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Graves’ Disease: Symptoms and Causes

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Biology
Wordcount: 1162 words Published: 30th May 2018

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  • Seritia Gayles

There are several different diseases and disorders that are caused by the endocrine system. Endocrine systems are made up of a gland that make and also relinquishes hormones that assist in the regulation of body functions. It also essentially helps with the body’s capacity to transition calories that create energy for the cells and also the organs. The endocrine system impacts the way that your heart beats, how the bones in your body as well as the tissues produce (The Mayo Clinic 2014). The endocrine system also plays a critical role in whether or not someone can produce a baby; there are so many effects that can prevent a female from becoming a mother. The endocrine system is critical to because it plays a big role in whether you get thyroid disease, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, and growth disorderscitation.

One endocrine disease is called Graves’ disease. This endocrine disease is an immune system disorder. Having Graves’s disease makes one develop more thyroid hormones. A portion of disorders may cause hyperthyroidism but Graves’s disease is a typical outcomecitation. Hyperthyroidism is a syndrome, which the thyroid gland makes too much hormone thyroxine. Hyperthyroidism will increase the speed of the body’s metabolism that will result in, unforeseen weight loss, sweating, inconstant heartbeat, and uneasiness (Wallaschofski H, Kuwert T, Lohmann T (2004). “TSH-receptor autoantibodies – differentiation of hyperthyroidism between Graves’ disease). Good

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Thyroid hormones influence a lot of abnormal body systems that can considerably affect the body’s state of health. Endocrines feedback system assists in helping stabilize the hormones in your bloodstream Good(Tim Taylor 2013 INNERBODY.COM). Whenever the body has a excessive amount or lacking amount of a particular hormone, the endocrine feedback system alerts the appropriate gland to resolve the issue. Hormone imbalance can develop if the endocrines feedback system has difficulty controlling the correct amount of hormones in your bloodstream or whether the body decides to get them out of your bloodstream accurately.

Some of the signs and symptoms Graves’ disease has is issues sleeping, increases heartbeat, severe weight loss, issues with pregnancy, unusual amount of bowel movements, hair thinning, and problems with the periods being irregularcitation. Graves’s disease can cause vision problems, so it is very important to make sure you see a doctor if this occurs. The eyes get inflamed which then cause issues with the sight. Graves’s disease can cause redness on the skin, as well as the tops of your feet. Graves’s disease is the most typical of thyroid issues. Graves’s disease should be properly diagnosed, once this occurs it is simple to address. Grave diseases vanish for a couple of month’s even years. If Graves’s disease is discarded it can affect the body severely and can cause death. The symptoms involved with having Graves ’ disease can produce distress, but there is no endless health impact if someone gets the proper treatments and help they need. There are a small percentage of people that have Graves’s disease but display and signal signs of a different condition called Graves’s ophthalmopathy (Bunevicius, R; Prange AJ, Jr (2006). “Psychiatric manifestations of Graves’ hyperthyroidism: pathophysiology and treatment options.”). There is also another condition called Graves’s demopathy. It is very important to make sure you get the correct diagnosis in order to treat this disease.Seritia, this paragraph is too long. You have multiple ideas in one paragraph. Also you need citations after your sentences even when not quoting to tell the reader where you found the information that you are discussing.

There are a couple of treatments that are used to treat Graves’s disease. A well known treatment is to get a heavy amount of radioactive iodincitatione. This dose will actually kill cells that are in the thyroid gland. This treatment stops the over flow of hormone production, in which by reducing the cells liable for creating the hormones. The measure of the radioactive iodine taken in by the patient is dependent on the magnitude of the thyroid (National institutions of health”). A physician can determine the size of the thyroid by taking an ultrasound then once this is done it can give the physician a idea of the amount of iodine the patient will need to receive. When taking in a lot of iodine it is important to drink a great amount of water. The excess iodine that is not taken in by the thyroid will come out through the patient’s urine.

Begin new paragraph Another treatment that can help with Graves’ disease is to have surgery. The surgery will get rid of the thyroid or some of the thyroid. Having surgery does have its risk, like damaging the vocal cords. There are a two of different medications that the physician can prescribe, they are Propylthiouracil and Tapazole (MedicineNet). These are most treatments that are used to cure Graves’s disease.

Graves’s disease can affect both men and women but it mostly affects women (The Mayo Clinic 2014). Graves’s disease can develop within all ages of men and women, but mostly occurs in the twenties and thirties. People that get Graves’ disease generally have relatives that have related thyroid diseases. The sex hormones that women produce play a factor in why women are prone to get Graves’ disease more than men. The thyroid is a big factor when it comes to pregnancy. The cause of Graves’s disease has many different components for cause. It is very important to get the right diagnoses on different disease and disorders that the endocrine systems effects.


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