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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the propagation characteristics and properties of the electromagnetic wave. Since the modern technology, a person uses a lot of electrical appliance such as Mobile phones; wireless networks are all human technologies that occupy electromagnetic waves and these waves under the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic waves which cause harmful effects to the human body. The propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves generally depend on the electrical factors of the medium and the presence of the boundaries or interfaces between two media. This paper analyzes antenna and circuit modeling and focus on specific characteristics that are able to make simpler the EM modeling of the structure without lose of fundamental accuracy and decrease computational time. Thus, the aim of the paper is to measure and simulate results or try to come across what the top tool in the market is. In order to ensure that the requirements for protecting the human beings from unsafe effects, which my be caused by electromagnetic fields emitted by support station antenna, the measurement and calculation of electric field and specific absorption rate has been done. Investigate of a human being interaction with electromagnetic waves based on a simple antenna model of the body.


For everyday we use electromagnetic waves in electrical appliances. Some category of electromagnetic waves such as radio waves, television waves, and microwaves have vary with it wavelength. Electromagnetic waves consist of mixture of vibrate electrical and magnetic fields, perpendicular to each other. It is complex to imagine, however the waveform has related characteristics of other types of waves. Before starting our investigation on Electromagnetic waves are the waves going through the space, carrying signal from one place to another. Electrical signals are transmitted from the transfer end to the receiving end in the type of currents and voltages through conductors of transmission lines in the structure of electromagnetic waves through channel structures such as waveguides and optical fibers or in form of electromagnetic waves by radiation in atmosphere. EM waves are produced and carried by oscillating electric charges or by time differing from electric current in a conductor ("Nikita, K.S., G.S. Stamatakos, 475"). In electromagnetic wave propagation in a space, a varying magnetic field will bring an electric field and vice versa which is propagate with two oscillatory fields, one electric and other magnetic. The section close to the radiating sources is most probable to have high intensity of fields, having both longitudinal and transverse factors concerning the direction of propagation. In general, such places are characterized by difficult field structure comprising reactive and real energies, uneven phase surfaces and unknown field polarization. The coverage of the waves to the tissue from Very Low Frequency to Radio frequency range consequences in stimulate currents and fields inside the body ("P., S. Pisa, E. Puizzi, 254").

Electrical and electronic appliances, wireless communication services are the longest growing field in the world. There is insecurity about the health effects of Electromagnetic waves and some amount of radiation from waves is absorbed by the body and converted to heat by this thermal effect takes place. It consequences in public fear about potential health effects of human exposure to electromagnetic energy and about other potential, so called a thermal effects take place from exposure to frequencies comprise suggestions of slight effects on cells that could have an effect on cancer progress or influences on electrically nervous tissue and it could persuade the function of the brain and nervous tissue ("Peter S. Hall, Yang Hao, 2001"). There has also been fear about whether there could be effects on brain function, with particular importance on headaches and memory loss. The basic edge of exposure is expressed by the amount called specific absorption rate and it is the time rate at which EM energy is absorbed by an element of organic body mass, and the maximum local SAR, which is the most critical amount in the circumstance of possible health effects of electromagnetic waves radiated, depends on a large number of thing, such as design of the device, its set frequency and antenna input power and direction with respect to the human. The most inspect effect of EM waves on biological tissues enlarged kinetic energy of the absorbing molecules, thus fabricate a heat in the medium.

Figure 1

The waves absorbed by the tissues will generate a temperature rise that is reliant on the cooling means of the tissue. The patterns of the waves fabricate the heating are complex functions of the frequency, source pattern, tissue geometry and dielectric properties of the tissues. When the thermoregulatory capability of the system is go above, tissue damage consequence and the biological system is exposed to microwave radiation, an internal field is making in the structure. The development of model to expect the absorption of electromagnetic energy and the physiologic thermoregulatory response for the human body has advanced for several years.

Propagation characteristics:

The electromagnetic waves may be propagated from the transmitter to a remote receiver as a various waves from electromagnetic spectrum based on the frequencies. The electromagnetic waves shot up into the sky get reflected by the ionized layers and are received on the earth at large distances. This method is subjected to errotic changes in the atmospheric conditions. The ionosphere region encloses gases which are ionized due to solar radiation, all the frequencies which are lower than a critical frequency fc is given by fc = 9 (Nmax)1/2 Hz are reflected back to the receiver, on the earth.

