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The product is a new génération of Healthcare product developed in ac-cordance with theory of traditional chinese meridians and vessels, electro biology, physics and modem microelectronic technology and in combi-nation with abun-dant clinical practice.The product is also a family and individual health care therapeutic device of the most advanced, the highest application rate and the best effect on body reaction by combining seven therapeutically methods, including slow stroke, united stroke, massage, acupuncture, scrapping, cupping, lowering blood pressure. . ^ f

2. Therapeutic mechanism:

Acting of cells odd human muscles, nerves,organs and tissues can produce weak current, it is formed due to change of some biologie électrons in living organism.The whole life of human being cannot get away from bio-elec-tronic motion;it always maintains relative balance in unbalance. According to the theory of channels and collaterals in Chinese medicine, the unbalance of the biological chain may cause disorder of channels and collaterals, arousing various discomfort or pains of human body.

Through the high and advanced digital technology, the microelectronic programs of the production synthesize seven high-energy biological elec-tronic currents to directly af-2 fect the body-surface acupoints or nn-fixed acupoints of affected place. Induced by needling sensation through lifting.

Retaining and swirling the acupuncture needle, the stimulus can have anti-inflammation and detumescence effect by in-hitting sympathetic nerve, dilating blood vessel, promoting blood circulation and strengthening phagocytes of vis-cous and tissue. At the same time, high-energy pulse electronic currents can stimulate neuromuscle to extend and the resulting movement effect can effectively alleviate the fating and deal with paralysis and damage to peripheral nerve.

In combination with treory of traditional chinese meridians lowering blood pressure dropping automatically release the high bioelectric currents in ear back channel at régulai time and in fixed quantity by directly utilizing bioelec-tronics of body itself and through natural therapeutically methods. Such automatic release of bioelectronics currents gradually balance the bioelectronics of body itself and thus lower the blood pressure.

The product bas creatively developed room temperature infrared frequency spectrum electrode by using nanometer technology. It can general high-energy infrared spectrum after electronic collision and accepting the skin radiation, energy, which can further enhance the function of relieving inflammation. Swelling and pain so that the therapeutic 3.Efficacy can be further improved.

The high-energy infrared electrode infrared frepùency spec-trum émission rates are as follows (the following date have been tested by china national infrared testing center)


Befors 8um













. 88%


1.Applied with digital technology. This unit transfers the digital signals and con-ducts comprehensive therapy through computer based on the requirements of the body. In this way. The therapeutic accuracy can be ensured and the therapeutic efficacy can be greatly improved.

2. Equipped with large size Icd, on which the intensity functions, therapeutic time can be clearly displayed both in Chinese and English.

3. The unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the out put pulse width so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh, mak-ing you more satisfactory.

4. The marvelous waveform composition let you feel a sensé of reality of thumping, message, acupuncture and manipulation, stoke, cupping, scraping.

5. The special immunotherapy Sanction.

6. Applicable diseases

Indication stiff shoulder, and neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, stomachache, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, periarthritis, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, energy failure, weak sexual ability, irregu-lar menstruation, various acute chronic.

5- Name and functions of components

Components of principle unit and fonction:

l. Output jack; for connecting the output electrode.

2 Lcd real-time display of the output status,

3. On/off switch; start/deepen/cancel" deepen 7 turn off

4. Chinese/ English display button: press this button. You may choose the lcd in Chinese or English.

5. Mammal button: there are stherapeutic modes available in the apparatus, thumping, message, acupuncture, nap apathy.

Cupping.weogjt redueing, immunotherapyand massage, press this button once, a new therapeutic mode is set. The eight modes are automatically acupuncture used..

6. Button for time selection; with this button, every press this button, time can be increased for 5 minutes, and 15 for 15 minutes.

7. Intensity enhancing button: there are 15 intensity levels which can be set on the apparatus. Press this button once the intensity can be increased by one level, S.Intensity redueing button, there are 15 intensity levels which can be set on the apparatus, press this button once, the intensity can be reduced by one level.

