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      June 29, 2022

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Any scientific information contained within this essay should not be treated as fact, this content is to be used for educational purposes only and may contain factual inaccuracies or be out of date.

Organism Adaptions over Time

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Biology
Wordcount: 814 words Published: 7th Aug 2018

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An adaptation is a feature that is very commonly seen in a specific population because it provides some improved functionality. Adaptations are well suited to their pertaining function and are made by natural selection. Evolution is the actual process of when some organisms change their form over a long period of time to adapt to certain environment that they live in, to be able to defend themselves against other animals like predators, to camouflage or sometimes for no scientifically explained reason. This essay will be discussing specific organisms on Earth that have evolved to be able to adapt to their living conditions and how and why their changes had happened.

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The first organism that is going to be discussed is the actually the Polar Bear. This is more of a basic example of what evolution is like and has a really valid and scientifically proven reason. The Polar bear had originated from the Brown bear. This happened when some Brown bears were separated from their pack when traveling and they had to adapt to the cold environment they were left in. Eventually the weaker ones had died and the stronger bears learn to adapt to their environment and eventually their fur would turn white. The whiteness in their fur would help with them camouflaging in the snow and ice that surrounded them to protect and hide them from predators and and keep them warm from the freezing temperatures.

The second organism that will be discussed is actual the whole species of the whale. The whale has undergone major changes and phases of evolution. The original ancestors of whales are actually terrestrial animals. Scientists believe that whales evolved from animals like wolves which as we all know, were land animals who walked on all fours. The reason behind this change is due to changing land masses overtime. The textures and risings and fall of the lands on Earth due to earthquakes is what caused this change for wolves to develop fins and flippers and eventually turn into whales, of course taking many lifetimes for this to happen.

Another organism on planet Earth that has undergone evolution is actually the cactus. I will be discussing how once leafy and “normal” plants became a cactus. It is known that actually the Pereskia, a genus which contained seventeen species of leafy shrubs and trees is where the first known sights of cactus development began and how plants made this change to adjust to the dry environment that some of them lived in. Since it was so dry and rain ever hardly made its way to the plants they began to change their structure to be able to contain water within them to drink off of and survive. This is a really good example of an organism evolving because it shows the cause and effect of how and why it made its change and the pricks on the outer side of the cactus to also protect it from other animals that may want to feed of the cactus such as birds, lizards and insects.

The fourth example of an organism on Earth developing its evolution for adaption is the lizard known as the skink. This animal actually, within its embryo within its egg has somehow learned to give itself another layer of calcium on its body. This was done by the minerals within the sand that it was surrounded by in the beaches it used to and still thrives in. This was done so once hatched it would be able to get used to its sandy environment and be able to use this calcium to gain the vitamins and nutrients it needs as ian infant to survive. The skink still remains as a really thriving species of lizard in modern day and this is because of the calcium it had  absorbed when it was young.

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The fifth and final example of an evolution taking place for the sole purpose of adaptation of an organism that is actually currently evolving as speak and this organism is known as. As we all know climate change is currently upon us and the Tawny Owl from Finland is what I am talking about. This owl is actually varying in colors. There are three different types of colors for this owl, brown and pale grey. The pale grey owls have learned to survive within the winter time because they can easily blend in with some of the snow sides of their habitat but as for the browner owls they had a hard time with this. But thanks to climate change, survival is on their side, the species has been evolving itself and more specifically, the grey owls have been dying. The brown owls can now blend into anything brown, which is a common color of branches that are visible on hotter days. Survival of the fittest is what was called for and the brown Tawny owl is the definition of that.

All five examples are provided with cause of adaption and an extra introduction which was not required was provided to provide a general and more clear idea of what will be discussed.


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