Radiolucent Foreign Body Or Plastic Object Biology Essay

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In generally foreign body can be describing as the component or thing which is not belonging to the human body and it is stranger to the human body. Foreign body can get into the human body by two ways, which is through the aspiration mean inhale the foreign body to human body or by ingestion either ingest with the food during eating or without food. Foreign body aspiration means the inhale the foreign body through the trachea into the respiratory tract like lungs and bronchus. Foreign body ingestion means ingest the Foreign body through the oesophagus into the digestive tract like stomach. Foreign body will affect more to the children less than 4 year old than the adult people. Because adult people can differentiate between the thing can eat, thing can't eat and have general knowledge. But for the children, they may don't know to differentiate between food and foreign body due to the process of the development, mouth to explore to the environment because of the age and they are lack of the posterior dentition to properly chew food. But ingest or inhale foreign body still will occur to adult for whom more than 65 years old due the mental disorder or some disease. When the young children inhale or ingest the foreign body into the body, this condition can lead to the morbidity and mortality. The immediately treatment is needed to removal the Foreign body from child. When some is ingest or inhale the foreign body, they will shoe some sign and symptom, with this sign and symptom we can guess they may ingest or inhale the foreign body. So, we can take them to hospital for further evaluation about the body condition and may for the treatment.

Commonly foreign body can divided in two main groups, which are radiopaque foreign body and radiolucent foreign body. Radiolucent foreign body mean the foreign body can't been see on the general radiograph because it will not absorbed the x ray and will allow the x ray pass through typically is due to low atomic number. Radiopaque foreign body typically has high atomic number and can absorbed the X ray. The image can be seen on the general radiograph. Plastic object normally is the type of the radiolucent foreign body and metallic object is the radiopaque foreign body.

Common location of the foreign body mean the place in human normally will affect or located by the foreign body. The location wills not specific collect in one place because of the time passing, the foreign body will pass from one part to another part due to the physiological of human body like swallowing and breathing. Foreign body either ingestion or aspiration always will affect or will located in few part of the human body. The part will be affected or located is due to the physical condition and physiological functional of human body. The common location can divided into two types which is internal location and external location. Internal location mean the foreign body located at inside own body like digestive tract and respiratory tract. External mean foreign body located outside human body like surface of skin and surface of eye.

The sign and symptom will be shown when someone is accidently ingest or inhale foreign body either for children or adult people. This sign and symptom help us or help parent to evaluate the children and adult health condition. When they suspect them have ingest or inhale foreign body, so parent or guardian can take them to hospital for confirmation and further treatment for removal foreign body. The common sign and symptom for children and adult and for both foreign body ingestion and aspiration have listed down following:

Some radiologic examination should be carry to see the location of foreign body. The X ray projection will do in radiology department is AP or PA chest examination, AP abdomen examination and AP neck cervical examination. The examination is depend on the time interval between the patient ingest or inhale foreign body and the time going to do x ray. Patient may ingest the coin at half an hour before the examination, so the PA or PA chest radiograph will take if more than 45 minutes AP abdomen radiograph will take. At the same radiograph have reduced the total dose to the patient especially for children.

Above is the common projection will be done to see the location of the foreign body. If the projection is not enough to evaluate the exact location of foreign body, radiologist may will order extra projection like lateral projection of chest and AP projection of pelvis for ensure doctor know the exact location. This is very important especially for the surgical removal of foreign body.

Complication means unwanted or unfavourable evolution due to the disease. The complication of ingest and inhale of the foreign body is depend on the type of foreign body. Normally metallic object will cause severe complication than the plastic object because metallic object is physically harder than the plastic object. In addition, in aspect of sharpness, metallic object will be sharper then plastic object and can cause severe perforation in oesophagus and in stomach. Metallic object tend to rusting when it experience air and water together from the aspect chemically and will further damage the human body either in respiratory tract or in digestive tract . example of the metallic object is battery. The common complication for both ingestion and aspiration foreign body have list down following:

Management of the foreign body in depend on the type and location of the foreign body. Different type and different location required different methods use to manage the foreign body. Removal of the foreign body is depending on the how the foreign body is get inside the body. Normally aspiration foreign body required surgical intervention procedure. For ingestion foreign body normally can be remove the foreign body through the endoscopy procedure.

Is an injury to the digestive tract due to the foreign body. The common side is pharyngeal, laryngeal and esophageal. The ingestion object will because injury is material have acid and alkaline properties like battery, soap and bleach. This kind of ingestion normally will happen to the paediatric population. The cause for the paediatric population may is the family streets or environmental condition. If happen to adult mean the reason mainly is attempt to suicide. The symptom may be varying due to the chemical properties. The treatment including esophagoscopy, drinking water or milk to neutralise the chemical properties, giving antibiotic and retrograde dilation.

Foreign body ingestion and aspiration is a very dangerous thing because it will cause the mortality if the object fully obstructed the airway. The reason why the right main bronchus will affect more than left is due to the size of the right bronchus is wider than the left. In addition, the carina position is slightly to the left side and right main bronchus has more direct extension of the trachea than the left. Other condition including age of patient physical position at the of aspiration. So as parent or family member has take care the children very careful and always observe they condition.