Dietary Factors Implicated As Anti Pro Cancer Agents Biology Essay

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You are what we eat. This phrase usually seen in most weight watchers programs and many other diet magazines and websites. It is true humans are shaped or get infection from their diet. Statistics shows that cancer can exist in every one of three people. It's mostly described as disease of modern civilisation because this type of disease doesn't exist in early humans. Here in Britain alone we are well known for fast food, processed food such as sausages burgers and kebabs and chemical addictives and artificial flavouring widely used in food industries but what we don't realise is in the other part of the world things like this are rare and un common such as in small villages in south Asia or in deep rainforest. But question arise why we need to add all this preservatives and flavourings to our food if it's dangerous to human life? The research in cancer area has been one of the longest studies ever conducted and it seems that there is no end to it. Every day different kind of cancer will be found and different signalling and pathways brought up and hence helping the medicine world to develop? But why the society not realised is that the main cause of the cancer is actually relies on some of their food intake. Everyone loves alcohol and fast food and its seems like it has absorbed into our culture and it's been part of our life cycle. Can we name a village or a city without fast food takes way or even a burger van

Nutrition and cancer.

How many people are educated with nutrition in this country? If they do why they still ignore it? Are the people still remembering those days where nutrition plays a huge role in part of our life and maintain our health and prevent from nasty diseases? These days we see food as treats and fun filled entertainment and some even organise competition such as burger eating and pizza munching competition. This type of bad things actually encourages humans to get into habits of eating bad food and high cholesterol food. We must make sure that we eat good nutrition food so that we can maintain our health and not starve or skipping the meal just because we want to keep ourselves slim and maintain the figure which eventually will invite disease such as malnutrition and possibly cancer. This is not the way it should be done as we can maintain our figure by healthy eating. When our body are healthy our immune system will be stronger hence keep us disease free. The cancer cells are genius as they will not grow in some healthy individual and this has been showed by some studies. When the resistance to disease is high, the body will dispose the cancerous cell .So a good diet will be a good start for our cancer prevention.

Now then, if we know there are plenty of foods out there that will keep us healthy and well being, which of the particular food we are going to choose that is rich in good nutrition? Usually from the food stores there are plenty of food that will combat against cancer such as antioxidants that will neutralise the effects of the free radicals. Unfortunately there are not one single food that that will do the trick therefore we are encouraged to eat variety of food. Recently on 26april 2011 Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) finalises after 10 years of research that garlic will prevent cancer and as a super food that will fight against cancer. They have review all the scientific papers and come up with a conclusion that it is possible due to its nature which we will explore later. Professor Lenore Arab who have been carried out research since 2000 and have been massive hit in BBC news on 3 OCT 2000 come up with a his idea and saying no matter where you are whether in China or USA eating garlic is good for health and prevents cancer. Their research also focused on garlic supplement but it showed that it has no benefit. So eating raw or cooked garlic seems to be very powerful to fight against cancer. They found about a compound known as allium which protects the experimental animals against cancer. But why garlic?

Foods rich with sulphur such as cabbage onions and garlic well known for cancer protection. Eating food high in vitamin C, E and beta carotene olive oil and garlic have a great effect on cancerous cell and were shown by studies in Italy .Garlic is a powerful vegetable that have immune enhancing component known as allium or dialyl sultides. This compound has been shown to increase the immune cell activity and indirectly helps to interrupt the cancer causing substances. These components further prevent the carcinogen from entering the cells and also gradually decrease tumour development. Another studies also showed that the garlic oil in the liver inactive can render carcinogens. Other vegetables such as chives, onions and leeks also have the properties to reduce the risk of colon and stomach cancer. It seems that garlic can fight against these cancerous because of its properties of anti bacterial against common stomach bacteria such as helicobacter pylori which promote cancer in stomach. Besides that the sulphur component in garlic also has a powerful effect on the detoxification enzymes in the liver which the liver breaks down and eradicates the toxins. The toxic substances and also harmful chemicals removed by the garlic component and prevent the cell from become cancerous. There seems some positive results have been archived in the laboratory experiments. A test in mice shows that garlic extract stabilise and shrunk the tumours and the growth of tumour have been decrease at least 25%. In certain countries aged garlic extract is prescribed for breast cancer patients. This further brings us to the recent research from Swansea University which come up that curry may be prevents cancer. And garlic is one of the main ingredients in the curry and it seems that all these evidences connected to each other.

We seen a food that give us prevention but how about something that can cause cancer? Red meat well known in this country and everyone loves beef and veil. But the bad effect on humans is not well described to us. Colon cancer is one of the diseases that have been related with the red meat. Studies that were conducted in Europe in 2005 shows that men and women who eat at least 5 ounce of red meat have more chance to develop colon cancer and those eat white meat have less chance. There have been few theories about this red meat, but one of the main substances they blame is the heterocyclic amines (HCAs) which are produced when cooking meat at high temperature. Another substance that seems to cause trouble is the nitrates which are present in the processed meats and our body can transform this into carcinogenic nitrosamines. An experiment in England on samples of human stools have shown that the cells that people that consumed high quantity of red meat have huge amount of cells that undergo N-nitroso compounds(NOCs) induced DNA changes and the vegetarians have low levels of this changes. This NOCs compounds are known as cancer causing agents. This studies shows that the consumption of red meat can cause DNA damage not cause cancer but it will cause further mutation and when cell undergoes uncontrolled mutation it will cause cancerous cells. Therefore we need to reduce the consumption of the red meat to prevent cancer. Another factor that should be taken into account is the fast food. It seems that Mac Donald and burger king have massive impact and amount of red meat that are used are very disappointing and they should encourage healthy eating to people.

All these evidence are from the research that has been conducted by scientist in Universities or labs but what the media exploiting is very disappointing. For example one of the articles in Daily Mail shows that red meat can cause cancer without giving what the actual mechanism and this can mislead people about their diet. Red meat should be part of our diet and only when consumed in excessive amount can cause DNA damage which further can cause cancer. The way they represent this information is poorly described and this can further destroy the meat industries. Also one of the article in BBC news webpage shows that eating garlic can cure cancer?. It is misleading as well because it has proven scientifically that garlic can prevent cancer not curing cancer and this also misleads their readers. Media reporters seems to misinterpret the information that was given by the researcher and this can further confuses the readers and may cause some unwanted problems in the society Therefore media printing should be controlled by someone who have good scientific knowledge so that it won't mislead their readers. But we must realise that at the end of the day, our food is important to us and a balanced diet always promote healthy living and thus can protect us against unwanted diseases.