The Distribution Of Artificial Virginity Hymen Biology Essay

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Hymen is a fold mucous which surrounds or covers a part of vaginas mouth. Not only body shape be able to see, but also the hymen have different shape, mildness and flexibility. All of them have different character and individualism. The hymen have blood vessel and nerve. There are four kind of hymen. First, Annular hymen, is membrane who circled the mouth of vagina. Second, Septate hymen, is membrane is marked with some opened holes. Third, Cibriform hymen, membrane is marked with some opened holes, but smaller and all the more. Fourth, Introitus, at woman who had experience in sex, the hole of vagina can be bigger, but the hymen network still leaved. Hymen is very sensitive, frail and small, about finger size. So that, hymen easier to break with anything, then the torn from hymen many the time that follow with bleeding and agonies. Need be remember, that the thickness, shape, elasticity of hymen from every woman is different.

Artificial Virginity Hymen (AVH) was made in Kyoto, Japan 1993. And introduced in Japan local market, and then after two years, AVH become famous and spread to Thailand in 1995, and now available in south-east Asia, Middle Asia, and middle-east. The reason for AVH made, many woman who had violence with her virginity, and she could not to her husband know about her problem, in honeymoon her sure to use that product. The country which give priority to virginity woman. The woman must still virgin before she is married. The shape of Artificial Virginity Hymen likes plastic gums with splashed of blood in the middle of plastic. In the one of product website which cycling in Indonesia written, with using this AVH, your honeymoon will be "GETTING" back every time. It said that, the product which had 0.08 kg, supported with red liquid likes blood as if first time the woman hymen has been broken.

The distribution of Artificial Virginity Hymen (AVH) is so wide spread, especially in Asia and somewhere about it. Gigimo is a Chinese corporation who importing the AVH in Asia. Gigimo selling their product with price 30$ US (between Rp 300.000). Gigimo advertising their product to a country which still considers that virginity is a thing which the woman must be have. Many people in Egypt very shocked with this AVH in their region. The Egypt conservative parliaments call upon embargo on the importation of AVH made in china. In fact, a Egyptian religionist profited to importer of user that tool, be expelled. Gigimo has advertised their product in whole Arabian countries. Lot of people in Middle East still considers that virginity is dead price which a woman must be having. For this case, patients must be pay about 1000 until 3000 RMB. This is so simply procedures which produce good profit. So that, many side of hospital interested for gives this virginity repair service.

In Indonesia, Artificial Virginity Hymen is very popular. In Jakarta, AVH available in everywhere. So many websites and blogs bidding that rubbish. This tool comes in to Indonesia with black market method. In Jakarta AVH sell with the start price Rp 165.000 until Rp 700,000. This tool used with many which just married woman, for deceive her husband, that she still have good virgin. A lot of AVH come in Indonesia, because in Indonesia, which still many woman virginity is very important to have, especially for woman who wants to married. Besides that, many men in Indonesia get anxious for virgin to marry. Without fail, those tools, sell like hot cakes. Also spare Rahmadani where Indonesia has always been warehouses and experimental foreign goods to the community. He even considered that there is a trade boycotts the country's health products such as in the Middle East.

"In the Middle East alone this product is prohibited, there must be effects or reasons why the product is not allowed to circulate in the market," he added.

In the current era of sophisticated all this, many use a product that presents the restlessness results instantly or quickly, the people have never realized the impact of such products for health and its impact on the body.

"Indonesian women should be more careful, especially this time of cervical cancer has started to become a hot topic of discussion as well as reap the many victims," he said.

Rahmadani also expect participation from government, and consumer agencies to oversee the distribution of health products should also review the impact of Referrals and long-term.

"We do have a variety of experts, it should be empowered government to assess the pros and cons of a health product," he concluded.In the Jakarta area alone, these products become target of many women, coupled with the price offered is very affordable. Such a case the longer it will greatly influence the moral and immoral actions and the rise of violence in the community.

