The Negative Effects Of Aspartame Biology Essay

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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, which consists of phenylalanine and aspartic acids containing amino acids. It is available in various products of foods sold in the market. This type of sweetener is present in the market in form of brands such as Canderel, Equal and NutraSweet. This product is one of the ingredients in many consumer beverages and foods such as chewing gums breathe mints, puddings, frozen desserts and yoghurt, in the world. Aspartame was discovered in the year 1965 by James Schlatter and approved for human consumption in 1981. The reason it took time from its discovery to approval was that it had concerns in brain cancer possibilities. The effects of aspartame on humans have direct impact on their organs such as the head, liver and the pancreas. This context will cover the negative effects of Aspartame on human body and brain.

Aspartame contains some amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein found in foods that the human consume. The elements of aspartame are readily present in foods containing proteins such as fish, milk, meat, eggs and vegetables. The artificial aspartame that people consume, use the same method of natural digestion with other proteins, but it is consumed in tiny amounts to give the sweet taste because it is more than hundred times sweeter than ordinary sugars. The reason why it is preferred is that it is sweet and contains fewer calories than natural sugars, which reduces weight gain. Natural sugar contains more calorie quantity, which amounts to sixteen calories per teaspoon, while a teaspoon of aspartame contains about two calories.

The advantage of aspartame in reducing weight gain has made people to take it in various parts of the world. The only thing that most people do not know is that the approval of aspartame was not done in a distinctive procedure. Corruptive methods were used in the approval procedures of the product. Aspartame has been seen to contain some negative effects on human brain and the body as a whole. Some effects include brain tumors, brain lesions, epilepsy, mental retardation, nausea, numbness, dizziness, heart palpitations, headaches and lymphoma. This product is supposed to be taken in very small amounts but people take large amounts of aspartame in to their bodies unknowingly. This has led to various side effects in their bodies.

A common effect of aspartame is neural cell damage especially on children. Children with less defense to protect the brains from the radicals produced by taking aspartame are the most affected. Neural cell damage causes other diseases related to neuron damage such as dementia, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. The damage of neurons in the brain causes the retardation of the body and it is very dangerous especially on children, because this is the time of development of most of their organs. Brain damage is directly related to body growth; therefore, intake of aspartame in young age affects their development. Many effects of this sweetener affect children due to their susceptibility and weak bodies. Children also like sweet and sugary products, which increases their chances of being affected.

The aspartame is broken down into its various elements; these are amino acids, phenylalanine, aspartic acid and some methanol. This methanol is converted into formaldehyde. The production of excess formaldehyde is harmful to the human body, which is known globally as a neurotoxin. Methanol is poisonous and accumulates in the body due to its low excretion rate when absorbed. Therefore, the body has to act fast to avoid much accumulation. The body oxidizes methanol to from formaldehyde and formic acid, which are both toxic in the body. This shows that much consumption of aspartame stresses the body in digestion process. Research has also shown that aspartame increases the rate of obtaining cancerous disease such as breast cancer, leukemia and lymphomas.

Aspartame can trigger or worsen some chronic diseases in human body. These chronic diseases include chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, mental retardation, fibromyalgia, brain tumors, birth defects and multiple sclerosis. These diseases are difficult to cure and can affect a person in his or her lifetime and can affect the subsequent generations. These diseases are still undergoing research in search of their cure. They have given doctors a hard time due to high number of people in the world who are dying from these chronic diseases.

Various food and beverage organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Soft Drink association (NSDA) argue aspartame is not harmful when consumed in small quantities. The problem the people have is that many products are manufactured using artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and others. Consumption of manufactured products in small quantity will continue to increase the amount of aspartame in the body. This in turn brings the complications caused by large amount of aspartame in the body. The mixture of various chemicals from different manufactured products also hastens the process of weakening the body to make it prone to diseases and grow effectively.

Food and beverage organizations have not been able to control the intake of harmful chemicals in human bodies. They approve products, which contain harmful chemicals when taken in large quantities. Since people like taste than nutrition, they find themselves taking large quantities of harmful chemicals, which bring complications to their bodies. Chemicals weaken the bodies and eventually, bodies are unable to control the operations involved in daily survival of a human being. This reduces the lifetime of people. The harmful chemicals are still being produced and packed in foods and beverages. Due to the fact the chemicals improve on taste, the consumers have less concern of their nutrition and health, they take the products, which creates a channel of chemicals entering their bodies and continue causing damages.

Brain problems such as memory loss, brain tumors are some of the effects of aspartame in the brain. Aspartame facilitates information transmission between neuron to neuron in the brain. Excess aspartame in the brain causes influx of much calcium ions into the brain cells, which results in killing of some neurons. The neuron cells are killed by the excessive free radical amounts produced by the influx of calcium. This process is called excito-toxins, this is because aspartame excites the neurons to death. This reduces and even stops the smooth running of the brain operations. The malfunctioning of the brain is very critical condition for any living person in this world. It results into other complications of the body and some of the complications are non-reversible.

