Advances Biotechnology Impacts World Food Demand Future Biology Essay

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In today's world the food production is increasing and still people in developing countries are suffering starvation because of increase in population growth. Biotechnology methods are used to increase food and crop production. As per reviews by 2050 food demand increases by double because of the raise in population growth. Population growth will be 60% higher and it will raise the total food demand by 108% and agricultural land decreases and because of the changing climate conditions and global warming food production may not be enough to meet people needs. Decrease in agriculture practice is also a reason for the situation. To sustain this situation of starvation latest methods of biotechnology is implemented to raise food production and to increase the quality and quantity. By following biotechnology methods like genetic engineering and hybridization more food can be produced in less time.

Biotechnology methods will help in increasing the future food production. It is the only way by which people food demand is met. Biotechnology is used to increase not only the crop production but also produce disease resistant crops and low and high calorie foods. Production of dairy products and meat will also increases by biotechnology methods. Genetic engineering and recombinant technologies is used to increase crop production. By using genetic engineering different chemicals are produced which performs new functions in crop production. In less time more crops will be produced. By transferring the genes from one crop to other will produce plants with more desired traits and characters and breeding will be accelerated or increased. Soil fertility is increase by following biotechnology and their will not be more use of pesticides and insecticides. Plants with desired output traits are produced and gene mapping technique is followed recently. These techniques are less expensive and more useful in crop production. Food products with different vitamins and enzymes, proteins without losing their nature taste will be produced using biotechnology techniques. Low calorie oils and dairy products are produced. So biotechnology is very much essential to increase global food production. Globally food production can be increased at less affordable prices.

Genetically modified food(GMO) have lot of benefits and also lot of controversies and ethical considerations. Benefits are GM products have good taste, best quality, good nutrition and lot of vitamins and aging process is slow in crops. Yield is good and they are disease resistant and sustain for long period. In animals quality of meat is more and good production of eggs. Animals health can be improved and less affected to diseases. Fertility of soil can be maintained by producing GM crops.

There are lot of ethical considerations among the people and lot of claims and non-claims on GM products and using GMO's.

Ethical issues are like.

GM products may show side effects like allergies and cause other diseases.

Some of the people objected on mixing the animal genes in plants to produce plants and plant products with required characters.

Using animal genes and violating the rules.

Attempt to change the natural characters of product or adulterating the product by using Biotechnology

Animals are getting strained and killed.

Mixing normal plants with GM plants creating loss of original character of product because of cross pollination and unable to identify the natural crop.

In some countries rule is passed like GM products should have labels on it.

Using microorganisms can cause various diseases like cancer and also new diseases can be generated.

Considering all the points GM plants and animal products have their own pros and cons. genetically modified food is used to increase food security. For producing GM products microorganisms and yeast are used which is very is also big ethical issue among the people that microorganisms are making the product useless and may be disease causing.

Genetically modified products are mostly used by people by now-a-days, because they are easily prepared and are highly nutritious and they have required amount of calories and are readily available when ever needed in market. Example energy drinks or glucose drinks are available in the market which when consumed gives us amount of energy which is same to energy obtained from the food. The benefits of the GM products are making people more appealing and increase in consumption. By producing GM products there is no need of using more land by clearing the crops and destroying the plants and GM foods is the only way which can give growing population sufficient food, By this the economy of the country will be maintained and their will not be any need for the people to migrate to different places. Poverty in the countries can be reduced. Lot of companies are being established in the countries for the preparation of GM products and this way can increase employment and save the resources for future use. GM products are very good in quality and standards and they are getting produced as the way individual likes example GM fruits are not ripe easily and stored for long time, have good taste and size, better quality, obtained for low price and more quantity, less effort for producing and more nutritious. GM food products can be obtained not only with natural qualities but also with more qualities they are not present in normal products this is done by gene manipulation, DNA cloning techniques etc. Government in different countries also supporting GMO's and funding the industries more than ever.

In summary, I conclude that GM products or GMO's are the organisms or crop plants produced for human consumption by using artificial techniques and using latest biotechnology methods. Techniques include insertion of one gene from one plant or any organism into other plant or organism for obtaining desired product or product with desired characters and traits. GMO's are very much required because it is the easy way to produce food as early as possible and more quantity with desired characters. Example is use of gene from Bacillus thuringiensis, by insertion of that gene into corn and also other plant which is required for generating crystal protein which is lethal to larvae by this corn plant can produce its only insecticide which is good for crop resistance but when we consider other way it can make plants to loss it original character and there may be a some unknown character developed in the corn which can cause allergy or disease when consumed by individual. So by conclusion GM products and GMO's are essential and useful until unless they are tested by FDA who their properties. Before releasing the GM food products into the market it should be cross checked for the safety and see that whether it will cause any future problems and what is the solution for this issue.

GMO's are very much essential because their use can develop required characters in the plant and required output can be obtained in the food products of plant like increase in nutrition, pest resistance, disease resistant, prevent early ripening and aging especially in leafy vegetables and for production of dairy products with various amounts of fats and proteins. Genetically modified food is the only way to stop the world's hunger because of gradual increase in population and decrease in agricultural land. Use of natural resources is more than ever in today's world this makes impossible to produce the food products using natural methods.

To solve the problem, GMO's should be used to produce food products but they should be examined and some new methods should be developed and used to check the nature of products and safety, disadvantage in product. GM foods should be labeled this makes people aware of the properties of product. FDA should take an active part in analyzing the food and take necessary action base on its impact on the human body. We should use latest technologies but also understand the risks and future problems that may occur. Using technology up to a limit can be useful and making unnecessary and unusual experiments can cause unexpected hazard which can destroy bio-diversity and spoil the relationships between the organisms of the different pyramids. GMO's should be efficiently used in food products but

It should produce more benefit than problems. Biotechnology field should be more and more developed because it is the only way to produce food which will meet the requirements and needs of individual. Biotechnology increases the country's economy, technology and help in development of the country. Even there is enthusiasm in developing technology, it should be followed with caution so that it will cause serious hazard in human health and also environment.