (IVU) International Vegetarian Union, so that they can grow normally, however plants do not contain vitamin B12 unless they are infected by microorganisms. It is known that the minimum requirement for vitamin B12 is small, a 1/1000 of a milligram (1 microgram) a day for adults is enough, A vitamin B12 deficiency is a big problem that lead to an ultimate irreversible nerve damage that will last till your life time. Vegetarians say that they can get the required RDA of vitamin B12 from non-animal sources that include Nutri-Grain cereal of which 1.4 ounces is enough to supply an adult RDA and Red Star T-6635+ nutritional yeast of which 1-2 teaspoons supplies the adult RDA, also the use of vitamin pills can compensate for the lack of vitamin B12 in a person's diet. Another important benefit lacking in a vegan diet is (Omega 3) which is a fatty acid obtained mainly from fish. Omega 3 is known to treat Alzheimer; while a vegetarian diet lacks Omega 3 there are many nutritional pills that can supply Omega 3 to a person.

The anthropology researchers are proving that early human that ate meat had larger brain that those who did not, in an article titled as" An Introduction To Human Evolutionary Anatomy" by Leslie Aiello, she explains widely and claims that early human that are about 1.5 million years ago had began to eat meat which is a high source of calorie and easily digested helps in growth of brain tissue by 1 gram every it requires 20 tomes energy need for growth than kidneys . so with the growth of the brain the energy requirement became very high thus having a reverse effect on the digestive systems of early humans so they got smaller.

To avoid killing animals, some people become vegetarians. On the contrary, to serve the vegetarian diet, deforestation is needed to provide land for crops. As a result many animals will be homeless; being vegetarian has nothing to do with saving animals. "Vegetarian diet kills animals too". Some of these animals are mice, moles, rabbits.

Another misconception about being vegetarian is that vegetarians live more than non-vegetarians. However, according to oxford vegetarians may live 1-2 years more than non-vegetarians. Vegetarians' diet has lower cholesterol level and they need to compensate for the deficiency of meat and fish by taking nutritional pills, which might be harmful.

Socially, vegetarians are afraid of people's sarcasm since some people see that as an awkward situation. It's only enclosed to adults, but also children are sometimes forced to eat meat by their colleagues. When a vegetarian is around people may act differently either being so nice and supporting or being really sarcastic.

Animals are killed by two main ways, the mainstream method and the ritual method. In the mainstream. In the mainstream method which is widely used in the UK the animal is first sent into unconsciousness and then killed. Animals are first stun and then have their throat cut off as prescribed by the EU community. Mechanical, gas and electric are the three main methods used to stun an animal. The first type which is mechanical stunning consists of various sub types including captive bold, conscious stunning and the free bullets. Captive bolt is the main type used, it consists of cartridge, compressed air and an under tension spring applied to the skull of the animal. The drawback is that, if done wrong, the animal might wake up again or might be still conscious . This method is applied to farmed animals and rabbits. The second type is conscious stunning. It is done by hitting cattle with a very strong device on the head.The main problem of this type is that it might not be performed correctly and the animals are not concussed and remain conscious while their throats are being cut. The third type of mechanical stunning is free bullets. This type is mainly used in emergencies with animals which are hard to be handled. However, it is important that the bullet should hit the head since if it went wrong to hit the chest or neck the animal will feel pain.

Gas stunning is the second type of stunning animals before cutting their throats off. There are two categories where gas stunning is divided to, first, the carbon dioxide stunning which is mainly used for stunning pigs as in the United Kingdom. Pigs when exposed to 90% carbon dioxide, it dies immediately after five minutes only. The main problem of this method is that pigs have great fear and breathlessness whiles the exposure to carbon dioxide. As a reflex, sometimes pigs try to escape it. The second category is carbon dioxide and argon stunning which is mainly used for stunning chickens and turkey. If they are stunned in a carriage or a transporter, they may be incompletely stunned while their throats are being cut off.

The third and last type of stunning is the electric stunning which is sub-divided into three types. The first type is called Head only electric stunning which is the most commonly used upon animals, where the electrical current passes through the animals head and renders it unconscious. By the usage of this type, a problem arise where the electricity supplied to the animals head may be insufficient therefore, it regain conscious back. The second type is the cardiac arrest stunning which has a lesser range of use compared to the first type upon animals, where the electrical current passes through head, brain, body and heart or passes through head then chest. In this type, a problem may arise as in some cases a second stun is done which causes a lot of pain to animal during cardiac arrest which is against the animal rights and the merciful killing or stunning or slaughtering it should be exposed to. The last electric stunning type is the water bath electric stunning type which is only used for birds and poultry, where they are turned upside down and dipped into electrified water bath where they get a heart attack. Also, problem may arise in this type as birds may not get the heart attack due to different anatomical variations of birds, in addition to that some birds may not get immersed in the electrified water bath at all, or get only their wings immersed and that cause a massive amount and stage of pain and this mainly occur to birds with large wings. The types of stunning according to "going for the kill" article published in Viva magazine. Ritual slaughter is done with different rules than mainstream slaughter. If it's ritual slaughter then its rule state that the knife must be large and sharp and the cut must be done in a single, fast and strong stroke, and that to include cutting both jugular veins and carotid arteries. This ritual slaughter is what is used in Islam and Judaism which is the merciful slaughter in addition to the removal of blood from the slaughtered animal.

At last, it is agreed on that vegetarians are healthier than the non vegetarians due to their highly decreased percentage of fat and cholesterol consumption but as it is below normal, vegetarians should compensate this deficiency by taking some pills. Nevertheless, it doesn't cause increasing their life spam as people may think. On the other hand, vegetarians miss the pleasure of meat eating especially that there is no religion forbidden eating meat unless it is done under each religion's certain laws of eating it. In relation to the above, if animals should or must be killed then not by those painful means mentioned, instead by merciful means that doesn't put them through pain, and if a person is turning into a vegetarian as a call and a step to save animals from killing, then he is in a huge misunderstanding as animals are killed for making vegetarian's food too!!