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Bed bugs are one among those few irritating insects that live just by drinking human blood for years. This means that we the humans are the major source of food for bed bugs. Bed bugs are present everywhere in our surroundings in large amount. If your neighbors complain bed bugs presence in their home then this is the right time to take preventive measures. Unfortunately, most of us do not pay attention to this issue unless bed bugs attack our own home and start sharing our beds with us. If you wake up having severe itching on your body then it means bed bugs have enjoyed last night. Bed bugs usually hide themselves in bed frames and mattresses so that they can easily drink our blood during night when we are sleeping.

Although, bed bugs are present in all the soft, comfortable and warm places but bed is their favorite residence so it is highly suggested to inspect your bed in case you find anything strange such as chewed clothes and red spots on your body. Check each part of your bed from bed frame to mattress thoroughly and if you find any signs of bed bugs presence then call pest control professionals or use any of the bed bugs prevention methods for controlling bed bugs. You may also search keywords like how to get rid of bed bugs or how to prevent bed bugs on Google to find more ways to get rid of these bugs. Bed bugs are a serious threat for our health and that of our pets so it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Bed Bugs - Educational Series (Video # 35)

Bed bugs are known to be the silent enemies of mankind, as most of us do not even know that we have become the target of this little insect. Although, bed bugs are present everywhere but still we cannot see them. It is because they not only have very small size which is roughly equal to the size of apple seed. They hate sunlight and become active during night when there is complete silence and darkness everywhere.

Bed bugs live in warm places such as carpets, sofa set, mattress, car seats, clothing and other related objects. If you find clothes being chewed then it simply means that bed bugs have entered your home. Another simple way of detecting bed bugs presence is to check your body as these creepy insects leaves red spots on our whole body after drinking blood. Although, it is very threatening to have bed bugs in your home but this is not the end, you can still adopt various bed bugs prevention methods and use bed bugs management tools for getting rid of bed bugs permanently.

Your steam cleaner can help in this regard as the steam can easily kill bed bugs. You may need to inspect your home especially sensitive areas such as your wardrobe section, bed, sofa set etc in order to know the exact population of bed bugs. You may also use bed bugs spray for controlling bed bugs which are eco friendly and are considered highly effective in killing bed bugs. Now it depends on you how you get rid of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Treatment - Educational Series (Video #36)

Bed bugs are causing many troubles for us these days and a definite rise in their population has been reported during the last few years. With time they have become so strong that traditional bed bugs management methods are not effective in killing bed bugs which clearly means that we need to find some new ways for bed bugs treatment. There are hundreds of different ways for getting rid of bed bugs but not all of them are effective and safe for our family and pets so we need to be extra careful while eliminating bed bugs.

Majority of the people use cold system for managing bed bugs. The major benefit of this system is that it is not only cost effective but also gives best results within minimum time. This bed bugs prevention method makes use of the cold air, which is being thrown on the selected areas. Bed bugs do not have resistance against extreme cold air so they are killed easily. You may also use your steam cleaner for this purpose, as bed bugs are also sensitive to heat. If these two methods do not work then you might need an efficient bed bug spray but always confirm that it is safe for your family and pets.

If you are not strong enough to kill bed bugs by yourself then you may simply get professional help. In fact, this is much better as pest control professionals know more than we are. They use strong bed bugs sprays as well as different equipments for stopping the bed bugs breeding process. The good thing is that they also give you assurance that bed bugs never disturb you again. As bed bugs have direct contact with our skin during biting so it is highly suggested to use bed bugs mattress and other bed bugs prevention tools to remain safe from these little insects.

Bed Bugs Breeding - Educational Series (Video No 37)

I am sure; every one of you wants to know how fast you can get rid of bed bugs. The answer to this question lies in the bed bugs breeding process. These insects were more common 20 to 30 years back but how unlucky we are that they have attacked human race once again and this time they are stronger and energetic.

The growth or reproduction of bed bugs is different in different cases. In fact, their breeding process fully depends on yourself and the environment of your home. If bed bugs get enough warm places at your home, a large number of audiences and enough food that is blood then they will definitely multiply fast which may cause a serious trouble for us. Bed bugs breeding process consists of five different stages and these insects need human blood during all these stages, which means that if they stop getting blood then they will not be able to get mature and lay eggs for reproduction. Your biggest challenge is to stop bed bugs from drinking your blood and this is only possible if you adopt bed bugs prevention methods.

The major problem is that bed bugs eggs are so small that a normal human eye cannot see them. Majority of us get to know about the presence of bed bugs in their home after a month or so. It is highly suggested to inspect your home on regular basis in order to know their presence right in time. Even a single bed bug, which you take along with you to your home in luggage, can cause severe problems in the coming months.

