Benefits Of Vitamins Minerals Zinc And Protein Biology Essay

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Vitamins are nutrients that are not for power or a body tissue of the body need vitamin directly in small amounts. But is very essential.

The benefits of vitamins to the body.

Benefits of vitamin.

1. Help eyesight. And prevent the symptoms that night, bleary eyes can not adjust the sight to see in the dark.

2. Nourish the skin and lining of organs such as eyes and mouth, trachea, esophagus, urinary for the moisture and prevent infection easily.

3. Vitamin A helps in the growth of the body due to Vitamin A helps promote works of calcium

4. Vitamin A helps build resistance to diseases common to the body when the body has the proper vitamin needs.

Benefits of vitamin D.

1. Helps calcium and phosphorus absorption through the thin walls. The cells better.

2. Vitamin D helps calcium and phosphorus together for Build bones and teeth grow strong. If the anti-rickets vitamin D deficiency rickets is making a bow-legged bent tooth decay and easy low immunity.

Benefits of Vitamin E.

1. Barren in some cases

2. Disorders in women during menstruation.

3. Abortion without knowing why.

4. The blood of some infants.

5. Prevents red blood cell fragility

Benefits of Vitamin K.

1. Vitamin K helps blood coagulate

2. The blood stops flowing faster. When the wound


Minerals have important roles and functions in Many body functions, especially the structure of the body. An element of Cell and nerve tissue. Is a component of enzymes and hormones, vitamins, minerals are also used to control the muscle function in all organs. The importance and duty to see that such minerals as nutrients. Very important to the body. The body must be sufficient body to be fully grown and healthy. Food is a common source of Minerals, both primary and types of small amounts vary depending on the type of food to sample minerals that are important to the body including calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and iodine potassium

Duties generally.

   1. Maintaining a balance of acid and alkaline in the body.

   2. A catalyst for bio-reaction.

   3. An important component of the body.

   4. Maintain water balance in the body.

   5. Helps to get - Send nervous feeling.

   6. Control the contraction of the muscle corset.

   7. Assist in the growth of tissue


Benefits of zinc

Similar to zinc, minerals and other vitamins is not as nutrients for energy. But serves as a director of a body of work. Play an important role in the synthesis of nucleic acids. And protein enzymes in the body over 100 species can be said that the enzymes are active ingredients in the reaction within the body almost anything to zinc component can do it well, so zinc is critical to the operation of every organ in the body. us The process may be concluded that zinc is involved in working in the human body is as follows.

1. Zinc is part of the enzyme alcohol good Hydro G-Sat (Alcohol Dehydrogenase) that this enzyme is responsible for the alcohol removed. Which is toxic in the liver (Liver).

2. Zinc work with enzymes to make more good state and the Letter G Hydro Resorts (Latate and Malate Dehydrogenase) is an enzyme the body uses to process building energy

3. Zinc is working with the enzyme alkaline Force a fast เต a (Alkaline Phosphatase) is needed to build bones and teeth movement.

4. Zinc is part of the enzyme Super Oxide Distribution Mew Tesco (Superoxide Dismutase; SOD), the anti-reaction All rights oxidation (Potent Anti-oxidants) that are in the body.

5. Zinc is part of the enzyme Nick's carbonyl anhydride Dresses (Carbonic Anhydrase), which showed that this enzyme is involved in the functioning of the nervous system, balance brain

6. Zinc, needed for protein synthesis and collagen has a crucial role in the growth of children.

7. Zinc allows cells to bind to vitamin A (Vitamin A) to make better and allows the cell to bring vitamins to make better use. This helps the skin cells are created new healthy and were also involved in maintaining the balance of lipids in the skin. And control of acne problems from clogged with fat.

8. Zinc is an important part in the process create a nucleic acid c (Nucleic acid) and DNA (DNA) and RNA (RNA), which was a short body create new cells. Whether postoperatively, the wound required more different process is always more.

9. Zinc also helps to improve immune system function. Specifically controls the type of white blood lymphocytes (T-lymphocyte) to work to prevent foreign diseases more effectively.

10. Zinc is important for control of the hormone insulin (Insulin) and regulation of receptor (Taste Sensation) to work more efficiently.

11. Zinc required for growth and development of the reproductive system. And helps prostate function correctly. Protect the sterile


Body needs protein for growth, protein is the most important body. The muscles, skin, nails, because blood and organs of the body all the protein is a key element.

Benefits of protein on the human body.

    1. Growth and repair. The body.

    2. The power to the body. In case of lack energy. The protein, carbohydrate and fat from an energy to approximately 4 g calories.

    3. A hormone gastric juice and milk immune substances to the body.

    4. Helps maintain water balance in vascular tissue and cells lack protein if infrequently Zhang makes clear blood. Treated water from the blood to absorb into the tissue. Cause swelling. People lack the protein has a swelling.

    5. Maintain the balance of acid and alkaline body.

How do they do the job.

Quality animal feed

- Source of animal feed

A. In case of food animals. To buy from someone who is licensed under the law of control Quality animal feed

B. If mixing feed for themselves. Quality must be in accordance with the law on animal feed quality control in 2525 BC.

- Packaging and transportation.

Pet food containers should be clean, never used fertilizers contain toxic materials or other objects. May harm the animals clean, dry humidity together. No substances are contaminated with animal feed If the substance is coated with another substance that should not harm animals.

Trucks used to transport feed. To make the truck clean and dry. No residues of any one thing in the truck. This can damage the animal.

- Quality Inspection feed

Should check the quality of food animals. The sampling of food animals send A reliable laboratory. To verify the quality and residue analysis on a regular basis. And save the analysis to make sure at least two years.