Two rendering forms in landscape design

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At the one of the most significant current discussions in the field of education of landscape design, hand rendering, which is defined as "a two-dimensional representation which conveys information to an observer in a form which can be understood,because it is based on principles that conform with what is seen. " (Gill,1991:11) has become one of the central concerns for the skills of demonstration. This paper will focus on describe the difference between hand rendering and computer aids design,then highlight the importance of hand rendering ability rather than computer aids rendering in the university education, which plays an much more essential role in demonstrate the ideas of design and do more potential to further career life . It begins at define the concept of landscape and then goes on tell the difference of the nature of the terms of "hand rendering" and "computer aids design",at the same time,some typical features of both rendering form will be analysed, then make a final point according to the result of the case study in the main body of this essay,indicated that should not only highlight hand rendering ability,but also combined the two forms together to make a better demonstration.

The definition of landscape

Over the past century there has been a dramatic increase in the number of the individuals who study in landscape design,which is defined as "the appearance of the area of land which the eye can see at once"(Chambers quoted in Roe,2007:1).Moreover,"landscape has become an increasingly important cross-disciplinary area,which draws contributions from both arts and science-based subjects including art,literature,ecology,geography,and much more."(Roe,2007:1)Meanwhile,landscape design as a kind of art,the concept of it turns to be much more massive than architecture,much more subjective than engineering,having much more extensive meaning than planning which is means landscape is a kind of art that based on real image,being highly accept by every individuals in each level.The practice of landscape design have an tremendous affect on the behavior of human being as well as representive the behavior modeling of human being,after all, the landscape design effectiveness is closely associate with the level of the environment that surrounding citizens.In briefly,"It involves the study of man in his habitat,as the centre of an ecological system-- the principal part of a science that examines the habits of living organisms in relation to their surroundings."(Nuttgens,1972:104)

The conception of the two rendering forms

Looking back, the rapid upward changes in the computer science area are having a serious effect on the landscape design field.At decades before,the range of the design activities that computers can get involved in has a restrict limitation,so that everything that a landscape designer can do is hand rendering based planning.Since the dramatically development in the computer functions,some software existing that can simulate what real environment like well,almost every designers tend to working on computer aids design.The results of this is,in nowadays,the ways to demonstrate the designers' thought divided into two sections:hand rendering based design and computer aids design.These two kinds of demonstration abilities have difference in essence,also, have something closely associated with. To better understand what the hand rendering so important for, it is necessary to understand the following paragraph which is discuss the differences of both.

Define the features of hand rendering

To begin with,the act of hand drawing is an important starting point for the intellectual process we call "design".To be able to draw a chair or a building is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to design such things.Drawing has two functions for the designer -- it allow him or her to record and to analyse existing examples,and the sketch provides the medium with which to test the appearance of some imagined object.(Edwards,1996:1) Also,"there are two primary functions of drawings: first,marketing design ideas to the client and,second,instructing the contractor how to build the design ideas".(Blake,1999:271)There are three main features that makes hand drawing different from computer based design.

The way of a designer's thinking is different through hand rendering compared with computer aids design

It is a better way to demonstrate the initial design-image in mind.That is to say, at the first part of a whole design project,especially at the very beginning,the intention image in the brain is uncertain and abstract.To a long term design process,however,is a endless procedure to alter as well as improve the very initial image of the design planning.There would be plenty ideas that inspire in the designers' mind in the process of hand rendering and thinking as well as rethinking the creative ideas which is means it is necessary to rely on a method which is could quickly record the short-moment inspiration.Clearly,the best way to keep the inspiration that only appeared for few seconds is to own hand drawing ability that in a reasonable level.At the same time,hand drawing is also could be regarded as a effective rethinking way to upgrade the initial thought,it is a way to combine the image-shaping ability as well as imagination-creating capability and hand drawing ability in a great order.Through the combining process in hand rendering,the designer could level up the ability to cooperating observe,discovery,thinking and rethinking,as well as take brain,eyes,hand and image-creative in a effective order.

To sum up,the training of hand based drawing,is definitely the most valid way to improve the capability of image-thinking as well as design-analysing and case evaluation,especially for upgrade the creativity thinking ability.

Hand rendering offers a large range of demonstration form

It is appearantly shows much more representability as well as activity on the paper.Meanwhile,the hand based rendering could demonstrate plenty feelings through different tools apply.For example,the sketch feeling picture that based on pencil or pen drawing,water colour can shows a dream feeling,good 3D and lighting feeling could exist in acrylic apply drawing,the most convenient way to drawing by hand is using marker pen.In this case,as a result of there are plenty of ways and tools to rely on,and almost no limitation for the effect the designer want to show.That is to say,hand based rendering could demonstrate much more objective,just like painting,could apply to many ways to show the effectiveness till could highly represent the image that exist in the designer's mind.Obviously,the image on the paper which is create by hand drawing could not been the same style,it could be romantic or same as the real environment or seems abstract,etc. all the different feelings of the images shows are depending on what the designers tend to show to the clients.

Hand rendering is the most effective way to communicate with clients.

