Organic Foods Contain Natural Nutrients And Minerals Biology Essay

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Organic foods are better for the people compared to the convention foods. Organic foods are naturally produced in that they are free from chemicals and said to be healthy as well as environment friendly. Organic foods contain natural nutrients and minerals that our bodies need for growth, disease resistance and energy production whereas conventional foods contain artificial chemical nutrients.

Organic foods are more expensive compared to the conventional foods this is because they are of more importance to our bodies than the conventional foods. I took sometime at a grocery section in a supermarket and my observation was that many customers bought conventional vegetables and cereals. I concluded that many considered cost and size of the food. But is it that many don't mind about their health issues? The answer could be no. Convention food industries do campaign heavily for their products persuading potential customers to go for their brands. It is now appropriate for the organic food industries to campaign for their products as well.

Organic foods are protective against illnesses body mechanisms abnormalities as opposed to the conventional foods which rather cause eating disorder illnesses. This is because natural nutrients in the organic foods are good for body mechanisms as compared to the conventional foods which have artificial chemical nutrients that when consumed they negatively affect body mechanisms. Artificial nutrients are mainly made from metallic chemicals which are harmful for consumption.

Conventional foods cause eating disorders such as obesity. This is because in conventional farming artificial chemically modified hormones are administered to the plants or animals to enhance quick growth and maturity. Conventional foods do have excess calories which are major causes of obesity. Thus organic foods are highly recommended as safer and healthier since they rarely can cause obesity among other eating disorders.

In beef production, cattle are administered with artificial hormones such as trenbolone, melengesrol and zeranol that are synthetic. When these artificial hormones are consumed they pose a potential health risk to our bodies. They are said to cause hormonal imbalance leading to development problems such as interfering with reproductive system and worst leading to the development of colon, breast or prostrate cancer and environmental pollution through cattle manure. Thus people are advised to go for organic produced beef which is safer.

Organic foods have a better taste compared to the conventional foods. The reason for this is because organic foods are natural free from chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers fungicide and preservatives. Organic foods are grown on health soil made of complex molecules that eventually give a good flavor to the food. Moreover, they are grown locally thus ensuring they are fresh at time of consumption. In conventional animal food production artificial hormones administered into animals interfere with the flavor of the product thus making organic food more attractive.

Organic foods ensure safety of the environment as compared to the conventional food. In organic food production there is no use of chemicals which are harmful to the environment. For instance in cattle farming farmers do not administer artificial hormones to the cattle which when used find their way to environment. In organic farming soil, air and water pollution can be said to be minimal thus ensuring environmental conservation (Rubin).

Conventional foods cause loss of fertility. It is caused by disruption of the endocrine system by harmful artificial chemicals that are found in the conventional foods. The disruption of endocrine system of individual results to altered development of reproductive tract. This eventually results to decline in the sperms concentration and abnormal sperm development in males. Thus organic foods are highly recommended as safer.

Organic animal foods farming are produced in healthier environments than conventional. This is because in conventional animal foods farming antibiotics, growth hormones and disease preventive medications are administered to the animals. These chemicals are harmful to the human health and environment in the long run. In organic farming organic feeding is practiced and allows animals' access to the outdoors where they feed on natural food. Moreover, organic farming uses preventive measures which include rotational grazing, balanced diet and clean housing as a way to minimize diseases. (Guthman)

Conventional food causes heart diseases. Heart diseases are known to be caused by blood sugars. Conventional foods sometimes do have excess blood sugars that when they are consumed they can cause heart diseases. These conventional foods also contain heavy metals which are chemical residues. Consumption of these metal deposits lenders heavy reaction with metal ions in the blood and eventually to heart diseases. Thus it is healthier to take organic foods compared to conventional foods.

Conventional foods can cause mental disorders. Some conventional foods from plants grown conventionally are said to contain toxic heavy metal residues such as lead and mercury. Consumption of lead and mercury causes neurological damage to an individual. Some conventional foods contain food additives which interfere with the functions of the brain. Food colorings in conventional food have carcinogenic which can cause damage to the brain cells. Thus organic foods are healthier and safer compared with conventional foods.(John)

Organic food diet saves cost than convention food can. This is mainly because organic foods do not cause eating disorders rarely compared to the conventional foods. It is said that if Americans shift to eating organic foods economy can grow faster that it is currently growing. This is because we could free ourselves the burden of high health cost incurred in curing eating disorder diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes among others. Organic food is of benefit rather than a marketing tip.