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I choose Bunnings warehouse company for the case study. This is a Australian company .it has many branches in whole Australia .the first branch Arthur & Robert arrive in WA. Bunnings Bros Pty Ltd is founded. Soon after they purchase their first sawmill in 1886

Later on Bunnings expand in the WA market, adding building supplies to the existing timber business; become a public company and the leading

supplier of WA hard woods to the housing construction industry. In1952

Bunnings continue to expand its operations with new Warehouses, Small Format Stores and Trade Centres throughout Australia & New Zealand now days.

The team of Bunning warehouse pursue sustainability within our operations by striving to make them socially responsible, environmentally aware and economically viable.

The ambition of bunnings to provide widest range of home improvement products at the lowest prices to their customers.

We seek to lessen our environmental impact in ways that are measurable including: achieving better

More efficient use of resources;

Ensuring our suppliers

Operate sustain ably

Ethically; and educating customers about environmentally friendly alternatives; and focusing on the "reduce, re-use and recycle" waste management principles.


As part of our national rollout program, we are continuing to acquire suitable sites for new stores in both metropolitan and regional and Territory in Australia, as well as having significant rollout program, we are continuing to acquire new stores in both metropolitan and regional locations.

As part of our national rollout program, we are continuing to acquire suitable sites for new Wes farmers purchase the BBC Hardware network including Hardware house and Benchmark stores in Australia and New Zealand. In 2001

 Our sales reached A $6.4 billion in 2009/2010 and we employ over 30,000 Team Members.

Our Team Members are the heart and soul of our business.

We engage with the communities in which we operate and live and we actively contribute to causes and organisations that benefit these communities.

We value our Team Members' contributions, recognise and reward their efforts and provide a fun, satisfying and safe workplace.

We will continue to "build the best" and earn the right to serve our customers tomorrow and into the future.

Bunnings & Hardware house carry the largest range of home improvement merchandise in Australia, over 45,000 products.

At Bunnings Warehouse we are constantly bringing new and exciting products into our stores.

Bunnings partners with over 1,000 Australian and International suppliers. Bunnings preference is to support locally based and Australian made products wherever possible, but also purchases many types of imported products from around the globe.

Such as

Bathroom and Kitchen

Lighting and Electrical

Outdoors Living


Storage and Organisation

Tools and Hardware

Builders and Renovators



Benefits and costs are often expressed in money terms, and are adjusted for the time value of money, so that all flows of benefits and flows of project costs over time.

Cost/Benefit Analysis is a powerful, widely used and relatively easy tool for deciding whether to make a change or not.

To use the tool, firstly they work out how much the change will cost to make. Then calculate the benefit you will from it.

E commerce interfaces of bunnings warehouse

Such as..

Customers can do online shopping where costs or benefits are paid or received over time, work out the time it will take for the benefits to repay the costs.

An online Catalogue of Products, complete with photographs, thorough description, and shopping cart to enable users of the site to easily purchase products

Cross-sell and up sell product suggestions throughout the site to ensure customers see a broad selection of products

"Out of stock" products easily and clearly identified, but still listed in the catalogue

Price display including GST for retail, and ex-GST for wholesale

A minimum order value applied to wholesale clients

Different shipping calculation for retail and wholesale purchasers, and additional calculations based on the location of the wholesale clients

Interface with Secure Pay payment gateway to process payments instantly

Access to current, accurate data and reports on site activity, including sales, daily traffic volumes, popular pages, and search terms used by visitors to find on website.

Support for international sales in the future

Easy to shopping on line through the bunning's web site we can find any product with price

Find out our services, gift cards, our range, our new release products, new stores and etc………..

"Always lowest prices just the beginnings "

Top of Form

Always seeking the most innovative and new products available to the market, our Buying and importing team travel the globe to Trade Fairs and suppliers in many countries.

Intranets and extranets are communication tools designed to enable easy information sharing within workgroups.

Intranet a private computer network that uses the protocols of the Internet.

Facilitate communication between people or workgroups to improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organization's employees.

A common extension to intranets, called extranets, opens this firewall to provide controlled access to outsiders. Intranet consists of an internal email system and perhaps a message board service. More sophisticated intranets include Web sites and databases containing company news, forms, and personnel information.


A network that links an enterprise to various divisions and business partners, using secure Internet links.

An extranet can allow public access to employees, customers, clients or partners. The extranet uses Internet protocols so users can navigate with a browser, but resides on the company's private server rather than on a public Internet server. Extranet access from the Internet can be controlled through password or username specific. Another resource an extranet can provide is the ability to create secure areas for interaction between an organization and its partners or resellers. Extranets can revolutionize the way a company does business, improve the bottom line, enrich the customer base, and create opportunities

Business strategy

Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfil stakeholder expectations".

Objectives and Strategies

The Business Objectives column is the 'what' -

What will you achieve in your business and by when?

The Business Strategies column is the 'how' -

How will you achieve the objectives you have set?

Obviously, the objectives and strategies should be monitored and modified, as the business environment requires. 