Bed Bugs are Mobile - Educational Series (Video # 38)

Majority of the insects and small living organisms are confined to any specific region of the world where they find most suitable climate and enough food but this is definitely not the case with bed bugs as they are present in every region of the world. People belonging to different regions are equally affected by the increasing population of bed bugs. Two things, which makes bed bugs most dangerous insects for human beings are that they grow very fast which means it is very difficult to get fully rid of them and are very fast. Here fast means that they can easily move from one place to another so if your home is safe today than it might not be safe tomorrow. I am not trying to horrify you; I am just warning you to use bed bugs prevention tools for keeping bed bugs away from your home.

Bed bugs are highly active; they move here and there without even making any noise or sound. It is very difficult to see them as they are very small and they usually hide themselves during daytime. We cannot catch bed bugs no matter how fast we are. Bed bugs mobility is the major problem, which delays bed bugs killing process but still no need to lose hope as now latest technology is available for killing bed bugs. There are a large number of bed bugs management products available in the market. These products help you in eliminating bed bugs in minimum possible time. Some of these products include bed bugs mattress, bed bugs covers, bed bugs sprays etc.

Bed Bugs - Educational Series (Video # 39)

Bed bugs have disturbed our lives badly and have made our homes unsecured. These little insects belong to Cimicidae family. They are known to be most irritating, and dangerous human parasites as they fully rely on cold-blooded animals especially human beings. They are the worst enemies of mankind since ancient times. A large number of insects came and vanished but these small insects have adapted to changes in the environment, which is the reason behind their survival. These insects are dispersed worldwide which makes them unique from other insects.

Bed bugs are very small and their size is equal to the size of an apple seed. Their size is extremely small at the time of birth. They are wingless creatures having oval shape. They are normally brown in color and become reddish brown after drinking blood. Bed bugs fulfill their food needs during night when their audience is unable to resist them. They also secrete certain chemicals in our body while biting. Although, biting is not painful but these secretions enhances the feeling of irritation and itching on the skin. Bed bugs require approximately 5 minutes for feeding.

Bed bugs grow very fast and on average an adult female bed bug lays 3 eggs every day. A single bed bug can lay up to 200 eggs. The eggs usually hatch in a minimum of 6 and maximum of 17 days. A new born becomes fully mature in just a month after completing five different stages of growth. Bed bugs start biting humans for drinking blood right from the first stage of development.

Bed bugs can cause serious ailments including skin diseases, nervous diseases and digestive disorders. It is highly suggested to use bed bugs prevention means such as bed bugs spray, bed bugs mattress, bed bugs covers etc for controlling bed bugs.

Bed Bug Treatment - Educational Series (Video # 40)

Majority of the diseases especially skin diseases are caused due to the presence of small insects seen in our surroundings. These insects search food from our kitchen or garden for living but some of them fully rely on human beings for getting food. Bed bugs are one of these dangerous species that drink human blood. Most of the insects live in or near places where they can easily get food so bed bugs prefer to live near human beings. You need to see bed bugs before killing them but bed bugs are so small that human eye cannot see them easily. Bed bugs usually remain hidden in warm places such as mattress, bed frame, box spring etc during day times. They come out only at night and drink human blood.

Although, bed bugs bites does not cause any pain but still these bites secretes some enzymes in our body that not only disturbs our internal system but also causes itching on the affected parts of the body. If you see red spots on your whole body while taking bath in the morning then it means it is the time to take action. There are various methods of bed bugs treatment depending on your budget and convenience. Some people use bed bugs spray for killing bed bugs. This is easy and simple method for eliminating bed bugs but it is relatively expensive. Some other methods include the use of cold air and steam on bed bugs as bed bugs cannot survive in extreme temperatures. A few people also use bed bugs mattress to prevent these bugs from biting during sleep.

Bed Bug Pesticide Alert - Educational Series (Video # 41)

According to health experts, presence of bed bugs in your home for long time may cause serious ailments including skin, nervous and digestive diseases. Bed bug is a small pest that gets energy by drinking human blood. It needs certain amount of blood to remain alive and it fulfills this need by biting people during night when they are unconscious. The size of bed bugs is small so are we cannot catch them; they are so small that we can hardly see them. The worst thing is that we usually become aware of their presence a long after they enter our home. Bed bugs reproduce very fast which makes it more difficult for us to kill them fully.