Nmax is the maximum electron density in the ionosphere. Ionosphere reflected waves are used for long remote radio transmit. Since microwave frequencies are greater than fc, microwave signals are not reflected back to the earth, but go through the ionosphere to travel in atmosphere ("Julian L.Davis in Springer-Verlag, 1990"). The section of the microwaves diffracted around the surface of the earth is point by the ground air interface as a surface wave which gets satisfied and therefore, only propagation of point to point microwave takes place through direct and ground reflected waves in the atmosphere. Since the curvature of the earth and the presence of the other barriers like buildings and trees, microwave signals are satisfied and the range of microwave direct transmission is limited to about 50 km between a transmitter and a receiver.

Electromagnetic waves travels from the transmitted to the receiver as a number of waves. The propagation of the ground wave is travel along the curved path of the earth's surface and hug to the earth ("Alan W. Rudge, 56"). They are strongly absorbed and hence cannot travel large distances, the ground reflector waves travel from the transmitter is reflected by the earth and is received. It is not subject to much absorption and can travel longer distance and they are reversed in phase. The direct wave propagates directly from the transmitter to the receiver. The remoteness between the transmitting and receiving antennas where the electromagnetic waves is reflected earliest is called skip distance. Near the transmitter until the wave is reflected we have a zone of silence called skip zone where no signal is received.

The various frequency in the electromagnetic waves emitted from the electrical and electronic devices has been increases due to the increases of the appliances and the research to calculate the effect of the waves in the human tissues under mathematical model and the experiment results the ability to assist in the design process and that conclude whether the form sufficiently represents the amount is whether it can be used to suppose experimentally observed results. If the calculation of the model does not relate with experimentally practical activities of the occurrence, it is inadequate ("Jean G. Van Bladel in 2007"). The consequential exact to conclude the equations in mathematical model and extract insight from them quite frequently stated the approximate used to construct the model. For example, in a nonlinear phenomena model with linear phenomena is measured and electromagnetic waves can be confirmed by tuning a radio receiver to a become quiet of the Amplitude Modulation range where there is no radio station and supplement a calculator with a LED show near the receiver. The devices or circuit which operates on the theory of traveling an electron from one end to end can be either a basis or a receiver of electrical noise.

The first is the transmitter; it generates the electromagnetic energy in suitable frequency range with the preferred time waveform, superimposes on it details is to be sent, and launches the resultant signal toward the receiver or the region to be detected. The last is the receiver; it recognizes some part of the energy which has been transmitted and takes outs from it the preferred details ("Kenneth Frederick Sander, 1988"). The transmission between one end to another end that is the techniques whereby the communication bearing waves is transferred from the one point to the receiver.

When high frequency alternating source is practical at its one end, the resultant forward and reverse traveling waves merge to form a standing wave pattern on the line. However, all the advance energy does not get reflected at the open end, and a small section escapes from the method and is thus radiated. The electromagnetic radiation from the transmitting antenna has two mechanisms, a magnetic field linked with current in the antenna and an electric field connected with the potential. The two fields are upright to each other in space and both are vertical to the direction of broadcast of the wave. An electromagnetic wave is level polarized if its electric field is in the horizontal direction. Thus an antenna fixed horizontally fabricates horizontally polarized waves. Similarly a vertical antenna fabricates vertically polarized waves.

Radio signals are have major behavior on radio frequency design antenna and the based on the frequency its travel and reach the antenna. The waves emit in the form of light, ultra-violet and infra red rays, that has under same category but differ in wavelength and frequency. The mechanism of electric and magnetic mechanism in waves that is indivisible and the plane of these mechanisms are at right angles to one another and to the path of motion of the wave.

The electric field consequences from the voltage changes taking place in the antenna which is passing the signal and the magnetic changes consequence from the current flow. It is also initiates that the lines of force in the electric field pass along the similar axis as the antenna, but diffusion out as they progress away from it. This electric field is calculated in terms of the change of possible over a given distance and likewise when an RF antenna obtain a signal the magnetic vary basis a current flow, and the electric field vary basis the voltage changes on the antenna.