Key Business Objectives -

Year One

Business Strategies

1. To establish a workplace that     functions at optimum capacity

1. Rent factory space with a lock up storage area

2. Ensure all raw materials are on regular auto-order

3. Test factory equipment to ensure maximum functionality

2. Have $50,000 turnover in first year of operation

1. Supply stock to 1000 retail outlets throughout Sydney and surrounding tourist areas

2. Offer free product to a variety of home ware and home decorator stores as a form of promotion

3.Develop a referral reward program for those retail outlets that refer me to other potential suppliers

3. Build a reputation for quality, error-free products and service

1. Ensure that raw materials are purchased from suppliers of the highest quality

2. Organise space to ensure optimum production efficiency and quality

3. Feedback from customers and suppliers

4. Build a customer relationship base on which to expand product range

1. Undertake networking activities to build up name and reputation

2. Always provide exceptional, on-time, service to customers

3. Keep up to date with trends and constantly provide new and exciting products for customers to choose from.

5. Have product range expand to include a variety of handmade home ware by the end of the first twelve months

1. Take short courses to learn how to produce items that interest me

2. Encourage continued feedback from retailers on shelf life of various products and consumer buying patterns

3. Subscribe to magazines and publications to keep up with new and changing trends.

The responsible entity, Bunnings Property Management Limited (BPML) has defined the core purpose of the Trust as being:

To provide a premium commercial real estate investment product, delivering a secure and growing income stream and long-term capital growth.

To achieve this objective the responsible entity will pursue the following principal strategies:

Better returns from existing assets through focused and pro-active asset management

Generate growth by acquiring quality commercial properties that meet the Trust's investment criteria

Deliver efficiency, sustainability and value through effective management of the Trust and its capital

Investment criteria

Ample land area (average 3 hectares)

Offers geographic diversity

Financially substantial tenant in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable business

Visible and accessible from a major road, highway or freeway

Ready vehicle access and ample on-site parking


They do survey through the Internet from customer. They take the customer opinion about bunning's products

Such as what is customer's opinion on Bunnings Warehouse?

What are the needs and want of customers?

What they would like to improve in service or products?

They can do survey online and face to face through distribute pamphlets

They increase their sale through advertisement on TV, through provide discount, bunning warehouse always open 7 days which is good for every customer who are busy during weekdays they can do shopping during weekends.

Company documents

BUNNING warehouse is registered company with ASX .To succeed in the market place you need direct access to the most accurate and timely information available.  With ASX technology and resources, we can provide objective company and financial market information and have a range of products and services to support your business. 

ASX Market Information is direct from the source. ASX market data is derived directly from our trading systems as well as company reports and a Market Point is our premium, low latency connection to ASX market activity.

Vendors can subscribe to real time or delayed data, sourced either directly from ASX or via a third party provider.

a select group of organisations on the global capital stage. An ASX listing provides secondary market liquidity and greater access to initial and ongoing funding that will enable your company to develop and grow. The enhanced profile of listing can also benefit your business generally, improving your credibility with customers, suppliers, investors and lenders.

Conducting interviews

They conduct interviews of new staff and new skateholders.if they find they are eligible then they select them for company with all requirements.

Compensation and salary to staff.

Bunnings Warehouse salary & compensation reviews include all signing and year-end bonuses, vacation time and other perks and reimbursements that make up total compensation.

E-Commerce Process

The E-commerce process is the entire process that takes place when a customer's data is collected, stored, analysed, and then presented back to the customer in a useful format.

Our E-business process is only a small portion of our E-commerce process. Because of this, our E-commerce overview will concentrate on the portion of our system that is not visible to our clients. This portion of the system is the "behind the scenes" part of our business strategy. Our e-commerce plan is based upon the storage and analysis of two groups of data:

Demographical data on their customers

Usage statistics of the arcade machines (time in use, money collected)

 The demographics will be data such as the age, sex, and location of our customer's patrons.

We may expand the field of information collected and provided to our customers.


Our clients will be able to view the data. We have collected and analysed via a web via the Internet. Clients will be able to visit our website and log into a customer-specific secure web page

When the client is logged into our system, they will have access to canned reports that have been generated from the data collected via our system at the customer's business location.

 The data transfer performed by Transmission Control Protocol TCP generally guarantees that the data will be sent correctly to the destination end system. To accomplish this, TCP

Divides the data received from the application layer into appropriately sized packets for the network layer,

(2) Acknowledges all packets received,

(3) Sets time-outs to ensure that the destination end system acknowledges that the packets were received, and

Performs other actions to ensure that when TCP receives data from the application layer, the corresponding TCP layer on the destination end system receives that data correctly.


Bunnings is committed to participating in the communities in which we operate by contributing to local, regional and national causes, charities and organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We are continue improve our service and provide good products to our customers. Bunnings is proud to provide a wide range of support for a cross section of community groups, not-for-profit and charitable organisations.

Our teams supported well over 25,000 community activities through community sausage sizzles, local projects, blitzes and fundraising in 08/09. Our support included Team Member participation, contributions and product donations. This involvement has helped raise and contribute more than $15.2 million to community groups across Australia.