Although, there are a large number of equipments and tools available in the market for eliminating bed bugs but majority of them are less effective and more costly so it is highly suggested to use bed bugs pesticides for bed bugs management.You can easily see a large variety of bed bugs pesticides offered by different companies either in the market or online. These pesticides contain certain chemicals, which although destroys bed bugs but causes health issues to our family and pets. You must buy only those bed bug pesticides that are registered and clinically proven.

Bed bugs pesticides only work if applied on all the cracks, crevices and all other sensitive parts of your home. Although, you can apply bed bugs spray and other pest control products by yourself but it is better to take professional help as pest control specialists can control bed bugs more effectively.

Bed Bug Spray - Educational Series (Video # 42)

What will you feel when anyone tells you that bed bugs drink your blood just as you drink any soft drink? Your first reaction will possibly be that you will not believe this but what if this is true? A large number of people become food of bed bugs without even knowing it. Bed bugs need human blood for survival just as we need food for getting energy. Bed bugs take benefit of darkness for biting humans and remain hidden in cracks, crevices, carpets, mattress, car seats, box spring, bed frame etc during daytime and come out during night when there is silence everywhere.

If you see any bed bug in your room or any other area of your home then take it seriously as bed bugs usually remain in the form of colonies. Their population increases rapidly as every adult female bed bug lay roughly three eggs every day. If bed bugs have attacked your home then you need to be patient as it takes a lot of time and effort for getting rid of bed bugs permanently. If you want to get results within minimum time then it is highly suggested to use bed bugs spray. There are a large numbers of bed bug sprays available in the market offering guaranteed results but not all of them are eco friendly. You need to select the one, which is safe for your family as well as for your pets. You may search different methods of bed bugs elimination other than the use of bed bugs pesticide.

Bed Bug Solution - Educational Series (Video # 43)

There is hardly any place left where bed bugs have not reached up until now. They always accompany us where we go. They are present in our homes and offices in large amount. In fact, they love to share our bed with us. Bed bugs are those unwanted visitors that are always disliked by us. They are considered our worst enemies and they live on our blood. Bed bugs are so small that their bite does not causes any pain but it definitely causes itching and inflammation in some individuals. Not only this, some other people also face serious nervous and digestive problems due to continuous biting of bed bugs.

Health experts suggest taking serious measures right in time for preventing and killing bed bugs as their presence is not good for our health. If you have already become a victim of bed bugs then you might need professional help for managing bed bugs.

Do not be ashamed of calling a pest control professional for killing bed bugs as they have special instruments and sprays for this purpose. They take preventive measure during the elimination process. If your budget does not allow you to call a professional then you can do this task by yourself. Your steam cleaner can be of great help as the steam can destroy whole population of bed bugs. You may also use cold air alternatively as bed bugs are also sensitive to cold air. Another commonly used bed bug solution is bed bug spray. Bed bugs sprays are of great importance when it comes to quick and easy methods of killing bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites Pictures - Education Series (video #53)

Bed Bug is a terrible nighttime creature which can be the ultimate cause of your sleepless night. This belongs to the hemiptera family that solely lives on the blood. Typically, they multiply in number while breeding and therefore, their population increases rapidly. Quantitatively, their population may exceed to 5900 in six months.

Bed Bug pictures

Bed bugs are basically oval shaped insects, but they look flat in appearance. They are also called as mahogany flats, red coats and crimsons ramblers because of the mahogany color they posses. They have well functioning legs which help them climb vertical surfaces conveniently, but are unable to fly. This is due to functionally nonexistent hand wings. However, they have very prominent feature called anntena. Nevertheless, these bed bugs are sometimes confused with small cockroaches and ticks. Adult Bed bugs are more reddish in color and their color instantaneously changes after feeding. Moreover, nymphs are easily distinguishable after feeding because they appear bright and clear in color.

There are five nymph stages and only one adult stage. Nymphs look vastly different depending upon their life stage and whether they have fed recently or not. Nymphs are as small as 1.5mm where as adult bed bug reaches to a maximum length of 7mm. Bed Bugs prefer to make their home in places such as cracks in furniture, any corner of the house as well as in textiles and upholstered furniture. Normally, bed bugs love to be in place where most of the people sleep. Lastly, bed bugs can also be found in vacant homes because they can live without feed till months under favorable conditions.

Bed Bug Bites - Education (video #55)

Bed bugs are small, oval like creatures that live on the blood of animals or humans. Bed bugs feed the blood with the help of their elongated mouth. These insects are active at night time and usually attack people when they are sleeping. Bed bug bites are painless initially, but they turn into itchy welts after some time. Typically, the feeding time of the bug is about 3 to 10 minutes, later they disappear unnoticeably. Bed bug bites, unlike other insect's bites, are only found in the body areas that are exposed while sleeping. However, many people confuse the bed bug bites with the bites or itching of mosquitoes and other insects. In order to ensure a bed bug bite, one must identify a bed bug in the premises of home.

