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Nature herbs have been used as source of drugs in older or in ancient time. Ancient Egyptians were having the knowledge of these natural herbs. These herbs also entered in many of surgical operation by doctors or what's called Priest. Then they recorded sum of results. After that, in some researches that reached from PARDY PAPER and wall of Temples that say "Ancient Egyptians were uses herbs, now the world used it in important drugs". Egyptians were using special herbs with good dose e.g. they use: acacia, aloes, gums, myrrh, pomegranate, Colocynth, linseed, squill, coriander, cumin, onions, anise, grapes, castor oil and wine with all routs of administration" e.g. cream on skin , tablet taken orally, suppository taken rectally" .

When the Arabs came to Egypt, they practiced this knowledge and take much art of herbs that can be treated the patients, also they learned from another herbs cultures e.g. Persian, Greek, Chinese. Then they were written some famous books about nature herbs e.g. El-Razi, Ibn-Sina, Ibn-Elbitar still present as preferences for herbs." El-Kanoon Fil Tib by Bin Sina, Mofradat El-Adwia by Bin Elbitar". Recently, there is increasing in communicated with these herbs.

The climate of Egypt is good for growing of these plants since there are 2000type of herbs distributed in various places in Egypt according to state of weather and type of soil Although, there are now about 300 drugs used in pharmacies in Egypt made by Egyptians ground. The protected places in Egypt become must to establish to ensure keeping on some of rare plants that present in far regions. Several medicinal plants are cultivated in Egypt such as liquorices, mint, anise, and caraway else.

Ancient Egyptians were thinking that rubbing your heads with onion and honey the go to sun god helping them in growth of hair. Even as far back as 1500 BC, the people in almost countries in world believed that when they persuade their god your hair will grow. The famous person that has been losing their hair is Samson. In roman, Julius Caesar was use mix of cumin, horseradish, beetroot, and pigeon dropping for growing your hair.

There are several natural herbs used in baldness, hair loss, and increasing growing of it that have proven to be practical, natural, and effective for centuries. Greek hay has been using by Southeastern Europe and Western Asia. At first Greek hay has been using to bronchioles of lung but with dose of Greek hay has been noticed that growing of hair. Greek hay seeds contain a hormones leading to hair growth also it contain protein and nicotinic acid. Greek hay alone may explain its restorative ability on damaged or falling hair. "Fenugreek = Greek hay". Scientist of herbs says that" fenugreek has large amount of lecithin that leading to more lubricant of hair and making it very soft.

Other natural herbs used in treatment hair loss e.g. shampoo by rough rubbing on scalp of head. Most external famous herbal are onion, capsicum and essential oil such as Rosemary. Onion contains high content of sulfur which is good mineral for treat hair loss. Capsicum also avoids hair loss because it helps in growing up blood into the head and share in release of histamine that help in growing of hair Rosemary is known for stimulating blood circulation and hence preventing hair loss and increase growing of hair.

Baldness is perhaps leading to psychological diseases. It also can referred to another disease e.g. diabetes. Baldness For a long time there has been an indication that bald men have a higher risk for coronary artery disease than men who are not bald. It also

effect on many organ for these were herbs are most useful things to treated baldness without any side effect.


Nature herbs can increase blood on scalp of head.

In fact, there are no any treatments for the baldness but there are methods for reducing amount of hair loss. The herbs are most therapy represented now best results that were showed by treating the baldness more than synthetic chemicals drugs. That will pass to scalp of the head with rubbing then increasing amount of blood presenting for nutrition in the head. Cactuses, nettles, rosemary are from herbs that used in consistency of another therapy for baldness that makes hair follicle of scalp is rich by blood. Also if you taken half gram of opium and Khurasani Ajwain " type of plant found in Niger" and rubbing it on scalp will show best result for decreasing accuracy of hair loss.

Name of important herbs that reach the scalp of head







Benefit natural herb on treating baldness:

No oral drugs "medicines".

No side effect.

Safety is 100%.

Excellent results compared to another therapy.

No injury to skin of scalp.

Low frequency rate.

Don't depend on any some one e.g." nurse taken me it".

Different form of drug "Herbal extracts, Herbal Paste, Herbal oil"

These all advantages make the herb number one in treating baldness and uses in all world wide more than any chemical drugs.



Alopecia is disease cause hair loss due to attacking result on scalp of head and different part of body. The disease has wide range that represented by 1.7 % of population. In fact, almost of people still not adapted with own life and cause psychological effect on person. There is no indication for this disease before it will occur.

This allowed to scientist to believe that present of hereditary disorder. About 20% of patient treating this disease they having positive hereditary disorder result.