II operational instructions:

Preparation before usage

1. Battery installation

1) Push off the battery deck cover and open the deck.

2) Insert three 7#batteries, paying attention to polarity.

3) Close the deck cover firmly.

2. Préparation of électrodes

1) Peel offthe smooth film on the adhering pads.

2) Put the adhering pads on the chord winder after use.

3. Placing électrodes ,

1 ) Wipe the position of body to be massaged with wet towel to remove oil, dirt, sweat and make up.

2) Stick the electrodes directly onto the skin to be massaged

3) Treatment can not be effected unless both of the two electrodes are placed onto the body surface, it is not necessary to place the two electrodes symmetrically.

2. Application method

1) Put on the power: press on/off button, the lcd screen display the power situation, at the same time Icd disolay signing arrow of sélection for therapeutics modes,which is including acupuncture, strength is 0, time is 15 minutes.

2) Chinese / english display button : press this button, you can choose the Icd in chinese or english.

3) Sélection for therapeutic modes; press the functional button, you can choose stroke, massage, acupumcturte, manipulation, scrapping , cupping , weight reduc-ing, hypnogenesis, adjust bp, immunotherapy,

4) Adjust strength: press strength button, you can adjust the strength which you need,

4) Time sélection: you can sélect time is 5-15 minutes press one time , time will be added to 5 minutes. .

Safety cautions

1. Never use the equipment with following instruments.

1) Heart rate regulator and body built-in electronic thera-peutic instruments.

2) Artificial cardiopneumatic pacemaker . electronic life support and treatment instruments.

3) Cardiometer and wearing-on type electronic therapeutic instruments. Malfunction or danger may occur for the patients who hâve been using the above listed instruments together with our equipment.

2. Follow doctor's advice for the patients who are under médical treatment or for

sufferers from the following:

1) Malignant tumor,

2) Vd infection

3) In menstrual phase or pregnancy,

4) Do not adopt the equipment near for heart disease patients,

5) Fever above 38.

6) Abnormal cutaneous anaphylaxis.

7) Do not adopt the equipment at the diseased heat région, eyeballs, inside motith, génital parts and external skin trauma,

8) Do not use the equipment simultaneously with other instruments or coated medicine.

IV. Introduction to treatment metohd iustrated by cases

Clinic attribute

Acute attaching with short course (3-4 days) with heavy tixoc symptom gênerai fe-ver, ache, fatigue and slight symptom of respiratory tract inflammation, barly symptom is burbubing, dry or aching throat followed by sneezing, snuffles.rhinorrhea, headache, chily, cough, mausea, vomit, diar- rhea and others, strong infection be-longing to "extrême cold" category, common category includes" wind - chill" and "astrointestinal cold".

Cause and pathology

As frequently encountered common disease, cold is a catarrhal inflammation of up-per respiratorytract caysed by virus. The infection sources include the patient and recessive bacteria carrier. The épidémie virus exists in the sputum, spit, nasal discharge and other sécrétion, which can be spread by air, droplet with wide infectious area, leading to global épidémie in sévère case.


Main acupoints: dazhui, fengchi, hegu auxiliary acupoints: for wind-chill type; lieque; for windheat type; waiguan; for headache; taiyang, baihui; for snuffles; yingxiang; for cough; feishu.

Therapy; acupuncture and cupping 10-20 min.for each acupoint each time. Once every day or every other day ,five times and one course.

Characteristic of the therapy, eradicate complication. Shorten course with rapid effect taking economy and easy use.


2. Gastralgia

Clinic attribute

Stomachache of acute gastritis; acute attaching, continuous pains at upper abdomen, chest distress, nausea, vomit.accomp'anied with fever, bursting abdomen, diarrhea, among others.