The signs of bed bugs are as follows:

• Blood stains in bed sheets or pillow covers

• Bed bugs lay egg shells or shred skin in areas where bed bug hides

• A distinct and offensive smell from bed bug glands

Normally, no treatment is required to treat bed bug bites. Nevertheless, in the cases of severe itching welts, steroid creams or oral antihistamines are most effective. In special cases, bed bug bites may lead to prominent blisters. Furthermore, the bed bug bite's reaction may become more vigorous after multiple bites because of sensitization to salivary proteins of the bed bugs. Also, some psychological impacts are visible in humans who become the victims of bed bug bites such as anxiety, stress and insomnia. Lastly, due to each bed bug bite, a small reduction in blood may occur. Chronic or severe infestation can lead to anemia and bacterial skin infection.

Bed Bug Mattress Cover | Bed Bug Education (video #56)

Bed Bugs are a growing problem in homes, both small or big apartments, huge cruise ships and in small shelters like hotels. There are varieties of options available in the market for protecting you from the bed bugs. Every option has its own pros and cons and can affect the health of humans in different ways. One of them is the usage of bed Bugs Mattress cover.

Bed bugs Mattress covers are not a new concept, because in the past things like that have been used for prevention of mosquitoes. They cover the top and sides of the mattresses because they are spread like sheets on the entire bed. These sheets are impregnated with pesticides like permethrin to protect the human body from bed bugs. These covers are claimed to be the best options because they have the power to kill or repel any bed bug that comes in contact to them. Some of the bed bugs mattress covers are also infused with non-toxic oils.

A variation of bed mattress cover is the bed bugs mattress encasement, which capsules your mattress fully. It is provided with a zipper in such a way that by zipping it there will no room left for the bed bugs to come out of mattress. When trapped inside your mattress, these bed bugs can stay alive for almost 18 months without eating anything! So it is strongly recommended to keep your mattress encased for such long periods of time. These bed bugs mattresses encasements are made up of terry cotton or polyester so it is also important to invest your money in a good encasement.

Best First Aid Kit on the Market! All Stop Family ER Kit (video #57)

First aid kit is considered as an important device, whether you are at home or outside your home. Due to importance of first aid kits, the traditional kits are now customized according to the usage and storage. Following are some of the famous first aid kits available in the market:

1) DIY Kit

This kit includes bandages and medicines. Different types of bandages like kerlix, butterfly, and ace bandage are included in the kit. The medicine section consists of Tylenol, aspirin Benadryl and any medicine for diarrhea. Other important accessories include pair of rubber gloves, paramedic scissors, alcohol pads, Neosporin, duct tape, and a CPR face shield.

2) Pocket Size First Aid Kits

This kit is very good remedies for minor skin wounds .To treat minor blisters; the kit consists of antiseptic pad, moleskin pad, and alcohol pad for wound cleaning.

3) Disaster Kits

This kit is big enough to handle a group of four people for consecutive three days. The medicines and the bandages in the kit are stored in a 5-gallon plastic bottle that can be changed into a toilet if needed at the time of disaster. Sometimes these kits are available in metal instead of plastic so they can be used to cook and boil water. The kit also contains trash bags that can be converted into sleeping bags and contain an all purpose wrench and an emergency radio. This is the most famous first aid kits for disaster management.

4) Backpacking Kit

These kits are very light and watertight. There are many types of bandages in this kit which can help to relieve serious wounds, and also an irrigation syringe for flushing out serious wounds.

Other types of famous first aid kits available in the market are automobile kits, boating first aid kit and non-human first aid kits. Although there are some common elements found in the first aid kits, but sometimes the contents are changed for different emergency situations.

Liceadex-EX: Home & Bedding - Education on Preventing Lice (video #58)

Except your hair, Lice and nits can be found at many places in the environment. They can produce serious kinds of skin problems if they are not removed from your body. They provide the potential hazard of transferring from one source to other source and can spread up in your environment like bees. It is considered very important to remove them from the environment, as it is from your hair. These small creatures can be found at any corner or anywhere in your house such as your clothes, apparels of bedding, household furniture, and even in your vehicles. It is necessary to clean up your environment by using any kind of non- pesticide lice prevention sprays that are available in the market like Liceadex-EX: Home & Bedding.

These kinds of products contain natural, environment friendly materials like natural minerals and other type of non-toxic elements and they offer best solution for your lice problems. The added benefit of using these sprays is that they are pesticide free and they provide no harm to you and your personal belongings. Some of the lice prevention sprays in the market are toxic and they can harm your hair, so care is required when you are choosing any spray for you!