For health, the use of this AVH is no advantages. Instead would cause a dangerous disease risk. However, for women who had broken her virginity before married, AVH usage is very helpful to deceive their partners. Clearly, the man who was still a virgin would feel loss. Especially for the commercial sex workers, these items would often buy them, to benefit a lot.Artificial Virginity Hymen, also called second virginity Hymen can make the cancer risk. If that broke, the liquid will be out from the AVH, maybe that liquid made from herbs and latex. It cans maybe dangerously, because the blood is artificial blood. It can be cancer risk, although written in the pack, made from natural materials and there is no effect from using that tool. Besides that, AVH, can make infection, and can be bad using by commercial sex workers, because there are many men who want to pay expensive masher to get a virgin girl. The presence of AVH was feared to boost people in Indonesia do free sex, venereal disease, and cervical cancer, and rise the number of abortion. In addition, for a man who was still a virgin AVH use this action is victimization. According to both the Dean pisikolog at the University of Medan Area rahmadani Hidayatin, instant products that circulate in the market should be more scrutiny by consumers. This is related to the issue of illegal supplies of the product is said to have very harmful effects for health, "Consumers should be more keen to sort out which products are more qualified and not just for a moment,"

Opinioning news, Prof. Dr. Junizaf, SpOG, faculty in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology FKUI RSCM, claimed never found AVH. He said: "I've been following conferences everywhere, but never knew the existence of this false Hymen". "Hymen big hole about one finger. So if there's sex must be torn, but a very elastic which was not easy to not be torn and bloody. Though was so, according to junizaf, hymenoplasty operation was not popularized in Indonesia with the moral and social reasons . 'Women are still highly regarded degree. After all if the operation is popular, it means that honesty is not appreciated anymore "he said. In certain circumstances, hymenoplasty done by doctors, for example in rape victims. Hymenoplasty goal is to restore the state before the tear Hymen. Further comments from dr. BoykeDian Nugraha, SP. OG, MARS from Couples Clinic. Despite claiming never seen directly, a consultant gynecologist and sex was estimated using this product like a condom for women, the way he inserted into the vagina. "This may be attached to the Hymen. If torn, these products out of artificial blood, which may be made from herbs and sap. I think it is very dangerous because the blood of his blood was made, the bias causes cancer "he explained. Moreover, this product bias is used multiple times.

Not all women are born with a Hymen, research has shown that some babies are born without a Hymen. Hymen operations not required for women to be married but her Hymen was not intact anymore. Hymen restoration operations are always a pros and cons. Actually, if all people have an understanding of the Hymen, it is no longer needed surgery. Virginity person cannot be determined by the presence of bleeding in wedding night. Hymen operations, including operation very simple. So, if you need only the Hymen is "intact" and bias bleeding, anyone (women of course) refractive surgery to become a virgin again. In this course, happened "fraud" against the man who became her husband. However, keep in mind that the thickness, shape, and elasticity Hymen vary in every woman. Uroginecology Any action intended to restore the function and anatomy, as well as make the vaginal opening in women who smoothly abnormalities birth defects.

Fact About Oral Sex

Oral sex a lot like men. This sexual activity can burn them to a fantasy willing to hunt anywhere. Comfort women were often victims of the men sought by hunters this satisfaction. However, they realize the dangers that threaten the satisfaction behind it? Sex is something that never-ending discussion. Oral sex is one activity that is often done when intercourse. Especially for people who really enjoy Adam this activity. Many men consider oral sex as one of the obligatory rituals that must be done. Legitimate if oral sex is primarily an official partner. This activity is much like a man because of the biological and psychological benefit. Many people who say that oral sex is sexual activity of the safest when compared with the other sex. Especially for couples who are not bound, oral sex is sexual activity that is considered safe because it will not result in pregnancy. But, whether this oral sex with a prostitute is really safe from other risks such as sexually transmitted disease affected (PMS)? Here's what to watch out for oral sex lovers 'snacks'. Men usually feel the level of a higher pleasure in receiving and giving oral sex. In some studies, they often say that they want more often than desired by their partners. Oral sex is also favored women, commercial sex workers. The comfort women are performing oral sex to avoid transmission of various types of venereal disease to her. Is the suggestion of oral sex with a prostitute will not cause any danger? This opinion seems far from the truth. Because the human mouth is an organ that is only coated soft tissue and less elastic. Mucosa or soft tissue in the mouth is easy to hurt and is not a strong fortress against the arrival of uninvited guests, namely bacteria and viruses.

