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Palm oil is said to be part of our world in many more ways that we can imagine . It is present at many places such as at restaurants, work, home and even some cars depend on the uncountable use of palm oil. As technology begins to build up in our fast-paced world, and necessitate for healthy diets, new uses of palm oil are being developed. The article in African Foods states that "Palm oil is said to be rich in carotene form which it is derive from its tropical, bright red colour". The article further reinstated that, the carotene content of palm oil is fifteen times higher than levels that are found in a carrot with the same weight and mass. Due to all this, palm oil is one of the main and richest sources of carotene and is important in combating vitamin A deficiency that is common in many developing countries. Other than that, palm oil prices are expected to edge up as the demand for palm oil increases for the commodity (Palm Oil Prices). Fedepalma (n.d.) states that "Despite the effort that is being used through media campaign that is initiated by many environmentalist and Non-Government Organisation`s(NGO) against the industry to pressure governments and people to boycott palm oil demand and crude palm oil prices has steadily raised to record levels. Output by major suppliers in Malaysia and Indonesia are also expected to increase. Palm oil is composed of 44% palmitic acid", has mentioned in the article Palm Oil Prices. Palm oil has many uses and is used widely in many things like for foods.

Although some people believe that corn oil should be used in the United States of America, there is strong evidence that says that palm oil should be used in the United States of America instead. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to point out the health benefits, price of products, components in palm oil and the uses of palm oil against corn oil.

Vegetable oil is fat extracted from plant sources, known as oil plants. This oil is known as palm oil. The Coconut Research Center states that palm oil are ester`s of glycerine and a varying blend of fatty acids and are insoluble in organic solvents. Palm oil has many health benefits, such as, it is very rich source in Vitamin A. "Vitamin A deficiency usually can cause blindness, lower immunity, weaken bones and adversely affect learning ability and mental function". The article further states that red palm oil is said to be the richest dietary source of provitamin A carotenes. This has made it a valued resource in the treatment of vitamin A deficiency. Other than that Malaysia Palm Oil Council (MPOC) ( 2009) says that , palm oil is also contains high amount of beta-carotene. Beta- carotene is an organic compound and classified as a terpenoid. Terpenoid is a class of natural chemicals that are derived from five carbon units. It is a strongly-coloured red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. Moreover, Palm oil is also rich in the natural sources of vitamin E. "Vitamin E contains high amounts of anti oxidant that helps protect people from chronic disease" . This oil also contains High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) the good type of fat that help protect against cholesterol has mentioned by the article African Foods. Red palm oil can be said a virtual powerhouse of nutrients. However, corn oil also has health benefits. The article Corn Nutrition Values (n.d.) states that, corn oil contains vitamin C but only a very little amount of vitamin A. People in the US should use palm oil instead of corn oil so that they will be healthy.

Apart from the health benefits of palm oil, the price of palm oil is also an important factor. "Has time passes by the demand for pal oil has become more important has many people has started using palm oil has an alternative source due to the increase in petrol price in the Western world" from the article Palm Oil Prices. It has encouraged people to build more biodiesel plants. Due to this, palm oil product increases as demand of palm oil increases has mentioned by palm oil The Malaysian government is refocusing the usage of palm oil to the production of biodiesel to cater the demand of European countries. As mentioned by Business Time Malaysia on 17 July 2000, "palm oil prices` will be determined by the statistics that will be released" by the Malaysia Palm Oil Board. Traders said, however, that the MPOB`s statistics will remain has prices that will be kept based on present trend. Has for the price for corn oil, it has been increasing. New York Times(2007) says "The current price of corn is $3.23 a bushel, more than half again what it was a year ago, and beginning to bring to mind the record $5.545 a bushel set in July 1996". The price of palm oil is much more affordable then the price of corn oil that is increasing making palm oil affordable for the people in the US.

Apart from the price of palm oil, there are also components in a palm oil. Jit Kang (n.d.),"Palm oil is extracted from mesocarp of the fruit of the palm Elaeis guineensis. The mesocarp of the palm oil fruitcomprises about seventy to eighty percent by weight of the fruit and about forty five to fifty percent of this mesocarp is oil. The oil that is extracted is known has crude palm oil. (CPO) which is known as the golden commodity". Palm oil is like all natural fats and oils that comprises mainly of triglyceries, mono and diglycerides. He further explained that triglyceride is a chemical compound whereas for mono and diglycerides when triglycerides are broken down in a process called hydrolysis when there is presence of heat and water, thus forming free fatty acids.

Dr Jacques van Rooyen (2005) stated that, "Saturated fatty acids increases, while monosaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids lower the levels of plasma cholesterol. Due to its high content of saturated fatty acids, several opinions have suggested that red palm oil may elevate blood cholesterol levels". Palmitic acid is the most famous saturated fatty acid in the red palm oil which has effects on plasma cholesterol. He further explained that the fatty acid that provides olive oil its valuable property is called oleic acid. The oleic acid in the red palm oil is situated on a location of the triglyceride backbone which augments its ability to be captivated.