These sprays are also effective to combat your head lice. They can also provide a solution for removing pubic lice and you can get rid of body lice as well with them. They start working as soon as they are sprayed in the environment.

Dry Skin Treatment - Dry Skin Education (video #61)

If you are the one suffering from dry skin problem then it is vital to know that the problem occurs when the skin is unable to produce moisture that is required. Due to dry skin problem, several other skin related problems starts like dry patches on face and body, flaky skin, rough skin, calluses and unhealthy dry and rough skin. There are several treatments that can eliminate the dry skin related issues if used properly.

The most common treatment of dry and flaky skin is to moisturize the skin and body with a good moisturizer, although, this is not the complete treatment. Before applying the best moisturizer, it is essential to exfoliate the skin so that dead skin can be removed from the skin surface and moisturizer can work on it easily. This leads to a more healthy looking skin as skin cells will easily regenerate and grow. When the moisturizer is applied on an exfoliated skin, the results are great because the absorption of moisture under the skin takes place very easily. The new skin layer will then be more soft and fresh than before.

It is vital to note that while selecting the right moisturizer for a dry skin, keep in mind that it should not contain dry ingredients that may further enhance the problem. One such ingredient is alcohol that has the ability to make the skin dry and such moisturizers are only suitable for oily skin rather than dry skin. Try to get a vitamin E rich moisturizer that gives rich and healthy glow to the dry skin.

Psoriasis Treatment - Psoriasis Education (video #62)

Psoriasis is a skin condition which is quite uncomfortable and sometimes may leads to embarrassing situations. There are many Psoriasis treatments based on home remedies that are much effective. The quality of life can be disturbed due to this irritating problem. In order to get rid of this skin disease, several lifestyle changes are required.

The first treatment is related to the soaking of skin. It is essential to remove the dry scales from the skin by gently soaking it in the water tub that rehydrates the problematic skin. For more relief in irritation, Epson salt can be included in the tub of water. The soaking treatment also results in reduction of itching and red spots, which are produced over the time. The treatment is very effective but it is required to apply it many times as it can remove the natural oil from skin leading to much worse situation.

The other treatment of Psoriasis skin disease is to moisturize the skin properly. The relief through moisturizer can only be achieved when the lotion is in thick form rather than a light and less oily cream. The more greasy the formula, the better would be the result. These thick lotions are bit pricy but act very well of such skin related issues. If you can't afford this then try petroleum jelly, cooking oil or aloe Vera gels that are equally effective and soothing and act as best home remedies.

Pet Skin Care - Pet Skin Disorder Education (video #63)

If you own a pet then it is vital to take good care of it as somehow it becomes an important part of your life and act as a family member in most of the cases. Pet skin care is very essential just like humans because pets can't take care of their hygiene and skin related problems. It ultimately becomes the responsibility of the pet owner to look after and provide all the necessary care in the form of food, shelter, water and skin care.

Different pets have different skin care regimes. For instance: cat can take bath itself and does not involve their owner to give bath to them however, in case of dogs, the owner is required to bath the dog regularly in order to prevent any skin related disorder. The pets also require grooming and it is the owner's responsibility to deal with it properly without ignoring it. Brushing of dog hair in also essential as it facilitates the growth of hair resulting in healthy looking skin. If you own a bird then feather clipping is essential and comes under the pet care section.

Pet owner should take some time out in order to understand the problem of the pet. Pets skin care products are different from that of humans as their skin secretes greasy substance that helps in strengthening the hair and protect skin against diseases. The pH of pets is also different and therefore, daily bathing is not advised but scrubbing is useful. The best skin care products are not necessarily means the expensive ones, it is about the suitability to your pet and once you get the right product, don't switch to next product.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Carpal Tunnel Education (video #64)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is considered as one of the serious problems that has an impact on thousands of people around the globe. In most of the cases, the patients are not aware regarding the syndrome. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome according to mayo clinic is the painful condition of arms and hands that is caused due to pinched nerve inside the wrist. The usually found symptoms of this condition are the tingling in fingers and palms, numbness and intense pain, fatigue and itching. The pain is most commonly found to be spread from thumb, index finger and middle fingers.

With time the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms gets worse that result in extensive swelling, lack of coordination among fingers, decrease in sensation along with immense weakness. All these conditions indicate that the syndrome is evolving sharply. All those patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome require moving and shaking entire hand in order to get the movement and feeling. This is one of the ways to lessen the symptoms for a small time period but the problem reoccurs afterwards.

