Creation vs. Evolution

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Creation versus Evolution

Creation is the belief that God is our Creator. Christians believe this is the foundation

of the Christian faith taught in the Bible. This is taught in Christian Churches and Schools.

It may be hard for Christians to understand why everyone does not have the same beliefs.

However, reviewing Creationism and Evolution is necessary to understanding both sides.

Also understanding what Christians believe and what some Non-Christians believe

is important for everyone on both sides of this issues. In life each person must make a

decision of what they believe. In this paper we will review what creation is and what

evolution is and the major issues of debate.

Christians believe in creation, not because of scientific proof, but because

of faith in Jesus Christ and in the Bible. The Lord Jesus is revealed in the Bible

to be the Creator of everything. “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was

made that has been made”, John 1:3.

Christians understand and learn from reading the Bible. Bible scriptures reveal that

God is the head over all things, including science. Here is one example of scripture. “You

know the messageGod sent to the people of Israel, telling the good newsof peacethrough Jesus

Christ, who is Lord of all”, Acts 10:36. Moses from the Bible wrote about the creation of

everything by God. So they judge science by the Bible and not by any other

way around. "We walk by faith, not by sight." (I Corinthians 5:7)

Creation is a miracle, it is an act of God which is outside of and above the

physical laws He has established in the world. Therefore, scientists who believe in creation do

not try to think up theories to explain how God created, humans cannot understand how

God created. This belief is very clear to Christian. It is not questioned by those

Who truly believe the Bible and the scriptures. It is also believed because for many

Years Christian family have taught their children the Bible and its teaching on

Creation. It is very much a part of everyday conversations and discussions with

students in Christian Sunday School classes or Christian Schools.

On the other hand, evolutionary scientists say they are thinking up theories to

explain the evolution of all life and they are trying to discover natural processes or mechanisms

which can evolve new plants and animals. So the burden of proof is on Evolution believers.

They give us many theories which try to explain evolution, and show the some natural

mechanisms or processes which can produce new designs and evolve new plants and animals."

The Theory of Evolution was brought into the world by Charles Darwin during a 5 yr

survey expedition around the world. The ship, HMS Beagle, sailed from Plymouth, England on

December 27, 1831. Darwin was a great student and studied geological features, fossils, and

living organisms. He loved to do research and find out new information. He was known from

collecting a lot of wildlife and fossil and tried to solve the puzzle of how the variety of

life forms came to be.

Charles Darwin was indeed a great student and very smart. He also was known for

His ability to write, he has been described as a great writer. He actually published his journal

known as The Voyage of the Beagle, in 1839 as a travel memoir that contained observations of

biology, geology, and anthropology. Darwin got his theory of natural selection and sketched an

evolutionary tree on his First Notebook on Transmutation of Species in 1837. This is why

he was so well respected by many great scientist.

There are many differences between Creation and Darwin’s Evolution.

Conflicts between Evolution and Creationism occur when evolutionists make the argument that

Creationism is not a scientific theory. They state this because they actually believe it cannot be

tested by the scientific method. However, many creationists argue that evolutionists do not take

God into account and that they are so focused on all kinds of theory that cannot be proven.

Creationist believe that evolutionist theories are just theories do not make sense and they are

just a theory rather than a fact. Many people love science in today’s world. We know this

because of the popular television show CSI. On CSI, there is no distinction made between the two different types of science. There are two types of science and it makes a difference. The historical science and observational science. These are constructs unique. We don’t normally have these anywhere in the world, except [the US]. Natural laws that applied in the past apply now. That’s why they’re natural laws, that’s why we embrace them. CSI is a fictional show but it’s based on real people doing real work. When you go to a crime scene, and find evidence, you have clues about the past, and you trust those clues and you embrace them, and you move forward to convict somebody.

Christian followers have this remarkable view of a worldwide flood that influenced everything we know now. A 500-foot wooden boat, eight zookeepers, 14,000 individuals, every land plant in the world under water for a full year. However, Evolutionist do not this this is reasonable or true. They make states like, “ You’ll hear a lot about the Grand Canyon, I imagine, which is a remarkable place, and it has fossils, and the fossils in the Grand Canyon are found in layers. There is not a single place in the Grand Canyon where the fossils of one type of animal cross over into the fossils of another. In other words, when there was a big flood on the earth, you would expect drowning animals to swim up to a higher level. Not any one of them did. Not a single one. If you could find evidence of that, my friends, you could change the world.”

Another fact is Scientific methodology which is based on hard

physical evidence can never be reconciled or in agreement with the creationist faith-based belief

that the Old Testament of the Bible, which was written by Israelites around 1400 BC, is the only

true account of creation. Creationists continue to reject and to make fun of and not agree with

Charles Darwin even though some of his theories have been confirmed through many scientific

studies. The two points of view are so different that they simply to not agree at all.

One example of this is science requires that a hypothesis or theory should be testable and

supported by physical evidence. As opposed to what religion requires. Religion requires

acceptance of basic beliefs of doctrine or belief by faith not by analysis, throries or judgment.

This is clearly another reason that there are big conflicts between evolution and creationism.

These differences have been around for a long time and may never fully resolved.

Another example of what evolutionist believe is found in the belief about DNA.

Evolutionist believe that DNA testing has shown that humans and chimpanzees have a 98-

percent genetic similarity, providing overwhelming evidence that apes and humans have a

common ancestry.

Some of today’s leading scientists are willing to accept these results as evidence that

man is a specific type of apes. The thought of this assumption is offensive to creationist.

To compare human being to an ape is what creationists find most ridiculous, since creationist

hold fast to their beliefs that all men are "God created man in his own image", as stated in

Genesis 1:27. Genesis is the first chapter in the Bible and found in the old testament.

It is the foundation of what Christians believe about creation.

One very important question can and should be ask about evolutionist’s beliefs.

What have Evolutionist discovered in any mechanism or process of genetics which can evolve

anything really new? Most creation believers say the answer to this question is obvious to them.

The creationist would argue the answer is no they have not. This inability to prove

the evolutionist theories 100% is what continues to bother Christian believes of Creation.

Unproven theory still exist today in the mind of creation believers and, as long as this failure of

evolutionary science continues, divine special creation continues to be an intellectually and

scientifically belief anybody, including scientists, to hold.

Creation and evolution will always battle it out. The debates will still go on forever, and

the world will also just go back and forward trying to decided what is right. Creation and

evolution both sides will always think there side is right until one side can prove the other false.

This is one of the foundations of life that is important for everyone in the world to decide.

It is very clear that many scientists have gone to great effort to prove the point they believe.

Many bible scholars have also gone to great effort to explain their biblical beliefs and

why they should be believed by everyone.

Creation versus Evolution

  1. What is Creation?
  1. What Christian’s believe about Creation
  1. What Non-Christian’s believe about Creation
  1. What is Evolution?
  1. What Christian’s believe about Evolution
  1. What Non-Christian’s believe about Evolution
  1. What is the Debate about Creation and Evolution?
  1. Points Christian’s argue
  1. Points Non-Christian’s argue
  1. The Conclusion
  1. The debate continues
  1. Everyone decides for themselves