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Our body consist of many system , there is reproduction , circulatory , respiration , and many more . but in this essay we will discussing about circulatory system . circulatory system have a lot of function , there is brings oxygen , nutrients , hormones . circulatory system can be fights infection and regulates body temperature . circulatory consist many part inside , such as heart , blood cells , and blood . blood and blood cells . blood consist 3 things . blood cells consist arteries , capillaries and veins . arteries is a large blood cells that carry many oxygen from heart . veins carry oxygen and blood to the heart and capillaries is small blood vessels that branch off of arteries and veins to carry to the tissues of the body . beside blood cells , blood consist 3 things too , there is red blood cells , white blood cells , and platelets . the function of red blood cells is to transport oxygen , white blood cells for attack foreign substances and platelets for blood clotting . bacteria , viruses or other thing can be cause a disease call as pathogens . microorganism is everywhere , we meet the bacteria everywhere . immunity means the ability of organism to protect body from another organism . there's any causes that innate immune system , there is a non specific response to pathogens , many different of WBC , phagocytes , mast cells , eosinophils , bashopils , natural killer cells and paghocytosis . there are two types of immunity , active and passive . passive immunity is the person who working and give the antibodies to protect the antigens . active immunity get from diseases , when we got disease and we got it again , that called as active immunity . antibody is the same as white blood cells , white blood cells can be called as antibody . antibody is the large molecule , such as proteins . antibodies is very important for ourself , because antibodies is only the one cell that protect our self from viruses , but we need to protect our self , to avoid the viruses , because if our antibody is weak , the virus will be easy to come inside to our self , because after antibodies there's no more wall to protect our body from viruses.we should prevent our body from the dirty place , because so much viruses in dirty place , such as rubbish bin , traditonal market(usually it very dirty cause people inside never organize to make it clean) . many bacteria and viruses that affecting diseases . antigen is a substance that stimulates the production of antibody . there's two important things , there is " self "and " non-self " . the "self" is can't be affect a disease and not dangerous but the "non-self" , it will destroy with the immune . i think in the end of the millenium , there's will many diseases , more than now , cause with more modern technology , people will get more disease . the disease will more increasing , so we have to avoid the disease.

A lot of diseases cause of bacteria , our body antibody and antigens not enough strong to hold it . this is very dangerous disease , it might be fatal to the vital . sometimes , in the public Gonorrhea known as GO . gonorrhea caused by bacteria . this bacteria name is neisseria gonorrhoeae . A bacteria that grow very fast , multiple quick from the other bacteria . they grow in the warm areas , such as the cervix , urinary tract , mouth , or rectum . it may cause when having direct contact , such as sex , oral sex , or the other thing with people who have gonorrhea disease , we will get that disease.gonorrhea is a infection and transmissible disease . people who don't have gonorrhea disease can be infected with the other people who got gonorrhea disease when they have direct contact , having relationship or sex . the gonorrhea disease is transmitted from one person to another through vaginal , oral sex , anal sexual relations . for the woman gonorrhea may cause pelvic inflammatory disease , that is a serious medical condition that can lead to infertility , can be she need to urinate often , itching and burning of the vagina , infection or irritation , and bleeding between mestrual periods . for the men , during the urination it will pain or burning . infecion of the the duct or inflammation of the prostate . it can be blindness for boy and girl . all people who wants to get sex before married , should consider using latex condom to avoid the bacteria , to prevent STDs and HIV/AIDS . it can be use another contraception , but it not as good as latex condom . latex condom is the effective things to prevent and avoid the bacteria , the disease,and can be to avoid the pregnancy . the gonorrhea symptoms will show in 2-10 days after infected with another person who have that disease . for the women it is longer , it show in up to 3 weeks . in atlanta the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea is now among the resistant to common antibiotics , leading U.S. health officials to recommend wider use of a different class of drugs to avert a public health crisis.

I think there will be more diseases at the end of the millennium , cause the world is direct to the worst thing , many people die cause by disease that create by them self , such as AIDS , HIV , or another disease from virus and the world is getting more modern .The technology is getting more advances but the world become worst too as the same time . The medical will be more better too , the medicine for AIDS/HIV or many disease that not found that's not found yet . it will found soon , because the people is growing , technology more modern , people more clever and always struggle to find the medicine.people have found the medicine for flu . as time passes by , all medicine could be find .

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