Steroids Description Users And Effects Of Biology Essay

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Steroid is a class of manufactured testosterone-like drugs that are used to build muscles, boost and improve appearance (Basic facts about drugs: steroids). Many body constituents, drugs and hormones are referred to steroids such as bile acids, sterols and sex hormones. Anabolic-androgenic steroids are the most widely used steroids used as performance enhancing agents (Purchase anabolic androgenic steroids). Another steroid type is Cortico steroids, which are used to reduce the impact of pain, swelling and inflammatory symptoms. Some steroids are necessary to normal health such as Vitamin D. However, some are used to gain physical strength.

Why People Use Steroid?

Men used to be the steroid users, but the trend is changing and now steroids are also used by females. And now the use of steroids is not limited to any particular gender; both men and women use it. The reason for this shift is the desire of having a strong physique is also fast emerging in females. As a result they use steroids to get into better shape. It is not that only adult females use steroids, but young females also steroids for fast physical growth.

The use of many steroids is illegal, and it can only be used on doctor's prescription, yet many sportsmen have found guilty of using steroids in the recent past. As a result, some received temporary ban while some got lifetime ban. Now the question is why they use steroid if it is prohibited? The answer is a majority of steroid users believe that steroid is the only way to develop muscle strength. Furthermore, everyone loves winning, thus people also use steroids to enhance their performance. Some steroids are used as drugs, and like other drugs, people use steroids to escape the reality and enjoy the pleasure drugs provide them.

In today's world, people want to see their favorite sportsman winning. Thus, athletes do whatever it takes to win and they start using steroids to perform well in their respective sports, but in doing so they overlook the side effects of steroid.

Steroid Abuse Effects on Men and Women

The excessive use of any substance has some side effects so as the steroid. Unnecessary use of steroid may have adverse affects on human health. Aggression and uncontrollable mood-swings are the most common side effects that are caused by steroids (Disadvantages to steroids). People may feel good after using steroid, but continuous use may make people violent and manic-depressive. There are different gender-specific side effects caused by the unnecessary use of steroid. Problems faced by male users are baldness, gynecomastia (Development of breast issues), infertility, testicles atrophy, and prostate cancer. In addition, problems faced by female users are infertility, increases in body hair, deeper voice, and unpredictable menstrual cycle and enlarged clitoris (Disadvantages to steroids).

These are few problems that can result due to steroid use. In addition, steroid also affects human fertility that can cause different problems for both men and women. The next section highlights the effects of steroid use on human fertility.

Steroid Affects on Men and Women Fertility

As discussed earlier, the continuous use of steroid can cause a number of health-related problems. The most severe ones caused by the use of steroid are fertility problems in both men and women. This problem can often be long lasting (Illegal drugs and their affect on your fertility).

Steroids Affects on Male Fertility

Many males do not consider the effects of steroids on human fertility at all. They only care about looking good by having big muscles and performing well in the sports arena. The fact remains clouded until they decide on starting up a family and it is then when their habit of using steroids begins haunting them. In males, impotency and erectile dysfunction are the most common side effects of using anabolic steroid. Steroids also significantly affect the sperm count. This is because abuse of anabolic steroids severely affects the hormones, which are essential to the sperm production's process (Low fertility caused by steroids). In addition to the fact that the use of steroid can end up in low sperm count, it can also contribute in reducing the sex drive. Thus, it can be said that steroid can indeed cause a number of sexual and reproductive problems in male (Doweiko, 2008). And the more the steroids are taken, the larger it will affect the hormones pattern.

Fortunately, the damages that steroids cause on the male fertility can be reversed if someone stops taking the drugs. However, the effects can remain for a year, and the sperm count and functions can remain effected. It is important to avoid low fertility caused by steroids. The condition should be on the first priority to be considered, especially if the steroids are being used for the recreational purposes. In addition, people should not use steroids unless their health care providers recommend them.

Steroids Affects on Women Fertility

It is not a hidden fact that there is always a danger of low fertility when using steroids, both prescribed and non-prescribed. Fertility tabulations caused by steroids can upshot females. Like males, the use of steroids can have a damaging effect on the reproductive system of females. In severe cases, the fertility can be permanently affected. Those females who take corticosteroids regularly and hoping to conceive a baby are more prone to the side effects of steroids. Pseudohermaphroditism is another situation that pregnant women can suffer due to the abuse of anabolic steroid. In addition, it can also hinder the growth of female fetus. Steroids also increase the risk of fetal death in women.

It is important that they should consult with their physicians regularly to avoid any mishap in pregnancy or birth defects. The reason is the damage for some women in that case can be lasting, and it can have an impact on their ability to conceive. Moreover, such types of steroids remain in the body for a longer period, thus, the effects can remain till the drug is present in the body (Low fertility caused by steroids).