Contrasting Animal Cruelty And Animal Testing Biology Essay

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Animal testing has led to much scientific advancement in medicinal knowledge and practice. The knowledge that they have gained from it is of significant value. Certain individuals who believe that animal testing is cruel and wrong also have probably not studied in depth the effects and advantages that animal testing has brought to the medicinal field. They're still arguments and discussions that go on today on why this process should be outlawed. Animal testing has brought practice and successful medication a long way, and there is no other way to ensure that human medications and consumer products will be both safe and effective.

Supporters that are for animal testing believe that if the government prevents this process, many medications and curing procedures will come to a stop. Not only has animal testing research developed many vaccines that repel diseases such as tuberculosis, rabies, and insulin for human, but it has also benefited animal health. So, animal research is not just for human benefit, but also it has helped and saved many animals from disease. A lot of products that are used in human bodies such as pacemakers were first tested on animals prior to use on humans. Dogs and Cats also have been assisted from the animal testing. Medications such as advantix, and heartworm vaccines have derived from this testing. Some argue that the lives of animals should be treated with more respect, but we believe that the value of human beings are much more valuable that the lives of animals. If there were a situation such as a small child falling into a pool, and then a rabbit falling into a pool, our automatic instinct is to save the small child. Our mind tells us that the life of a human is significantly more important.

There is a moral question that we face as humans. Is the well being of animals as important as the well being of humans? As humans have the obligation to keep the well being of other human safe and protected, and if that means the suffering of animals to keep humans safe, then it must be done. Ninety-Seven to One Hundred percent of doctors are in support of animal testing. Most physicians are convinced that animal research has led to the advancement of medical research and cures. Most organizations agree that animal testing produces valuable information on how new drugs act when they are introduced into the body. If the process of animal tested were stopped, it would be impossible to gain more knowledge that would lead to the less suffering of both animals and humans.

 Organizations like PETA and BUVA thinks it it not a necessity for this testings. They think is is cruel, poor scientific practice, poorly regulated and that animals used for experimentations have an intrinsic right not be be used for experimentation. Many Americans don't agree with testing on animals. Testing animals is wrong and they are just poor helpless animals and they die every day. They are testing animals with products such has soap, household cleaners, drugs, cosmetics, pesticides and other chemicals. Drug tests that are done on animals that pass the test end up harming or killing humans. Lists of animals that get tested daily are cats, dogs, monkeys, mice, and rabbits. The researchers test these animals with cleaners to see how it would affect them. They test their products on rabbits. Has a result of testing the rabbits it results in blinding them. They are also smearing hair color into the rabbit's eyes. Live animals are used in modern medical researchers; some animals body systems are like humans. Rats and mice are used in testing and there are 20 million a year used in experiments. Guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils are also used but mice are the most common ones used in the vertebrate species because of their size, low cost, ease of handling and they have a fast reproduction rate. Mice are considered to be the best model of inherited human disease and share 99% of our genes. Rats are used for physiology, toxicology and cancer research. Cats are also used in experiments but they are mostly used in neurological research dogs are used in biomedical research, testing, and education. Dogs are models for human diseases in cardiology, endocrinology, and bone and joint studies and the dog that is used mostly for these types of testing are beagles and that is because they are gentle and easy to handle. Non-human primates are used in toxicology testing and for the study of AIDS and for hepatitis, neurology studies, behavior and cognition, reproduction, genetics, and xenotransplantation. Primates are usually are caught in the wild or purpose-bred. There are about 12,000 to 15,000 monkeys that are imported into the U.S .annually. It was in 1981 when the first case of abuse of animals was founded which resulted the the first arrest and criminal conviction of animals that were being used in experiments. 

Moral seems to be the big factor when individuals make the choice to be against animal testing. Other reasons seem to be that there is no valid reason for the testing, or that no valuable information will ever come from such torment. Some say that the scientists that perform these operations are not properly licensed or authorized. Animal rights group believe that animals are entitled to their lives and how they live should be peaceful and should not be disturbed. It is argued that the results that are found on animals cannot and will not compare to the effects that it will have on a human.

