Aromatherapy and the Treatment of Hypertension, Stress and Restlessness

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Client 1.1


Hypertension, stress and rRestlessness


Client 1.1

Client 1.1 is 67 years of age and is a female, currently she[L(CA2] is just a housewife at home, but was previously an admin manager for her husband’s security business, Guardarm Security. The client has three children, two girls and one boy. Ages are 45, 42 and 38. She gave natural birth to all three her children. The client’s lifestyle assessment with regards to the nutritional intake (diet) is that it is fairly balanced but fruit portions should be increased and caffeine intake should be lowered, due to the restlessness and stress. The medical history of the client is the following; the client has hypertension[L(CA3] which started about 10 years ago. The client has a irregular sleep pattern, gets in on average 4 hours of sleep going to bed at 21h00 pm and waking up at 01h00 am, could be due to her cardiac problems [L(CA4]looking at the time she wakes up is Cardiac body time – 12h00 am – 02h00 am. The Client has an occasional alcohol intake, drinking an Amarula tot once every 2-3 weeks. The clients had a full hysterectomy after her last child. The client has varicose veins situated on both her legs. The client also suffers from second-hand smoking due to her husband that currently smokes one pack a day. Client also suffers from claustrophobia[L(CA5]. The client has passedt[L(CA6] her menopausal phase. The client currently takes herbal supplements like Ecenaforce[L(CA7] drops and Spirilina. The client takes vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids [L(CA8]daily. She also currently takes Taureg 80 [L(CA9]for her blood pressure. The Clients present exercise regime consists of walking at leastst once a day, three times a week; leg lifts daily and breathing exercises. Her hobbies include reading articles about health and new herbal medicine, cleaning in and around the house as well as gardening every day. Recommended that the client go for a back massage to relieve stress and tension. But she is very active for her age. [L(CA10]

The main concern of the client is to remain healthy for as long as possible. My aim for this treatment is to relax my client and lower her stress levels[L(CA11], also relieve tension and help reduce scars of varicose veins on her legs. The purpose of the treatment is to detoxify the body of any waste or toxins in the bodies systems. To bring homeostasis to the mind, body and soul. The motivation of this aim is because of the client’s medical history and that it would seem fit to purify the body[L(CA12].

Treatment Plan

The aim is bring to homeostasis to the body and its systems, to ensure homeostasis and detoxification of the body, the treatment plan would consist of using Eve Taylor pre blended aromatherapy oils. To relieve stress and lower tension.[L(CA13]

Aim of the treatment

Eve Taylors Facial Oil No 5

The motivation for using this oil is supported by the fact the client is a mature[L(CA14] lady and is recommended to use this oil to treat mature and Allipedic skin and loss of elasticity.

Active Ingredients[L(CA15]:

  • Bois de rose
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rosewood

Bois de rose:Meaning ‘wood of rose’ – Comes from the Aniba Rosaeodora, from which the essential oil is distilled. The oil is distilled from the bark of the tree but to obtain it the whole tree is felled. The smell is valued above all. It is woody, mossy and flowery. The amazon natives used the bark in therapy for its medicinal properties and has a remarkable action on the skin, helping with wrinkles and scars.

Lavender: Extracted from Lavandula Angustifolia. Lavender has wonderful qualities and also smells great. It is calming, soothing and combats stress, while the antiseptic properties help with colds and flu, asthma and migraines. Supports female health and has a healing effect on the skin.

Jasmine:Extracted from Jasminum Grandiflora. This essential oil deeply relaxes, lifts depression and boosts confidence. Also tones and improves skin elasticity.

Rosewood:The properties are analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial. Extracted from the rosewood tree. It rejuvenates the skin and keeps it looking healthy and young. It stimulates the body and various organ systems and metabolic functions[L(CA16].


  • Hydrating and soothing
  • Improves skin moisture and oil balance
  • Highly calming
  • Visible reduction and softening of fine lines

Eve Taylor Body Oil No. 303

The motivation for using this pre-blended oil was due to the fact that the client has passedt her menopausal phase but still has some of the symptoms[L(CA17]. Aim of this treatment is detoxify[L(CA18] the body.

This oil can be used on people who suffer from menopause, cellulite and scars. Also calming and relaxing.

Active Ingredients:

  • Clary sage
  • Rosemary
  • Patchouli
  • Geranium

Clary Sage:This essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the buds and leaves of the Clary Sage plant, the Salvia Sclarea. It is an herb. This essential oil can be used to battle addiction and can stimulate a change in mentality towards a positive way of approaching. It can also act as an anti-inflammatory treating back aches and joint pain.