The presence of a person with a malfunctioning brain is a loss, because there are no benefits he/she can produce. Brain damage is fatal and mostly it is not curable. This shows how aspartame intake into the body is very harmful. A person can take aspartame by getting convinced that it will help him/her lose weight, but eventually the events turns upside down and there exists much disaster than benefits. Recent researches have shown that intake of aspartame causes craving of taking much carbohydrate, which provides high amount of calories and leads to weight gain. In addition to that, more body complications, such as chronic diseases, are experienced that even cause permanent change to the body.

Continued intake of aspartame products causes addiction. People are trapped and find themselves taking more of aspartame products. Aspartame is an addictive, carcinogenic genetically engineered drug, which is liable to damage the mitochondria of cells. Sweeteners try to create the need to require more sweetness in the body, this forces people to take sweet tasting food having less nutritional value. Research on aspartame shows that it affects dopamine absorption in the brain; therefore, it is addictive. This addiction is another cause of intake of large amounts of artificial sweeteners in the body.

As earlier stated, the elements of aspartame; amino acids and phenylalanine, are also available in other natural food components inform of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. The body digests the natural foods and produce amino acids and others. These elements of natural foods are not harmful to the body, but amino acids consumed in free form into the body get absorbed into the blood and make the blood plasma to rise, which results in rise of neurotransmitters in some certain parts of the brain. Concentration of neurotransmitters on some parts of the brain causes malfunctions of the brain and can lead to epilepsy, numbness and stroke. This shows that the amino acids in aspartame are in free form, which is not a suitable form of amino acids in the body because it brings complications to the body.

The blood brain barrier is a protective element of blood in the brain, which shields the brain from excessive aspartame and other toxins. This barrier is not grown fully in children; therefore, aspartame can affect the brain easily and cause complications. The brain barrier does not cover all the brain areas; this makes aspartame and other toxins to enter into the brain through the unprotected parts and cause damages to the brain. Acute and chronic conditions can damage the blood brain barrier. This makes the brain to be susceptible to various entrances of excess aspartame and toxins, which try to modify the operation of the brain. Another property of blood barrier in the brain is that it allows passage of excess aspartame into the brain even in good working condition. This property makes it unable to protect the brain from excessive aspartame and other toxins.

Phenylalanine, which makes about fifty percent of aspartame, is also toxic in the body in high concentration. Phenylalanine is an amino acid found in the brain. People with a disorder called Phenylketonuria (PKU) cannot metabolize this element. Intake and concentration of this element in the brains of a person with this disorder is lethal. It has also been observed that intake of aspartame and carbohydrates leads to excess levels phenylalanine. Excessive phenylalanine in the brain can cause decrease in serotonin, which leads to emotional disorders like stress and depression.

In the process of breaking down aspartame in metabolism process, a byproduct called Diketopiperazine (DKP) is released. DKP has been found to be involved in brain tumors. By nitro sating DKP in the gut, it produces a compound called N-nitrosourea, which is a powerful chemical that causes brain tumors. DKP I also one of the element involved uterine polyps and change in the cholesterol of blood. From this paragraph, it can be noted that various agents originating from the intake of aspartame cause brain tumors. The body tries its best to remove harmful chemical from its system, but excessive chemicals overcome it, which leads to weakening and diseases.

Upon intake of aspartame, it cause general body complications such as allergies, dizziness, nausea, numbness, eye bulging, decreased night vision, hearing impairment, headache, insomnia, lip and mouth reaction, menstrual changes, bloating, excessive thirst and others. All these are some of the conditions, which can be seen directly after intake of excess aspartame. These conditions can leads to chronic conditions, which are difficult to treat and cure. The intake of natural sugars is far much safer than using aspartame as sweeteners. This is because natural sugars do not bring about diseases and complications as compared to aspartame when consumed on equal ordinary amounts.

Aspartame manufacturers are still advising that taking aspartame products are still healthy and have medicinal value. They say that this sweetener is effective in weight reduction, maintenance of weight, reduce tooth decay, assists in diabetes management caused by obesity. They continue to argue that consumers can continue taking these products because it is a healthy lifestyle to use low calorie products. All form of sugars including aspartame can cause tooth decay. They allow rapid reproduction and growth of bacteria in the mouth and cause tooth decay. As people take more beverages and sugar product, they are at high risk of getting tooth cavities. Tooth cavities tend to affect various teeth and results in damage of teeth. Damaged teeth are painful and expensive to treat. Teeth maintenance involves maintaining hygiene and avoiding taking much sugary products such as the aspartame.

Obesity is another problem of the body, which can be brought by aspartame. Due to the rooted misconception and misinformation, people tend to eat more of sweeteners to reduce weight and promote good health. Aspartame has been directly linked capable to cause obesity. Since aspartame is addictive, it tends to forces people to take more of the sweet products to satisfy the desire. As state earlier, it also causes cravings of carbohydrate foods. In satisfying the craving, a person takes many calories into the body, which leads to weight gain. The accumulation of fats from the carbohydrate metabolism tends to increase in the body and eventually causes obesity.