Figure 2

There are a number of assets of a wave. The first is its wavelength and this is the distance between points on one wave to the equal point on the subsequently. One of the clearest points to decide is the crest as this can be easily recognized although any point is satisfactory. The second assets of the electromagnetic wave are its frequency and the number of period an exacting point on the wave moves up and down in a particular point. The amount of energy that is radiated in space by a transmission line antenna is though, particularly small, unless the wires of the line are properly oriented and their lengths made analogous to the wavelength ("Jean G. Van Bladel in 2007"). If the two wires of the transmission line are opened up, there is less probability of termination of radiation from the two wire tips and these develop the efficiency of radiation.

The assets of electromagnetic waves recognize neither the ionizing or non ionizing radiation and put out some energy per quantum that they have the potential to divide bonds between particles. The rays in the electromagnetic range are categories under the ionizing radiation and the waves which divide the bonds are recognize as non ionizing radiation.

Interaction with human body:

The electromagnetic fields have a great control on the activities of all the living systems in low reasonably possible theory imposes, in case of extended exposures to low in power system and high frequency in microwave systems and mobile communication fields, some restrictions to the radiated fields by the engineering equipment. On the other hand, some assistances can be in use from the property of the electromagnetic fields on the organism in the hyper thermal technique is recognized for the treatment of the cancer. We need to be confined from the fields, or we require taking help of the optimistic property of these fields, all the property thermal as well as inherited have to be recognized ("Scattering of electromagnetic waves, 2001"). Similar in industrial appliance, the electromagnetic field calculation permits an improved knowledge of the occurrence, and an optimized design. Hence, there is a vital application for the system of addition of electromagnetic fields. The most important problems that come into view are associated to the objects properties, the living being has very remarkable properties, these properties are not recognized and based on the activities of the person, and this human tissue is an energetic substance at the cell degree; associated to the coupling occurrence, the difficulty is essentially a coupled problem: the thermal result is one of the main property and it is precious by the blood circulation; linked to the geometry, the geometry is complex and one has to obtain into report the situation. The troubles that we have to features with are the detection of the properties of the human being, the coupled difficulty solution and the demonstration of the simulated event.

In this investigation, spherical human skull and dipole antenna were form to investigate the effects of the electromagnetic field of an antenna on human since the impracticality in experiments on human. Local SAR values were intended for two different human head form; single and three-layered spherical form. The application existing here seems to be reliable when comparing the results with the information. The example of energy combination inside an irradiated body is different, and natural reactions are reliant on distribution of energy and the body element that is affected ("Jean G. Van Bladel in 2007"). The combination rate and the circulation of electromagnetic waves radiate on an organism depend on many aspects are the dielectric work of the irradiated tissue with a inferior water content, take up less of the energy than tissues; the extent of the item comparative to the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation, shape, geometry, and direction of the object; and pattern of the radiation.

Figure 3

The radiation assumes its cleavage of living tissue with a blade having two different cutting edges and one of these is thermal insult. The resultant biological damage is in many respects identical form that due to other forms of heat, radiant or conductive; though, the thermal danger from microwave radiation has unique feature which are related with heat from more predictable sources. The second hazard involves certain restrained and frequently ill definite non thermal effects which tend to exist totally independently of the thermal effects and which must be held definitely apart for study. This separation must be sustained mentally for if only the resulting of thermal and non thermal effects is measured, the issue cannot fail to be clouded. With this major division in mind, it is still probable for purposes of learn, additional to subdivide the thermal feature of microwave radiation into simple thermal effects.

It is also remarkable to communication that close to the antenna there is also an inductive field the same as that in a transformer. This is not element of the electromagnetic wave, but it can alter measurements secure to the antenna. It can also mean that transmitting antennas are more probable to cause interference when they are close to other antennas or cabling that might have the signal induced into it. For receiving antennas they are more subject to interference if they are secure to house wiring and the like. Fortunately this inductive field falls away quite quickly and it is barely obvious at distances further than about two or three wavelengths from the antenna.

The wave radiation in the spectrum depending on quantity can be dangerous and even mortal to humans. Space and aircraft by their very environment limit recruits protection frequently employed in other environments. And as it becomes ever easier and of greater requirement to include even higher power-driven radars aboard flight vehicles, crew safety an incrementally greater problem. The present single threshold limit value for microwave radiation is far from sufficient to envelop the myriad possible combination of frequency, wattage and introduction duration and periodicity.