The article Refinery of Palm Oil states that palm oil contains two different types of components that are the major components and the minor components. "The major components of palm oil contain Triglycerides, Mono and Di-glycerides. The fatty acid could be the same type or different type depending on the combination of triglycerides formed. The fatty acids are different depending on their characteristics". The article further reinstated that, the short chains of fatty acids has low melting point and are more soluble in water whereas the chain that is longer has a higher melting point. Palm Oil Worls (n.d.) stated that palm oil contains palmitic acid and oleic acid. Three percent to six percent by weight are made up of mono and di-glycerides in the oil. The author explains further that, oils that have low amount of glycerides is said to be great in fractionation process since they can proceed has an emulsifying agents inhibit and make filtration difficult. The quantity of mono and diglycerides reduces to form Distillate Fatty Acid (DFA).

Other than the major components found in palm oil, Jit Kang (n.d.) says that there are the minor components of palm oil. "These minor components are all referred to as unsaponifible matter and are classified into a category has they are not real oils". The article Corn Facts states that corn oil is contains high polyunsaturated acid and oxidative stability that makes corn oil making corn oil into a bottled oil for consumer use. Ethanol is also one of the components that are extracted from corn. Palm oil should be used more in the US than corn oil.

Palm oil fruit is used worldwide. It is consumed everywhere due to its unique flavor. Palm Oil is a rich, making it a healthy diet for people because it meets the consumers criteria. Malaysian Palm Oil Council (n.d.) states that, "About ninety percent goes into food applications and the remaining ten percent goes to non-food applications". One of the uses of palm oil is it is used has a frying oil. Fedepalma (n.d.) stated that "It is considered the best selection of frying oils because it is resistant to high temperature and doesn't produce unpleasant smells". Fedepalma further reinstated that , "palm oil is said to be used in frozen dishes. Palm oil is also used in frozen dishes, dry cake mixes, in soup and sauce mixes and in the production of condensed milk, powered milk and non dairy whiteners for coffee and ice-creams". Corn oil is not used much for cooking due to its unpleasant smell. Palm oil should be used in the US for cooking because it has many uses in cooking than corn oil.

Furthermore, Malaysia Palm Oil Council (MPOC) (n.d.) states that, palm oil is also used in shortening. "Shortening is used in cakes, butter cream filling, biscuits and pastry is dependent of factors, such as smoothness' for mixing and fine crystal composition in the solid phase. This will contribute to velvetiness and is vital in cake mixing and creaming applications".

Corn Refiners Association (2008) states that, corn oil is regarded very much for its functionality, outstanding flavour, and economy and health benefits. "It is a source of energy, very digestible, provides fatty acids and Vitamin E and is a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids which help standardize blood cholesterol levels and lower elevated blood pressure"). "Refined corn oil is composed of 99% triacylglycerols with polyunsaturated fatty acid 59%, monounsaturated fatty acid 24% and satureated fatty acid 13%", claimed by Dupont J and co-workers from Food and Nutrition Science Consulting. Due to its taste that is unpleasant the United States manufacturers like to add corn oil into margerines, sooking and salad oil.

Even though, palm oil is said to be the best oil that is used, there are also many side effects of palm oil. Palm oil is said to be the largest reason for deforestation. This is because in order to plant more palm oil, the clearing of lowland forest are done. "A report published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in 2007 acknowledges that palm oil plantations are now the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia", by Green Peace(2007). The article reinstated further that, the growing development of oil palm plantations is taking more on peat lands which are part of the world`s most intense carbon stores. " 10 million of the 22.5 million hectares of peat land in Indonesia that are forest have been drained, resulting in a substantial and continuing increase in Green House Gas emissions as peat soils tend to dry up, oxidized and even burned", written by Green Peace(2007).The Heart Foundation doesn't recommend using palm oil has it is made up of 50% saturated fat. These will include chronic heart disease, death from heart disease and stroke.

Palm Oil should be used in the USA than corn oil has it has many benefits to the people. In consuming palm oil, people will be much healthier than corn oil has palm oil contains rich antioxidants as stated by American Palm Oil Council. Whereas the price of palm oil is cheaper and affordable than corn oil making it affordable for consumers. Other than that, palm oil also has a vast field of usage.

In conclusion, palm oil should be taken in order to have a healthy life but not be taken in a large amount. Therefore, if the demand for palm oil increases, government should not increase the price in drastic rate. The palm oil components also should be looked into if it is safe for all types of consumers or not. Palm oil may be an effective way and also healthier to be used but it also has to be consumed in little amount to avoid any mishap. All in all, palm oil should be used in the USA than corn oil. It is considered that palm oil has its own advantages even though public says the opposite.

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