The particular causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are very much unknown to the doctors; one of them is traumatic injuries. However, all those people who are involved in the tasks that require repetitive hand actions and movements and wrist related activates which exerts pressure directly on the wrist are the ones suffering from this issue. Other common causes include using of keyboard for a longer time duration, assembling of minute parts, use of hammer and folding tasks on the line of assembly.

Pet Arthritis Products - Education On Arthritis In Dogs (Video #65)

There is a variety of pet arthritis products available in the market. For dogs and cats, the arthritis products provide a comfortable solution and can help to treat the damaged joint cartilage in many ways.

Joint supplements: There are many joint supplements available in the market that can help to rebuild the cartilage and provide strength to the damaged joints. Ingredients in the canine joint supplements such as the combination of glucose and amino acid called as glucosamine or perna mussel and other related products can help greatly.

Anti-inflammatory medications: There are many NSAIDs for arthritis that can relieve inflammation in dog's joints. There are a number of prescribed and non-prescribed medicines that can help to reduce arthritis in dogs.

• Vetrin Canine Aspirin: This drug is self prescribed by most of the pet owners and reduces inflammation effectively. This drug can be used with nutritional supplements for better results.

• Prescribed NSAIDs: These drugs have stronger efficacy then non-prescribed drugs. They may contain drugs like Carprofen and Etodolac, etc.

• Anti-inflammatory supplements: Oral fatty acid supplements can be used to treat arthritis in dogs. Duralactin, is another product that is extracted from cow's milk and can be used to treat arthritis in dogs effectively.

Apart from medicines, there are some physical aids that can help and support the dog in movement. Among these the orthopedic dog beds, sweaters or jackets and dog harness can help greatly. Other products that can help the dog while eating and drinking water is elevated dog feeders and raised water coolers, comfort lift carriers, and ramps and steps for helping the dogs to jump.

Poison Ivy Treatment (video #66)

Children love to play outside their homes in the gardens, but the danger of poison ivy is always looming large on the heads of mothers. Not only children, but also those people who spend most of their time out of their homes like gardeners, hikers or mountain climbers are also exposed to hazards of poison ivy. Some people complain of skin problems like rash after having exposure to the plant. If you have accidently encountered a poison ivy in your garden then there are some treatments which can help to provide you instant relief.

Poison ivy rash is to be treated within 10 minutes after its exposure. The first step is to cleanse the skin with an alcohol solution. Secondly, you have to rinse the infected area with water only. Do not use soap at this stage because soap can spread the oil called urushiol from poison ivy further on your skin. This can in turn lead to further worsening of the reaction on the skin. Third, take a shower but you need to use warm water and soap now. In the last stage, slip in a pair of gloves into your hands and wipe off everything with a clean piece of cloth dipped in alcohol and water, such as your clothes, your shoes, and even the equipment that you had with you.

This first aid for poison ivy must be adopted as soon as possible, because longer the urushiol will stay on your skin, more rashes will appear on your skin and even spread to new areas of your body. Some products available in the market like zanfel can also help to treat poison ivy rash if alcohol is not available.

Mange Treatment (video #67)

Mites are responsible for a type of skin infection called Mange in dogs, cats and other animals. The treatment of Mange depends upon the mite type and the area of the body that is infected. Some of them are described as follows:

• Walking dandruff: This infection is caused by least serious type of Mange. It is highly contagious as the names shows. Flakes of dandruff on the head and the shoulders of the infected animal, and itching in these areas are common signs of this type of Mange. Bathing the animal in medicated shampoo and chemicals for flea control can remove walking dandruff.

• Notoedric Mange: This form of Mange is prevalent in cats and squirrels or other wild type of animals. Itching, patchy yellow areas and Hair loss from the neck region are usual signs of the disease. The infection is contagious and can spread to humans and other animals both. A less concentrated solution of Lime-sulfur with water is very effective in the treatment of this type of Mange.

• Sarcoptic Mange: This type of Mange is mostly found in dogs and can be transmitted to humans in the form of scabies. Starting symptoms are itching and hair loss first from the ears of the animal and then from the whole body. This can be treated by using Ivermectin in a two shots dosage in two weeks. This drug is highly effective if given with antibiotics and lime-sulfur dips. Medicated shampoo baths for animals are also recommended.

• Demodectic Mange: This severe type of mange is also termed as red mange. The disease can lead to suppressed immune systems and hair loss from face and eyes in puppies and other animals. In severe forms, mites may dig deep inside the skin and may cause irritation, sores and secondary skin infections. Veterans suggest daily dosage of ivermectin with a medicated shampoo bath. Other treatments include amitraz dip treatment for long periods of time.