In addition, the mouth and lips more often experienced broken inviting infected risk of disease through oral sex. Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HIV and genital warts (HPV) is the most common STDs are transmitted through contact between the mouth and genitals. If you like oral sex and cannot change this habit, it shall take into consideration the health of the tools your genital. Thus can be known early signs of a general if something happened that early symptoms associated with PMS. The only way if you still want to perform oral sex in a way fellatio (oral sex on male organ), then use a condom without lubrication (or eliminate lubricants). When do cunnilingus (oral sex on female organs), your partner should use protective gear. This tool is a square piece of latex placed over the vulva, so that no direct contact occurred or the exchange of body fluids.

Disease Due to Oral Sex are Sore Mouth, Oral sex can also be a source of infection if the mouth sore mouth afflicted by the sexually transmitted disease. Oral cavity may be suffering from a venereal disease when having oral sex with someone who is suffering from the disease. For example, if a woman performing oral sex on a man who was suffering from gonorrhea (gonorrhea), it can happen transmission from the penis into the mouth of the inner layer, or throat. As a result she suffered inflammation of the mouth or throat due to gonorrhea. If later, the woman performing oral sex on another man healthy, he can catch that had gonorrhea. Yet, if the cavity mouth disease is not sex, oral sex is not necessarily a source of transmission. Throat Cancer, Several types of viruses that can cause throat cancer in men or women, suspected transmitted through oral sex. In a study conducted for the first time, scientists studying the link between human papilloma virus (HPV) which causes cervical cancer with oropharyngeal cancer that attacks the throat, tonsils and the back of the tongue. The incidence of HPV infection through oral sex activity in the United States continued to increase since 1973. Now getting more risk of disease transmission through oral sex, throat cancer that is. Formerly, many called the most vulnerable people affected by throat cancer are smokers and those who consume lots of alcohol. However, it seems that another factor is more dominant. The person performing oral sex couples alternated by more than 6 times the risk of having throat cancer 9 times higher. Not all people enjoy oral sex. Many who tried and liked it, while others give you some comments. These comments can be divided into three general things. First, that oral sex was not hygienically. The second reason is because the factors taboo to do so. Third, that oral sex is not an expression of masculinity or femininity. In hygiene, good oral sex, semen (cum) or vaginal fluids are not harmful to those who are not exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. Each person must ensure that he and his partner free of STIs before having sexual relations. There is no disease that is transmitted through oral sex can not be transmitted through sex in other forms. If someone is suffering from PMS, the partner is likely to catch any form of sexual relationship they do. In short, sex between couples who are safe and healthy clean. To ensure that the examination would take. If you have never done oral sex with a prostitute who suffered from venereal disease, rest assured that you will not be suffering from the disease. Not easy to find out whether or not you are infected after oral contact as its impact can not be immediately visible, but after a while. If the girlfriend or wife only ever had sexual intercourse with a male official, be assured that they were not going to infect you with the disease. The worst possibility is that a boyfriend had inflammation of the mouth or throat due to venereal disease. Of course it's only happened if he had oral sex with a man who was having a venereal disease. Dr. Ferryal Loetan, an expert Sexcology also said that oral sex performed by women against men may allow transmission of the disease in the body. Because in the mouth there are a lot of saliva. Some germs and bacteria do not stand there with the substances in the saliva, but not all. Likewise with a variety of fungi including the common viruses in the human body. Where have received oral disease, it can only transmit the disease to give oral, and vice versa. But if both are healthy then no problem. A healthy sexual relationship will not result in transmission of STDs. Similarly, a healthy oral sex will not be a source of transmission of venereal disease. To avoid infected disease, oral sex perpetrators advised to use condoms as a safety. Now produced created condoms vary even with different taste like oranges and strawberries. In the United States, nearly 90 percent of comfort women ask their partners to use condoms during oral berserks. But in Indonesia, this step seems to have done.


AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. Acquired means to get, so not a hereditary disease, immuno means the immune system, deficiency means deficiency, while the syndrome is a collection of symptoms.

AIDS is a disease caused by viruses that damage the immune system, so that the body vulnerable to other diseases that can be fatal. In fact, these diseases such as viruses, worms, fungi protozoa, and basil do not cause significant disruption to people who normally immune system. In addition to infectious diseases, AIDS patients are also susceptible to cancer. Thus, the symptoms of AIDS vary greatly.