Stomachache of chronic gastritis; slow attaching with dull pain or distending pain, or burning in gastric cavity, which intensifies when eating coid or raw food or bursting in upper abdomen with protracted declining of appetite, magersucht, white complexion and nerveless limbs. Stomachache of ulcer regular ache of upper limbs,

attach periodically 1-2 hours after meal, which can be released by taking meal, gastric ulcer bas pressure pain at upper left abdomen, while duodenal ulcer has pressure pain on right upper abdomen

Cause and pathology

With ache at the upper abdomen near heart as main symptom, gastralgia belongs to digestive tract disease caused by getting chill, unrestricted diet, irregular hunger and satiety, depressed mood and over fatigue, it is recognized by traditional chinese medicine that the stomach and spleen makes a extenor-interior relationship,

Which are correlated with each other.Thus gastralgia is corresponding to stomach, liver and spleen, the pathological analysis indicates. that extreme ehill offending stomach, ivereaten of coid and raw food causing internai cold.or fondness of hot food accumulating heat, or dépression and rage emitting air to hurt liver and the blocked qihurting the stomach, or over-fatigue resulting in weak spleen and stomach.

3. Constipation

Clinic attribute

Traditional Chinese medicine classifies constipation into four types of hot, air. collapse and cold, hot constipation may be caused by excess body yang, fondness of hot, pungent fatty and sweet food. Few vegetable intake, accumulated beat of yang. burnt body fluid, dry feces and blocked abdominal air. Air constipation is caused by after-disease or postpartum non-recovered air, faint circulation if air due to air collapse and weakened intestine lubricant due to blood collapse. Cold constipation is caused by burnt yang and faint air of the elderly. Condensed chill and unable to decompose stagnant air and distribute body fluid.

Causes and pathology

Constipation, a condition in which the feces are hard and elimination from the bowels is infrequent and difficult, mostly vested in modem medicine as caused by anal fissure, hemorrhoids, prostatic, or caused by medication. Clinically it can be classified into functional or organic. Functional constipation is caused by weakened elimination power and in sufficient water content, few food-intake or few fabric content in food, while organic constipation is caused by partial fleus, parenteral dis-ease compressing intestine duct, or pyloric obstruction.


Main acupoints: pishu, dachangshu, zhaohai, cichou, zusanli. Once a day, 15 min, for each point each time, 8-10 times as one course. More vegetable and fruit intake, more outdoors activity and trying to eliminate fèces every day.


4. Abdoninalgia

Clinic attribute

As a symptom shared by many, diseases such as acute gastroenteritis, appendicitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, dysentery, in-Testine obstruction, nephritis, ureterolithiasis and others, the location, nature and sign of the pain may differ from disease to disease. Therefore the phenomenon of abdominalgia shall be looked through for nature of disease during diagnosis, and adopt different therapy for different disease, -

Causes and pathology

Abdominal refers to pain incurred from stomach cavity down to hair on pubis position, which may be caused by organic or functional abnormality and diseases in nerve System, circulation System, urinary System, reproduction System as well as whole body disease. According to traditional chinese medicine, the disease is caused by, in most cases, unrestricted intake of cold or raw food, which hurts yang air of spleen and stomach accumulates chills. or careless bivouac which leads to navel penetration of chill, weak yang air in spleen, malfunction of spleen and stomach motive, engorgement intake salty hot or dirt food, heat accumulated by food detention in intestine, blocked abdominal air , depressed , mood, stasis of liver air and pivot disorder.


Main acupoints: zusanli, zhongwan, dachangshu once a day, 10-15 min. For each point each time, 8 limes as one course.


5. Apoplexies and hemi paralysis

Clinic attribute

Apoplexies grayis; sudden cataplexy, obnubilation, unconsciousness, stertorous breathing, skew mouth and eyes, and hemi paralysis. Subelinical apoplexies: hemi paralysis, skew mouth and eyes, dysphasia, sialosis, dysphasia, most of which are the sequela of apoplexies gravis. In certain case the above symptoms may occur ac-companied by facial anesthesia, limb anesthesia, heavy limbs, finger tremor, dizziness, white and greasy longue coating, wiry pulse.