Get Rid of Your Jock Itch Fungus (video #68)

Jock Itch fungus is present in the groin area. As the environment in the groin area is warm and moist, it is most commonly found in Athletes and those people who stay outdoors for longer periods of time. The good news is that jock itch fungus is treatable. Some of the available reatments for this fungal infection are mentioned below.

Jock Itch Cream: This is a readily available product against jock itch fungus. This cream is easily available at general pharmacy stores and can be used as directed. There are some reported side effects of this cream which include redness, sensation of itching or stinging on the affected area.

A natural remedy that can be used to fight jock itch is Dermisil, which consists of plant products only. Its application is very simple as it has to be applied on the affected area several times a day. Another type of cream is Amoil that can be bought online. This is also a natural product which is made up of essential oils from organic plants of high quality. This cream is applied to the infected area three times a day. As it is a natural jock itch cream, there are no reported side effects of its usage.

Apart from medicinal treatments, personal hygiene also plays a big role in removing jock itch fungus from your body. The first thing is to keep the infected area dry as this fungus grows in damp and warm environment. Those people who are sweaty most of the time during the day must take regular showers as the sweat left between skin folds can lead to fungus growth. Remember! It is considered as most important to keep the area dry, and for this purpose you can even use talcum powder. A home remedy to treat jock itch fungus is garlic. Garlic powder mixed with water, when applied to the infected area can sooth the rash immediately.

About Pet Ringworm - Education (video #69)

The Ringworm, medically known as the 'dematophytosis', is a fungal infection of the skin, hair, or claws; caused by a fungus that attacks the skin of animals and humans. The cause behind the pet ringworm is the fungus 'dermatophyte' which lives in soil and infects animals, and is hence called the ringworm.

It looks like a red, round, worm like abrasion on the skin, but is not actually a worm in nature. The affected areas in animals usually have hair loss and scaly appearance, little raised margins and slight itchiness. It can be transmitted through contact, so animals that have the ringworm can transmit it to humans through objects touched by victimized animals. However, touch or contact alone doesn't cause you to have the ringworm infection; factors like immune system, age, skin condition, and grooming habits affect the growth of the fungal infection. What this means is that the young and old are most at risk of catching the ringworm.

The ringworm can be diagnosed through a fungal culture; which is a test that involves adding hair and skin scraping material in a culture tube, and observing what growth takes place on it. This test is time consuming and takes up from hours to days to show results. Another test is the woods lamp test, where a fluorescent light is used in a darkened room to see whether the infected area will turn into yellow-green; however the drawback of this test is that not all ring worms turn fluoresce. Even though the condition resolves on its own, an anti fungal shampoo, or lime sulfur dip can be used to treat it.

Swine Flu Update (video #70)

Swine flu, also called the pig flu, and hog flue, is an infection that is caused by a number of swine influenza viruses. These viruses are found in pigs, and hence the swine flu is mostly spread out through pig populations worldwide. Amongst these SIV strains, influenza C and influenza A; the H1N1 is the more popular subtype of A, which is more commonly spread.

Since August 2010, according to the declaration of the WHO (World Health Organization), the swine flu pandemic was finished. However, contrary to this belief, Swine Flu has not lost its existence, and has instead taken the behavior of a seasonal flu virus, as was predicted by the WHO, that keeps circulating. According to what the WHO has anticipated, this infection will have localized outbreaks which will include the spread of the H1N1 virus in considerable levels. The winter flu, summer flu etc are all examples of the spread of this virus on seasonal basis, as levels of H1N1 can be monitored in affected people. Even though it is relatively less serious, it is still unpleasant and unwanted; and people who already have other diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia are at risk for developing complications.

To avoid catching this form of swine flu, vaccination is the best solution. The H1N1 vaccine is now even a part of the seasonal flu thrust, which also offers protection against other circulating strains from the same swine flu viruses. The elderly and pregnant women are being offered this vaccine as well, since they are more affected and are at greater risk of developing complications. Contacting your general physician and getting yourself checked and vaccinated would be the safer option.

Swine Flu Information (video #71)

Swine flu is also known as swine influenza, pig flu and hog flu. It is a very deadly infection which arises due to different viruses. It is a disease which occurs because of pig and it is an infection which emerges in humans. It is a common disease which is spread worldwide due to different infectious viruses.

The first case of swine flu was seen in later 1930's.The transmission of this infection is common can cause human flu which is known as zoonotic swine flu. People who have regular exposure with pigs can become a victim of swine flu. It can also be transferred from human to human.