Alopecia ((AL-THALABA)) may associate with some disease bronchi asthma and auto immune disease. There are things represent as stimulating for alopecia as:

Medicine inducer "operator".

Genetic environment.



Thyroid gland disease.


Swallowing chemical drugs for longest time.

Types of Alopecia that can treated by nature herbs:

Alopecia Areata

Mild Transient Alopecia Areata

Transient Alopecia Areata

Ophiasis Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Totalis

Scarring Alopecia


Traction Alopecia

Chemotherapy and hair loss 

Androgenetic alopecia

Diffuse Alopecia

Hair loss due to side effect of the beauty treatments

Telogen effluvium (TE) and chronic telogen effluvium (CTE

Increase prices of natural herbs and become rare:

In last days cost of nature herbs were increased by their all benefit. Now, herbs become sometimes more expensive than chemical drugs. For example, baldness herbs are from most expensive herbs in markets. In addition, herbs become very rare and difficult to found herbs for treat baldness and this is reason for it to become expensive. Most of efficiency herbs now found in China and some area of North East Asia. After saying that "herbs for poor people" now herbs "poor can not until eat it". This price decrease amount of people that dealing with it. Almost of patient don't have any choice for paid the herbs to treat them.

Questionnaire Results

The questionnaire was an interesting way to take a peak at the opinions of the youth in order to compare them to the findings of my research. I tried to keep the sample representative and balanced. I made sure that of the 20 given the questionnaire.

Number of people that preferred natural herbs in treat baldness:





Most preferred thing that used for treat:


Zam Zam water


Needles prick

Nature herbs

in asking about 224 person about for what use herbs:

a- More in baldness

b- More in chronic pain

c- More in sharp pain

when a baldness probably will occur :

more under 20 year

more at 30 year

more at 50

most of countries that have more baldness:



Saudi Arabia





baldness occur more in male or in female :



7- percent of people that accepted treatment by herbs:

a- less than 20%

b- More than 50%

c-between 20_50percent

8- Herbs may using in different function:


b- No

9- You have any idea about herbs:

a- yes

b- No

10- Do you prefer nature herbs or chemical drugs?

A-natural herbs

- b- Chemical drugs

11- Do you think that herbs used in various function?

a- Yes

b- No

12- Why you prefer to use herbs?

a- cheep

b- Convenient

c- Don't have side effect

d- all of the above

13- Male and female who use herbs more than another:

a- male

b- Female

14- What the thing that thinks for herbs can treat it baldness:


b- Cancer

c- GIT disease

d- CNS disease

15- Most country in Middle East use herbs:

a- Egypt

b- Jordon

c- Iraq

D-Saudi Arabia


It is clear that this is a serious problem, it is also clear that it cannot be ignored. . All the possible solutions involve facing, since there cannot an all encompassing answer to this complex problem.

According to Adel_ Abel Aal, doctor of alternative medicine say that Olive oil 30 percent, Castor oil 20 percent, Arugula oil 15 percent, Dill oil

seed 10 percent, and Coconut oil 10 percent can help in hair growth and alopecia. I believed that herbs is efficient than any chemical drugs and should follow the instruction of doctor to get on best result.

According to all pervious, herbs are in increasing price this problem was not present in last year but now with more distribution of herbs the herbs in arising price. These problems sure facing many of poor patients but there are no more solution. According Dr.Rohit Shah, they treat in rang of cost between 50$ - 200$. Now, can treat problem of cost by:

1- Some company may be making some offers to be acceptable to the patient.

2- Control of government to the companies to decrease cost of herbs

3- Present of many centers for sales

Alopecia with some care will decrease amount of hair loss.

I make contrast between herbs and baldness.

First, baldness with herbs there are no hair loss

Second, baldness like herbs

Third, 100% bioavailability f herbs to treat herbs

Forth, baldness people without herbs now treat from psychological disease

Finally, ancient Egyptian now they happing because they first people detect herbs on treating herbs.


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Executive Summary

History of nature herbs in ancient time in Middle East concentrated in Egypt. Arabic scientist were improved this science and then Greek take noticed that herbs treat baldness. In my report show some conditions those herbs like life and growth here. How herbs can treat some psychological effect of baldness.

In addition, I will discuss about meaning of alopecia and some cause of it. Also discuss about what the things that help in hair growth. What the things that make the herbs is prefer to treat baldness. I am suggest some solution for alopecia


Topic: improve in natural herbs in treat baldness in Middle East in last 21st.


Nature herbs can increase blood on scalp of head.

Benefit natural herb on treating baldness:



Increase prices of natural herbs and become rare.


1- Some company may be making some offers to be acceptable to the patient.

2- Control of government to the companies to decrease cost of herbs

3- Present of many centers for sales