Causes and pathology

Cerebrovascular accidents such as cerebral embolism. Cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, subarachnoid hemorrhage and cerebrovascular spasm, are called apoplexia, namely min-stroke syndrome of taiyang mainly caused by anxiety, disorder of yin and yang, distending abdomen and air and blood disorder with central channels and central! viscera symptoms for clinic identification. As an acute disease, the symptom changes rapidly, which is similar to the wind evil of kindness and luck change of the nature, therefore the ancient chinese people named the disease as mindstroke according to modem medicine, apoplexies can be classified into hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease (hypertension related cerebral hemorrhage ) and ischemia cerebrovascular disease (cerebral thrombosis. Cerebral Embolism, temporary cerebral ischemia attacking).


Main acupoints: guannei. Renzhong ( philtrum ) , sanyinjiao auxiliary acupoints:

Clinic attribute

Dizziness and heavy head are the most common symptoms of hypertension, among general symptoms of tinnitus, giddiness, dysphonic, chest distress, palpitation, flushing face and eyes, numb fingers, dry mouth and throat, constipation, uroeryth, red tongue and yellow tongue coating, wiry pules. Hypertension is defined as 20kpa of contraction pressure and 12kpa of diastolic pressure in quiet circumstance. The Disease is classified in primary hypertension and secondary hypertension with heavy head and dizziness as main symptoms.

Causes and pathology

Liver air accumulation due to long term nervous tension. depressed mood and rage which turns into fire that hurts yin of liver. Yang not being constricted by yin, hyper function of liver yang, or weak kidey function dur to old age , insufficient kidney yin , liver not nourished, excessive intake of ratty and sweet food, over drunk, generation of sputum and internal moisture which burns the body liqud to become sputum, which further stains stains channel of yin.


Main acupoint: quchi

Auxiliary acupoints: baihui, fengchi, jianjing

By acupuncture, manipulation. S-6min. For each point. Once a day and 15 times as 7one course. Con tenuous treatment for three months.


Clinic attribute

Common headache category includes vascular headache, headache caused by intracranial pressure change Meningitis headache, cerebral traumatic headache epileptic headache, headache caused by diffusion of facial disease, headache caused by cervical vertebrae or temple joint disease, and catatonic headache. By nature of pain it can be classified into head distending pain, megalgia, perpetual pain and paroxysm mal pain.

As per the attacked parts, it includes; front headache, which is caused by disease of eye, nose and throat, or anemia in certain ; cases; hemicranias, caused by osteopathy, Toothache and gynopathy; top headache, caused by nervous malfunction; back headache, caused by hypertension, cervical spondylopathy, cerebral rumor; general headache or migratory headache caused by cerebral rumor; general headache or migratory headache caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral concussion, infection or intoxication. For chronic headache , the reason might be intracranlal hypertension and some toxemia; for megalgia attacking in the morning accompanied by vomit which lightens later, the reason can be nervous malfunction, intracerebral " tumor, subdural abscess, uremia, glycuresis and other toxipathy.

As classified according to the relation between symptom and channels and collaterals, headache can be yangming channel related for front headache, shaoyang channel-related for top headache and tai yang channel related for back headache.

Causes and pathology

The ache at the skull above eyebrow and hair edge is called headache, one of the most common disease of mankid, the large variety of causes affect different parts of pathologic change with complicated traits. In traditional chinese medicine, headache is also called mead with an eye to evil of yang offending the right air up to head by way of channels, which are caused by accumulated heat, liver yang, sputum moisture and delicate constitution, or clean air stained by accumulated heat in stomach. Liver fire burning, exhaustion of ying blood, clogging of sputum, upward movement of liver yang, among other factors.


Main acupoints: fengchi, taiyang

Auxiliary acupoint: hegu

By acupuncture at points of fengchi and taiyang, with left electrode on fengchi and right one on taiyang, or vise visa, followed by hegu,5-10 min, for each point, seven times as one course, once-every day or every other day.

Manual point stimulation can be adopted during treatment as auxiliary therapy by tapping the stimulation line on the stimulation line all-way-round with two fingers. The therapy introduced here bas good effect for various kinds of headache by eliminating evil air, smoothening channels and collaterals. Activating air and blood and reinforcing insufficiency.