Chemical intake in our bodies is a major cause of body disorders in the present world. Chemicals such as aspartame and others are not balanced diet and usually cause imbalance in the operations of the body. These chemicals also cause the body to crave for foods, which are not balanced diet. The intake of unbalanced diet causes malnutrition and this marks the start of body disorders. The starvation of the body from nutrients causes the body to be stressed. This is because the body does not have enough ingredients to protect the body and work in good condition. The worst bit of the situation is that the manufacturers of artificial sweeteners aim on children who have weak bodies, which are vulnerable to body disorders.

Manufacturers use advertise their products using children, putting vending machines in schools and they influence doctors that sweeteners are not harmful to children. From the advertisements, children tend to take more of the sweeteners, which increase the number of children who are affected by these chemicals. Most disorders that occur in people’s bodies cannot be explained on their sources. This is because the body is filled with chemicals and is unable to resist infections from any source. A slight infection is just enough to cause total havoc in body functions and some of the infections cannot be identified at once. This makes the infections to develop inside the body and eventually make a person very sick.

Aspartame is also believed to cause heart problems. Heart doctors say that patients have abnormal changes in the heart rhythm, which included palpitations and rapid action of the heart. There are also cases of slow pulse and complete block of the heart within hours. Heart blocking is fatal and can cause unexplained deaths at a short time. The heart is a central organ of the body, therefore, any interference in the functions of the heart causes acute changes in the body, which includes death. The heart is generally involved in circulation of blood in the body; blood carries relevant nutrients, minerals and water to the body tissues. Interfering with the heart affects blood circulation, which deprives the body crucial elements for its operations.

Hypertension is another problem caused aspartame elements. Patients display elevation in pressure of blood and this was characterized by headaches. Patients affected by hypertension who continue taking aspartame had uncontrolled maintenance medication. This shows that aspartame continues to cause more and serious problems in the body. The elevation of pressure in blood and the subsequent rapid heat action are caused by phenylalanine and its byproducts after metabolism. The byproducts responsible in heart interference are norepinephrine, dopamine and epinephrine. Hypertension is also a source other disorders in the body such as heart fatigue, narrowing of blood arteries, damage to the kidneys and brain damage. This shows that the interference of the heart affects all the vital organs of the body such as the kidney, brain and the blood vessels.

Other heart disorders caused by taking aspartame are chest pains and breathe shortness. Other patients also experience pains in other parts of the body. The sign of breathe shortness shows that there less flow of air in and out of the body. The body tissues require fresh air from the lungs for better performance. Lack of enough air in the tissues causes fatigue, dizziness and even headaches. It can be noted that the effects of aspartame in the body supplement each other in interfering the body operations. On the other hand, the body tries to get to its normal conditions by putting more stress on the tissues. The tissues also respond to that stress by producing pain, which the person can feel.

The kidney is another organ, which is affected by the intake of aspartame in the body. It has been found that people taking aspartame and other artificial sweeteners has a high risk of affecting the kidney to work more than normal. This problem is common in women and it is even worse when combined with other complications such as pregnancy, smoking, heart disorder and diabetes. Diet sodas contain aspartame and excessive amounts of sodium. High sodium level declines the kidney operations, which can bring disorders to the body. Another study shows that aspartame increase the number of calcium radicals in the urine. The kidney filters blood and removes urine from it. The presence of calcium causes kidney stones in the filter organ. This problem of calcium accumulation in the kidney affects most men. The calcium radical combine with other to form small crystals that accumulate in the urine and are not flushed out. This causes kidney stones. These stones in the kidney cause disorders in the urinary system.

The eyes also are also affected by intake of aspartame in the body. There are cases of blurred vision, eye pain, decreased tears and decreased night vision. Aspartame contains ten percent methanol, which is poisonous chemical in the body. It poisons the optical nerve, which transmits information from the eyes to the brain. The interference of the information taken to the brain causes the blurred vision, blindness and even eye pains. The phenylalanine element also affects the nerve system and the brain. The brain and the nerves are very crucial elements in the running of body functions. Their interference causes adverse reactions in the body, which results into pain, disorders and other complications.

Other organs such as the liver, pancreas, ears, the intestines and sexual organs are not excluded. The effects of aspartame and its byproducts also affect these significant organs. From this context, it has been observed the effects of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are harmful to the crucial organs of the body. The approval of the product does not mean that it is not destructive. It is very hard for consumers to measure the amount of aspartame that they take into their bodies, but what they see is the destructive effects from their bodies. The process of curing the disorders brought about aspartame effects is difficult and expensive. Some of the effects can lead to death because they affect the critical organs in the body, which are very sensitive to interferences. This context describes the effects of aspartame on human bodies. These effects are adverse and cause serious damage to body organs. Some of the damages caused are irreversible such as cancer, diabetes, infertility and blindness. This context shows that the negative effects of aspartame outweigh the positive effects. People should try to avoid intake of harmful chemicals, such as aspartame, into their bodies to avoid complications and healthy living.