There is a growing population in the field of physicians and scientists who are more than ever opposed with the use of animal testing. More on the grounds of science and medicine. Scientists are convinced that the testing on the animals are inadmissible and cannot be applied to the human body. If you take cancer as an example, animal testing has done nothing in the assistance or the advancement in the research and development in cures for cancer. If anything, animal testing has taken funds away from extremely important research for cancer. Billions of dollars in animal research are going to the fight against cancer, and in the last 30 - 40 years, animal research has proven nothing against the fight against cancer. If animal testing research was as detrimental as doctors make it out to be, then where are the results from cancer testing shown? Researchers are using animals such as monkeys to test the aids virus. According to different sources, monkeys are not capable of receiving the aids virus. Is that not a waste of funding? Supporters that are against animal testing want a different option. Those supporters would like to see medicine no longer be dependent on animal testing.

Do you ask yourself why are they doing testing on animals? Ninety four percent of the test that is done on animals is to determine the safety of cosmetics and household products leaving only 6% for medical research. Animal testing cost Americans 136 billion dollars annually that's a lot of money. Researchers say the reason why they do the testing is for medical reason and how humans would react to certain chemicals. 

Researchers that are using animals for testing say the test that they do is humane. Some experiments that are done involve taking an animal and strapping they down so they can receive high impact blows to the head witch results in brain damage. Another test they perform on the animals is burning them to measure severe burns on live tissue. Some animals are burned alive with flamethrowers until they are charred flesh so large pieces of them can be use for testing. Other tests being done on animals include acute toxicity test that will determine immediate effects of chemical exposure. An example of one of the test is called the LD50 test. Animals are focused to ingest poisonous substances through stomach tubes, vapor spray, inhalers or injected until they are dead. The LD50 test is a test that is done by dosing the animal with lethal does and it is one of the worst tests to be done on animals. When the animals get this test they are force-fed through a stomach tubes, vapor spray inhalers or even injected. Most animals have convulsions, vomiting, paralysis and they will even bleed from their eyes, nose, mouth and rectum. Animals are dosed with different amounts of the substance to see exactly how much it would take to kill them. The Draize test is for eye and skin irritation and that is were rabbits are immobilized in a full body restraint while substance is dripped or smeared into their eyes or onto a shaved part of their skin. The rabbits often scream in pain and even break their necks trying to get away. The Draize test does not ever reflect the eye irritation hazard for man. Acute toxicity test are conducted by oral, inhalation and skin routes and rats and mice are usually used in Cancer testing. The test that are done on animals are used for chemical testing for cleaners, paints, adhesives, lubricants, fuels, industrial solvents and additives. When doing these studies there are hundreds of animals used. Some animals are even burned alive with flame-throwers so their flesh can be removed in large pieces while the animal is still alive. 

Cosmetic companies do more than half of the testing and most of the animals killed in the laboratories are tested to find cures or test products. Animal testing for cosmetics are flawed and generally are a misleading method of scientific investigation that wastes time, money and resources. Millions of rabbits are dieing everyday after being tortured by cosmetic companies. Tests are preformed on animals to measure the skin irritation, eye tissue damage, and toxicity level caused by carious substances found in cosmetics. Cosmetics that are used for testing are skin care products, eye makeup, manicure products, hair coloring, shampoos, shaving products, baby products, mouth washes and tanning products

There are alternatives without testing or torturing the animals. These non-animal methods usually take less time to complete, cost a fraction of what the animal experiments would be and they are not plagued with species differences that make extrapolation difficult of impossible. Effective, affordable, and humane research methods include studies of human populations, volunteers, and patients as well as sophisticated in vitro, genomic, and computer-modeling techniques. Companies that are exploring modern alternatives. Some companies are only using human tissues and sophisticated computer technology in the process of drug development and testing. Some companies say that discovery process is much more efficient with human tissues instead of animal tissue. 


There are so many different views on animal testing. Some call it animal cruelty because they believe that scientists are doing harm to the animals that could be avoided. Facts are facts though, there are many advanced in medicine and science because of the testing that has been done on animals. The well being of humans has progressed because of animal testing.

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