Antenna Fundamentals:

An antenna is such a structure. For wireless devices comprise external versus embedded, produced from thin sheet metal, twisted on the product using sprayed-on conductive paint, embedded in materials with a high-dielectric constant for size reduction, and so onwards. Apart from the device of the type and pattern of the antenna, performance can be characterized by the Impedance Bandwidth, Efficiency, Directive Gain, Polarization and Radiation Pattern

The fundamental of antenna is a transducer which impedance of the system and the impedance of free space. In isolation, the antenna impedance and the frequencies over which that impedance is preserve are critical and it is necessary that the antenna present a suitable impedance match over the frequency band of process (J. Wiart, C. Dale, M. F. Wong, 477). Antenna impedance and the quality of the impedance match are most frequently characterized by either return loss or Voltage Standing Wave Ratio these two parameters are basically different design of accurately the same impedance data.

Antenna theory and types:

The electromagnetic waves penetrate into tissues which a thick conducting cylindrical scattered of the length L and radius a, placed perpendicularly on the perfect ground ("IEEE Std. C95.1-1999"). According to the antenna theory and taking into version that the event electric field is tangential to the body and that the ground is entirely conducting, scattered field at the antenna surface is given by


Ex (a,x) = 1/ q4πω ε 0∫ ((∂2 / ∂z2) +k2 ) m E (x, x', )I( x' ) dx'


2 п

mE (x,x') = ½п ∫ exks / s dφ

I(x')  axial current distribution in the antenna axis

mE(x,x')  Green function,

k  free space phase constant

s  remoteness from the source point

s = (x - x ' )2 + 4 a 2 sin 2 φ/2

The total tangential electric effect at the antenna surface can be written as the sum of the event electric field, produced by the electromagnetic waves transmitter Einc, and the scattered field on the antenna surface Esct

E tot z (a , x) = E inc z (a , x) + E sct z (a ,x) .

As the body is defectively conducting, loss in the cylinder can be integrated in the vital equation through the impedance loading the cylinder, as it is planned and total tangential electric field so can be expressed by means of the current I(x) and the impedance per unit length of the antenna XL(x)

E tot z (x) = X L (x) I(x) .

The Pocklington integral equation antenna mounted on a perfect ground is given by


E inc z (a, x) = - 1 / q4π4 ε0 ∫ [∂2 / ∂ z2 + k2 ] m E (x, x ' )I( x ' ) dx' + X L (x)I(x) .


According to antenna theory corresponding impedance per unit length of the cylinder is given by

X L (x) = 1 / a2 πσ ( ka/2) Q 0 ( q −1 / 2 ka) / Q 0 ( j −1 / 2 ka) J 0 ( j −1 / 2 ka)

where J0 and J1 are the equivalent Bessel functions (Kenneth Frederick Sander, Geoffrey Alexander, 1986).

When this axial current is once known it is probable to conclude the current density, the electromagnetic waves and the power density induced in the body. Using King's expression the current density inside the body can be measured from the equation

I ( x) ka Q 0 ( q −1 / 2kρ )

J x ( ρ , x) =

a π 2 Q 1 ( q ka )

Antenna Types:

The devices which convey the energy from one point to another, approximately always with some directional confidence and even an omni-directional antenna will have one or two thin directions where there is a reduction or a void in the radiated energy. The waves leaving an antenna is also polarized significance that the electric field is in a relevant direction and theoretically, for proficient transfer of energy between two place, their relevant radiation patterns must be optimized in the correct direction and the antennas must be polarized with the same direction. However, in the real world, where line of sight between two antennas infrequently exists, and at frequencies above about 500 MHz, objects in the path between the antennas can significantly alter both the efficient radiation patterns and the polarization. These diffusion properties on the radiation pattern and division are casual, out of control, and typically change continuously with time, qualified antenna position and orientation (Alan W. Rudge, 56). Even if an apparatus is located in a set position, polarization will normally vary with time due to movement of close objects and as a result, while some general concentration must be remunerated to radiation pattern shape and antenna polarization, these factors can be optimized for a exacting situation in wide-ranging way.