Its indications can be witnessed through muscle pain, coughing, weakness and feeling of coldness, difficult breathing. Its treatment cans also be successfully achieved with high power medicines because it is not a normal fever. Children who are below the age of 5 suffer from swine flu. Over all more than 20,000 people are suffering from swine flu. The parents and children, who are targets of this infection, need a good sanitation and a clean surrounding.

According the report of World health organization (WHO), in 2005 many cases of swine flu were reported in hospitals in Spain and USA. Consultants and doctors are handling this disease and the ratio of swine flu is increasing day by day. If it is not treated properly, it can also cause death. The farms of the pigs are the main source of swine flu because over there lots of pigs are kept and the farmer use pigs in different works and give them different medication which can cause swine flu.

Poison Ivy Remedy - Education (video #72)

Poison Ivy can easily be found in jungles as well as urban regions. Once you get tangled in Poison Ivy bush, it becomes very difficult to get the itchiness out of your body. It takes some weeks in order to find the complete relief from the poison ivy. If you are out for camping or in jungle and met with the Poison Ivy, resulting in spreading of poison, there are some quick remedies that can provide you immediate relief from itching and pain.

For removing poison that has been absorbed inside the skin, get some clay from the water or near the trees and start rubbing it on the poisonous spot. With this, don't try to move so much during that time period as the chances of spreading the poison inside the body is high. Keep motionless and eat dandelion leaves or roots that will improve the functioning of liver and nervous system under such circumstances. The other remedy is to get rid of itching that result from Poison Ivy. Sword ferns are very easy to find near poison ivy leaves. Take the sword ferns, crush them and start rubbing on the effected spots that will soon eliminate the itching.

The third remedy is related to the removal of inflammation. There are some leaves that relieve inflammation temporarily such as juniper berries, garlic and plantain leaves. The next Poison Ivy Remedy is to take bath instantly without using any soap or shampoo. This will avoid the chances of infection and water can reduce the inflammation too.

Kill Bed bugs and parasites- All stop professional steamer (video#73)

If bed bugs invade your house, they can be the serious cause of frustration among all your family members. There are several reasons why do you want to kill bed bugs so anxiously. Firstly they can cause serious skin infections. Secondly, they are not eradicated from house easily. This is due to the fact that nymphs can reproduce very rapidly and bed bugs come out of their harborages only to feed and breed. This means that more than 95% of their life span is spent while hiding in their harborages. However, research has found that natural ways to kill bed bugs such as scrutinizing bed sheets regularly, vacuuming bedrooms, using Clorox to clean furniture, using plastic covers for bed sheets, using blow dryers to clean corners and intricate furniture etc. are important. Therefore, all stop professional steamer is discovered as a must product to kill insects such as scabies, mange, bed bugs and other parasitic insects.


How it works? 

All stop professional steamer uses the power of steam to prevent any kind of bacterial infestation. At constant temperature of 130 centigrade, the pressurized steam will wipe out all eggs and debris of nymphs from any intricate corner of the house. The equipment is sophisticated but easy to use. It disinfects and cleans all types of surfaces, furniture or any hidden harborages of various parasites in the house. The bottom line is once these kinds of parasites are found in home, no time should be wasted and necessary action should be taken as early as possible. 



Liceadex Lice treatment system demo (video #74)

Are you sick of irritations caused by hair lice and its impotent treatments?  Do you feel embarrassed in your child's school because he /she are infested with hair lice? Does your skin crawl because creepy lice eggs all over your head? If yes then, all stop liceadex Lice Treatment system is a fast, pain free and a perfect solution for you.  It is an uncomplicated one step method that gives best results in first attempt. 

Liceadex is a non toxic, elementary lice removal gel. It is a cool smooth gel with a pleasant fragrance that treat the worst cases of lice and nits that have made their harborage in your or your child's hair. For a significant change in lice and nits density in your hairs, it is recommended to use the gel application twice with the gap 7 to 10 days in between. However, more toxic treatments used once even might cause damage to hair because of multiple exposures to poisonous chemicals. Typically, one 4 oz. bottle of liceadex gel can easily fulfill the requirement of two effective, non toxic and safe applications for hair length ranging from short to medium. Furthermore, several other lice treatments use dangerous pesticides that risk the life of the children because children are most prone to such hazardous pesticides that have the maximum density of poisonous chemicals. Following are some example of serious hazards caused by using other toxic lice treatments 


Asthma and allergies 


Birth defects 


Gangrene of the extremities etc. 

Now, Liceadex makers have provided us with such an incomparable product, that not only eliminates risk from our lives but also give us an optimum solution. The manufactures after having such flourishing business, still believe in giving their best. Therefore, they offer trained customer support specialist in five working days of the week from 8 am to 7:00 pm through telephonic and live chatting system.