  • Speeds up cell regeneration
  • Hydrating and smoothing
  • Calming of emotions
  • Helps with stress and sleeping problems[L(CA19]

The objective of the treatment:

My main objective would be to relieve stress levels and help with the unbroken sleep patterns of the client. My secondary objective would be to help with her post-menopausal symptoms as well as scarring and varicose veins.[L(CA20]

What would I want the result of this treatment to be?

To help my client relax more and to reduce her stress levels and symptoms.

Treatment protocol/ Standard operating procedures

Duration of treatment:

Duration of my treatment on this client would be, 65 minutes hands-on.

Frequency of treatments:

17 March – first treatment

1 April – second treatment

4 May– third treatment

13 May – fFourth treatment

Oils used:

Eve Taylor Body Oil No. 303 - 1 squirt on both feet, 1 squirt per leg, 3-4 squirts on back, 1 squirt per arm and 3-4 squirts on the abdomen.

Eve Taylors Facial Oil No 5 - 2-3 squirts on the face.

Reflex points:

Observations before, during and after treatments:

Client 1.1 from the moment she walked into treatment area, she complained about being stressed and tired. During the first treatment I[L(CA23] noticed lines on her big toes, which could indicate the fillings she has in her teeth. She also said she had Hypertension which could be one of the main causes to her migraines. I also noted that when my clients spoke about her irregular heart[L(CA24] beat that she has dilated capillaries in her heart/chest reflex on the foot which could indicate the stress in that region. Also saw on her legs she has many varicose veins.

During my clients second treatment I noticed that she has pockets of resistance on her gastrocnemius, on both legs. Found a beauty spot on zone 3 could be possibly due to exposure to second hand smoking all her life. Also signs of liver spots and sun spots all over the entire body.

During my third treatment I found calluses on both big toes of my client, this could be possibly due to a car accident she was in 40 years ago, and my client had an injury caused by whiplash. Also noticed that my client is more relaxed and said that she was sleeping much better and also says she doesn’t feel as stressed as normal.

By the end of my last treatment my client was more relaxed and said she feels much better in general. And said she also felt more rested. Signs of stress were generally reduced.[L(CA25]


It was decided to treat my clients stress levels and help with her restlessness doing an aromatherapy treatment using Eve Taylor’s pre-blended essential oils, body oil 303 and face oil 5. These blends aim to reduce stress and help with menopausal symptoms as well as help with elasticity and reduce wrinkles on the face.

My clients’ wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level changed dramatically[L(CA26] within the four the four treatments given to her. Stress levels reduced and she was more rested. Also more relaxed during last two treatments.[L(CA27]

My client said her experience was great and she enjoyed every treatment more and more. She also said she was sad that her treatments were over but she is glad she came for them.

My recommendations that I can give her is to reduce caffeine intake to reduce toxins in the body. Also to come for a pedicure to remove calluses. Also recommended chemical peal treatments to help with hyperpigmentation on the face[L(CA28].

[L(CA1]Please refer to document sent to you with regard to font size and type

[L(CA2]The client

[L(CA3]Symptoms she experiences?

[L(CA4]Does she have cardiac problems?


[L(CA6]Or gone through menopause.

[L(CA7]Research ingredients, effects and how often does she take these supplements?

[L(CA8]Be specific

[L(CA9]In what dosage? Research ingredients, effects and possible side effects, and how these side effects could contribute to your aim/objective

[L(CA10]Move recommendations down to “recommendations”. Good intro, some information still needed, refer to email

[L(CA11]Stress not mentioned prior to this?

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[L(CA13]Is this your main objective? Does her medical history support this as this was not mentioned in medical history?

[L(CA14]Give details with regards to her skin type and conditions present to support the choice. Mature skin goes together with…..

[L(CA15]Well done! You are on the right track! Use your aroma text book pages I highlighted in a previous email, and give me the properties and effects of each oil and how that will aid the symptoms your client’s experiencing.

[L(CA16]Please make sure to reference all the information used

[L(CA17]Include symptoms

[L(CA18]Why detoxify the body if she has menopausal symptoms. Would your aim then not rather be to relieve menopausal symptoms with the added benefit of detoxifying the body by means of using oil nr 303. And then go into the details, properties etc motivating why it would benefit your client and also aid in detoxification

[L(CA19]Include all oils

[L(CA20]Again does her medical history support this? If so, change objective above that says detoxify. Choose one main idea and carry through entire case study

[L(CA21]Based on what?

[L(CA22]Reference source

[L(CA23]3rd person. No I, me, my

[L(CA24]Not mentioned in medical history

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[L(CA26]Needs to be measured by means of scales/diagrams etc.

[L(CA27]Needs to be measurable. Also you won’t be able to reduce stress levels, but you can relief the SYMPTOMS she is experiencing,

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