The efficiency of the embedded antenna is perhaps the most significant performance parameter, assuming the antenna produces a satisfactory return loss over the band of interest. Efficiency is measure of what portion of the power supplied to the antenna, comprising any reflection loss, is really radiated by the antenna. The efficiency of small antennas that are closely embedded into a small result can be affected significantly and nearby grounded conductors and dielectric materials will confine and absorb the near-fields of the antenna and cause important losses ("Kenneth Frederick Sander, Geoffrey Alexander, 1986"). Types of antenna are Isotropic antenna, which radiates power equally in all directions, dipole antenna typically of two types are Half-wave dipole antenna otherwise called as Hertz antenna, Quarter-wave vertical antenna otherwise called as Marconi antenna and Parabolic Reflective Antenna

As a Dipole antenna is nearer to the plane of the earth, its input resistance diminishes initially because the electric field is being tiny by the ground. As the antenna is brought nearer, the input resistance will rise again since increases in ground loss resistance overcome the decrease due to undersized of the electric mechanism.  In excess of a superior conductor such as sea water, the input resistance decreases progressively as the antenna is lowered, accomplishing a significance of zero when the antenna handle the water's plane.  


As a horizontal dipole is raise above the ground, the input resistance enlarge until a maximum assessment of around 90 ohms is accomplish at a height of 3/8 . As the antenna is elevated even higher, the input resistance slowly accelerates approximately the open space value of 73 ohms. Most dipoles in definite setting up demonstrate an input resistance of 50 to 75 ohms, based on the position. 

Electromagnetic properties of Human tissues:

The human body functions like an electric machine and it is also very hard in form and the brain is the vital part of the human body and controls switchboard for the whole body system. The various controlling hub in the brain, which takes some magnetic power, control the nervous system as well as the other parts working in the body in which the circulatory system also function likes an electrical generator in which the main part is the heart and equipment some magnetic energy to the whole body through circulation of blood ("D. Poljak, V. Roje, A. [aroli, 2002"). As a result, the brain and the heart are the vital parts of the human body and the heart tissues are have magnetic properties.

The human brain is an extremely organized apparatus, which is a magnificently smart, active and natural hub that controls the implementation of the organs of vision, examination and words as well as the motor and sensory nerves. But all these purpose take place through the brain tissue, which is again said to have a low-coercive phase, recognized as magnetite, the main iron oxide in it ("Julian L.Davis in Springer-Verlag, 1990"). This possesses a magnetic quality, through which the practice continues and the brain tumor is also said to have this magnetic property.

The brain illustrate not only facts of electrical activity around in but also produce small currents, which cause Brain Waves and it's usually appear at a occurrence of about 10 per second, but they frequently differ in their frequency and size. This variation differs from man to man and the information of each individual differs in the pattern of his brain waves and it's measured to be electromagnetic waves, which are transmitted direct to the hands and cause a characteristic difference in handwritings.


The human body is competent of making electricity within itself for its full circumstance and it initiates electromagnetic waves at the rate of 80 million cycles per second, which is beyond the observation of our illustration capacity. All human bodies are constantly release static productions, which may be taken to symbolize either electricity or magnetism ("D. Poljak, V. Roje, A. [aroli}, 2002"). Human body is like a battery and it requires food and drinks to work as battery and consequently, it is proved that the body of every human being contains some part of electricity and some properties of connected magnetism right from the start to the end of life

Human Phantom models

Since the difficulty in measuring definite SAR in the human body, SAR is predictable by measurement using phantom models. Phantoms are tissue corresponding synthetic materials simulating biological bodies ("P., S. Pisa, E. Puizzi, 2002"). They may be simple or complex based on the tissue composition as well as the form and all human tissues have electrical characteristics that are varies from air but not so vary between each other. Today, we use the frequencies in cellular technologies in which is dielectric constant is in the array of 40 plus and conductivity is around 1 S/m with respect to the phantom material, both high relative permittivity ε and high dielectric loss tangent are necessary to simulate human tissues.

The other kind of material is a liquid includes water, sugar, salt and a composite called HEC which adjusts the viscosity of the liquid and jelly like material is usually used for SAR estimates with high power relevance using temperature measurements by allowing only one of tissue ("Scattering of electromagnetic waves, 2001"). The liquid tissue material is enclosed in a shell of the simulated part about 1-3 mm thick classically patterned from fiberglass or other plastic substance with very low RF combination. Generally, it is hard to prepare tissue material with the accurate properties, so it is popular to organize the material with rather higher conductivity and lower permittivity to avoid SAR inadequacy.

