Should You Donate Your Body To Science Biology Essay

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What are the benefits? What are the cons? My personal opinion is that you should donate your body to science. However some people do think it would be disrespectful. Wouldn't you rather have your body be donated for the benefit of another or decompose in a coffin?  Wouldn't you prefer to have your body to be helpful for those who need practice and don't have as many bodies as they need?

            Donating one's body may not be for everyone. Especially if they have certain religions were you must be in one piece to travel to the next world. Example would be Heaven. Or whichever place you believe you'll go to after this life. Traditional Muslim burials require an intact body. They believe that the only way it is honored is if it's under the earth. According to some Jewish laws it is prohibited to donate your body. But every individual has a choice. Some religions frown upon it, other believe that it might (In my grandfather's own words) give you bonus points from the big man upstairs. Or they think (My step-father and his friends) that god would smile upon them and be rewarded by god when they arrived at Heaven.  

            Of course there are also just the plan facts about what sort of practices they use on your body. Perhaps it's just me but I wouldn't want my body to be used for cosmetic surgery. I rather my body have more important fate than practice for those eighty year olds that don't like they way they look. They look like awkward Barbie dolls. Example, Joan Rivers, or perhaps Cher. Chapter one in Stiff, heads are practiced on for face lifts. Or some wouldn't find it alright for bodies to crash tested to see what sort of wounds would be marked on the body. Or perhaps they shoot the cadaver to teach the effect of gunshots of war.   

            Like all things there are benefits not only for you, but your family! Companies such as MedCure. Their policy is to treat every donated body with compassion and respect. As a thank you for donating your body they are willing to generously pay for a traditional funeral. MedCure covers practically everything. They cover transportation, cremation, and two certified copies of the death certificate. After four to six weeks they return the cremated remains to the family in a heart-shaped urn. If you wish they will also set up a memorial so you can scatter the ashes of that loved one at sea. It's good to be sure that your family is cared for. This is perfect if you are worried about leaving your family in  financial crisis. If you don't feel comfortable with the idea it's always a good back up plan to think about.

            If you are one of those people that are just so worried about you self respect don't worry! Your head might be decapitated and you think they'd laugh about that. But it's quite different. This is serious practice. It's not a game. It's work and they respect those who've given their body up for the better of mankind! Or cosmetic crap. Either way you are still helpful to someone. Which is greatly appreciated.

            Donation of the body isn't for everyone however if you have an infectious disease or perhaps a condition such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, active tuberculosis, history of illegal drugs, or severely under or overweight at time of death. Some organizations might not be willing to take your body. Of course it depends what sort of practice is being done on your body. It's a good decision to ask these sort of questions if you want to set up a deal of some sort. Or you don't care and just want your body to be of use to someone else since you've moved on.

            Imagine dear reader! What is no longer at use to you might be usable to another! You are saving a life if you think about it. Like everyone says, practice makes perfect! So a cadaver might be that one practice that helps the surgery go through a lot easier and more safe. Save a life.

            Science depend on bodies. They learn more and more as they practice. They need that training. Let's say you were going to have a transplant done. Be perfectly honest. Would you want someone who at least practiced on a cadaver or would you prefer someone that's had no practice what so ever? My opinion, I would choose someone that's practiced. Bodies have been stolen from graves and skeletons have been sold. Science is in need of bodies and people shouldn't let up this sort of opportunity. People are even get paid sometimes for donating a body. And if one does not have anyone to care for them still a good decision to donate.  










Personal Review

            Although I pretty much added my two cents throughout the essay, I still get to write my personal review. I liked the book very much. I might even say that I love this book. It was entertaining and when I started reading it, it was if I read something you said during class. It was really funny and I love funny books. It makes it more interesting and I love those awkward moments when you're reading a funny book and laugh out loud and other stare at you like you're a dork. I really liked telling my family about it and receiving strange facial expressions. I'm glad I bought the book because I can read it again.

            I thought it was very informative. I learned stuff that I probably wouldn't believe if someone was just randomly talking about it. I mean what they did to get dead bodies was insane! Some of the ideas those guys have are really weird but when you think of it, it would be great to test it out. Only if it is legal of course.

            I could understand the book. I didn't have many issues with it except that I'd visualize it and then lose my spot and realize I flipped a page without actually reading it. Or when my step-dad would so rudely interrupt me and then I could just tell him what I read and he'd get grossed out and leave me alone. I thank you for that.

            I didn't think it was boring at all. It made me laugh throughout the whole thing. It was very interesting. I would actually read more books like this. It's tough to find a book that's both informative and funny. At least for me. And I'd actually would donate my body to science. Some of the stuff freaks me out a bit but if it helps other and helps the deceased stay in their graves instead of being stolen.

            As I wrote this essay I realize that it's not as long as you asked but I tried my best and I rather not repeat myself time and time again. Yes, it's not turned in my 4 pm and I apologized but I'm terrible at essays and I tried to make it as long as I possibly could without it sounding any more terrible then it originally was. I figured you'd be okay with that but seven pages on an opinionated question is just exhausting. I think the title sounds a bit morbid but then again it is an essay about donating your corpse so there you go.