Hand based drawing is the most important and necessary procedure for prophase work.The whole environment,including the basic shape in both inside and outside,roughly contrast between dark and light,etc,all can easy to tell through hand rendering.In this case,at the first communication between the landscape designer and the client,the quickly ideas demonstration is quite important which is means only hand based drawing can reached this aim.That is to say,the landscape designer could according to what the client talking about to illustrating the main idea through just a piece of paper by pen or pencil which is extraordinarily quickly and helpful.Through this initial image which is apply by hand rendering,the designer could shows a effective concept of design of his or her own mind.Following this the client could show their own mind to let the designers know where and how to reach the final image that the clients want.Clearly,the process of hand rendering is highly useful and can halve the work to the communication between the client and the landscape designer.Besides the prophase work,during the middle and final process of a whole project,the selected in hand based drawing is also highly been recommended.That is as a result of the pictures that created by the designers hand drawing is closely associated with the thought of the designer's whole thinking and planning process,and also the most truly demonstration for the designers' thought.At this point,the hand based drawing have a highly art painting feeling,especially at the details demonstration,although the picture cannot shows identical image to the real environment,the most value of the hand rendering is can render a special atmosphere that the computer aids design cannot replaced.It is being regarded as a artwork that could be having aesthetic enjoyment.Moreover,this kind of artwork like output can play a significant role in winning the business project from the aiming clients.

Define the features of computer aids design

On the other hand,move to the case of computer based rendering.It seems like should be think double towards the developed computer aids tools.

The advantage side

Since decades before,the widely use in computer , bring a branding new way to show the ideas,new enough to represent a new time for it.The three-dimension software can shaping the real environment via a precise ratio,modeling and rendering an exactly real image to represent the final work of a whole project. Clearly,the benefit of the computer aids design is could be much more real,objective,precisely which is something hand based rendering cannot replaced.The main purpose of computer based drawing is to instruct the people who are going to build the landscape on how and where to build it.(Blake,1999)To be precise,firstly,computer aids design could largely represent the real image of the final work,including could tell the exactly space relationship and which materials in used.Secondly,the computer aids design have a clearly image,which is could tell every elements in the picture easily .Thirdly,it is easy to modified the rendering,would be convenient to create plenty cases to present for choose in a short term time.Fourthly,the computer based rendering could satisfied the whole range of people in different taste level.However,as same as all other new technology.

The downside

The downside of the computer based design is as obviously as the benefit,that is to say,more too often the computer based design up side down the relationship between demonstration,in an other words,it is frequently to see the designers highlight the ability to handle the software,to make the pictures more pretty rather than to trying to upgrade the ideas of design itself.The most important issue here is,the demonstration through software is only a tool,not aim.More too often,make the invitation for bid like a computer aids rendering competition.In the university study time,many students spend too much time on how to make the picture a pretty looking rather than think creativity to make a better idea in the name of design,result in a serious situation that focus on the results of the final-work-looking rather than gaining the creativity thinking ability during the process.Meanwhile,according to the nature of this kind of new technology,it restrict the wing of imagination during the creativity process.The limitation of the software itself can do bad influence on the designers' project ,especially the designer who did not reached the master level for handle the three-dimensional software got downside influence by the computer based rendering.It is easily to sacrifice the inspiration of the designer's mind at the initial rendering of design-idea,and have to give up the most precious inspiration which is quite abstract and randomicity that only pop in the designers' mind in few seconds .

The result of the downside

All of these make the creative work as same as a process for product producing which is rather boring and no sense of fresh and creativity . Furthermore,at the process of the landscape design education,if the students rely on and addict with the computer based rendering too much,ignoring the training of the basic hand rendering ,lose the passion to pursue the high level of hand rendering skills, the only result of that, could be predict,is reducing the ability to analyze as well as thinking and rethinking and creativity which is could make the entirely ability of design reduced.

The best way to use computer aids design effectively

To sum up,computer based rendering as the way to present the ideas of design except hand drawing,supply a great and effective chance to make the planning of the designers' thought to got a better way to demonstrate.According to the case study above,could directly make a final point that the best way to upgrade the functions of computer based rendering is to level up the hand drawing ability as well as creativity and criticize capacity first.By doing that,could make the landscape designer's thought to be demonstrated in the most effective way.


"Our environment of hills ,water,woods,vegetation,buildings and artefacts provides a myriad of different landscape patterns which we see"(Bell,1993:13)For do a better design for that,is that an either/or question for choosing hand drawing or computer aids rendering? Definitely no.They both serve one aim that is to demonstrate the meaning of a project in the best way. It seems combined the two rendering forms is the most effective way to show the result of the design work.In briefly,hand based rendering could be highly enhanced by the computer based rendering,that is because obviously hand rendered graphics can do better to capture the emotion and evoke a quality of space. On the other hand,computer aided graphics provide a depth of much needed technical information, they can shocking the eyes at the first sight,but do not have direct connection to the soul.Furthermore,the using priority should depending on the nature of the aim of using, the goals of the outcome of the meeting, and the audience, could lean towards one or the other according the nature of the usage.


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