The electromagnetic waves and carry out their preferred functions without improper ruin from or to the particular electromagnetic background. In other words, the equipment must work without causing intervention or being trouble by interfering from direct current to light frequencies. The causes of electromagnetic waves may be either within the tools with which one is feared, in which case it is known as obstruction and the cause of obstruction is called the emitter and the device disturb by obstruction is called the susceptor ("Peter S. Hall, Yang Hao, 2001"). In all cases electromagnetic waves arises from a arrangement of three features are source, transmission path, and a device sensitive to the kind of energy being generated, one of which is spontaneous.

The SAR distribution in the phantom is also resultant from the measurement of the temperature increases due to the engrossed RF energy by using a small temperature probe and this technique is appropriate for high RF exposure so that heat transfer within and out of the body does not persuade the temperature considerably ("P., S. Pisa, E. Puizzi, 2002").

Commercial Software packages:

The electromagnetic simulation software CST software is the result of many years of research and progress into the most capable and correct computational solutions to electromagnetic design. It includes CST's tools for the design and optimization of software's functioning in a extensive range of frequencies stationary to optical. Study may contain thermal and mechanical property, in addition to circuit simulation and all programs are accessible through a common boundary with assist circuit and multi- physics co-simulation. EMPIRE XCcel is one of the most important 3D electromagnetic field simulators and is developed by engineering excellence and it is based on the important Finite Difference Time Domain method which has become an industrial standard for RF and microwave section and antenna design. CST MICROSTRIPES which is tool for electromagnetic 3D electromagnetic simulation used broadly for solve the radiation problem comprising complex antenna structures, installed performance. Ansoft is a software which is resolved the integrate circuits and networking working and systems, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, automotive electronic systems, and power electronics. SEMCAD is the software which specially designed for antenna and large radiating structure and all free space wave propagation. FEKO iss the software for the electromagnetic simulation tool and which is developed under the moment for formulating under the Maxwell equation.


Scientists are also examining the effects that less than threshold level for body heat arises as a consequence of long-term exposure. The body has complicated mechanisms to adjust to the many and wide-ranging influences we meet in our situation ("J. Wiart, C. Dale, M. F. Wong, 2002"). An organism that doesn't react face to its surroundings is a death living being and it cannot stay alive because it is unable to become accustomed and Ongoing change forms a standard part of our lives and of our progress. But, of course, the body does not possess sufficient damages mechanisms for all biological effects and the changes that are irreparable and stress the system for long periods of time may comprise a health hazard.

Tissue region

SAR limit (W)

Mass (g)

Time (min)





Whole body

0.4 (0.08)



Head, Trunk

10 (2)




20 (4)



The numerous experiments have been done to analyze the effect of the em waves in the tissues which passed from antennas for mobile or other electronic appliances. The behavior of the waves in human body on the performance of the antenna and persuade of EM waves on the human body and such interactions are probable by numerical simulation and experimental estimation. 

The various categories of numerical phantoms which are used for theoretical analysis and computational simulation are set up and human phantoms such as field or dice have been chiefly used for EM dosimeter inside the human head.  In order to estimated the performance of the antenna near to the human body in the definite situation division inside the human body, it is infrequently necessary to use practical numerical phantoms which are include many small voxels ("Leung Tsang, Jin Au Kong, 2001").  On the different, tissue corresponding liquid, jelly, or solid phantoms are frequently used for experimental assessment. There are two feature ways to assess SAR distributions by using experimental phantoms are the electric field method with a liquid phantom and the thermo graphic method with a solid phantom and to conclude, this deal introduces some instance of innovative solid phantoms

The research is the study of probable links between diseases and electromagnetic wave propagation, at power line and radiofrequencies without more suggestion, for your own health stay over 100 meters from HV power lines


With the increasing use of electronic devices, concerns have been spoken about the possible interactions of electromagnetic waves with the human body especially in brain. It can be concluded that the waves from the devices calculations can be used for determining the effects and focus of future research should be on improving this feature of technology and future developments in technical areas require supporting the environmental benefits of accumulate and using techniques. In the longer term, the modern techniques resource maybe summary as effect of electromagnetic waves is increased and it is significant to exploit both the present and the potential resource through enhanced perform and promoting techniques as an energy source. 

The results will help to calculate the entire situation that is the ill effects, if any, of electromagnetic fields on human body.