The virus that causes this disease is a virus HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus). Nowadays known also two types of HIV are HIV-1 and HIV-2. Most of the infections caused by HIV-1, whereas infection by HIV-2 found in West Africa. HIV-1 infection provide clinical picture almost identical. Only HIV-1 infection is more easily transmitted and the time since the start of infection (entry of virus into the body) to a shorter disease.

Travel Diseases Once infected with HIV, 50-70% of patients will experience symptoms called acute HIV syndrome. These symptoms are similar to symptoms of viral infection that usually include fever, headache, sore throat, myalgias (sore on the body), enlargement of glands and weakness. In some people, infection can be severe with decreasing consciousness. This syndrome usually disappears within a few week. Within 3 - 6 months later, a new serological test would be positive, because it has formed antibodies. Period 3 - 6 months is called window period, in which the patient can transmit the laboratory but the results of his HIV test was negative.

After the primary infection, the patient will enter into a period without symptoms. In this period the virus continues to multiply progressively in lymph nodes. This period lasted long enough, that is 5 10 years. After this period the patient will enter the phase of full-blown AIDS. With the weakening of the immune system, patients become more susceptible to infectious diseases and cancer. Even these diseases are a frequent cause of death of the patient. Infection is caused by weakening of the immune called opportunistic infections. Most infectious diseases are caused reactivation (reactivation) of existing bacteria in patients, so it is not a new infection. Meanwhile, for the parasitic infection / fungal parasites depend on the prevalence / fungus in the area.

Disease transmission of AIDS. Treatment costs are very expensive, but the result was still not satisfactory, because it would be better to prevent this disease when compared to treat. To make preventi onefforts need to know how this disease transmission.

In principle, this disease can be transmitted through sexual contact, parenteral, and perinatal. Despite the effectiveness of sexual transmission is very small compared to other transmission lines, which range from 0.1%, but because the frequency of events is very large, the percentage of sexual transmission of HIV eventually becomes very large. The following modes of transmission in 446 cases of AIDS in Indonesia.

How to Prevent Sexual Transmission? The fact above shows that educating people to behave responsibly in their personal lives, especially in matters of sex is the prevention of transmission of the most effective. To prevent the sexual transmission should avoid sexual relations outside of marriage with anyone and avoid a homosexual relationship. Avoid sexual contact with prostitutes (male or female) even in areas free of AIDS said. We cannot know whether a person has AIDS from his appearance alone. People infected with the AIDS virus often feel healthy and look healthy from the outside. Drink alcohol often causes a person less able to distinguish what is right and wrong, causing a person cannot think cleaned that relationship outside of marriage violate religious rules and easier to transmit AIDS and various other sexual diseases. For the same reason, avoid the porn movies.

If you cannot avoid sex outside of marriage, use condoms. The use of condoms was at least able to reduce the possibility of transmission of this disease. How to Prevent Needle stick Transmission Through? Avoid any drug injection, except when very necessary. If it must be injected, use disposable syringes or needles that have been sterilized properly and correctly. For drug addicts, do not ever use used needles to others.


Gonorrhea is a purulent infection of mucous membrane surfaces caused by a sexually transmitted microorganism, Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Virtually any mucous membrane can be infected by this highly infectious, gram-negative diplococcal organism. Gonococcal infections following sexual and perinatal transmission are a major source of morbidity worldwide. In the developed world, where prophylaxis for neonatal eye infection is standard, the vast majority of infections follow genitourinary mucosal exposure. Infections can involve cervicitis, proctitis, urethritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and pharyngitis. Complications include ectopic pregnancy and increased susceptibility to HIV.

The disease is caused by bacteria. It usually occurs a few days to several weeks after contact with people who have this disease. If you happen to men, the disease is a discharge from the penis. And if BAK bias hurt. However, these symptoms sometimes heavy bias or even did not feel at all.

Are these symptoms in women does not appear biased or only very mild. But if left untreated can cause the woman becomes infertile. Gonorrhea can be treated with antibiotics if treated early.

Many more of various diseases and lie about your partner. But, do not be afraid, for you who do not want to be deceived and diseases like that, so keep an eye on yourself, strong faith, and respect your couple.