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Barium enema X - ray, or double contrast barium enema, also known as low GI series, a white liquid called barium through the catheter and enter the X - line is to test (tube) is inserted through the anus rectum and large (colon) while filling the colon. Colon X - ray film have beed taken , and you can see the outline of the Colon. Normal anatomy of the colon and rectum to identify the double-contrast barium enema, barium enema and used special. Wed publicly distorting the colon and rectum diverticulosis, diverticulitis, polyps, cysts, large intestine, abnormal bowel movements, the expansion of the colon, Hirschsprung disease early childhood, and possibly including cancer.

Barium enema examination to be successful, your colon must be completely empty. Usually, you two days before the exam will be conducted on a limited diet. This is a soft food or liquid foods may contain. will also eat the night before the exam to List of laxatives, you eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the exam can be requested. Followed your doctor will need to provide specific guidance. All the remnants of digestion device and less, X - a line that appears above the colon or rectum may be wrong to.

Before your exam, radiographer describes the procedure to you, you answered your question. Also known as X-Ray Radiologic Technologist articles, anatomy, radiation protection, patient care and radiation exposure, and in the field of radiographic positions and skilled medical professionals who are trained

Radiographic procedures. As part of its mission, the number of radiation images of radiation needed to produce diagnostic help to determine.

You, your mouth before barium enema radiographer will give the hospital gown. This is a dress that can interfere with the accuracy of the metal because metal image, it's easy. all these things, including jewelry and clothing in this dress, it is important to remove below.

At this age, your baby is a woman, if you are pregnant radiographer may ask. This test can detect radiation pelvic area, so whether you are pregnant and have the opportunity to radiographer the date of last menstrual period, it is important to talk to.

During the test period

X - ray in the room, your TV screen with X - Ray is a unit of light, attached to the tilt is to lie on the table. Radiation in the rectum of the stomach to ensure that clean X - Ray takes. , Then Radiation insert lubricated enema tip into your anus. Radiation to come into the room to start the search. Liquid barium enema tip, time to start a small river. Barium radiographic visualization of the stomach and private boats can. It coats the X - ray film can be recorded in the lower digestive wall with shadow casting. Rays to monitor the flow of barium will see the TV screen the film to discuss the process.

BA also submitted other side will ask you to turn on the lights. This is a barium coats the colon wall you can. Uncomfortable or unable to give you, you must notify radiographer or radiation. Their goal is possible that your check-out that success is comfortable.

After administration of barium, colon X radiation - to take a series of rows. Continue to use your breath during the exposure will be held. It is also important to try to be responsible. When full-length movies, and to expel barium from the toilet you will see the radiation. Once you drive out of barium, barium X-ray is still another article to evaluate the existence of rays - X can take.

In some cases, as well as radiation, air can enter into a solution of barium. This high-density, air or barium enema examination, double contrast examination of this case is called. Air barium enema tip is inserted through the same. During the procedure, you feel bloated or cramping may occur. He did not expel air or barium in it is important to try. Barium is used in this procedure is so thick, it fills itself to meet the large intestine than the colon wall. The walls of the colon to expand the light air and allows the radiation to get more photos will be used.

After the scan, the radiation of X - ray film to complete the process and they must decide whether to allow technical. This film will be given to the beam for analysis. Radiology and medical experts in the interpretation of diagnostic medical imaging.

After reviewing the information

X-rays have been reviewed by a physician after physician self-report, you will receive the results. Then you see the results to the doctor, and if any further action, will be discussed.

Barium dirt will be white for several days. This is normal. If you have constipation after the test, tell the doctor. He may advise Take a laxative. In addition, the following test on increasing water consumption.

Radiation, the other X - ray radiation generated during the procedure, such as through an examination of the pain you go through immediately. You are "radioactive", unless you test it the following special precautions necessary.

What is the risk of barium enema?

intestinal swelling, but the number who are very uncomfortable from the patient may find it very regrettable. All X - ray radiation has some risk exposure. International and domestic development and approved by the Board of Radiation and Congress as the standard technique is to reduce radiation exposure. Also on board the state to prove all the technical characteristics of the beam by.

Or X-rays, doctors and staff should be informed about the pregnancy of domestic demand, and no radiation exposure and potential risk of harm to the fetus is female Wed rare complication of barium enema. Director of the catheter tip penetration of the bowel wall or local infection (abscess) or peritonitis (generalized infection of the abdominal cavity) can cause swelling in the colon. This is usually used excessive pressure in the air or barium when they are weakened by disease occurs when the colon.

Double-Contrast Barium Enema

Both contrast barium enema for polyps or colon cancer or rectum are testing radiation visible. During this procedure, a doctor and the colon and rectum through the anus, barium-term and liquid. The lower gastrointestinal tract barium compounds X - Ray will help to project the image. This test is relatively painless. Unlike colonoscopy procedure to remove polyps or tissue samples are not allowed. You feel that this is not normal, further studies and additional testing that may be required. Also (digestive system) from the GUI, the test is less well known colon barium enema examination of X - ray examination used to refer to. In order to prepare profiles of colon barium sulfate injected into the anus to mask technology, air is inserted into the anus (or "public paradox"), on the contrary, a double technical: There are two types of this test.

Why need to test with Double-contrast Barium Enema?

Colon and rectum (or colorectal), and diagnosis of inflammatory diseases, cancer assistance for various reasons, including barium enema may be performed. It is also, diverticulum (pouch colon paid), and occurs in conjunction with this test, the structural changes of the large intestine (colon and rectum to the positive growth of the network layer) to detect polyps. And double contrast barium enema, and early (polyps, etc.) The best way to detect small tumors, is a disease of inflammation, bleeding caused by ulcers.

With a change in bowel habits in the history of the people for solutions based on barium enema. These are diarrhea, constipation, lower abdominal pain now, blood, mucus, pus, or their faces can contain a review. In addition, the U.S. second most deadly type of cancer, and colon, this test, healthy people to detect cancer of the rectum into the screen every 5-10 years is recommended that you use. Who, cancer of the colon and rectum to find mutations relative to more frequent testing may be an increased risk for the disease may be a tumor is cancerous.

Side effects and risks

Contrast barium enema is used to secure a regular basis which can cause complications in people. And barium enema should be considered before the implementation of the following indicators will continue: Who rapid heart rate, and acute ulcerative colitis, toxic megacolon, or colon, barium enema, the hole should not be the people who undergo â-ª. Patients suffering from intestinal â-ª blocked If you can experiment to proceed with caution inflammation and colitis, diverticulitis, or severe bloody diarrhea. â-ª complications can occur due to test holes in the colon, water intoxication, barium granulomas (inflamed nodules), and includes sensitivity. They are all very rare.